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  • e-book

    Tea-Blending as a Fine Art

    Welsh, Joseph M.

    This early works on Tea Blending as a fine Art is a comprehensive and informative look at the subject, with much of the information still useful and practical today. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before,...

  • e-book

    Tea Fit for a Queen - Recipes& Drinks for...

    Historic Royal Palaces Enterprises Limit

    Filled with recipes that have stood the test of time as well as fascinating anecdotes and tales, Tea Fit for a Queen reveals how the tradition of afternoon tea started in royal Britain. Over 40 charming recipes include everything from delicate finger...

  • Afternoon Tea


    Afternoon Tea

  • Tea Sisters - Cinco Amigas Para Um Musical -...


    Colete, Violeta, Pâmela, Paulina e Nicky são as Tea Sisters: cinco amigas superunidades, cheias de personalidade e alto-astral. Conheça cada uma delas e confira suas aventuras divertidíssimas e emocionantes! Novidades quentes no colégio de Ratford!...

  • Tinker Bell e o Monstro da Terra do Nunca - A...


    A divertida e talentosa fada dos animais, Fawn, acredita que você não pode julgar um livro pela capa – ou um animal por suas presas! Então, fez amizade com uma criatura enorme e misteriosa conhecida como o Monstro da Terra do Nunca. Tinker Bell e...

  • Tea Sisters - o Projeto Supersecreto - Col....


    Colete, Violeta, Pâmela, Paulina e Nicky são as Tea Sisters: cinco amigas superunidas, cheias de personalidade e alto-astral. Conheça cada uma delas e confira suas aventuras divertidíssimas e emocionantes! Invenções sensacionais, uma grande...

  • e-book

    Tea: The Drink that Changed the World

    Martin,Laura C.

    Camellia sinensis, commonly known as tea, is grown in tea gardens and estates around the world. A simple beverage, served either hot or iced, tea has fascinated and driven us, calmed and awoken us, for well over two thousand years.Tea: The Drink that...

  • e-book

    Tea Time

    Franks, Jo

    Tea Time: 100 Delicious and Easy Tea Time Recipes - The Top 100 Best Recipes for a Fabulous Tea Time

  • e-book

    Tea and Ceremony


    'Tea and Ceremony' reveals the way of tea - Chado - as a living path. Like any true path, it is there for any person to take, without limits on who that person may be. Embarking on this path requires only sincerity and a willingness to understand...

  • e-book

    Tea and Cookies

    Rodgers, Rick

    Enhance your enjoyment of the perfect cup of tea with delectable teatime treats. Tea and Cookies by Rick Rodgers—award-winning cooking teacher and author of more than 25 acclaimed cookbooks, including the Seasonal Gatherings and 101 series—is an...

  • e-book

    Tea Wisdom: Inspirational Quotes and Quips...

    Fisher, Aaron

    Some of life's greatest pleasures can be found in the simple things, and there is nothing more basic, yet wonderful, than enjoying a steaming cup of tea on a damp, rainy day. Tea Wisdom is a wonderful collection of tea quotes, drawn from different...

  • e-book

    Tea Time Delights Cookbook

    Matsko Hood,Karen Jean

    Tea time has been a long-standing tradition among the British, and many Americans also partake in this enjoyable pastime. Traditional high tea is always served with wonderful pastries and finger foods along with the hostess's choice of delicious tea....

  • e-book

    Tea at Fortnum& Mason

    Fortnum& Mason Plc

    The internationally renowned Fortnum & Mason store in Piccadilly, London, is synonymous with style, elegance, English charm and, above all, that most traditional of pastimes: tea-drinking. Celebrating the long-standing British institution, this...

  • Princesas do Reino da Fantasia - Princesa da...




    Bem-vindo à terra dos Cinco Reinos, onde a magia está no ar. Aqui existem muitos lugares para visitar, personagens para conhecer e histórias e segredos para descobrir. O Grande Reino vive seus piores dias desde que o Rei Sábio tirou o poder das mãos...

  • e-book

    A Tea Reader: Living One cup at a Time

    Munichiello,Katrina Avilla

    A Tea Reader contains a selection of stories that cover the spectrum of life. This anthology shares the ways that tea has changed lives through personal, intimate stories. Read of deep family moments, conquered heartbreak, and peace found in the face...

  • e-book

    From Tea Cakes to Tamales - Third-Generation...

    Nola McKey

    Join journalist-turned-culinary historian Nola McKey on a Texas journey as she explores the state’s foodways through heirloom recipes. In this collection of more than one hundred third-generation (and older) recipes, Texans share not only the...

  • Princesas do Reino da Fantasia - Princesa do...


    Bem-vindo à Terra dos Cinco Reinos, onde a magia está no ar. Aqui existem muitos lugares para visitar, personagens para conhecer e histórias e segredos para descobrir. A princesa Nives está inquieta. Mas ela deveria estar tranquila, pois uma...

  • e-book

    Alice's Tea Cup

    Fox, Lauren; Haley Fox

    Restaurateurs Haley Fox and Lauren Fox share more than 80 recipes for scones, cakes, sandwiches, and more from their charming and wildly popular Alice’s Tea Cup restaurants in New York City. In Alice’s Tea Cup, the Fox sisters tickle the taste buds...

  • e-book

    Introduction to Tea Appreciation, Tea Making...

    Yu Guanting; Ding Hui

    The author, Yu Guanting, senior engineer of tea processing, researcher of tea culture, describes his research achievement and practical experience for 40 years in the book. It is an essential tool for tea lovers, tea art specialists and tea experts....

  • e-book

    Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits...

    Angela Jewitt

    This book is a tea lover's bible. Whether you love tea or want to know more about it, this handy book is all you need. From the history of tea to the first sip of your chosen brew, everything is covered here. Including over 65 different types of tea...

  • World Atlas Of Tea - From The Leaf To The Cup...


    A cup of tea is an everyday pleasure for people the world over. And increasingly there is a dizzying array of teas to choose from - from robust black tea to elegant green tea and everything in between. In fact every tea has a fascinating story to...

  • e-book

    The Book of Tea


    Minor classic of the Orient. Perhaps the most entertaining, most charming explanation and interpretation of traditional Japanese culture in terms of the tea ceremony. Introduction, notes by E. F. Bleiler.

  • e-book

    The Book of Tea - With Linked Table of...


    'The Book of Tea' by Okakura Kakuzo shows how tea has affected nearly every aspect of Japanese culture, thought, and life. The book is accessible to Western audiences because, though Kakuzo was born and raised Japanese, he was trained from a young...

  • e-book

    The Book of Tea

    Kakuzo Okakur

    Tea is second only to water as the most widely consumed drink in the world. This is a guide to the history of tea, as well as the philosophy that centuries of tea-making in the Far East has produced, and its links with the concepts of Taoism and Zen.

  • e-book

    Simple Pleasures of Tea


    Simple Pleasures of Tea offers wonderful ways to enjoy a range of teas -- both herbal and black -- along with easy recipes for delicious baked treats such as almond cookies, pumpkin bread, scones, and red velvet cake to accompany your teatime. With...

  • e-book

    The Book of Tea - Growing it, making it,...

    Cheadle,Louise; Nick Kilby

    This is a book about tea but not as you've ever seen before. It takes the core information about tea but presents it in a highly original and entertaining way. It uses infographics and illustrations to convey facts and figures as well as other...

  • e-book

    The Book of Tea


    A beautiful narration on how tea became much more than just a casual beverage in Japanese culture. Author's informal style of narration takes us into the beauty of Japanese minds refined by tea traditon of Japan and the lure of Budhisim upon which...

  • A Noiva do Tigre


    Vencedor do Orange Prize 2011. Tomada pela dor da misteriosa morte do avô, a jovem médica Natália, em missão de paz em um país da Península Balcânica, relembra as mágicas histórias contadas por ele em sua infância. Narrativas que antes eram apenas...

  • e-book

    Mary Mac'apos;s Tea Room - 70 Years of...

    John Ferrell

    In Mary Mac's Tea Room, author and owner John Ferrell brings together over 100 classic recipes from this venerable institution of Southern comfort food.When Mary Mac's opened in 1945, it was one of 16 tea rooms around Atlanta, Georgia. More than 70...

  • e-book

    Steeped - Recipes Infused with Tea

    Annelies Zijderveld

    Get your oolong on! From morning eats to evening sweets, Steeped infuses your day with the flavors and fragrances of tea. Romance your oat porridge with rooibos, jazz up your brussel sprouts with jasmine, charge your horchata with masala chai!...

  • e-book

    6 Tips About Green Tea You Can'apos;t Afford...

    Jose Vance

    Tea is fast becoming one of the most popular drinks in the world. Tea tastes excellent, and it is a very versatile drink, but it is also extremely healthy for you as well. Many people understand the health benefits of tea, including Chinese cultures,...

  • e-book

    How to Make Devonshire Tea with Scones,...

    Geoff Wells

    The 'How To Make Authentic English Recipes' series is more about the method and the ingredients than it is about precise measuring. This is the way our Grandmothers cooked and these are recipes my Grandmother passed down to me. I hope you enjoy the...

  • e-book

    Tea on the Great Wall - An American Girl in...

    Patricia Luce Chapman

    “Shirley Temple” in Wonderland meets Chinese opium addicts, Nazis, and Japanese bayonets—Tea on the Great Wall is a young American girl’s account as the world falls apart in 1930s China. Patricia Luce Chapman’s memoir is full of the color and feel of...

  • e-book

    Tea Thyme Collection Dreams

    Janet Sawyer Peck

    Tea Thyme Collection Dreams,contain two complete novels in one volume. Two western settings, featuring handsome Native American heroes who will capture the heart of lovers of a good romance. These stories will inspire all readers to believe that...

  • e-book

    Tea Thyme Collection Paradise

    Janet Sawyer Peck

    Tea Thyme Collection Paradise contains two complete romantic fiction novels in one volume. Each story will pull at your heart strings. Each story uncovers a mystery that leads to the path that takes our heroines from an unhappy past to find a new...

  • e-book

    Tea in the Library

    Annette Freeman

    Fulfilling the dream of many a book-lover, Annette Freeman bravely stepped outside her mid-life comfort zone and opened a bookshop cafe in the heart of Sydney. 'Tea In The Library' became a beloved haven of readers and a cosy forum for writers. Plus...

  • e-book

    Tea at the Grand Tazi

    Alexandra Singer

    Maia is leaving London to paint in the bright sunlight and exotic setting of Morocco. Working as an assistant to a once famous Historian, she is lured in by her new surroundings, promising excitement and, more importantly, freedom.In the final days...

  • e-book

    Tea At Gunter'apos;s


    Once upon a time Lucy would have agreed with her father. But now, won over by her mother'apos;s memories - of Patmore, the family estate; of Gervase, her first love; of a past never less than perfect - she wouldn'apos;t dream of criticising the...

  • e-book

    Tea and Sympathy


    When Kate wakes one morning, only to realize she's been sleeping for days, she is shocked and alarmed. How did she sleep for so long? And why does she feel so weak? With Paul at her side, Kate concludes that she's come down with a nasty flu and...

  • e-book

    Tea with Jam and Dread

    Myers, Tamar

    PennDutch inn owner Magdalena Yoder is delighted to welcome the Earl and Countess Grimsley-Snodgrass and their family as honoured guests, relishing the challenge of introducing English nobility to traditional American culture. But they are not the...

  • e-book

    Tea and Sympathy


    When Kate wakes one morning, only to realize she's been sleeping for days, she is shocked and alarmed. How did she sleep for so long? And why does she feel so weak? With Paul at her side, Kate concludes that she's come down with a nasty flu and...

  • e-book

    Tea-Table Talk (ebook)

    Jerome,K., Jerome

    Jerome K Jerome was born in 1859. He was an English humorist best known for the travelogue Three Men in A Boat. Jerome first tried his hand at acting but when that failed he tried to work as a journalist, writing essays, satires and short stories,...

  • e-book

    Tea Leaves of the Soul

    Dianne Kennedy

    "It is through the creative arts that we can place ourselves inside the experiences of others and feel the many-dimensional nature of humanity. Though poetry may be considered as a ‘gentle art’, it can be uncompromisingly powerful and demanding. The...

  • e-book

    The Art and Craft of Tea

    Joseph Wesley Uhl

    Let Joseph Wesley Uhl be your guide to the entire world of tea; from peeks into tea production around the world to brewing your own blends at home.'Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher.' -- Chinese ProverbAs one of...

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