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  • A Duquesa

    Steel, Danielle

    A saga de uma jovem bem-nascida, que se vê sozinha no mundo e é obrigada a embarcar em uma jornada de sobrevivência e sensualidade em busca da tão sonhada justiça. Angélique Latham cresceu no esplendoroso Castelo Belgrave, na...

  • Superman - Man Of Steel Homem De Aço - 1/4...


    O re-lançamento de Superman do aclamado diretor Zack Snyder traz uma nova visão moderna e mais grave no herói amado.

  • Reencontro Em Paris


    Um ataque terrorista deixa inúmeras vítimas. A vida inteira de uma mulher é apagada de sua mente, e tudo o que lhe resta é o amor e a esperança de um futuro melhor Aos 50 anos, a famosa atriz Carole Barber decide dar um tempo na...

  • Um Homem Irresistível

    Steel, Danielle

    Brilhante, carismático e imprevisível, Blake Williams fez fortuna como empresário e está sempre em busca de novas aventuras. Porém, ainda que pareça o homem perfeito, ele é incapaz de cumprir o papel de marido e muito menos o de pai. Por isso, Maxine...

  • Um Dia de Cada Vez

    Steel, Danielle



    As mulheres Barringtons formam uma família atípica: a famosa escritora Florence Flowers é uma viúva cheia de vida que está namorando em segredo um homem 24 anos mais novo que ela. Jane, sua filha mais velha, é uma das maiores produtoras de Hollywood...

  • Hotel Vendome


    Heredero de una familia de banqueros suizos, Hugues Martin es el propietario de uno de los hoteles más prestigiosos de Manhattan, el Hotel Vendôme. Desde que su esposa, una supermodelo, lo abandonó por un cantante de rock, Hugues decidió vivir...

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  • Steel Gauntlet

    Cragg,Dan; Sherman, David

    When the planet Diamunde and its valuable natural resources is seized by the mercenaries of industrialist Marston St. Cyr, the twenty-fifth century Marines of the Confederation must run a gauntlet of mechanized steel to liberate it. Original.

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  • Steel Ghosts


    Sent to Pennsylvania to revitalize a long-abandoned steel mill, Tom Kruvener plans to bring new industry to his old hometown, only to discover that the dead control the old factory and his well-intentioned efforts are about to unleash the forces of...

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  • Steel Helix

    Zeddies,Ann Tonsor

    The sole survivor of a vicious attack on his home planet, geneticist Paul Rameau becomes a prisoner of Gunnarsson Prime, a close of the original creator of Original Man, a genetically enhanced race based on manipulated human DNA, and finds himself...

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  • Steel Guitar


    Hired to find a guitar-playing blackmailer who claims to be the author of three of rock star Dee Willis's songs, private detective Carlotta Carlyle searches Boston's backwaters and finds a trail of corruption heading in a surprising direction....

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  • Steel Panther - All You Can Eat


    Terceiro álbum da banda norte-americana que mescla um som Hard Rock com Metal com muita sátira e letras divertidas. Com esta fórmula a banda cresce a cada álbum e chegou a tocar no Festival Monsters Of Rock em 2015.

  • A Perfect Life


    An unforgettable story about a mother and daughter trading perfect for real – from the incomparable storyteller Danielle Steel. An icon in the world of television news, Blaise McCarthy seems to have it all: beauty, intelligence and courage. But...

  • Steel Pier / O.c.r.


    Steel Pier / O.c.r.

  • Silent Night

    Steel, Danielle

    Silent Night is a richly involving new novel from Danielle Steel, whose countless #1 New York Times bestsellers have made her one of America's favorite storytellers.

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    Steel Designers' Manual

    SCI (Steel Construction Institute)

    In 2010 the then current European national standards for building and construction were replaced by the EN Eurocodes, a set of pan-European model building codes developed by the European Committee for Standardization. The Eurocodes are a series of 10...

  • e-book

    Steel Bridges - Conceptual and Structural...

    Hirt, Manfred; Jean-Paul Lebet

    This English translation of the successful French edition presents the conception and design of steel and steel-concrete composite bridges, from simple beam bridges to cable supported structures. The book focuses primarily on road bridges,...

  • e-book

    Steel Structures Design for Lateral and...

    Williams, Alan

    A Thoroughly Updated Guide to the Design of Steel StructuresThis comprehensive resource offers practical coverage of steel structures design and clearly explains the provisions of the 2015 International Building Code, the American Society of Civil...

  • e-book

    Steel Square - Use Of The Scales, Roof...


    PREFACE TO FIRST EDITION The steel square is the carpenters handbook, instructor, and tool without price. Without it he is just another hammer-and-saw man- a fellow who can hit a nail and saw to a line. The ability to make the lines is what...

  • e-book

    Steel Structures - Practical Design Studies,...


    The fourth edition of this popular steel structures book contains references to both Eurocodes and British Standards. All the material has been updated where necessary, and new and revised worked examples are included. Sections on the meaning, the...

  • e-book

    Steel and Its Heat Treatment - Bofors...


    Steel and its Heat Treatment: Bofors Handbook describes the fundamental metallographic concepts, materials testing, hardenability, heat treatment, and dimensional changes that occur during the hardening and tempering stages of steel. The book...

  • e-book

    Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures -...

    El-Reedy, Mohamed

    A Practical Guide to Maintenance Carrying a billion-dollar price tag, corrosion of reinforced concrete is the enemy of every country'apos;s investment in real estate. The widespread and long-term use of reinforced concrete makes its correct and...

  • e-book

    Steel Structures - Design using FEM

    Kindmann,Rolf; Kraus,Matthias

    This book presents the design of steel structures using finite element methods (FEM) according to the current state of the art in Germany and the rest of Europe. After a short introduction on the basics of the design, this book illustrates the FEM...

  • e-book

    Steel Boat, Iron Hearts

    Vanzo,John; Goebeler, Hans

    Hans Goebeler is known as the man who 'pulled the plug' on U-505 in 1944 to keep his beloved U-boat out of Allied hands. 'Steel Boat, Iron Hearts' is his no-holds-barred account of service aboard a combat U-boat. It is the only full-length memoir of...

  • e-book

    Steel Thunder on the Eastern Front - German...

    Olive,Michael; Books,Stackpole

    Visual history of the artillery used by both sides on the Eastern Front in World War II.

  • e-book

    Steel and Economic Growth in Mexico

    William Edward Cole

    Iron ore is widely distributed over the world and has been mined from ancient times, but Mexico, with a good supply of ore, was a relative newcomer to the ranks of iron- and steel-producing nations. This distinctive book offers a history of the...

  • e-book

    Steel'apos;s - A Forgotten Stock Market...

    Dave Dyer

    In a casual quest to find his long-lost great uncle Clayton Pickard, Dyer stumbled upon a little-known story of unbounded success and devastating failure in the history of Steel's Stores. In 1919 L.R. Steel founded a five-and-dime store in Buffalo...

  • e-book

    Steel - From Mine to Mill, the Metal that...

    Stoddard,Brooke C.

    Steel provides the backbone for modern civilization - read all about its history, journey, and place in the world.What is steel? How does it work? Why has it been so important? Who are the people who make it? How do they make it? Steel: From Mine to...

  • Steel - The Diary Of A Furnace Worker...

    Walker, Charles Rumford

    Excerpt from Steel: The Diary of a Furnace Worker The book is written from a diary of notes put down in the evenings when I was working on day shifts of ten hours. Alternate weeks, I worked the fourteen hour night shift, and spent my time off eating...

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  • Steel Designers' Manual

    Davison,Buick; Institute, Steel Construction; Owens,Graham W.; Steel Construction Institute (COR)

    Steel Designers' Manual

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  • Steel Structures Design


    A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE DESIGN OF STEEL STRUCTURES Steel Structures Design: ASD/LRFD introduces the theoretical background and fundamental basis of steel design and covers the detailed design of members and their connections. This in-depth resource...

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  • Steel, Concrete and Composite Design of Tall...

    Taranath,Bungale S.

    Thoroughly updated, this superbly illustrated handbook provides a uniquely practical perspective on all aspects of steel, concrete, and composite use in the design of tall buildings. It alerts professionals to the latest codes and ANSI standards and...

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  • e-book

    Steel Cowboy


    Let The Past Die With Him - An abused woman and her mentally challenged adult brother flee their home when she finally manages to escape, and she takes the train to Montana. Turning an Arrangement Into Love - An Englishwoman leaves England for what...

  • e-book

    Steel Breeze

    Douglas Wynne

    A BLACK WIND BLOWS AND LIFE HANGS IN THE BALANCE. It's been a year since novelist Desmond Carmichael's wife Sandy was brutally murdered. Now, with someone stalking him and his four-year-old son, he fears that the wrong man has been imprisoned for the...

  • e-book

    Steel Belt The Three Masted Goleta - A Tale...

    Ingraham,Joseph Holt

    This amazing narrative has been set completely at sea. Amidst the picturesque depictions of sea, sailing boats and nautical life, unfolds a tale replete with mystery and action. The poignant love story developing in the background also monopolizes...

  • e-book

    Steel& Sky - Tales of the Dead Man

    Ren Cummins

    On the brink of destruction, Aerthos awaits the prophecy with hope that the elusive corpse can be found. All eyes turn to Captain Sjora Kahn'dyr, who must travel to the capitol of the Steel Cities, the home of her enemies, where she must steal the...

  • Steel My Soldiers' Hearts

    Hackworth,David H.; England,Eilhys

    The commanding officer of an infantry battalion in Vietnam in 1969 recounts how he took over a demoralized unit of ordinary draftees and turned it into an elite fighting force, and describes its accomplishments.

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  • Steel Victory


    An account of the American army's tank battalions of World War II traces their campaigns in Normandy, France, Belgium, Germany, and Czechoslovakia, missions that were accomplished under the most harrowing circumstances.

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  • Steel Inferno


    The story of Panzer fighters on the European front is vividly told by an American military expert who takes readers inside the stifling World War II-era tanks to show how the Germans resisted the Allied march with skillful tactics and a fierce...

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  • Steel Battalion Heavy Armor - X360


    Jogo ambientado em 2082 que retrata um mundo sem computadores, após um micróbio que corroi silicone começar a destruir todos os microprocessadores do mundo em 2020. A guerra então é travada com armas rudimentares, e novas superpotências lutam pelo...

  • e-book

    Steel Scars

    Aveyard , Victoria

    The #1 New York Times bestselling series!From #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Aveyard, this 100-page digital original prequel novella is set in the world of Red Queen and follows Scarlet Guard leader Captain Farley as she exchanges...

  • e-book

    Steel Boned Corset Chronicles - Her Comeback...

    Candy Kross

    I raised the paddle once again and landed it across her ass cheeks a second time. Little red circles appeared on her ass cheeks from the holes in the center of the leather paddle. She let out another scream. Then I asked her the million dollar...

  • e-book

    Steel Corrosion-Induced Concrete Cracking

    Jin,Wei-Liang; Yuxi Zhao; Jin,Weiliang

    Steel Corrosion Induced Concrete Cracking presents the latest advances in the origin, mechanism and development of corrosion-induced cracking in concrete. It investigates topics including expansion coefficient and elastic modulus of steel corrosion,...

  • e-book

    Steel Structures - Practical Design Studies,...

    Al Nageim,Hassan; T.J. MacGinley

    The third edition of this popular book now contains references to both Eurocodes and British Standards, as well as new and revised examples, and sections on sustainability, composite columns and local buckling.Initial chapters cover the essentials of...

  • e-book

    Steel City Seductions - Book One in the Steel...


    The club chauffeur meets the night'apos;s star turn and is driven to desire

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