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11 produtos
  • Friends Till the End

    Murphy,Steve (ADP); Ostrom,Bob

    Friends Till the End

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  • Umbra


    'Affecting characters, novel mystery, and solid storytelling make Umbra a worthwhile story, especially if you want something character-driven and non-super-powered to read.' -- Adam White,'From the first page it took nearly no time...

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  • The Ge Work-Out

    Kerr,Steve; Ashkenas,Ronald N.; Burke,Debbie; Ulrich,David; Murphy,Patrice

    Famous 'Work-Out' change-management tool explained by the people who helped develop it.GE's legendary Work-Out program played a key role in the company's phenomenal success over the past decade and has been implemented in many other organizations....

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  • e-book

    Guys Read: True Stories

    Florian,Douglas; Sturm,James; Hale,Nathan; Partridge,Elizabeth; Montgomery,Sy; Fleming,Candace; Murphy,Jim; SCIESZKA ,JON; Sheinkin,Steve; T. Edward Nickens; Thanhha Lai

    Jon Scieszka's Guys Read anthology series for tweens turns to nonfiction in its fifth volume, True Stories. The fifth installment in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading features ten stories that are 100% amazing, 100% adventurous, 100%...

  • Same Old Horse

    Murphy,Stuart J.; Bjorkman,Steve

    Since Hankie is so predictable, the other horses tease him, so Hankie decides to prove that he can be as unpredictable as anybody, in a story that shows how to make predictions--an important element of logical thinking. Simultaneous.

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  • The Grizzly Gazette

    Murphy,Stuart J.; Bjorkman,Steve

    When Camp Grizzly elects their new mascot, there are three contestants in the running, and the percentage of the votes must be tallied to find out who wins the job. Simultaneous.

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  • The Grizzly Gazette

    Murphy,Stuart J.; Bjorkman,Steve

    At camp Grizzly, three campers are running to be elected camp mascot, encouraging readers to learn the mathematical principal of percentages.

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  • Coyotes All Around

    Murphy,Stuart J.; Bjorkman,Steve

    A pack of coyotes tries to determine how many roadrunners and other creatures are in their vicinity, and while some count different groups and add their totals together, Clever Coyote rounds off and estimates.

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  • Tmnt (movie Tie-in)

    Murphy,Steve (ADP)

    In order to save the world against the wealthy industrialist Maximilian Winters, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Master Splinter must go up against four formidable Stone Generals, thirteen out-of-this-world monsters, the sneaky Foot Ninja, and a...

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  • Sharepoint 2010 Field Guide

    Caravajal,Steve; Murphy,Colin; Rowe,Philip; Gazmuri,Pablo; Cartwright,Jonathan; Mann,Steven V; Wheeler,Christina; Caravajal,Chris

    Hands-on solutions to common SharePoint problemsAlthough there are more than 100 million SharePoint users worldwide, there has been no reliable resource that provides detailed, full-scale solutions to a variety of SharePoint 2010 problems--until now....

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  • The St. Martin's Sourcebook for Writing...

    Murphy,Christina; Sherwood,Steve

    The St. Martin's Sourcebook for Writing Tutors

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