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  • Lonely Planet - Portugal - 2ª Ed. 2014

    Mutic, Anja; Armstrong, Kate; St Louis, Regis

    Nova edição atualizada do guia Lonely Planet apresenta as cidades históricas, a música, a arte e a deliciosa culinária deliciosa Portugal é um país pequeno, mas cheio de atrações impressionantes. Para que você saiba como explorá-las, Lonely Planet...

  • Fangirl – Exclusive Collector´s Edition

    Rowell, Rainbow

    This Special Edition includes fan art, a ribbon bookmark, an exclusive Q&A with the author, and an excerpt from her upcoming book Carry On. In Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl, Cath is a Simon Snow fan. Okay, the whole world is a Simon Snow fan, but for Cath...

  • Morte e Vida de Charlie St. Cloud

    Sherwood, Ben

    O livro conta a história de um jovem que sobrevive a um terrível acidente de carro, em que o seu irmão mais novo morre. Anos mais tarde, o laço entre os irmãos permanece tão forte que transcende os limites normais entre a vida e a morte. Charlie St....

  • Eleanor & Park

    Rowell, Rainbow

    “Eleanor & Park reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book.”—John Green, The New York Times Book Review

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  • Cecilia Bartoli - St. Petersburg


    Há mais de duas décadas Cecilia Bartoli foi, indiscutivelmente, uma das principais artistas do mundo da música clássica. Cada novo projeto, concerto ou gravação planejado por Bartoli é aguardada com grande expectativa em todo o mundo. A artista que...

  • Charles Bukowski


    Charles Bukowski

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  • e-book

    St Petersburg - Shadows of the Past


    Fragile, gritty, and vital to an extraordinary degree, St. Petersburg is one of the world'apos;s most alluring cities-a place in which the past is at once ubiquitous and inescapably controversial. Yet outsiders are far more familiar with the...

  • e-book

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines - 2014 Article...

    International Monetary Fund

    This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that St. Vincent and the Grenadines' economic recovery from the global economic crisis has been curbed by a series of significant natural disasters. These, combined with the economic downturn following the...

  • Estação Onze

    St. John Mandel,Emily

    Certa noite, o famoso ator Arthur Leander tem um ataque cardíaco no palco, durante a apresentação de Rei Lear. Jeevan Chaudhary, um paparazzo com treinamento em primeiros socorros, está na plateia e vai em seu auxílio. A atriz mirim Kirsten Raymonde...

  • e-book

    St. Thomas Aquinas

    Chesterton, G. k.

    Chesterton'apos;s customary wit and engaging storytelling provide a brief but vivid profile. He focuses on the saint'apos;s life, rather than on theology, to illustrate Thomas'apos;s relevance to modern readers.

  • e-book

    St. George of Merrie England

    Flora Steel

    In the darksome depths of a thick forest lived Kalyb the fell enchantress. Terrible were her deeds, and few there were who had the hardihood to sound the brazen trumpet which hung over the iron gate that barred the way to the Abode of Witchcraft....

  • e-book

    St Augustine

    Ryan N. S. Topping

    After setting Augustine's thought firmly within the context of his life and times, Ryan Topping examines in turn the causes of education (the purposes, pedagogy, curriculum, and limits of learning) as Augustine understood them. Augustine's towering...

  • St. Raven

    Beverley, Jo

    Cressida Mandeville, forced to accept Lord Crofton's indecent proposal after her father gambles away the family estate, finds an unexpected ally in the mysterious Duke of St. Raven.

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  • St. Albans Fire


    Intrepid detective Joe Gunther and the overworked Vermont Bureau of Investigation team is pushed to the limit by a string of serial arsons across the Green Mountain State that has culminated in a shocking series of murders.

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  • St. Peter's Fair


    A pause in the civil war offers Shrewsbury's townsfolk hope that the upcoming fair will be successful, but the discovery of the body of a wealthy merchant could destroy that hope. Reprint. K.

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  • St. Anger


    Neste álbum você poderá conferir o resultado de uma mistura de 'Kill ´Em All' e '...And Justice For All', que são tidos pelos fãs como dois dos grandes discos da carreira da banda. Imperdível!

  • e-book

    Fundamental St. Augustine - A Practical Guide...


    This ebook is one in a series of reviews that has been extracted in its entirety from M. James Ziccardi's The Essence of Medieval Philosophy. It is intended to serve as a primer for students of medieval philosophy with an emphasis on some of the more...

  • St. Patrick of Ireland

    Freeman, Philip

    A portrait of Ireland's patron saint discusses his youth as a Roman citizen, his enslavement by Irish pirates, his decision to convert the Irish to Christianity, and the letters that revealed information about his belief system and life in Ireland.

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  • St. Patrick of Ireland

    Freeman, Philip

    An authoritative modern portrait of Ireland's patron saint discusses his youth as a Roman citizen and Christian nobleman, his enslavement by Irish pirates, his decision to convert the Irish to Christianity, and the letters that revealed intimate...

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  • St Petersburg - Eyewitness Travel Guides

    Phillips, Catherine

    The DK Eyewitness St Petersburg Travel Guide will lead you straight to the best attractions St Petersburg has to offer. The guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the city's stunning architecture, plus 3D aerial views of...

  • St. Petersburg - Eyewitness Travel Top 10


    Building on the successful Eyewitness Travel Guides series, this new series offers a quick and easy approach to travel that uses expert insights to list the top luxury hotels, economical places to stay or eat, best travel deals, favorite family...

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  • St Petersburg - Eyewitness Top 10 Travel...


    DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: St. Petersburg will lead you straight to the very best on offer. Whether you're looking for the things not to miss at the Top 10 sights, or want to find the best nightspots; this guide is the perfect pocket-sized...

  • St. Barth

    Didcott,Christine; Didcott,Charles

    Photographs and descriptive text reveal the natural beauty and unique culture of the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy

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  • St Lucia & Dominica

    Cameron, Sarah; Box, Ben

    Lush, tropical landscapes define this area of the Caribbean. From the low-key and traditional Dominica to the spectacular mountains of St Lucia, there is much to explore. This Footprint Handbook provides invaluable information on transport,...

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  • e-book

    St. Thérèse the Little Flower - The Making of...

    John Beevers

    She lived 24 years and was an obscure nun for nine of those. She died in 1897 and was canonized in 1925. Yet she is known the world over by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Her statue soon appeared in most Catholic churches in the world. With St....

  • e-book

    St. Philomena the Wonder-Worker

    Paul O'apos;Sullivan O.P.

    Though nothing historical is known of her, she was declared a Saint in 1837, only 35 years after discovery of her relics. Here is the whole incredible story, plus many accounts of her tremendous favors and miracles. Another St. Jude to call on in our...

  • St. John Of The Midfield

    Garasamo Maccagnone

    World-class soccer star Bobo Stoikov makes an escape from communist Bulgaria and finds his way to America. Landing a job as a youth soccer coach, Bobo builds a reputation for himself as a successful, yet unorthodox, coach who propels his team to the...

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  • St George

    Maloney, Alison

    St George

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  • e-book

    St. John of the Cross OCT

    Tyler, Peter

    Peter Tyler endeavours to represent St John of the Cross in the truest light, covering his life from the angles of John as Theologian, as Mystic, Psychologist, and Artist. Tyler draws parallels, at times uncomfortable, between the age of disruption...

  • e-book

    St. Philomena - Powerful with God

    Marie Helene Mohr S.C.

    The early Roman virgin-martyr whose bones were discovered in 1802. She immediately began answering prayers, with so many favors and miracles being granted that she was raised to sainthood by Pope Gregory XVI-becoming the only person recognized by the...

  • e-book

    St. Gertrude the Great - Herald of Divine...


    A brief life of this 12th century German Benedictine nun, the only female saint titled 'The Great.' Discusses her method of prayer, some sample prayers, and covers some of her revelations. Shows the depth and sublimity of Our Lord's love for souls...

  • e-book

    St. Francis of Assisi and the Conversion of...

    Frank M. Rega

    A book greatly needed in our era of false ecumenism! Tells the authentic story of St. Francis' trip to the Sultan in Egypt and efforts to convert him to the One True Faith. Also includes a brief biography of St. Francis; including his stigmata; the...

  • e-book

    St. John'apos;s Episcopal Church - Parish...

    The 150th Annual Parish Meeting

    The parish bylaws of St. John's Episcopal Church, as approved by the 150th Annual Parish Meeting

  • e-book

    St. Thomas Aquinas

    Chesterton, G. k.

    This classic book contains the biography of Sir Thomas Aquinas, who was an Italian Dominican Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, influential philosopher and theologian of scolasticism. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to...

  • e-book

    St. Athanasius

    Frances Alice Monica Forbes

    As a young cleric, he was present at the Council of Nicea (325), and though he did not want to be bishop, none was found better suited for the job. He fought the Arian Heresy through every vicissitude and finally triumphed for orthodoxy. Here is a...

  • e-book

    St. Martin De Porres - Apostle of Charity

    Cavallini, Giuliana

    The sons of St. Dominic were the first to preach the Gospel in the land of the Incas. They had shared the perils of the Peruvian adventure with Pizarro in the same boat in which he and his men sailed south through the Pacific. Missionaries of many...

  • e-book

    St. Louise de Marillac - Servant of the Poor

    Vincent Regnault D.C.

    Born illegitimate, St. Louise (1591-1660) became a great apostle of charity. Together with St. Vincent de Paul she established permanent institutions to put haphazard works of charity onto a stable footing--hospitals, child care institutions, homes...

  • e-book

    St. Benedict'apos;s Toolbox - The Nuts and...

    Tomaine, Jane

    A practical guide to Benedictine spirituality in daily life.

  • e-book

    St. Bernard of Clairvaux - Oracle of the...

    Theodore Ratisbonne

    Abbot; Confessor; Doctor of the Church (1091-1153). In all history no other man so dominated his times and influenced its people. He prophesied; cast out devils; worked miracles; destroyed heresy; single-handedly healed a schism; launched a crusade;...

  • e-book

    St. Michael and the Angels


    Beautiful and inspiring book about the angels, full of stories from the Saints. Gives their nature and role, the need for devotion to them and their relationship to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many prayers to the angels. Written to be read daily during...

  • e-book

    St. Thomas Aquinas - Universal Doctor of the...


    The 'Angelic Doctor' and 'Universal Doctor,' his intellect and learning were phenomenal, yet he was humble and charming. Knew the Bible by heart, remembered all he had read, could dictate to 3 secretaries at once. All the charming stories about him....

  • e-book

    St. Jude Thaddeus - Helper in Desperate Cases


    In desperate circumstances, the Faithful have always turned to the sure help of St. Jude Thaddeus-Apostle, cousin of Our Lord, and martyr for the Catholic Faith. This powerful Saint is invoked in cases of extreme need, grievous illness, poverty, and...

  • e-book

    St. Michael the Archangel

    Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adorati

    This booklet includes Prayers to St. Michael. From the Old Testament times until today, St. Michael the Archangel has always powerfully defended and assisted God's people on earth. Based on Scripture, Church history and saintly traditions, this book...

  • e-book

    St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen


    A widely respected classic work on the apostle Paul, with full-color illustrations for modern Christians.

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