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  • My First English Sticker Book


    This is a fantastic new sticker title filled with colourful scenes and fun sticker labels to act as an introduction to English. Each illustrated themed page is full of objects to identify with stickers to label them with, helping to reinforce word...

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  • Farmyard Tales 123 Sticker Book


    Helps children learn to count with the help of favourite Farmyard Tales characters: Poppy, Sam, Rusty, Curly and Woolly. This title also helps teach preschool skills including number recognition and number sequencing.

  • First Thousand Words in English Sticker Book



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  • The Olympic Games Sticker Book


    When did the Olympic Games begin? Who are the greatest athletes? With 100 stickers of athletes such as Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis-Hill, and photos and illustrations telling the story of the biggest multi-sport event in the world. The perfect...

  • First Sticker Book - Market


    There are over 250 stickers to bring the hustle and bustle of the markets to life in this vibrant sticker book. Includes lots of busy market scenes with plenty for children to spot and talk about, including a Farmers’ market, a Flower market and a...

  • First Sticker Book - Easy French Words


    This is a delightfully illustrated picture word book with over 150 everyday French word stickers to add to the pages. This is a useful and entertaining vocabulary book for French language learners, with themes that include animals, the body and...

  • First Sticker Book Pirates


    A sticker book for young children packed with colourful pirate scenes. It contains over 150 stickers which can be used to complete busy scenes of pirate life above and below deck. It lets you witness a pirate battle, find buried treasure, and build...

  • First Sticker Book Building Sites

    Jessica Greenwell

    Little children often find building sites fascinating, as a fleet of big machines including tall cranes, squat dumper trucks and revolving cement mixers perform intricate manouevres as they construct new houses and offices. This simple sticker book...

  • First Sticker Book - Easy Spanish Words


    This is a delightfully illustrated picture word book with over 150 everyday Spanish word stickers to add to the pages. It is a useful and entertaining vocabulary book for Spanish language learners, with themes that include animals, the body and...

  • 100 First French Words - Sticker Book


    An interactive first word book for English speakers to learn their first French words. There are a hundred French word and picture stickers to match up, which will help reinforce the learning of 100 everyday words.

  • Sports Sticker Book

    Watt, Fiona

    A sticker book that contains sporty scenes to fill with the stickers provided. From basketball to cycling at the velodrome, it features many stadiums and arenas to fill with athletes, including snowboarding, gymnastics, taekwando and sailing.

  • Getting Dressed Sticker Book - Weather &...


    Perfect for little children who are learning about the different seasons and what to where when. Use the stickers to dress the dollies in outfits appropriate for the weather and time of year.

  • Fairy Ponies Sticker Book


    Welcome to the magical world of the Fairy Ponies - a collection of ethereal characters who also appear in a series of 6 books for young readers (part of the Usborne Reading Programme) and a stylish colouring book.

  • Make A Picture Sticker Book - Cars


    Features lots of big, bright, colourful, friendly stickers for young children to use to complete a variety of scenes. This title lets you load lots of cars on to the ferry, add the cars whizzing around the track at the races, and make the roads busy...

  • My First Spanish Sticker Book


    These are three fantastic new sticker titles filled with colourful scenes and fun sticker labels to act as an introduction to English, French and Spanish. Each illustrated themed page is full of objects to identify with stickers to label them with,...

  • First Thousand Words in German Sticker Book


    The classic bi-lingual German/English word book, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. A thousand everyday words illustrated with busy scenes and labelled pictures to help children learn key German vocabulary. Stickers add an extra interactive element,...

  • First Sticker Book - Easy English Words

    Yolen,Jane; Yolen, Jane

    This is a delightfully illustrated picture word book with over 150 everyday word stickers to add to the pages. It encourages word and picture recognition and matching, and aids vocabulary building for children starting to learn to read. It is a...

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  • First Numbers - Sticker Book


    Young children will have fun preparing for school as they learn to count with this colourful sticker book. Help Georgie giraffe, Marcel monkey, Alfie alligator and many more friendly animals to find one sandwich for lunch, two warm woolly hats, three...

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  • 100 First English Words - Sticker Book


    An interactive first word book suitable for those learning English as a first or second language. Match the word and picture stickers to discover a hundred everyday words in an interactive way.

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  • First Sticker Book London


    Explore one of the most famous cities in the world in this whistlestop tour of London's iconic landmarks. With over 150 stickers to add to the scenes of London life.

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  • Art Sticker Book


    For budding aficionados of art, children can learn and have fun matching the stickers of famous paintings from the National Gallery with their labelled frames. Each frame and painting is accompanied by a plaque of fascinating facts about the piece...

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  • Mosaic Sticker Book

    Usborne Publishing; Usborne Publishing

    A fresh and modern approach to a traditional idea. With over 3000 geometrically-shaped stickers, which can be used to complete the gloriously colourful and patterned pages. Hours of absorbing activity.

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  • Diggers Sticker Book

    Pearcey,Alice; Dan Crisp

    A sticker book, which encourages children to fill in the fun building site using the colourful stickers provided.

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  • Romans Sticker Book

    Watt, Fiona

    This is a fascinating new sticker book full of scenes from Ancient Roman times to fill with stickers. From gladiators fighting in the Colosseum, a bustling Roman army camp filled with soldiers, an extravagant banquet in a senator's house, to domestic...

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  • First Sticker Book Garden


    Little children will love exploring the wonders that can be found outside the back door in this lively sticker book, with over 100 stickers to complete the scenes.

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  • First Sticker Book Nature

    Brooks, Felicity

    A simple sticker book which allows little children to build their own countryside scenes. As they fix hundreds of stickers of animals, plants, bugs, birds and flowers to add to a range of habitats, children will be learning about the natural world -...

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  • Easter Sticker Book

    Watt, Fiona

    A colourful sticker book with Easter-themed scenes to decorate with over 400 stickers. Scenes include Easter bunnies hiding their eggs, an Easter parade and Easter eggs to decorate.

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  • Football Sticker Book


    A sporty sticker book full of scenes to fill with over 350 colourful stickers, including footballers at the training ground, getting ready for the match and a victory parade. Also includes blank football kit stickers for children to colour in with...

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  • Vikings - Sticker Book

    Watt, Fiona

    A humourous historical sticker book, full of busy Viking scenes to complete with over 500 stickers. Scenes include ‘Sea people’, ‘New lands’, ‘A feast’, ‘Gods and godesses’ and much more. Written in consultation with an historical expert, each scene...

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  • Christmas Sticker Book

    Watt, Fiona

    An enchanting sticker book filled with Christmassy scenes including Santas busy workshop, winter fun on a frozen lake, building funny snowmen and decorating a Christmas tree. There are over 800 stickers to use to complete the scenes, including shiny...

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  • Zombies Sticker Book

    Robson, Kirsteen

    A madcap sticker book that comes with over 600 stickers which you can use to bring the zany scenes to life. It helps you discover what happens when the vibrant town of Cozyville becomes a zombie zone.

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  • First Sticker Book Ballet


    Discover the world of ballet in this simple sticker book for young children. Ballet is a perenially popular subject; the wonderful music, stunning outfits and graceful dancers combining to create a magical, fairytale world. Stylish sets and...

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  • First Sticker Book - Jungle


    Children can find out about the exotic animals and plants that live in the jungle with this simple sticker book, with over 100 stickers to complete the scenes.

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  • First Sticker Book Cycling


    Cycling has never been so popular, with more people than ever taking to their pushbikes to get around. This simple sticker book is full of cyclists travelling to school, to work, or just biking around for fun. With over 200 stickers to attach to the...

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  • First Sticker Book - First English Words


    A sticker book full of everyday English words, which will help little children build their vocabularies and prepare them for starting school.

    Produto indisponível

  • First English Words Sticker Book


    An interactive way for preschool children to learn their first words and simple sentences, with over 100 picture stickers to match with the correct words and phrases. Part of the Farmyard Tales series, set on Apple Tree Farm - home to characters...

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  • Victorian Doll's House Sticker Book


    A treasure-trove of a sticker book with over 100 stickers, beautifully decorated rooms just waiting to be filled with furniture and accessories. Children will have hours of fun arranging the house just as they want it, with objects ranging from...

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  • Fairies Colouring And Sticker Book


    This is a delightful sticker and colouring book providing hours of creative fun. It features enchanting fairy scenes with charming illustrations. Young children will love colouring in flower fairies and fairy dresses, and creating a fairy ball with...

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  • Classical Music Sticker Book

    Marks,Anthony; Marks, Anthony

    What is classical music? Who were the celebrity composers and musicians of their day? This illustrated information sticker book offers a pictorial introduction to the increasingly popular world of classical music.

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  • Human Body - Sticker Book


    An interactive information sticker book which explains, in detail, how the human body works. A fascinating insight into an ever-popular subject for older children. Contains sophisticated anatomical-style illustrations and colour photographs.

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  • Easter Story Sticker Book


    Tells the Easter story, with 60 picture stickers for children to fill in the gaps in the story, to help build their vocabulary and reading skills. This title is illustrated by Norman Young, illustrator of the popular Usborne Bible Tales series.

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  • Famous Artists Sticker Book

    Cullis, Megan

    Presents an interactive way of finding out about the lives and work of some of the world's most famous artists. This title is packed with information about the biggest names in art, including Van Gogh, Dali, Monet, Warhol, and others.

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  • Easter - First Sticker Book


    Presents a suitable way to entertain little children at Easter. This title features fun, Easter-themed scenes with lively illustrations. Including over 150 colourful stickers to decorate the pages, it presents lively scenes such as: Easter baking,...

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  • Haunted House Sticker Book


    This spine-tingling sticker book encourages children to explore a haunted house, using the colourful stickers provided to add spooky details to each room. Scary scenes include a troll's kitchen, a spooky sitting room, a ghostly guest room, a creepy...

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