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  • O Troco


    Marcelo Ferraz assume os vocais e o baixo, trazendo a descontração de sua maior influência, a banda americana Blink 182. Milton é Maps, o guitarrista, segunda voz e compositor, responsável por agregar a rebeldia do Hardcore e do Punk à Summer. O lado...

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer - Live Sos


    Um dos maiores fenômenos da música pop atual, a banda Australiana de Pop/Punk/Rock, 5 Seconds of Summer lança um CD ao vivo para o comemorar o sucesso do seu primeiro lançamento. Em 2014 o “5SOS” recebeu vários prêmios pelo mundo afora, MTV Awards,...

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer


    5 Seconds of Summer é uma banda Punk Pop australiana, formada em Sydney em 2011. É composta por Luke Hemmings (guitarra e vocais), Calum Hood (baixo e vocais), Michael Clifford (guitarra e vocais de apoio) e Ashton Irwin (bateria e vocais de apoio)....

  • e-book

    Summer'apos;s Splendor

    Dorothy Kane Liddle

    Divorced fifty-one year old Summer Rabelais is immediately knocked off her moorings by the gorgeous twenty-three year old Aussie Brad Benson the moment the two meet. Their passions explode, but Brad's youthful declaration of love signals Summer that...

  • Summer Eletrohits 2017


    A edição de 2017 do sucesso de vendas Summer Eletrohits apresenta hits da música eletrônica que prometem embalar as pistas de dança do Brasil nesse verão. A coletânea apresenta um repertório de 14 faixas assinadas por grandes nomes como Chainsmokers...

  • e-book

    Summer Rambles - Early Voices - Portraits of...

    Downie, Mary Alice; Robertson, Barbara; Errington, Elizabeth Jane

    This selection of writings by twenty-nine Canadian women presents a unique portrait of Canada through time and space, and a range of voices from high-born wives of governors general to a fisherman's wife in Labrador. All of which demonstrate how...

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Deluxe - Digipack


    5 Seconds of Summer é uma banda Punk Pop australiana, formada em Sydney em 2011. É composta por Luke Hemmings (guitarra e vocais), Calum Hood (baixo e vocais), Michael Clifford (guitarra e vocais de apoio) e Ashton Irwin (bateria e vocais de apoio)....

  • e-book

    Summer and White Pizzas

    Weaver, Dennis

    Pizza is good year-round, but in the summer, it's nice to change up the traditional pizza. We enjoy summer pizzas with a thin, crispy crust, loaded with vegetables, and usually a white sauce rather than a red or marinara sauce. In this e-book, we'll...

  • e-book

    The Summer House

    Willett, Marcia

    In the small inlaid wooden box, Matt'apos;s mother had kept all his childhood memories. Amongst them are many photos of Matt as a child, growing up. But something about the photos has always puzzled Matt - was that really him? Why did he not remember...

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer - How Did We End Up Here?...


    A maior revelação da música Pop em 2014, o 5 Seconds Of Summer continua conquistando o mundo. Dessa vez com o lançamento do primeiro DVD da carreira da banda “How Did We End Up Here? – Live at Wembley Arena”.“How Did We End Up Here?” te leva para uma...

  • e-book

    Summer Wings


    It's the summer before Jessa's senior year in High School, and she's looking forward to spending time with her animals, best friend, and the boy she likes.When she has an unexpected encounter with the dark side of her vegetarian society, she's...

  • Summer Night Concert - DVD


    Faixas do DVD:Wiener Philharmoniker1. Opening Credit Franz Liszt (1811 - 1886)2. Les Preludes - Symphonic Poem S97 Wiener Philharmoniker, Valery GergievNiccolò Paganini (1782 - 1840)Violin Concerto No.1 in D, Op.63. Version in One movement by Fritz...

  • Case Lifetech Summer Para Netbook e iPad Até...


    Produto em Neopreme de 5mm igual a roupa de mergulho profissional comzíper duplo e costura dupla. Produto a prova de água e lavável emmáquina de lavar.Garantia: 24 meses

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer - Hey, Let’S Make A Band!

    5 Seconds Of Summer

    This book is pretty much our official story so far. It really does only seem like last week we played our first gig in at the Annandale hotel in Sydney. Since then we’ve been given the opportunity to turn into the people and musicians we wanted to...

  • e-book

    Summer Rain

    Robinson, Peter

    A mystery from the past bursts in upon the present in this gripping Inspector Banks short story— featuring an excerpt from Peter Robinson's new novel In the Dark Places ("Thrilling"—Louise Penny). Acclaimed by Michael Connelly as "a man for all...

  • e-book

    Summer at Tiffany


    Do you remember the best summer of your life?New York City, 1945. Marjorie Jacobson and her best friend, Marty Garrett, arrive fresh from the Kappa house at the University of Iowa hoping to find summer positions as shopgirls. Turned away from the top...

  • e-book

    Summer with Morrison - The Early Life and...

    Dennis C. Jakob

    Dennis Jakob met Jim Morrison in 1964, they becoming fast friends and eventually college room mates. This book details some of the many experiences they had together just prior to and during Jim's early fame with The Doors, including several...

  • e-book

    Summer Lessons

    Amy Lane

    a Winter Ball novelMason Hayes'apos;s love life has a long history of losers who don'apos;t see that Mason'apos;s heart is as deep and tender as his mouth is awkward. He wants kindness, he wants love-and he wants someone who thinks sex is as...

  • e-book

    Summer Nights


    There'apos;s nothing quite like a holiday with your boyfriend...Flora Fielding can'apos;t wait for Barney to join her in San Francisco so they can begin their dream holiday. Until Barney dumps her, leaving her stranded. Luckily, Flora'apos;s cousin...

  • e-book

    Summer'apos;s List

    Higman, Anita

    A dying wish alters the course of a young woman'apos;s life.Life hadn'apos;t been easy for Summer Snow. In acts of selflessness-caring for her ailing parents and running her grandmother'apos;s bookstore-she had forfeited her youth and dreams for...

  • e-book

    Summer Snow

    Hathaway, William T.

    SUMMER SNOW is a spiritual novel set now amidst the war on terrorism as an American warrior falls in love with a Sufi mystic and learns from her an alternative to the military mentality.As US Special Forces battle al-Qaeda, the escalating violence...

  • Summer Eletrohits 2015 - DVD


    As músicas mais quentes desse verão agora estão reunidas no novo DVD “Summer Eletrohits 2015”. Nesta edição, a seleção especial de hits garante muita diversão e dança ao longo das 22 faixas (DVD). O disco ainda traz o melhor da música eletrônica com...

  • e-book

    Summer Fever

    Catt Ford

    I was looking forward to a relaxing, enjoyable vacation at my parents’ old house on the lake. No responsibility, no stress, and no entanglements, other than the odd one-night bang with a gorgeous guy (who preferably dresses left). When a cop pulled...

  • e-book

    Summer at Tiffany'apos;s

    Swan, Karen

    Summer at Tiffany'apos;s by Karen Swan is the captivating and romantic sequel to Christmas at Tiffany'apos;s, perfect for fans of Santa Montefiore and Veronica Henry.A wedding to plan. A wedding to stop. What could go wrong? Cassie loves Henry....

  • e-book


    Edith Wharton

    Originally published by Scribners in 1917, Summer is a novel of Wharton's mid-period and tells the story of Charity, a girl 'of the mountains' who is the ward of Lawyer Royall. The plot recounts how Charity finds herself caught between the attentions...

  • e-book

    Summer of the Dragon

    Peters, Elizabeth

    A good salary and an all-expenses-paid summer spent a sprawling Arizona ranch is too good a deal for fledgling anthropologist D.J. Abbott to turn down. What does it matter that her rich new employer/benefactor, Hank Hunnicutt, is a certified oddball...

  • e-book

    Summer'apos;s End

    Kraft, Adriana

    The best summer ever has to end sometime. Jen and Brett Andrews have reveled in their erotic threesome with summer housemate Sarah Creston-but it's August, and she'll have to leave.How do they react? For starters, they branch out to a new sizzling...

  • e-book

    Summer to Remember and Forget

    Doeneseya Bates

    Newly revised. New ending!It is summer vacation and Courtney's mom is sending her away. Not to a summer camp, but to her father's house. She will be reliving her childhood, with enemies and all. It just so happens that the neighbor's son is back home...

  • e-book

    Summer Season

    Clark, Alan

    First published in 1963, Summer Season records several anxious days in the life of Kenneth Crane, unemployed graduate. Crane has taken a temporary post as tutor to the young son of a luminary in a small seaside town. Crane finds life difficult enough...

  • e-book

    Summer School

    Tam Ames

    Jeremy Decker'apos;s recent split with his long-distance boyfriend has left him lonely with a mountain of debt. His only practical source of extra cash is to teach summer school, even if it means teaching history-not easy for an English teacher. To...

  • e-book

    Summer Intern

    Karasyov, Carrie; Kargman, Jill

    Teen fans of The Devil Wears Prada will relish this inside scoop on high society fashion from bestselling authors Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman, star of the Bravo series Odd Mom Out.Meet Kira Parker, total teenage fashionista. At her summer...

  • e-book

    Summer Of The Dancing Bear

    Bianca Lakoseljac

    Bianca Lakoseljac's debut novel, The Summer of the Dancing Bear, is a mesmerizing melange of love story and mystery, as young protagonist Kata explores the unfamiliar world of the gypsy tribe that has befriended her and embarks on a quest to discover...

  • e-book

    Summer Session


    The first in a new series from the author of the 'Zoe Hayes' books - Harper Jennings is an Iraqi war veteran with PTSD. Now a teaching assistant at Cornell, her life is rosy until, carrying out repairs on their home, her husband Hank falls off the...

  • e-book

    Summer of the Midnight Sun

    Peterson, Tracie

    The Barringer family is happy in the Alaskan Territory. Confronted by an old flame, Leah realizes her feelings never went away and she is whisked away on an unforgettable journey.

  • e-book


    Edith Wharton

    A young girl from a rural New England town longs to escape her small community, but is unable to move beyond social restrictions and her own weaknesses of character. She meets a man by chance, who encourages the awakening of her sexuality. The...

  • e-book

    Summer in the Shadow of Byron


    In the spring of 1816, Lord Byron was the greatest poet of his generation and the most famous man in Britain, but his personal life was about to erupt. Fleeing his celebrity, notoriety and debts, he sought refuge in Europe, taking his young doctor...

  • e-book

    Summer at the Haven

    Katharine Moore

    An enchanting comedy of manners of old age, set in an old people's home in the heart of the English countryside.

  • e-book

    Summer Stock

    Vanessa North

    Tabloid scandals have driven TV star Ryan Hertzog to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where he’s hiding out doing summer stock at his cousin’s seaside theater. When a hookup with local handyman Trey Donovan results in Ryan being photographed butt naked,...

  • e-book

    Summer Dream

    Rogers, Martha

    The first book in the Seasons of the Heart series is set in Connecticut in 1888, the year of what historians call “The White Hurricane.” The story reveals the power of God’s love to change lives and heal hearts. 

  • e-book

    Summer Moonshine


    Poor Sir Buckstone Abbott, Bart! Not only does he own in Walsingford Hall, one of the least attractive stately homes in the country, but he has to take in paying guests to keep it upright. So when it seems a rich (if not very nice) continental...

  • e-book

    Summer'apos;s Flame

    Davy, Wendy

    **All Proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Food for the Poor (R)** Firefighter Aiden Hawk has found his calling—giving back to the community that helped raise him—but deep down he longs for more. When Summer Cassel comes into his...

  • e-book

    Summer of Promise - A Novel

    Cabot, Amanda

    The last place Abigail wants to spend the summer of 1885 is Fort Laramie in the Wyoming Territory, but can a handsome lieutenant change her mind?

  • e-book

    Summer Isles

    David Tallach

    These haiku offer an intense Gothic celebration of summer. There are portraits of four separate graveyards in the Highlands; interspersed with evocations of the light and beauty of the Summer Isles; standing stones at the Clava Cairns just outside...

  • e-book

    Summer of 38 - A Novel

    Winter, Galen

    In 1938, the year before the world exploded into six years of war, eight people boarded a Caribbean freighter for a cruise to the Republic of Anchuria. They were beginning to see signs of a recovery from the Great Depression and gave little thought...

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