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  • My Take On Me - A-Ha - Acompanha Pôster...

    Harket, Morten

    No Reino da Noruega, Morten Harket é considerado o maior artista da história do país escandinavo. E o A-ha, claro, a maior banda. Também, pudera: em 30 anos de carreira, o trio de pop-rock vendeu mais de 80 milhões de discos no mundo todo, boa parte...

  • Best Buddies 2 - Student's Book With...


    Best Buddies 2 - Student's Book With Student's Take Home CD

  • Nba 2K13 - Wii


     CHEGA A NOVA DINASTIACom mais de 5 milhões de cópias vendidas pelo mundo e mais de 25 prêmios Game of The Year, NBA 2K12 foi mais um lançamento incrível para a maior franquia de games da NBA no mundo. Este ano, NBA 2K13 representará o basquete em...

  • Beaterator - PSP


    Beaterator é um game que permite a criação de músicas eletrônica e de hip-hop, mixando batidas, colocando efeitos, etc. Baseado e desenvolvido a partir de em um web game em flash do site oficial da produtora, a versão exclusiva do PSP conta com...

  • e-book

    Take It as a Compliment

    Maria Stoian

    After interviewing and receiving anonymous messages from women and men across the globe who have experienced sexual abuse and harassment, Maria Stoian has illustrated their experiences in this powerful collective graphic memoir to express the complex...

  • e-book

    Take Back Your Life! - Using Microsoft Office...

    McGhee, Sally; Wittry, John

    Take control of the unrelenting e-mail, conflicting commitments, and endless interruptions–and take back your life! In this popular book updated for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, productivity experts Sally McGhee and John Wittry show you how to...

  • e-book

    Take Back Your Marriage, Second Edition -...


    All couples walk to the altar dreaming of happily-ever-after, but many forces in our society work against healthy lifelong commitment. Renowned family therapist William J. Doherty reveals how cracks can develop in even a rock-solid marriage, and...

  • Take Me To The Land Of Hell


    No ano em que completa 80 anos, Yoko Ono lança o terceiro álbum com o supergrupo Plastic Ono Band desde sua reformulação em 2009. Com participações de Lenny Kravitz, Ad-Rock e Mike D, do Beastie Boys, e Nels Cline, guitarrista do Wilco, Take Me To...

  • Take It To the Floor


    A banda teen que é sensação no exterior! Show no Brasil em 25/07 apresentação com abertura da banda Cine. Mesmo antes do lançamento, a banda já é destaque na imprensa, em portais de música e sites 'teen'.

  • e-book

    Take Me With You

    Hyde, Catherine Ryan

    Seth and his little brother Henry haven'apos;t had the most stable of upbringings. Their father has been in and out of jail; their mother took off years ago and hasn'apos;t been seen since. Life is constantly uncertain - but a twist of fate could be...

  • e-book

    Take Me Home - 6 Erotica Short Stories

    Long, Tina

    Take Me Home is a collection of 6 Erotica Short Stories.Stories:1. Fantasizing For Daddy's Best Friend2. His Piano Teacher3. Hot Assistance4. Medical Treatment5. So Kinky6. Voyeuristic MaidFor Mature Audiences Only (18+)

  • e-book

    Take Me Home

    Brown, Lorelie

    Thanksgiving arrives in one week and one day. Feeling hemmed in by parental expectations? Are they disappointed by your sapphic proclivities? I can help! The only pay I want is the holiday meal!I didn't know what I was looking for until I saw her...

  • e-book

    Take Me Home

    Leung, Brian

    “Take Me Home is a riveting novel of two heroic people attempting to transcend the prejudices of their time and place. . . . Skillful artistry and empathy.” —Ron Rash, author of Serena and One Foot in Eden“Leung’s writing is exquisite, deceptively...

  • e-book

    Take Me, Take Me with You


    Lauren Kelly, with amazing power and authority, explores the secret kinship of 'soul mates,' in a mysterious and demonic love story.Lara Quade, a disaffected intellectual associated with a prominent Princeton research center, is a young woman whose...

  • e-book

    Take Me Hard

    Masters, Zenina

    Breaking her mates out of imprisonment is not Zoe's idea of a first date, but then how can you plan meeting three loves of your life?Zoe has lived her life knowing what she was and who she was destined for. When her father tells her where to find her...

  • e-book

    Take Back the Memory

    Sam, Augustine

    Paige Lyman, an accomplished psychiatrist, is on the verge of madness but she doesn't know it yet. The madness begins when she gets it into her head to write her memoirs. As her brilliant mind assembles bits and pieces of her life for the book, ugly...

  • e-book

    Take One Step, Success Will Come

    Liu Yong

    The author wrote this collection in a tone that he would use when having conversions with his daughter, this book contains many ideologies, networking method, and advice to success from the author'apos;s personal expertise, to encourage...

  • e-book

    Take the Key and Lock Her Up

    Diaz, Lena

    Lena Diaz returns with another sexy, thrilling Deadly Games novel and the darkest question of all: What do you do when your freedom could cost you your life? Detective Emily O'Malley just stumbled upon a killer's lair—and the remains of a woman he...

  • e-book

    Take Two

    Anthony, Shira

    'quot;One of my favorite reads of the summer!'quot; - Two Chicks ObsessedLights, camera, action! When Professor Wesley Coolidge accepts a summer job as a historical consultant to a pirate movie being filmed in North Carolina, the last person he...

  • e-book

    Take a Chance on It


    Sequel to Risk Everything on ItReady or Knot: Book ThreeLeft at the altar by his long-time lover, Spencer, and in desperate need of quality health insurance, Dane Archer can'apos;t say no when his best man and best friend, Gideon DeLuca, steps in....

  • e-book

    Take a Ride In the Sun

    Michael Lough

    First attempt to help foster a 'Deeper' respect and appreciation for Women.

  • e-book

    Take Your Shirt Off - A Novel of Hollywood


    From Kim Corum, author of Breaking the Girl and Eager to Please, comes a tale of a wannabe who got to be - Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood.Kyra Carr is a wannabe actress in Hollywood who has done her fair share of sleeping around. Like most...

  • e-book

    Take Me As I Am

    Ross, Charmaine

    A small town romance sent against the romance of the beautiful Dandenong mountains about loss, lies, and the courage to live true. Forget the whole billionaire tycoon thing: Kate Moore is a billionaire'apos;s daughter, and she knows first-hand that...

  • e-book

    Take a Look... There'apos;s Money All Around...

    Zangba Thomson

    Take a Look... There's Money All Around You! is a prosperity, life-changing guidebook, which highlights the secret ingredients needed to become a prosperous moneymaking machine. Maybe you want to make 30k a year, a month, or even weekly. Or maybe you...

  • e-book

    Take The Train to Tucson

    Marriott, Barbara

    It's 1893, and Leonarda Stanton Worthington is beginning the year in trouble. It all starts when she takes the train to Tucson to join her father, and gets involved with train robbers and a cream cake. Before she can get sand in her shoes, or poked...

  • e-book

    Take Me With You

    Milner, Henry

    A graduate, a hippy, and a beautiful French woman embark on a heady road trip. Fuelled by passion and jealousy, it takes them all to quite different destinations...Take Me With You is a work of mainstream fiction, a crossover between a coming of age,...

  • e-book

    Take That and Robbie Williams - Back for Good

    Oliver, Sarah

    This insightful biography tells the story of how it happened. It includes the secret writing and recording sessions which led to the official announcement of a new album and goes behind the headlines that said Robbie was to rejoin. And it also tells...

  • e-book

    Take Over at Midnight

    Buchman, M. L.

    Praise for I Own the Dawn, an NPR Best Book of 2012 'quot;A rousing mix of romance and military action thrills...Buchman blends tender feelings with military politics to keep readers riveted.'quot;--Publishers Weekly 'quot;Filled with...

  • e-book

    Take the Dimness of My Soul Away - Healing...

    Ritter, William A.

    In 1994 William Ritter's adult son committed suicide, sending Ritter and his family on a journey no family wants to take. Part of Ritter's own process of healing the loss of his son was to preach about it occasionally from the pulpit. This book is a...

  • GTA - Grand Theft Auto V - X360


    Grand Theft Auto V é o maior e mais ambicioso game que a Rockstar Games já criou e explora ao máximo todo o poder de processamento que a atual geração de consoles possui. Para que possa proporcionar a melhor experiência possível para esse mundo tão...

  • e-book

    Take Me As I Am

    Fielding, William H.

    The girl on the run was Alma. Lies came to her lips as easily as kisses. The boy's name was Bill. He was young and ripe for her teaching. Then love duped them both-the girl and the boy-a love stronger than murder and treachery and greed. It was the...

  • e-book

    Take Your Shirt Off - A Novel of Hollywood


    Kyra Carr is a wannabe actress who realizes she's never going to make it in Hollywood. At least not without a little reorganization which includes, but is not limited to: blackmail, entrapment and, of course, a little sleeping around. But it's not...

  • e-book

    Take Me Fast

    Masters, Zenina

    Nisa has been working with the priests to host weddings at their abbey and bring joy to newly wedded couples. When a bride asks Nisa to formalize her vows instead of head of the order, the clone is honoured but a little confused. The confusion lasts...

  • e-book

    Take Me All the Way

    Blake, Toni

    You can't go too far when you're fighting for love . . . Tamra Day swore off men a long time ago. Her art, her friends, and her garden have always been enough . . . until now. Suddenly, Tamra is aching for a connection. Unfortunately, Coral Cove's...

  • e-book

    Take That and Robbie Williams

    Herbert, Emily

    Take That as a four-piece and Robbie Williams alone. It never seemed quite right, no matter how much success they had apart. Now they are back together...This insightful biography tells the story of how it happened. It includes the secret writing and...

  • e-book

    Take the Cake

    Sandra Wright

    Sometimes you just have to take life one cupcake at a time.Kate Shannon is happy with the way things are. Granted she lost her parents at a young age, but she has made a good life for herself which includes a legacy of misheard song lyrics and a...

  • e-book

    Take My Picture


    2nd EditionAaron has no idea what he'apos;s walking into when he shows up to pose for a famous-and famously bad-tempered-photographer. He certainly doesn'apos;t expect to end up working as Jake'apos;s assistant for five frustrating, thrilling, and...

  • e-book

    Take A Look At Me Now


    Most of us can remember a defining moment in our lives. A split second when time stood still and our lives changed forever. For Lily Ormond, that moment came late one night when she answered a knock on the door and discovered that while she'apos;d...

  • e-book

    Take the Lead

    Diaz, Johnny

    Popular college professor Gabriel Galan has a job he adores in Boston, a hot young lover, and a buddy who goes along on pub crawls and Star Trek nights alike. But Gabriel wants more.When Gabriel'apos;s stubbornly independent father needs help...

  • e-book

    Take Me Anywhere

    Molly Higgins

    'So I was confused and I was ugly and I was hurting with one hundred different shades of pain, some inexplicable, some obvious, all unnecessary; and late one night, at three in the morning on a Wednesday when I couldn't sleep and wasn't really trying...

  • e-book

    Take and Make Art - Hundreds of Royalty-Free...

    Von Glitschka

    Inside this book, you will not only find hundreds of unique, custom-designed pieces of royalty-free vector illustrations from the super talented Von Glitschka, you will also find something potentially even more valuable–the hitherto undiscovered cure...

  • e-book

    Take Their Breath Away - How Imaginative...

    Bell, Chip R.; Patterson, John R.

    Praise for Take Their Breath Away 'Are you bored? We're so spoiled that when something is merely good enough, we just walk away. Chip and John explain that the surefire method for growth and customer loyalty is simple: don't be boring.' ?Seth Godin,...

  • e-book

    Take Two And Call Me in the Morning -...

    Czarnecki, Gerald M.

    There is not a leader out there that hasn't felt the 'pain of leadership headaches.'  What you have here is a collection of messages that are offered as a prescription for those who find that leadership makes them feel sick, even debilitated. Being a...

  • e-book

    Take Control of Life'apos;s Crises Today! A...

    Haynes, Robert

    Do you wonder why some people handle crises so well while others encounter the same situation and do so poorly? Take Control of Life's Crises Today! shows you how to confidently deal with nearly anything you encounter. You can assess your current...

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