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  • Stands Architecture For Exhibition

    Monsa Ediciones; MONSA,

    Stands Architecture For Exhibition

  • e-book

    Stands a Shadow

    Buchanan, Col

    When vengeance isn'apos;t enough . . . Riding at the head of her army, Holy Matriarch of Mann plans to conquer the fortress city of Bar-Khos, whose walls have held the empire at bay for ten long years of siege. Ash is a man who would see her dead...

  • e-book

    Time Stands Still

    Stacy Froumis

    Lauren Scott is about to graduate from New York University along with her boyfriend Stavros and her best friend Vivian.  It should be one of the best times in her life but she doesn’t feel like celebrating because Stavros will soon be moving back...

  • e-book

    Yonder Stands Your Orphan


    Barry Hannah has long been considered one of the country'apos;s best living writers, whose singular voice and wicked genius for storytelling have earned him legions of diehard fans. His first novel in ten years, Yonder Stands Your Orphan opens with...

  • audio livro

    South Stands Denver Fancast


    South Stands Denver is a sports podcast and blog talking smack on the internet about Sports and Sports Radio, the Denver Broncos football, Denver Nuggets basketball, the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, and Colorado Rockies baseball club.

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  • M Stands For... Something


    Roger is a lazy guy that only takes one thing seriously, his weed, until a chance encounter with a reincarnated Aleister Crowley motivates him to lead his friends in solving a murder mystery. He must overcome his laziness and apathy in order to solve...

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  • e-book

    Last Stands from the Alamo to Benghazi - How...

    Martin Novelli; Frank Wetta

    Last Stands from the Alamo to Benghazi examines how filmmakers teach Americans about the country'apos;s military past. Examining twenty-three representative war films and locating them in their cultural and military landscape, the authors argue that...

  • e-book

    Last Stands from the Alamo to Benghazi - How...

    Martin Novelli; Frank Wetta

    Last Stands from the Alamo to Benghazi examines how filmmakers teach Americans about the country'apos;s military past. Examining twenty-three representative war films and locating them in their cultural and military landscape, the authors argue that...

  • What Stands In A Storm - Three Days In The...


    Immersive reporting and dramatic storytelling set you right in the middle of the horrific superstorm of April 2011, a weather event that killed 348 people. April 27, 2011, marked the climax of a superstorm that saw a record 358 tornadoes rip through...

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  • e-book

    Love Still Stands


    Readers of Kelly Irvin'apos;s Bliss Creek Amish novels will be overjoyed to discover her new series for lovers of Amish fiction: The New Hope Amish. In the first installment, Love Still Stands, a group of dedicated families leaves Bliss Creek to...

  • audio livro

    From The Stands (mp3)


    Sit on the stands with Chuck Araneta, Carlo Pamintuan and Polo Bustamante as they discuss all things related to Philippine basketball. Whether its talk about the PBA, Gilas Pilipinas or even the UAAP & NCAA, get your weekly fix of Pinoy Basketball...

    R$ 24,90
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  • audio livro

    From The Stands


    A weekly football podcast bringing you the latest news and views.

    R$ 24,90
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  • e-book

    For Richard Stands

    Richard D. Apgar

    Synopsis: This stunning story is the sequel to author Richard D. Apgar'apos;s first book, picking up the action after New Mexico successfully secedes from the United States. Texans and other patriots orchestrate an armed rebellion to force New...

  • A Girl Stands At The Door - The Generation Of...


    A new history of school desegregation in America, revealing how girls and women led the fight for interracial educationThe struggle to desegregate America's schools was a grassroots movement, and young women were its vanguard. In the late 1940s,...

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  • One Knight Stands


    Elspeth Braybrooke, a female warrior trained in both the knightly arts and the Eastern martial arts, is called upon to undertake a perilous mission in twelfth-century Wales to find a cursed rock, a quest that brings her face to face with Tarran ap...

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  • The Winner Stands Alone

    Coelho, Paulo

    The story is set during the Cannes International Film Festival and the entire action plays out over 24 hours. Igor is a wealthy Russian businessman. His wife Ewa left him two years ago and Igor has never really come to terms with their break up,...

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  • e-book

    The Bible Stands Easy Piano Sheet Music

    Haldor Lillenas

    Traditional Gospel for Easy PianoA SilverTonalities Arrangement!Easy Note Style Sheet MusicLetter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

  • e-book

    The Winner Stands Alone

    Coelho, Paulo

    “[Coelho’s] special talent seems to be his ability to speak to everyone at once. The kind of spirituality he espouses is to all comers. . . . His readers often say that they see their own lives in his own books.” —New Yorker From the bestselling...

  • e-book

    One-Night Stands with American History

    Shenkman,Richard; Reiger,Kurt

    Respect yourself in the morning -- read One-Night Stands with American History!This collection of little-known facts and anecdotes is American history with the boring parts left out. Richard Shenkman and Kurt Reiger have uncovered numerous stories...

  • audio livro

    The Winner Stands Alone


    “[Coelhos] special talent seems to be his ability to speak to everyone at once. The kind of spirituality he espouses is to all comers. . . . His readers often say that they see their own lives in his own books.” <br />New Yorker From the bestselling...

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  • e-book

    When Heaven Stands Open - Liturgical Elements...

    Timothy Matthew Slemmons

    Liturgical Elements for Reformed Worship is a series of four liturgical resources: three consisting of liturgical elements for Years A, B, and C of the Revised Common Lectionary, and a fourth, the first such resource to support the implementation of...

  • e-book

    One Night Stands and Lost Weekends


    In the era before he created moody private investigator Matthew Scudder, burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, sleepless spy Evan Tanner, and the amiable hit man Keller—and years before his first Edgar Award—a young writer named Lawrence Block submitted a...

  • e-book

    A House That Stands - Proven Principles for...

    Kathleen Jansohn

    • Do you worry about raising children who can make it in today’s world?• Are you afraid of what the future holds for your family?• Are you anxious over the choices your kids are making?• Do you wish you had a clear plan to help you make tough...

  • audio livro

    House Divided Podcast: College Football...


    A refreshing take on the greatest sporting spectacle in America that is SEC Football. Featuring Co-Hosts @_TreyOcho and @__LilPenny featuring guests every episode.

    R$ 24,90
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  • Elvis Presley - Where No One Stands Alone


    'Conhecido mundialmente como sendo o Rei do Rock, Elvis Presley foi um cantor e músico norte-americano que fez grande sucesso a partir da década de 50, quando sua forma extravagante e ousada de dançar passou a ser mais conhecida a redor do mundo. Um...

  • e-book

    In the Clearing Stands a Boxer

    Cuddy,George Aaron

    When I first heard about Haymakers for Hope, I was overtaken with two conflicting emotions: excitement and trepidation.The latter, of course, was natural considering the fact that few of us will ever box three two-minute rounds in a ring at The House...

  • e-book

    The Bottom Line - Faith That Stands Firm in...

    Ray Pastor McCauley; Pastor Ray McCauley

    The Bottom Line will equip you to face life's setbacks and make you determined to overcome them by God's grace. It is a collection of practical lessons in faith that stands firm in the face of adversity and deals with aspects of our faith that are...

  • e-book

    The A in Autism Stands for Awesome


    Summie, a charismatic seven year old girl living in Hoboken, New Jersey, learns very quickly that true friendships are defined by the words left unspoken that can be felt with the heart. The A in Autism Stands for Awesome is an uplifting story of two...

  • e-book

    The Island Where Time Stands Still

    Wheatley, Dennis

    'apos;Before there was James Bond, there was Gregory Sallust.'apos; Tina Rosenberg, Salon.comThe Island Where Time Stands Still is the ninth in Dennis Wheatley'apos;s bestselling Gregory Sallust series featuring the debonair spy Gregory Sallust, a...

  • e-book

    Take It By Force - Faith that Stands Firm in...


    Discover how to have faith like biblical characters such as Moses, Jacob, Joshua, and Caleb, who simply would not let go or settle for less than what God had for them.

  • The True State Of Justification, As It Stands...


    Excerpt from The True State of Justification, as It Stands Between God and Man: In Four Parts The Argument here treaty of the 'admirahle Way of our Salvation, the Order, and continuation of that great vvot'; the main Caufe, Means, and the Intention...

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  • e-book

    Where Bernie Went Wrong - What Bernie...


    When self-described “socialist” Bernie Sanders ran for president, a 73-year-old reached out to the young to mount a “revolution” against the existing political and economic establishment. Would Sanders’s program work? Where Bernie Went Wrong...

  • Oral Health, Vol. 2 - A Journal That Stands...


    Excerpt from Oral Health, Vol. 2: A Journal That Stands for the 'Once of Prevention' As Well as the 'Pound of Cure'; January, 1912 There are some habits to which children, and sometimes older persons, are prone, and which should be discouraged. First...

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  • e-book

    Amnesty and Revolution - An Amateur'apos;s...

    Fitch, Ben

    Through engagement with human behaviour from the level of the private individual to the international community, in Amnesty and Revolution: An Amateur's View of Life As It Stands a holistic type of reform is advocated; solutions to scarcity and...

  • e-book

    Workarounds That Work - How to Conquer...

    Bishop,Russell; Allen,David

    Break through the barriers to get things done!What'apos;s more frustrating than knowing how to do your job, working hard, making tough decisions . . . and not getting results because some system, procedure, bureaucratic detail, or difficult...

  • Spiral Grain And Annual Ring Width In Natural...


    Excerpt from Spiral Grain and Annual Ring Width in Natural Unthinned Stands of Lodgepole Pine in North America Lodgepole pine products are said to be cross grained wherever the wood tracheids are not aligned parallel to product longitudinal axis....

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  • e-book

    Modeling Carbon Fluxes, Net Primary...

    Scott J. Goetz

    The use of satellite remote sensing for modeling net primary production (NPP) was evaluated in sixty boreal forest stands spanning a range of site conditions. The work included: (i) estimating annual phenological dynamics and photosynthetically...

  • audio livro

    Facing Your Giants: The God Who Made A...


    This profound look at the life of David digs deeply into the defeats he suffered, and the victories he won, as he faced the giants in his life. When David focused on God, giants tumbled. But when David focused on giants…he stumbled.

    R$ 29,90
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  • Molecular Modeling Kit to accompany Wiley...

    Vários Autores

    • Manufactured by Darling Model Kits, this custom kit was designed by T.W.Graham Solomons.• The kit consists of Darling's basic Molecular Vision kit with a few additional pieces, so that p orbitals could be shown in molecules like acetylene.• This...

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  • One Night Stands


    One Night Stands

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  • As It Stands


    As It Stands

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