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41 produtos
  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Sports Girls


    Show jumping, gymnastics, surfing, tennis and swimming – these are just a few of the sports featured in this exciting sticker book.Children can dress the girls and kit them out for their different sporting events with over 250 stickers. Outfits...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Weddings

    Watt, Fiona

    Sticker Dolly Dressing - Weddings

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Bridesmaids


    Girls everywhere will love dressing and accessorising the beautiful bridesmaids in time for the wedding in this wonderful addition to the hit Sticker Dolly Dressing series. With over 350 stickers showing fabulous dresses and shoes to dress the girls...

  • Sticker Dressing - Special Forces

    Jonathan Melmoth

    Dress the characters in the highly specialised clothing required for their various secret missions. Including 12th century Turkish hashashins, Japanese ninjas, the British Parachute Regiment, Nepalese Ghurkas, Soviet Army Spetsnaz soldiers, US Navy...

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Fancy Dress

    Bone, Emily

    Little girls will love getting the dolls ready for their fancy dress parties. Fancy dress outfits include dazzling gowns for a masked ball, pretty fairy dresses for a secret garden party, swashbuckling costumes for a pirate party, spooky...

  • Sticker Dressing - Emergency Services

    Sam Baer

    Dress the emergency response people in the highly specialised clothing required for their dangerous call-outs. Including firefighters, ambulance crews, police officers, paramedics and air and sea rescuer, among others. With over 200 stickers.

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  • Sticker Dressing - Astronauts

    Reid, Struan

    Dress the astronauts in the kit necessary for their daring space missions, with over one hundred stickers which show the different uniforms and outfits worn by astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts.

  • Sticker Dressing - Villains & Outlaws

    Stowell, Louie

    This is a book full of baddies - plus a few heroes on the wrong side of the law - from history. It includes bloodthirsty tyrants, daring outlaw heroes (and outlaws who are just out for themselves), cunning villains, loveable rogues, even some real...

  • Sticker Dressing - Action Heroes


    See brave action heroes at work, from arctic explorers trekking across thin ice, to earthquake rescue teams searching through collapsed buildings. You can find out what they wear, including a bomb expert's blast-proof suit, a cave rescue diver's...

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  • Sticker Dressing - Extreme Sports

    Gillespie, Lisa Jane

    Lets you dress the sportsmen and women by using stickers. In this title, sports include free climbing, parkour, kite surfing, white water rafting, skate boarding, ice racing and even bog snorkelling.

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Around The World

    Bone, Emily

    Each page of this beautiful sticker book shows dolls from around the world, with over 250 stickers to dress them in their traditional costumes. The colourful stickers include beautiful silk saris for an Indian wedding, elegant flamenco dresses in...

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Best Friends

    Bowman, Lucy

    Little girls love spending time with their best friends and so do the dolls! Dress the dolls with the sticker clothes included in the book, in outfits suitable for time spent hanging out with their best friends.

  • Sticker Dressing: Romans


    Sticker Dressing: Romans

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Fairies

    Pratt, Leonie

    A sticker book with a difference, this delightful book contains 13 scenes and over 400 stickers to dress the fairies for different occasions. Scenes include flying in the moonlight, a fairy tea party and a visit to the fairy queen. There are stickers...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer...

    Watt, Fiona

    Design a range of winter outfits for the dolls with over 350 stickers, including 150 blank stickers to customise. Hints and tips help you decide which patterns and colour combinations are appropriate for the cold weather, and there are further ideas...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Parties & Shopping...

    Watt, Fiona

    Excellent value, a combination of two extremely popular Sticker Dolly Dressing books in one volume. With over 400 stickers to dress the dollies in stylish clothing suitable for various parties or a day out at the shops.

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing Sports

    Fiona Watt

    Dress the dolls to take part in their favourite sports from surfing on the beach to cycling, white-water rafting and lots more. With over 250 reusable stickers to add, including snowboarding thermals, glamorous figure skating costumes, and padded...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing School Prom

    Watt, Fiona

    It's the end of the school year and the dolls are getting ready to attend their school prom. More than 350 stickers are provided with which to dress the dolls for their shopping trip, their pre-prom pampering session and the big night itself.

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing Weddings

    Watt, Fiona

    This Sticker Dolly Dressing book features over 300 stickers to dress brides and grooms as they prepare for their big days, including dress shopping, choosing a cake, getting ready and the first dance.

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - On Holiday & Travel

    Watt, Fiona; Bowman, Lucy

    Features over sixty dollies to dress. This title offers over 500 stylish and colourful stickers that can be used to dress the dollies.

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Dream Jobs

    Bone, Emily

    Help best friends Becca, Katy and Leyla dress for their dream jobs, including a vet in Africa, a professional snowboarder, magazine editor and forensic scientist. Over 300 stickers to dress the girls, including key equipment and accessories to...

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing- On Holiday

    Bowman, Lucy

    Dress and accessorise these intrepid girls as they travel around the globe in this colourful and glamorous addition to the hit 'Sticker Dolly Dressing' series. Help the girls dress for a variety of different holidays during their voyage around the...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Travel


    Tilly, Lola and Erin are getting ready to travel around the world. Little girls will love joining in the journey as they dress the dolls for each adventurous activity with over 300 stickers. The girls’ itinerary includes checking in at the airport...

    sob encomenda
  • Sticker Dolly Dressing- Around the World &...

    Bone, Emily; Bowman, Lucy; Stowell, Louie

    Girls will love discovering fashions past and present from across the globe in this collection of two popular titles from the 'Sticker Dolly Dressing' series. You can dress the characters in traditional clothing from countries around the world and...

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  • Sticker Dressing Up - Sports


    A colourful, action-packed sticker book full of sportsmen to prepare for their big athletic events using the 250 sticker accessories provided. With a rugby match, tennis game, Grand Prix race and many more sporting events to complete, each character...

  • Sticker Dressing The World Wars

    Reid, Struan; Gillespie,Lisa Jane

    A sticker book featuring lots of soldiers to dress in historically accurate uniforms. It offers an interactive way of finding out about the first and second World Wars. It is historically accurate and checked by experts.

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  • Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing 1950S...


    As designers left the austerity of the war years behind, fashions focussed on luxury with full skirts, Dior's 'New Look' and decadent fabrics. This title offers stickers that allows you to dress the fashion models in an assortment of glamorous...

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  • Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing - 1920S...

    Bone, Emily

    This is the first title in a gorgeous new 'Sticker Dressing' series exploring the fashion of different historical eras. You can dress 1920s fashion models for various stylish activities, including dancing the Charleston at a jazz club, swimming at...

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  • Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing - 1960'S...

    Bone, Emily

    Dress the fashion models in an assortment of amazing outfits from the 1960s with the 200+ stickers provided. During the '60s, hemlines rose and pop music and the space race provided inspiration for fashion designers who used modern, synthetic...

    sob encomenda
  • Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing Edwardian...


    Discover the elegant fashions people wore a hundred years ago in this beautiful sticker book with over 160 stickers of exquisite clothing and accessories. * From blazers and straw boaters for an afternoon by the river, to luxurious Art Nouveau...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Dancers

    Watt, Fiona

    Girls everywhere will love dressing and accessorising the spectacular dancers in this colourful addition to the hit Sticker Dolly Dressing series.With over 300 stickers to dress the dancers for their big dance hits from street dance to samba,...

    sob encomenda
  • Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer...

    Watt, Fiona

    Create outfits using over 350 stickers, with 150 of them for children to colour in themselves.Each double-page has themes such as summer florals, evening wear, tropical beachwear and festival fashion. This book also includes hints and tips on...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing Action!

    Watt, Fiona

    Girls will love dressing the all-action dollies with over 300 stickers provided, to prepare them for a variety of exciting and unusual jobs. It includes stunt girls, an air ambulance crew, a snowboard instructress, a police dog handler, a 'West End'...

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  • Sticker Dressing - Action Heroes 2

    Gillespie,Lisa Jane

    Frogmen, soldiers, spies, rescue crews, firefighters, paramedics and commandos are amongst the real-life action heroes featured in this brilliant sticker book. Dress the heroes in outfits appropriate for their dangerous jobs with the stickers...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Fashion Long Ago

    Bowman, Lucy; Stowell, Louie

    Over 200 colourful stickers to dress people in costumes from different ages including ancient Rome, medieval times, Victorian Britain, 1950s America and 1960s London. Stickers include items of clothing and bags, shoes, hats and jewellery from across...

    Produto indisponível

  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Action! And Ice...


    There are over 800 stickers in this bumper Sticker Dolly Dressing book, ready to dress the dolls as they spring into action and go ice skating. The high-octane outfits include uniforms for fire fighters and stunt artists, as well as bespangled lycra...

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  • Sticker Dolly Dressing - Back To School


    Lottie, Sara and Zoë are excited about going back to school after the holidays. Little girls will love using the stickers to help them get ready for the new term. The girls need to shop for school bags, stationery and books, as well as prepare their...

    Produto indisponível

  • Sticker Dressing Knights (usborne Sticker...


    Sticker Dressing Knights (usborne Sticker Dressing)

    Produto indisponível

  • Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing Victorian...


    Dress the Victorian fashion models in an assortment of elegant fashions from the 19th century. Including more than 200 stickers with which to dress the dolls. With informative notes, photographs and sketches explaining the background to each fashion.

    Produto indisponível

  • Popstars - Sticker Dolly Dressing

    Usborne Books

    Popstars - Sticker Dolly Dressing

    Produto indisponível

  • Princesses And Fairies - Sticker Dolly...

    Usborne Books

    Princesses And Fairies - Sticker Dolly Dressing

    Produto indisponível

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