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26 produtos
  • e-book

    Swift: Programe para iPhone e iPad

    Guilherme Silveira; Joviane Jardim

    Desenvolver aplicativos para iPhone e iPad nunca foi tão prazeroso. Com a nova linguagem da Apple (Swift) e com a recente versão do iOS, o desenvolvimento se torna descomplicado, pois há uma nova gama de recursos disponíveis que mantêm a clássica...

  • Gullivers Travels - Level 2 - Pack CD MP3


    The Penguin Readers are graded at seven levels of difficulty from easystarts to level 6 (Advanced). They fall into |Three sub-categories (Contemporary, Classics and Originals) ithin the one series, making the selection of titles easy and enjoayable,...

  • e-book

    Swift 3 Game Development - Second Edition

    Stephen Haney

    Embrace the mobile gaming revolution by creating popular iOS games with Swift 3.0About This Book• Create and design games for iPhone and iPad using SpriteKit and Swift 3.0• Learn the core fundamentals of SpriteKit game development and mix and match...

  • e-book

    Swift 3 Object-Oriented Programming - Second...

    Hillar,Gaston C.

    Implement object-oriented programming paradigms with Swift 3.0 and mix them with modern functional programming techniques to build powerful real-world applicationsAbout This Book• Leverage the most efficient object-oriented design patterns in your...

  • e-book

    Swift 3 New Features

    Keith Elliott

    A fast-paced guide to get you up and running with Swift 3 and its new featuresAbout This Book• Get up to date with the latest changes to Swift 3• Make your life easier by knowing how to port your Swift code to the latest version• Learn how to write...

  • e-book

    Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming -...

    Jon Hoffman

    Build fast and powerful applications with the power of protocol-oriented programmingAbout This Book• Leverage the power of protocol-oriented programming in your applications and learn from real world use cases• Create a flexible codebase with...

  • e-book

    Swift 3 Functional Programming

    Dr. Fatih Nayebi

    Bring the power of Swift functional programming to iOS, Web, macOS, watchOS and tvOS application development and build clean, smart, scalable and reliable applicationsAbout This Book• Written for Swift 3 -Developers Preview version, this is a...

  • Gulliver's Travel (oxford Bookworm Library 4)...

    Jonathan Swift

    Gulliver's Travel (oxford Bookworm Library 4) 3ed

  • e-book

    Mastering Swift 3 - Linux

    Jon Hoffman

    Learn to build fast and robust applications on the Linux platform with SwiftAbout This Book• Create robust applications by building a strong foundation in the Swift Language• Utilize Swift 3 on the embedded Linux platform for IoT and Robotic...

  • e-book

    Mastering Swift 3

    Jon Hoffman

    Dive into the latest release of the Swift programming language with this advanced Apple development bookAbout This Book• Discover the new features and improvements to Swift 3• Get to grips with advanced design patterns and techniques to write smarter...

  • e-book

    Test-Driven iOS Development with Swift 3

    Dr. Dominik Hauser

    Write testable and maintainable code to develop highly-functional iOS appsAbout This Book• Learn test-driven principles to help you build apps with fewer bugs and better designs• Become more efficient while working with Swift to move on to your next...

  • The Works Of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Vol. 3 -...


    Excerpt from The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Vol. 3: Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin Preface nilhes the offender with the lofs of his ears; but has infltc'led no adequate penalty for fuch as prejudice another's reputation in doing the fame thing in...

    sob encomenda
  • The Works Of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean Of St....


    Excerpt from The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Vol. 3 But the confequences have been (till worfe: We have been entitled, and have had our names prefixed at length, to whole volumes of mean produetions, equally of fenfive...

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  • e-book

    Tom Swift #3 - Tom Swift and His Airship: The...

    Victor Appleton

    In the third of Victor Appleton's original Tom Swift novels, Tom and balloonist John Sharp construct a combination dirigible/aeroplane, and once again encounter the criminal activities of the Happy Harry gang.

  • The Works Of Jonathan Swift, D. D., D. S. P....


    Excerpt from The Works of Jonathan Swift, D. D., D. S. P. D, Vol. 3 of 18: With Notes Historical and Critical It may perhaps be worth inquiring, from what beginnings, and by what Preps, we have been brought into this defperate condition: And in...

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  • e-book

    Tom Swift Omnibus #3

    Victor Appleton

    Tom Swift Omnibus #3 contains a trio of stories: In the seventh of Victor Appleton's original Tom Swift novels, Tom goes in search of man-made diamonds, but winds up captured and held prisoner. In the eighth of Victor Appleton's original Tom Swift...

  • Reader - Level 3 - When I Grow Up - Taylor...

    Scholastic; Ryals,Lexi

    Taylor Swift is one of today's biggest music superstars with millions of fans around the world. But before she was famous, Taylor was just a young girl who loved to sing and dreamed of sharing her music with others. Learn how she made it all the way...

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  • e-book

    Adventure of the Witch'apos;s Tree

    Freda Swift

    This is the story of three children, two of which are twins and their friends a gnome, a Goblin and his children and their tall thin wondering friend.People and fairy folk are going missing taken by large spiders. The friends were asked by the fairy...

  • Polite Conversation - In Three Dialogues...


    Excerpt from Polite Conversation: In Three Dialogues IN some ways nothing could be a better introduction to the Polite Conversa tion than the account 'of it which Mr. Thackeray has given in his English Humourists (though under the head of Steele, not...

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  • e-book

    3-D Prayer - This is The Generation for...

    Grace Swift

    It was the longest ride of Grace Swift’s life. For nine hours she could think only about the excruciating task awaiting her: identifying the body of her youngest son. He had been a radical prayer warrior and Christian who placed his confidence in God...

  • e-book

    Journey on the James - Three Weeks through...


    From its beginnings as a trickle of icy water in Virginia'apos;s northwest corner to its miles-wide mouth at Hampton Roads, the James River has witnessed more recorded history than any other feature of the American landscape -- as home to the...

  • The Works Of The REV. Jonathan Swift, D. D.,...


    Excerpt from The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D. D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Vol. 3 of 19: Arranged by Thomas Sheridan, A. M. With Notes, Historical and Critical The States-general. To which are Added, the faid Barrier Treaty, with the...

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  • Baby's Little Box of Keepsakes


    Here's a great gift for expecting moms and dads and parents of newly arrived babies. It's an attractively boxed set that includes: . Baby's Firsts, a 4 1/2' x 6 3/4' illustrated record book for listing guests at the baby shower, first visitors, first...

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  • The Works Of The REV. Jonathan Swift, D.D.,...


    Excerpt from The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Vol. 3 The following Historical Particulars were communicated to Mr. Nichols in 1777, by the Rev. Samuel sal ter, D. D. Then Master of the Charter-house. About...

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  • Gulliver's Travel CD Pack (oxford Bookworm...

    Jonathan Swift

    Gulliver's Travel CD Pack (oxford Bookworm Library 4) 3ed

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  • Gulliver's Travels - Ladybird Classics


    Gulliver's Travels - Ladybird Classics

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