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  • Netter Anatomia Para Colorir - 2ª Ed. 2015

    Hansen, John T.

    Aprenda e domine facilmente a anatomia, divertindo-se com a abordagem única de “Netter, Anatomia para Colorir”. Você pode identificar artérias, veias e nervos, incluindo seus cursos e bifurcações; reforçar sua compreensão das origens e inserções dos...

  • T2 Trainspotting Film Tie-In

    Welsh, Irvine

    In the world ofPorno, however, even the cons are conned. Sick Boy and Renton jockey for top dog. The out-of-jail and in-for-revenge Begbie is on the loose. But it's the hapless, drug-addled Spud who may be spreading the most trouble. Porno is a novel...

  • GTA - Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One


    Vivencie o jogo em mundo aberto da Rockstar Games aclamado pela crítica , Grand Theft Auto V.Quando um malandro de rua, um ladrão de bancos aposentado e um psicopata aterrorizante se envolvem com alguns dos criminosos mais assustadores e loucos do...

  • Millenium T.2 La Fille Qui Revait D'un Bidon...

    Larsson, Stieg

    Millenium T.2 La Fille Qui Revait D'un Bidon D'essence Et D'une Allumette

  • e-book

    Lipid Glossary 2

    F. D. Gunstone; B G Herslof

    Lipid Glossary 2 is a handy reference for a wide range of lipid scientists and technologists, as well as for those involved in the trading of these materials.The major part of the book is the glossary which contains brief and simple definitions, such...

  • Les Mysteres D'osiris T2 La Conspiration Du...

    Jacq Christian

    Les Mysteres D'osiris T2 La Conspiration Du Mal

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  • Nouv. Mille Et Une Nuits T.2 (les)

    Stevenson R. L.

    Nouv. Mille Et Une Nuits T.2 (les)

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  • e-book

    Bioenergetics 2

    Ferguson, Stuart J.; Nicholls, David G.

    Bioenergetics 2 aims to clarify topics such as the thermodynamics of bioenergetic processes and the stoichiometries of energy coupling reactions. The book discusses chemiosmotic energy transduction; ion transport across energy-conserving membranes;...

  • e-book

    Molecular Cytology V2 - Cell Interactions

    Jean Brachet

    Molecular Cytology, Volume 2: Cell Interactions deals with the morphology and biochemistry of the cell, with emphasis on the more dynamic aspects of cytology. It looks at gene transfer in somatic cells, nucleocytoplasmic interactions in oocytes and...

  • The Renegades - Charlie Hood Series #2

    Parker,T. Jefferson

    Some say that outlaws no longer exist, that the true spirit of the American West died with the legendary bandits of pulp novels and bedtime stories. Charlie Hood knows that nothing could be further from the truth. These days he patrols vast stretches...

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  • Química Orgânica - Vol. 2 - 10ª Ed. 2012

    Solomons,T.w. Graham; Fryhle,Craig B.; Johnson,Robert G.

    A fim de complementar o entendimento e apresentar orientações para estudo e resolução das questões contidas nos dois volumes de Química Orgânica, os autores Solomons e Fryhle se juntaram a Robert G. Johnson e elaboraram o 'Guia de Estudo e Manual de...

  • e-book

    Engineering Science 2 Checkbook

    Bird, J O; A J C May

    Engineering Science 2: Checkbook provides worked and unworked problems concerning a.c./d.c. electrical circuits, electromagnetism, statics, dynamics, energy, and machines.The 14 chapters of the book are organized into three sections. Section A covers...

  • e-book

    Engineering Materials 2 - An Introduction to...

    Ashby, Michael F.; D. R. H. Jones

    Provides a thorough explanation of the basic properties of materials; of how these can be controlled by processing; of how materials are formed, joined and finished; and of the chain of reasoning that leads to a successful choice of material for a...

  • Nba 2K18 - Xbox One


    NBA 2K18!O jogo de esporte anual com a melhor avaliação desta geração de consoles retorna com NBA 2K18, incluindo autenticidade sem paralelo e melhorias na quadra. De acordo com 2008 -2016DESTAQUES DO GAME? Times Lendários; Os maiores...

  • Nba 2K18 - PS3


    NBA 2K18!O jogo de esporte anual com a melhor avaliação desta geração de consoles retorna com NBA 2K18, incluindo autenticidade sem paralelo e melhorias na quadra. De acordo com 2008 -2016DESTAQUES DO GAME? Times Lendários; Os maiores...

  • e-book

    Handbook on Plasma Instabilities - Volume 2

    Cap, Ferdinand F.

    Handbook on Plasma Instabilities, Volume 2 consists of four chapters on plasma instabilities.Chapter 14 discusses the various aspects of microinstabilities. Beam-plasma systems are covered in Chapter 15, while the various stabilization methods are...

  • e-book

    T2: Rising Storm

    S.M. Stirling

    Following the critically praised T2: Infiltrator, T2: Rising Storm continues the bestselling Terminator adventures, reaching new heights of action, drama, and suspense.Hunted for years, Sarah and John Connor have waged a grave battle to save humanity...

  • e-book

    T2: The Future War

    S.M. Stirling

    The Machines are awake -- and aware ...There is no destiny but the one we have created ...There is no turning back -- the future war is now.

  • e-book

    T2: Infiltrator

    S.M. Stirling

    Sarah Connor and her son, John, know the grim tomorrow that awaits their species if the Cyberdyne Corporation gets their Skynet system on-line. Targeted for annihilation because of their future destinies, the Connors have already survived two...

  • Nba 2K18 - Xbox 360


    NBA 2K18!O jogo de esporte anual com a melhor avaliação desta geração de consoles retorna com NBA 2K18, incluindo autenticidade sem paralelo e melhorias na quadra. De acordo com 2008 -2016DESTAQUES DO GAME? Times Lendários; Os maiores...

  • e-book

    Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) - 2nd...

    Architecture Technology Corpor

    Please note this is a Short Discount publication.Process planning involves creating detailed plans of the manufacturing steps and equipment necessary to produce a finished part.Using the variant method, CAPP groups families of parts by a structured...

  • e-book

    T2 Trainspotting

    Hodge, John

    First there is an opportunity, then there is a betrayal.Twenty years have gone by.Much has changed but just as much remains the same.Mark Renton returns to the only place he can ever call home. They are waiting for him, of course: Spud, Sick Boy,...

  • e-book

    Bacterial Protein Toxins V2A

    Solomon Kadis

    Microbial Toxins, A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume IIA: Bacterial Protein Toxins provides a comprehensive discussion of various aspects of bacterial toxins.The book'apos;s 10 chapters discuss the following: botulinum toxin; tetanus toxin; Clostridium...

  • e-book

    Advanced Materials 1991-1992 - II. Directory

    A. Fletcher

    Advanced Materials 1991-1992, II. Directory focuses on detailed information on the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users of advanced materials and associated processing equipment. The directory first offers information on ceramics, as well...

  • e-book

    Whatever Doesn'apos;t Kill You (An Emma Howe...

    Roberts, Gillian

    Single mother Billie August is frustrated with her boss and sleuthing mentor, the gruff, perpetually dissatisfied Emma Howe. So far, their relationship has been a personal and professional disaster. To top it off, Billie seems like the only person in...

  • Usado - Notebook 2 Em 1 Asus Transformer Book...


    Design elegante e ultraportátilO Transformer Book T100 combina a produtividade de um notebook com a mobilidade do tablet. Com apenas 1,15kg é mais leve que a maioria dos Ultrabooks, e também um dos mais leves tablets de 10' do mundo. E você ainda...

  • e-book

    The Teaching Librarian - Web 2.0, Technology,...

    Kris Helge; Laura McKinnon

    Librarians need to utilize web 2.0 tools to generate rich-text learning environments, creating enriching, challenging, and supportive learning platforms for students. The Teaching Librarian shows how to utilize wikis, mindmaps, and Second Life to...

  • e-book

    Do You Web 2.0? - Public Libraries and Social...

    Linda Berube

    Web 2.0 technology is a hot topic at the moment, and public librarians in particular are beginning to feel the pressure to apply these tools. Indeed, Web 2.0 has the potential to transform library services, but only if the policy and strategy for...

  • e-book

    A Prophet in Two Countries - The Life of F.E....

    Nancy Arms

    A Prophet in Two Countries: The Life of F.E. Simon is a biography of Franz Simon and his work in physical chemistry toward the development of nuclear energy. Born in a Jewish family in Berlin at the turn of the 20th century, at a time when Germany...

  • e-book

    General Engineering Science in SI Units - In...

    G. W. Marr

    General Engineering Science in SI Units, Volume 2 covers the Engineering Science content of the General Course in Engineering, corresponding mainly to the requirements of the syllabus for the second year of a two-year course.This book discusses the...

  • GTA - Grand Theft Auto V - X360


    Grand Theft Auto V é o maior e mais ambicioso game que a Rockstar Games já criou e explora ao máximo todo o poder de processamento que a atual geração de consoles possui. Para que possa proporcionar a melhor experiência possível para esse mundo tão...

  • e-book

    Fuels and Fuel Technology - A Summarized...

    Wilfrid Francis

    Fuels and Fuel Technology, Volume One: A Summarized Manual provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of fuels and fuel technology. This book presents a reasonably accurate summary of the existing knowledge and literature relating to...

  • e-book

    Electrons in Solids 2e - An Introductory...

    Richard Bube

    Electrons in Solids, Second Edition: An Introductory Survey introduces the reader to electrons in solids and covers topics ranging from particles and waves to the free electron model, energy bands, and junctions. Optical and electrical properties are...

  • e-book

    Motor Disturbances II

    A. Berardelli

    Motor Disturbances II contains a selection of papers presented at the 2nd Congress of the International Medical Society of Motor Disturbances held in Rome, Italy, on June 2-4, 1988. Contributors focus on topics related to motor disturbances ranging...

  • e-book

    II-VI Compounds - International Series of...

    Ray, Brian

    II-VI Compounds covers the general idea of the way in which II-VI compounds behave. The book describes the fundamental nature of II-VI compounds; the preparation and single crystal growth; and the fundamental optical properties of II-VI compounds....

  • e-book

    Constructivism in Mathematics, Vol 2

    Dalen, D. Van; A. S. Troelstra

    Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, Volume 123: Constructivism in Mathematics: An Introduction, Vol. II focuses on various studies in mathematics and logic, including metric spaces, polynomial rings, and Heyting algebras. The...

  • e-book

    Microbial Ecology of Foods V2 - Food...

    Unknown ICMSF

    Microbial Ecology of Foods, Volume II: Food Commodities is a comprehensive treatise on the microbiology of specific commodity groups. The commodity groups discussed include meat, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, and their products. Other groups included...

  • e-book

    Virgin Lands - Two Years in Kazakhstan,...

    L. I. Brezhnev

    Virgin Lands: Two Years in Kazakhstan, 1954-5 focuses on the life, career, and experiences of L. I. Brezhnev when he stayed in Kazakhstan to push for the improvement of the agriculture sector of the country.The book first offers information on the...

  • e-book

    NMR Imaging in Biomedicine - Supplement 2...

    P Mansfield

    NMR Imaging in Biomedicine: Advances in Magnetic Resonance discusses significant advances in NMR imaging and its application to the field of biomedicine. This book is organized into 10 chapters that cover the classification, methods, imaging regimes,...

  • e-book

    Fluid-Structure Interactions - Volume 2:...

    Paidoussis, Michael P.

    The second of two volumes concentrating on the dynamics of slender bodies within or containing axial flow, Volume 2 covers fluid-structure interactions relating to shells, cylinders and plates containing or immersed in axial flow, as well as slender...

  • e-book

    Introduction to Neural Networks - 2nd Edition

    Architecture Technology Corpor

    Please note this is a Short Discount publication.Neural network technology has been a curiosity since the early days of computing. Research in the area went into a near dormant state for a number of years, but recently there has been a new increased...

  • Nba 2K18 - PS4


    Se você não perde um game sobre esportes, vai amar o jogo Nba 2K17 - PS4. A nova versão garante partidas de basquete eletrizantes que te colocarão entre os melhores jogadores das equipes mais bem pagas e vencedoras do mundo. É isso mesmo! A nova...

  • e-book

    Methods for Oxidation of Organic Compounds V2

    Alan Haines

    Methods for the Oxidation of Organic Compounds: Alcohols, Alcohol Derivatives, Alkyl Halides, Nitroalkanes, Alkyl Azides, Carbonyl Compounds, Hydroxyarenes and Aminoarenes describes the different methods used for the controlled oxidation of alcohols,...

  • e-book

    Electroluminescence II

    Willardson, Robert K.

    Since its inception in 1966, the series of numbered volumes known asSemiconductors and Semimetals has distinguished itself through the careful selection of well-known authors, editors, and contributors. The Willardson and Beer series, as it is widely...

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