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  • Temporary Tattoos For Guys

    Thorne,Russ; Trull, Andrew

    Do you love fun and new body designs, but don’t want a lifetime tattoo commitment? There’s an easier way to get the new look you’ve seen on TV and in the movies. Now you can feel cool, look great, or be tough with any design you want. Temporary...

  • The New Nomads - Temporary Spaces And A Life...


    The life of urban nomads places new demands on cities, buildings, residences, and working spaces. This book presents temporary architecture, flexible room and furniture concepts, and the fitting tools for a generation that feels at home in every...

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  • e-book

    Temporary Insanity


    A touching and hopeful look at the underworld of the office temp from hilarious author Leslie Carroll.Meet Alice Finnegan: 30-something, single, and stuck in a cycle of horrific secretarial temp jobs. She's trying to fulfil her childhood ambitions of...

  • e-book

    Temporary Insanity

    William Arthur Holmes

    Long before winning the lottery and running for president, Benny was living in L.A. working as a temporary word processor (glorified typist). For his latest assignment, he thought he was taking just another temp job. He didn't anticipate Venelia...

  • e-book

    Temporary Husband

    Mills, Diann

    When Nettie Franklin shares her temperance views with the local saloon customers, she lands herself in one of Mesquite, Nebraska'apos;s two jail cells. And there'apos;s no help from the town'apos;s only judge - who happens to own the saloon....

  • e-book

    Temporary Structure Design


    A comprehensive guide to temporary structures in construction projects Temporary Structure Design is the first book of its kind, presenting students and professionals with authoritative coverage of the major concepts in designing temporary...

  • e-book

    Temporary Structures in Construction, Third...


    The most complete and current guide to temporary structures in design and construction With significant revisions, updates, and new chapters, Temporary Structures in Construction, Third Edition presents authoritative information on professional...

  • Temporary Tattoos - Whales And Dolphins...

    Soffer; Sea Life,; Tattoos,

    Add an unusual touch to arms, shoulders, and legs with these dramatic tattoo illustrations of the sea's most awesome and entertaining creatures. Choose from ten realistic images that include the narwhal, spinner, Atlantic white-sided, bottlenosed,...

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  • e-book

    Temporary Agency Work and Globalisation -...

    Fu, Huiyan

    Despite its geographic and industry expansion as part of the ongoing globalisation of service activity, temporary agency work (TAW) is relatively understudied. TAW is characterised by a distinct triangular structure where workers are typically hired...

  • e-book

    Temporary Structure Design


    A comprehensive guide to temporary structures in construction projects Temporary Structure Design is the first book of its kind, presenting students and professionals with authoritative coverage of the major concepts in designing temporary...

  • Temporary Tattoos - Mini Bugs Tattoos

    Sovak,Jan; Tattoos,

    This irresistible assortment of creepy-crawly creatures offers you 15 different full-color tattoos, each perfectly realistic. The mantis, red-tailed bumblebee, lady bug, painted grasshopper, potato bug, Mormon cricket, Harlequin bug, cecropia moth,...

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  • Temporary Tattoos - Roses Tattoos


    Ten beautiful tattoos depict favorite flower full-blown roses, dainty buds, long-stemmed beauties, more.'

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  • e-book

    Temporary Sanity - Instant Self-Leadership...

    Manz,Charles C.

    Don't worry about the past. Don't worry about the future. Find your peace in the moment. This simple truth, this simple skill, can change your life. And it can be taught. Temporary Sanity is about mastering the moment, and leading yourself to peace,...

  • e-book

    Temporary Equilibrium and Long-Run...

    Willem H. Buiter

    This title, first published in 1979, presents the Ph.D. thesis of the world-renowned economist and financial expert, Willem Buiter. In Part I, three alternative specifications of temporary equilibria in asset markets, including their implications for...

  • e-book

    Temporary Heroes - Lieutenant Norman Cecil...

    Emden,Richard Van

    This is a short book based on the letters written between 1915 and 1916 by an officer serving with the 1/4th Gordon Highlanders. Second Lieutenant Down wrote regularly to his girlfriend/fiancée throughout his time in France, letters which were...

  • Temporary Mistress


    Determined to avoid marriage at all costs in order to her pursue her interest in the family shipping business, heiress Isabella Leslie decides to risk her reputation by seeking refuge in a brothel and by allowing London's most notorious rake, Dermott...

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  • Temporary Tattoos - Irish Tattoos

    Beylon, Cathy; Tattoos,

    Spread Irish cheer the year round with these decorative temporary tattoos. Twelve colorful, ready-to-use designs depict shamrocks, a harp, a pot of gold, leprechauns, signs proclaiming 'Kiss me I'm Irish,' 'Erin go Bragh,' and other charming motifs....

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  • Laws Of The United States, Vol. 1 - Of A...


    Excerpt from Laws of the United States, Vol. 1: Of a Local or Temporary Character, and Exhibiting the Entire Legislation of Congress Upon Which the Public Land Titles in Each State and Territory Have Depended; December 1, 1880; Embracing, Also, a...

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  • Temporary Structure Design

    Souder, Christopher

    A comprehensive guide to temporary structures in construction projects 'Temporary Structure Design' is the first book of its kind, presenting students and professionals with authoritative coverage of the major concepts in designing temporary...

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  • Laws Of The United States Of A Local Or...


    Excerpt from Laws of the United States of a Local or Temporary Character, Vol. 2: And Exhibiting the Entire Legislation of Congress Upon Which the Public Land Titles in Each State and Territory Have Depended; December 1, 1880; Embracing, Also, a...

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  • e-book

    A Temporary Governess


    Clarissa Manning receives a frantic visit from her best friend, Jane Hornsby, who is employed as a governess at Trury Priory, and learns she's been terrorized by the Marquess of Chester's friend, Frederic Black. Clarissa is hired as a temporary...

  • The Temporary Wife/a Promise Of Spring

    Balogh, Mary

    Miss Charity Duncan has no illusions about Lord Anthony Earheart’s proposal. The arrogant aristocrat has made it painfully clear what he wants: a wife who will enrage the father he despises and then disappear from his life. In exchange, Charity’s...

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  • e-book

    Design Solutions and Innovations in Temporary...

    Beale, Robert; João André

    Temporary structures are a vital but often overlooked component in the success of any construction project. With the assistance of modern technology, design and operation procedures in this area have undergone significant enhancements in recent...

  • e-book

    The Bird and the Fish - Memoir of a Temporary...

    Miriam Valmont

    Afshin, a captivating Iranian graduate student, rents a room in Miriam Valmont's home. Landlady and tenant share an immediate and fast-growing attraction, despite the fact that Miriam is twice Afshin's age. When Afshin proposes a temporary Islamic...

  • e-book

    Law of Desire - Temporary Marriage in...


    As an Iranian Muslim woman and a granddaughter of a well-known ayatollah, Shahla Haeri was accepted into the communities where she conducted her fieldwork on mut'apos;a, temporary marriage. Mut'apos;a is legally sanctioned among the Twelver...

  • e-book

    Children Living in Temporary Shelters - How...

    Alice M. Epps

    First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Did I Really Change My Underwear Every Day? -...

    Larry McCoy

    Recent retirees have a lot of adjustments to make, and we're not talking only pant size here. This entertaining book on aging offers hilarious suggestions for handling some of life's more daunting challenges--from prostate cancer to keeping fit, from...

  • e-book

    Not Quite Australian - How Temporary...


    Permanent migration has long been vital to the story of Australia. From the arrival of early settlers to waves of post-war immigration, the symbolic moment of disembarking onto Australian soil is an image deeply embedded in our nation'apos;s...

  • e-book

    Political Scandals - The Consequences of...

    La Trice M. Washington

    This book questions whether the consequences associated with non-sex-based scandals carry greater penalties than sex-based political scandals in the twenty-first century. With analysis of over 50 political scandals, this book examines the impact...

  • e-book

    DIY Dye - Bright and Funky Temporary Hair...

    Loren Lankford

    HAIR THAT’S TO DYE FORWant an accent streak of fire-engine red? How about forest-green tips? Or maybe you’re daring enough to transform your locks into a rainbow of bright colors? It’s all up to you!With DIY Dye and some imagination, you can easily...

  • e-book

    Prefabs - The history of the UK Temporary...


    The book looks at the emergence of the prefab as a unique housing form. It examines the reasons prefabs have survived way beyond their design life of fifteen years, when other post-war housing types have been demolished. There is no other single text...

  • e-book

    Muta'apos;, Temporary Marriage Islamic Law

    Murata, Sachiko

    A description of the legal situation of mut'a / mutah in Shi'ism and the origin of this divergence between Sunni and Shi'i law on temporary marriage

  • e-book

    The Temp Factor for Job Seekers - The Job...

    Cathy A. Reilly

    If you are looking for work, consider temporary employment a valuable source of job opportunities. As a temp, you can increase job skills and work experience, expand business networks, strengthen your resume, and avoid gaps in employment, all while...

  • audio livro

    Dr. Ande's The Temporary Employee Radio


    The Temporary Employees Radio program offers tips and advice on rethinking the workforce as the permanent solution. Its about learning how to interview a job from the inside out and finding the right fit. The easiest way to do this is by embracing...

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  • Temporary - Architecture Now !

    Jodidio, Philip

    Edición española, portuguesa e italiana. La congiuntura economica degli ultimi anni ha reso più difficile la realizzazione di grandiosi ed eterni edifici a favore di una architettura 'temporanea' più agile e polifunzionale. Ecco che le sale da...

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  • Temporary Setback


    Temporary Setback

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  • Temporary Tattoos


    Temporary Tattoos

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  • Temporary Insanity


    Temporary Insanity

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  • Temporary Tattoos

    Aveline,Erick; Chargueraud,Joyce

    Offers step-by-step instructions for creating stencil, brush, and stamp applications of such motifs as the sun as a source of life, the dragon as a symbol of power, and other devices from a variety of cultures, and offers tattoo templates for each...

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