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  • Supergirl Vol. 1- Last Daughter Of Krypton


    Collecting issues from the DC Comics- The New 52 event, Supergirl crash-lands on planet Earth and must discover the mysterious circumstances by which she arrived there.

  • Supergirl Vol. 2- Girl In The World


    Supergirl's made a friend, but will her evil father--the Black Banshee--consume them both before the Kryptonian survivor can stop him?

  • Supergirl Vol. 3- Sanctuary


    In an effort to save Krypton, a fellow Kryptonian plans to destroy the Earth with Supergirls help.

  • Supergirl Vol. 5- Red Daughter Of Krypton

    nelson,michael alan

    The Red Lanterns manage to tap into Kara's inner rage and channel it and her strength into the Red Lantern Corps.

  • Supergirl Vol. 1 - Reign Of The Cyborg...

    Steve Orlando; Brian Ching

    A part of DC Rebirth! Supergirl moves to National City! As Kara Danvers, average American teenager and high school student, Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on Earth. But some demons from her Kryptonian past are...

  • Supergirl Vol. 4- Out Of The Past

    nelson,michael alan

    Fleeing into space in the wake of H'EL ON EARTH, Supergirl must survive an encounter with Cyborg Superman.

  • Adventures Of Supergirl - Vol. 1


    'Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 1' ties directly into critically acclaimed Fall 2015 hit television show 'Supergirl,' continuing storylines as they appear on the show. Kara Zor-El landed on Earth after many years stuck in en route from her...

  • Supergirl By Book One


    In this bold reimagining of the Girl of Steel, Lex Luthor's familiar synthetic creation 'Matrix'--who mimics Superman's powers in a miniskirt--merges with human girl Linda Danvers to create a new Supergirl. These establishing issues develop their...

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  • Supergirl Vol. 2 - Rebirth

    Orlando, Steve

    Supergirl has her hands full. Not only is she adjusting to life on Earth as a superhero, she's also leading a double life as high school student Kara Danvers. And she's working for Cat Grant. And she's helping the Department of Extranormal Operations...

  • Supergirl Vol. 4: Daughter Of New Krypton


    Does the world need a Supergirl? With the Daily Planet labeling her a super-tart, and her Kryptonian mother questioning her allegiance, Supergirl is lost, confused and angry. Enter Superwoman. At first, the mysterious super-heroine appears a...

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  • Supergirl Vol. 3: Girl Of No Tomorrow


    The star of the hit CBS TV series continues her adventures as a part of DC Universe: Rebirth in SUPERGIRL VOL. 3! Emerald Empress' attack on Supergirl begins as her new Fatal Five assembles. Empress' plan to destroy Supergirl's present to preserve...

  • Superwoman Vol.1 - Who Killed Superwoman? -...

    Phil Jimenez; Phil Jimenez

    Imbued with the powers of Superman, Lois Lane pledges to use her powers to protect Metropolois as the new Superwoman. The only problem is, Lois' new powers are killing her, and neither she nor her friend and confidant Lana Lang know what to do about...

  • Supergirl, Volume 1


    This now-classic run by Jeph Loeb features the first chapter of Kara Zor-El s triumphant return! When Superman s Kryptonian parents rocketed their infant son to Earth, his aunt and uncle did the same with their young daughter, Kara Zor-El. The two...

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  • Superwoman Vol. 2 - Rebirth


    Superwoman Lana Lang is at a crossroads. Her memories are out of sync with the reality around her, her superpowers are killing her...and the only hope for her survival may mean giving up the superhero career she's barely begun! In the aftermath of...

  • Coloring Dc - Supergirl


    Now you can color DC Comics and characters from the new hit show in SUPERGIRL: AN ADULT COLORING BOOK! DC Comics presents classic adventures in a whole new way: in black and white, on heavy stock suitable for coloring, featuring covers and pin-ups of...

  • Supergirl 1

    Various Artists

    Supergirl 1

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  • Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures Of The 8Th Grade...


    Meet Linda Lee! She's the newest kid on the block and the planet, too! Find out how an ordinary girl from Krypton became the most extraordinary girl on Earth. And if you think life is tough as a hero, try being in the eighth grade! Super-strength,...

  • Supergirl

    David,Peter; Benes,Ed

    When Supergirl Kara Zor-El crash lands on the Earth inhabited by Supergirl Linda Danvers, Danvers learns of a conspiracy involving Xenon, the Spectre, and the Fatalist which could destroy the universe, as well as her heart.

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  • Supergirl By Peter David Book 2


    Can Supergirl defeat Leesburg's toughest villains, or will her battle with her own identity cause her to fail? After being kidnapped and left near death, Linda Danvers was saved when she was fused with Matrix, a protoplasmic version of Supergirl....

  • Supergirl- Friends And Fugitives


    Supergirl & Flamebird must work together to track down their father's assassin, the man known as Reactron.

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  • Supergirl Book Four


    Peter David's legendary run on the Girl of Steel continues here in SUPERGIRL BOOK FOUR! Everything is coming at Linda Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl! Comet, the newest hero in Leesburg, is being chased by someone named Fracture, and in the meantime, as...

  • Supergirl Book Three


    Legendary writer Peter David (The Incredible Hulk, X-Factor) teams up with fan-favorite artists Leonard Kirk (JSA, Fantastic Four) and Robin Riggs (BIRDS OF PREY, GREEN ARROW) in SUPERGIRL: BOOK THREE, featuring classic Supergirl stories! Linda...

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  • Supergirl Vol. 2 - Breaking The Chain

    Kelly, Joe

    Supergirl is back, but she can't remember why! That is until a fight with an ex in outerspace sends her adrift. Learning the truth of what happened to Krypton, Kara must decipher fact and fiction and believe in herself! Supergirl Vol. 2 brings one of...

  • Supergirl: The Silver Age Omnibus V1

    ; Various,

    Making her comics debut in ACTION COMICS #252, from 1959, the Girl of Steel quickly became Superman's secret weapon in his battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way--and a key hero in the DC Universe. In this initial stories, Supergirl, like her...

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  • Supergirl- Bizarrogirl


    In the wake of 'The War of the Superman,' Supergirl must face - Bizarro Supergirl!

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  • Supergirl - Supergirl And The Legion Of...

    Waid,Mark; Bedard,Tony; Kitson,Barry

    Written by Mark WaidCover by Kitson Art by Barry Kitson and Kalman Andrasofszky Collecting SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #26-30! TThe Dominators' plan to destroy Earth reaches fruition as the Robot Rebellion sweeps the planet!

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  • Superwoman Vol. 3: The Midnight Hour

    Perkins, K

    The conclusion to the adventures of DC's newest hero in SUPERWOMAN VOL. 3, as a part of DC Rebirth! Searching for an explanation of the source of her powers, Lana traces her steps back to high school with a teenage Clark Kent in Smallville. With...

  • Supergirl & The Legion Of Super Heroes- The...


    Supergirl makes her debut with the Legion of Super-Heroes!

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  • Supergirl - Way Of The World


    As Supergirl tries desperately to carve out a place for herself on Earth, the Teen of Steel struggles with the mysteries of her past on Krypton and her potential as one of Earth's mightiest heroes by searching for moral aptitude in a world filled...

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  • Supergirl - Death And The Family


    How will Supergirl deal with the death of one of her closest friends?

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  • Supergirl- Beyond Good And Evil


    Written by Kelly Puckett, Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns & Fabian Nicieza Art by Drew Johnson, Renato Guedes, Ray Snyder and others Cover by Adam Kubert Supergirl's life takes a turn for the worse in this volume collecting SUPERGIRL #23-27 and a story from...

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  • Supergirl- Cosmic Adventures In The 8Th Grade

    walker,landry q.

    If you think life is tough as a hero, try being in the eighth grade.

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  • -28%

    Fantasia Infantil - DC Comics - Supergirl -...


    Os pequenos poderão viver incriveis aventuras com a Fantasia Infantil - DC Comics - Supergirl - Princesa da Sulamericana. A fantasia auxilia no desenvolvimento dos pequenos e permite a maior aproximação com o personagem preferido, inspira bons...

    R$ 184,99
    R$ 131,90
    em 6x sem juros de R$ 21,98
  • Showcase Presents - Supergirl Vol 1

    Outros; Binder,Otto; Siegel,Jerry

    Showcase Presents - Supergirl Vol 1

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  • Daring Adventures Of Supergirl Vol. 1


    The new chapter in the life and times of the Girl of Steel is here in 'Daring Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 1'! Shot in a rocket from the same planet as her heroic cousin, Kara Zor-El crash landed on Earth with powers far beyond those around her. Now...

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  • -41%

    Fantasia Infantil - Dress Up - DC Comics -...


    Os pequenos poderão viver incriveis aventuras com a Fantasia Infantil - Dress Up - DC Comics - Supergirl da Sulamericana. A fantasia auxilia no desenvolvimento dos pequenos e permite a maior aproximação com o personagem preferido, inspira bons...

    R$ 154,99
    R$ 89,99
    em 4x sem juros de R$ 22,49
  • -22%

    Fantasia Bebê - Dress Up - DC Comics - Liga...


    A sua pequena heroína vai ficar linda com a Fantasia Bebê - Dress Up - DC Comics - Liga da Justiça - Supergirl da Sulamericana Quem não gosta de fantasiar o seu pequeno para as festinhas em familia ou apenas para ter um dia divertido na escolinha ?...

    R$ 114,99
    R$ 88,90
    em 4x sem juros de R$ 22,22
  • Figura Colecionável 10 Cm - Metals - DC...


    Você está preparada para brincar de super-heroína?! As meninas de DC Super Hero Girls vão conquistar as garotas! Fortes, autenticas, cheias de personalidade - e também de questionamentos, nada mais são que um reflexo de todas as meninas! Mais que...

    R$ 99,99
    em 4x sem juros de R$ 24,99
  • Showcase Presents- Supergirl Vol. 2


    Written by Jerry Siegel and Leo Dorfman Art by Jim Mooney Cover by Curt Swan & George Klein Kara Zor-El takes center stage in the stories that presented her to the world, collected from ACTION COMICS #283-321. 

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