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  • Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 - PS4


    Curta todos os oito jogos da série futurista Mega Man X com Mega Man X Legacy Collection (inclui X1-4) e Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 (inclui X5-8). A série X trouxe alguns recursos novos à franquia de plataforma de ação rápida Mega Man, como...

  • Reembalado - MacBook Pro Tela Retina 13.3"...


    MacBook Pro com tela RetinaMais poder brilhando em cada pixel.Com processadores Intel de quarta geração, os chips gráficos mais recentes e armazenamento em flash mais rápido, o MacBook Pro com tela Retina é muito avançado. Com ele, o desempenho e a...

  • MacBook Pro Tela Retina 13.3" Mf841bz/A 5ª...


    O MacBook Pro com tela Retina de 13 polegadas é o notebook ideal para entusiastas e profissionais que buscam rápido desempenho em um design supercompacto e leve. Com o novo trackpad Force Touch, processadores Intel Core de quinta geração,...

  • MacBook Air Mjve2bz/A 5ª Geração Intel Core...



    O MacBook Air é fino, leve e resistente para ser levado para qualquer lugar. Com processadores Intel de quinta geração, gráficos rápidos e armazenamento em flash com PCIe, ele tem a potência necessária para atividades do dia a dia, como e-mail,...

  • Reembalado - MacBook Pro Tela Retina 15.4"...


    Macbook Pro C/ Tela Retina MC975BZ/ATudo que você esperava de um notebook.Tela Retina com 5,1 milhões de pixels. Arquitetura toda em flash. Processador Intel Core i7 quad core. Em uma estrutura com apenas 1,8 cm de espessura e 2,02 quilos. Ele não é...

  • Tecnicas de Manutencao Preditiva Vol. 2

    Nepomuceno,L. X.

    Tecnicas de Manutencao Preditiva Vol. 2

  • Dez Formas de Fazer Um Coração Se Derreter -...

    Maclean, Sarah



    “Uma história arrebatadora, sensual e comovente, que não deixa nada a dever ao primeiro livro. Os personagens nos conquistam e o ritmo perfeito da trama, junto com os diálogos magistrais, multiplica o prazer.” – Romantic Times Book Reviews Isabel...

  • Buffy: Season Ten, Volume 2 - I Wish

    Whedon, Joss; Gage,Christos; Isaacs,Christos

    Buffy and her crew get their fight on, as they try to take control of the new rules of magic! While new living arrangements take some getting used to, Buffy and the Scoobies head for adventure in Sunnydale, where Andrew is up to his good/bad/old...

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  • Reembalado - MacBook Air Mjvm2bz/A 5ª Geração...


    O MacBook Air é fino, leve e resistente para ser levado para qualquer lugar. Com processadores Intel de quinta geração, gráficos rápidos e armazenamento em flash com PCIe, ele tem a potência necessária para atividades do dia a dia, como e-mail,...

  • e-book

    Two-dimensional X-ray Diffraction

    Bob B. He

    An indispensable resource for researchers and students in materials science, chemistry, physics, and pharmaceuticals Written by one of the pioneers of 2D X-Ray Diffraction, this updated and expanded edition of the definitive text in the field...

  • Reembalado - MacBook Pro Tela Retina 15.4"...


    Macbook Pro Com Tela Retina MC976BZ/ATudo que você esperava de um notebook.Tela Retina com 5,1 milhões de pixels. Arquitetura toda em flash. Processador Intel Core i7 quad core. Em uma estrutura com apenas 1,8 cm de espessura e 2,02 quilos. Ele não é...

  • audio livro



    Seven2Ten is a comedy podcast hosted by Christian Talbot. I talk to comedians, comedy writers, producers and promoters about the Irish and UK comedy scene.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • X Vol. 2- The Dogs Of War


    When X attacks the notoriously corrupt narcotics squad known as 'The Dogs of War,' the manipulative Lt. Setter fights back by pitting him against the last few honest cops in Arcadia... and X's battle escalates into a war for the soul of the city!...

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  • Angel And Faith: Season Ten Volume 2 & Lost...

    Whedon, Joss; Gischler,Victor; Conrad,Will

    Faith can't resist a Deepscan mission in South America when she discovers that it centers around finding missing demon hunter Riley Finn. Faith and Riley have a past, and the girl has got a guilty conscience. When it becomes clear that a tribe of...

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    Simonson,Louise; Austin,Terry; Austin, Terry; Claremont,Chris

    Volume 1 foi apenas o warm-up - as coisas realmente esquentam como Inferno chutes em alta velocidade! Como Manhattan queimaduras, Sym, N'astirh eo ventilador Goblin Rainha das chamas! Mas o manipulador Sr. Sinistro pode ser a ameaça mais incendiária...

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  • X-Force Vol. 2 - Hide/Fear

    Spurrier. Simon

    X-Force barely survived the superhuman arms dealer Volga - and with their secrets brought to light. they're barely surviving each other. How will Cable's team keep it together to carry out their mission? Will Domino's return help or hurt them? While...

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  • X Omnibus Vol. 2


    Nothing in Arcadia is what it seems. Beneath its façade of order and industry lies a corrupt brotherhood of criminals, cronies, and cops all drawing from the same tainted well. But there's a wrench in this dirty machine, a leather-clad, one-eyed,...

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  • X-Men Blue Vol. 2


    The X-Men are caught up in the epic Secret Empire event! But what does the new landscape of the Marvel Universe mean for mutantkind? How will Jean, Cyclops, Beast, Angel and Iceman survive in a world dominated by Hydra? And what exactly does Magneto...

  • X-Men - Mutant Genesis 2.0

    Byrne, John; Byrne,John; Byrne, John; Lee,Jim; Claremont,Chris

    A fresh take on a classic saga! Magneto's future, Wolverine's past - and the X-Men in between! Magneto acquires a new army, the Hand revives an old enemy, and it's up to the X-Men to stop both. But from Asteroid M to Weapon X, Marvel's mightiest...

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  • Civil War II - X-Men


    Terrigen Mists circle the globe...but while they are the source of the Inhumans' power, they are simultaneously whittling down mutantkind's numbers and suppressing any new Mutant manifestations. Driven into a cold war, the Inhumans and Mutants know...

  • X-Men Gold Vol. 2

    Guggenheim, Marc

    What does the Secret Empire event have in store for the X-Men? Find out what the new landscape of the Marvel Universe looks like for Kitty, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey and Old Man Logan. Will they be able to survive in a world...

  • X-Men '92, Volume 2 - Lilapalooza


    The X-Men are working security at LILAPALOOZA - Westchester's biggest festival! But just because they're security, doesn't mean they stop being TARGETS! Guest-starring: THE FLAMING LIPS, TOADIES AND LILA CHENEY! COLLECTING: X-MEN '92 (2016) 6-10

  • Reembalado - MacBook Pro Tela Retina 13.3...


    O MacBook Pro com tela Retina de 13 polegadas é o notebook ideal para entusiastas e profissionais que buscam rápido desempenho em um design supercompacto e leve. Com o novo trackpad Force Touch, processadores Intel Core de quinta geração,...

  • X-Files: Origins, Vol. 2: Dog Days Of Summer


    Before the FBI, before the X-Files, they were just teenagers searching for the truth. Follow the continuing adventures of young Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. On Martha's Vineyard, a strange encounter with a deaf girl sends 13-year-old Fox on the hunt...

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  • Weapon X Vol. 2 - The Search For Weapon H


    Origin of a monster! The newly reformed Weapon X program took DNA from the most savage genetic anomalies in the world to create a rage-fi lled behemoth of epic proportions. But before they meddled with nature, they started with man. Who volunteered...

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  • Generation X Vol. 2 - Survival Of The Fittest


    With a mutant-killing monster loose beneath New York City, the X-Men impose a curfew for the students of the Xavier Institute. But Quentin Quire's never much been one to follow rules... When Quentin convinces his classmates to join him for a night...

    sob encomenda
  • Amazing X Men Vol. 2 - World War Wendigo

    Kyle,Craig; Immonen,Kathryn

    Writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost return to the X-Men! When Wolverine discovers that an old friend is missing. his visit to Canada soon transforms into a hairy situation. The Wendigo virus is running rampant. transforming people into flesh-eating...

  • Marcador de Página Adesivo Post-It® Flags 4...


    Os Marcadores de Página Adesivos Post-it® Flags são excelentes para não perder nenhum item ou detalhe importante. Aceitam escritas e deixam sua rotina mais divertida, além de tudo, organizada. Dê o destaque que precisa dar sem riscar ou estragar! Os...

  • Extraordinary X-Men Vol. 2- Apocalypse Wars

    Remender, Rick; Lemire, Jeff

    Extraordinary adventures demand Extraordinary X-Men - and no frontier is too wild for this crew! While one team of X-Men stages a daring rescue mission in Weirdworld, another delves deep into the psyche of their own teammate! Weird is nothing new for...

  • Uncanny X-Men Vol.2 - Broken

    Bendis,Brian Michael

    The all-new, all-revolutionary Uncanny X-Men have barely had time to find their footing as a team before they must face that evil sorcerer from the Dark Dimension: Dormammu! Don't miss this new take on Doctor Strange's old foe that will leave you...

  • Ten Grand Vol. 2

    Straczynski,J Michael

    The fiery, dimension-spanning conclusion of Joe Fitzgerald's journey from Earth to Purgatory, the Void and Hell brings him face-to-face with a vital question: is he willing to sell out the world to save the woman he loves? The fate of the universe...

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  • Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Collection Vol.2

    Whedon, Joss

    The chart-topping super-team of Joss Whedon (TV's Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Runaways) and John Cassaday (Planetary. Captain America) return for more Astonishing X-Men! If you thought their past efforts were full of shocks and surprises. hold onto...

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  • Uncanny X-Force Vol.2

    Remender. Rick

    Rick Remender's extraordinary. critically acclaimed X-Force saga is collected across two volumes! Otherworld. interdimensional home of the Captain Britain Corps. has been invaded by a sorcerous army! Meanwhile. Fantomex stands accused of a crime so...

  • Uncanny X-Force Vol.2 - Deathlok Nation

    Remender. Rick

    The fate of the entire world rests on Deadpool's shoulders! A new Death is born! Refugee mutants from the Age of Apocalypse descend on our world! Can the Merc with a Mouth hold them off long enough for X-Force to regroup? Is there any hope of staving...

    sob encomenda
  • Chasing Hillary Ten Years, Two Presidential...

    Chozick, Amy

    New York Times bestseller 'The Devil Wears Prada meets The Boys on the Bus'--New York Times The dishy, rollicking, and deeply personal story of what really happened in the 2016 election, as seen through the eyes of the New York Times reporter who...

    sob encomenda
  • X-Men Legacy - X-Men Legacy Volume 2 -...

    Spurrier, Simon

    Refusing Wolverine's offer to join the X-Men, David Haller must now decide how he will carry out his father's legacy. But upon venturing into the world on his own, will he be beckoned back to Westchester by his budding fascination with young X-Man...

  • Uncanny X-Men- Superior Vol. 2 - Apocalypse...


    Magneto and his ruthless team enter the trenches in the Apocalypse Wars! But one original X-Man has particular history with En Sabah Nur. The first time Warren Worthington met Apocalypse, he was transformed into the homicidal Horseman of Death....

  • X-Factor By Peter David: The Complete...

    Vários Autores

    As X-Factor unloads their hopes, fears and darkest secrets to Doc Samson, Jamie Madrox decides to gather up his stray dupes. The trouble is, two don't want to go quietly: the married priest and the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.! And when Hydra comes calling,...

  • All-New X-Men Vol. 2

    Comics, Marvel; Vários Autores

    The time-displaced young X-Men continue to adjust to a present day that's more awe-inspiring and disturbing than they could ever imagine! But as Jean Grey pushes her powers to the limit and Mastermind targets the young Jean, will a tragic history...

  • audio livro

    Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential...


    For nearly a decade, Amy Chozick chronicled Hillary Clintons pursuit of the presidency. Chozicks front-row seat, initially at the Wall Street Journal covering Mrs. Clintons imploding 2008 campaign, and then at the New York Times where she was...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • All-New X-Men Vol.2 - Here To Stay

    Bendis,Brian Michael

    Yesterday's X-Men continue to adjust to a present day that's simultaneously more awe-inspiring and more disturbing than any future the young heroes had ever imagined for themselves. And the situation gets even more dangerous when the villainous duo...

  • Wolverine & The X-Men Vol.2 - Death Of...


    Melita Garner returns. but not for romance - she's got something on Logan that throws the entire school into uproar. But little does Melita know that she's also drawn the attention of the Red Right Hand! Meanwhile. Logan and Storm go on a...

  • Cable And X-Force Vol.2 - Dead Or Alive

    Hopeless. Dennis

    The most explosive new X-book of Marvel NOW! begins its second smash storyline! Cable's outlaw team loses a member as Colossus goes to jail - but the armored giant doesn't fare well in the big house! Meanwhile, Cable comes face-to-face with his...

    sob encomenda
  • All-New X-Men- Inevitable Vol. 2 - Apocalypse...

    Comics, Marvel; Hopeless,Dennis

    The All-New X-Men continue to chart their own path through a world that hates and fears them! And they live in the shadow of their fate - especially Cyclops, whose adult self's actions are notorious. But together, can these young mutants change their...

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