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  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Millennium...

    Larsson, Stieg

    Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared off the secluded island owned and inhabited by the wealthy Vanger family. There was no corpse, no witnesses, no evidence. But her uncle Henrik, a powerful industry magnate who doted on Harriet, is convinced...

  • Spiritual Tattoos


    There has always been a strong spiritual element to the practice of body art. Many traditional tribal tattoos had a cosmic connection, weaving early man into the fabric of the larger universe in an effort to evoke the protection and aid of the animal...

  • Kahlo Art Tattoos


    Kahlo Art Tattoos

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  • The World Atlas Of Tattoo

    Elkins,James; Felicity Friedman,Anna

    Lively and informative, The World Atlas of Tattoo is a superbly illustrated and compelling reference book that, through examining the meeting point between tattoo artists and their personal understanding of their environment, presents a well-informed...

  • Street Shop Tattoo Stencils - Creating New...


    Learn the proper techniques in creating and applying a tattoo stencil through an illustrated step-by-step guide. A gallery of original illustrations created by the authors for their clients, displays the new direction of skin art from an artist's...

  • Forever - The New Tattoo

    Klanten,R.; Schulze,F.

    Tattoos, which were once an exclusively underground phenomenon, now have mass appeal. This evolution from sub-culture to mainstream has brought fresh ideas, tensions, and shifts with it, and traditionalists and innovators have staked out very...

  • Blood And Ink: The Art Of The Tattoo


    Blood and Ink is an expert guide to tattoos and how they evolved from the world of biker and sailor to mainstream society. Blood and Ink includes 150 tattoo transfers designed by real tattoo artists that you will really want to wear and offers...

  • Tattoos - A Gorgeous Coloring Book With More...

    Carlton Publishing Group,

    Another addition to the bestselling Just Add Color adult coloring book series! Coloring has taken its place at the grown up s table as a legitimate form of artistic expression, right along with painting and drawing. In 'Tattoo,' you'll be enthralled...

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  • Tattoos - Postcards


    Beautiful body art in a ready-to-send format! These 12 postcards not only feature a variety of classic ink designs — mermaids, lovely ladies, and more — but images of heavily tattooed indigenous people: a Maori king, a Native American woman from the...

  • Tattoos - Philosophy for Everyone - I Ink...


    Covering philosophical issues ranging from tattooed religious symbols to a feminist aesthetics of tattoo, 'Tattoos and Philosophy' offers an enthusiastic analysis of inking that will lead readers to consider the nature of the tattooing arts in a new...

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  • The Mammoth Book Of Tattoo Art


    Over 700 full-colour photographs of the work of leading tattoo artists from all over the world, including: Horiyoshi III, Filip Leu, Louis Molloy, Hannah Aitchison, Jime Litwalk, Mike DeVries, Buena Vista Tattoo Club, Adam Collins, Face the Fact,...

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  • Creative Haven Modern Tattoo Designs Coloring...

    Siuda,Erik; Haven,Creative

    More than 30 original designs by an accomplished tattoo artist offer a stunning array of images to colour. Full-page illustrations include edgy, imaginative renditions of flowers, dragons, skulls, hearts, wild animals, angels, and other creatures of...

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  • Tattoo - Será Que Você Sabe Mesmo O Que É?

    Cavalcante, Jairo

    Este livro vai mudar seus conceitos sobre a prática da tatuagem! Nesta segunda edição, o autor aprofunda-se no assunto e aborda questões sobre a influência, domínio espiritual, estilo e simbolismo da tatuagem, além de entrar abertamente em uma...

  • Celtic Tattoos


    Celtic symbols are packed with meaning and their own unique brand of Irish lore. This kit includes seven Celtic symbol tattoos, a pendant necklace, and an 88-page mini book. Perfect to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and as a way of expressing who you...

  • Asian Tattoo Flash - CD-ROM And Book


    Asian Tattoo Flash - CD-ROM And Book

  • Graffiti Tattoo, Vol. 2

    Mariduena,Alain Ket

    Graffiti Tattoo, Vol. 2

  • Graffiti Tattoos


    Six colorful tattoos, rendered in eye-catching graffiti scripts, offer vivid reflections of the wearer's moods and attitudes: shiny 'bling,' affirmative 'word' and dismissive '#whatever,' materialistic 'swag,' stylish 'flava,' and humorous 'LOL.' The...

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  • Guitar Tattoos


    Guitar Tattoos

  • London Tattoos


    These electrifying portraits by acclaimed photographer Alex MacNaughton prove in the most eloquent way that tattoos are more than skin deep. The centuries-old art of tattooing has become one of the modern world's most exciting modes of...

  • China Tattoo


    China Tattoo

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  • Mehndi Tattoo Flash CD-ROM And Book


    Mehndi Tattoo Flash CD-ROM And Book

  • Yoga Sanskrit Tattoos


    Seekers of happiness, health, and serenity practice yoga, and these Sanskrit tattoos symbolize aspects of the venerable tradition. Seven tattoos, derived from the world's oldest language, symbolize the popular yoga mantras used in meditation...

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  • Tattoo - Tatuagens Para Meninas - Mais de 300...

    Nova Sampa ,Editora

    Toda garota tatuada provoca mistério. De pronto, quem a vê imagina “quantas outras tattoos ela tem no corpo?”. Onde? É de se aplaudir as corajosas meninas que têm personalidade própria para registrar na pele desenhos cujos reais significados, só elas...

  • Halloween Tattoos


    Little ones will have a ghost of a good time decorating themselves with easy-to-apply designs that will make them the hit of All Hallows' Eve. Ten frighteningly fun tattoos portray plump pumpkins, soaring bats, a smirking vampire, a witch on a...

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  • Glitter Tattoos Garden Fairies


    Glitter Tattoos Garden Fairies

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  • Celebrity Tattoos


    This book includes temporary transfers of your favourite celebrity tattoos for you to wear. Featuring your best-loved stars of film, TV, music and sport, this book is a celebration of the ultimate celebrity accessory: the tattoo. With vital...

  • Mandala Tattoos

    Noble, Marty

    Mandala Tattoos

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  • High Voltage Tattoo


    High Voltage Tattoo

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  • Black & Grey Tattoo, 1-3 : From Street Art To...


    Black & Grey Tattoo, 1-3 : From Street Art To Fine Art : 1, Traditional Black ; 2, Dark/horror ; 3, Photorealism

  • Gauguin Art Tattoos


    Gauguin Art Tattoos

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  • Creative Haven Floral Tattoo Coloring Book


    A skilled tattoo artist presents more than 30 black-and-white versions of his innovative floral designs. Stylized images of roses, peonies, and other lush blossoms appear in large, full-page formats that are ideal for colourist looking for more...

  • Sugar Skull Tattoos Coloring Book


    Add colorful life to a ghostly gallery of flamboyant sugar skull designs! One of the Day of the Dead's sweetest customs is the offering of candy skulls to departed spirits. These 30 full-page tattoo designs to color celebrate the Mexican folk art...

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  • Tattoos - Extreme Lions And Tigers Tattoos

    Toufexis, George

    These tattoos are extremely big and totally tough! Four large images feature a pair of lion and tiger heads plus two full body pieces. Each image is set against a striking background of tribal art. The waterproof tattoos are easy to apply and...

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  • Tattoos - Henna Hearts Tattoos

    Pomaska, Anna

    Lend exotic appeal to arms, cheeks, and other body parts with any of these ten lovely, henna-tinted tattoos. Delicate edgings, florals, and other pretty touches in traditional reddish-brown hues add extra pizzazz to the heart-shaped designs. Complete...

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  • Tattoos - Extreme Spiders Tattoos

    Toufexis, George

    Eight great spider tattoos will tell everyone how tough you are -- even though their application and removal is painless! These extreme spider tattoos feature colorful arachnids surrounded by flames, skulls, and cobwebs. Waterproof and easy to apply,...

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  • How To Draw Tattoo Style

    Dover Publications; Fish,Andy

    A great tattoo starts with a great tattoo drawing. Whether you want to become the next big tattoo artist, want to perfect a design for yourself, or just like to create new and original tattoo art, 'How to Draw Tattoo Style' is the book for you....

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  • Henri Rousseau Art Tattoos


    Henri Rousseau Art Tattoos

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  • Toulouse-Lautrec Art Tattoos

    Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri De

    Toulouse-Lautrec Art Tattoos

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  • Pirate Skulls & Crossbones Tattoos


    Pirate Skulls & Crossbones Tattoos

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  • House of Horror Tattoos


    It doesn't get any scarier than this — a quartet of Movieland's most terrifying monsters. Every night is fright night when you join forces with Frankenstein, Count Dracula, the Werewolf, and the Mummy. The 4 bone-chilling tattoos will create quite a...

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  • Mexican Folk Art Tattoos


    Mexican Folk Art Tattoos

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  • The Word Made Flesh - Literary Tattoos

    Taylor, Justin; Talmadge,Eva

     'The Word Made Flesh - Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide' is a guide to the emerging subculture of literary tattoos - a collection of more than 150 full-color photographs of human epidermis indelibly adorned with quotations and illustrations...

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  • Glow-in-the-dark Tattoos Halloween


    Glow-in-the-dark Tattoos Halloween

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  • Glow-in-the-dark Tattoos Magical Butterflies


    Glow-in-the-dark Tattoos Magical Butterflies

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