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  • Tempo do Desprezo - Col. The Witcher - Vol. 4...


    Tempo do desprezo é o quarto livro da saga do bruxo Geralt de Rívia. Geralt lutou contra monstros e demônios por todo o país, mas até ele pode não estar preparado para o que está acontecendo com seu mundo. Há intrigas, divergências e rebeliões por...

  • The Walking Dead - A Queda Do Governador -...

    Kirkman,Robert; Bonansinga

    Michonne finalmente conseguiu sua vingança. E parece que dessa vez nem o Governador será capaz de se recuperar. Ao encontrá-lo espancado, mutilado e com um fio de vida, Bruce e Gabe acham que Woodbury perdeu de vez seu líder.Mas o ódio e a vontade de...


    Ennis, Garth

    The Punisher's fiercest foe returns! As if a load of buckshot to the chest in shark-infested waters could put Barracuda down for good. But is even he man enough to play bodyguard to the hemophiliac son of a dangerous mob boss? If Barracuda can...

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  • The Sandman Vol. 4- Season Of Mists


    Ten thousand years ago, Lord Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell.

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  • Justice League Vol. 4- The Grid


    As the Justice League continue to combats threats across the world, the members of the team find themselves fractured and torn apart--just as a deadly new society of villains emerge.

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  • Daredevil Vol. 4 - The Autobiography Of Matt...

    Samnee, Chris

    In order to preserve the new life he's built, Daredevil is faced with a critical decision which may mean the death of Matt Murdock! Plus, with a new rival in town, is DD's time in San Francisco coming to an end?

  • The Flash Vol. 4- Reverse


    The stakes have never been higher as Barry races towards a deadly confrontation with the Reverse Flash!

  • Batman Vol. 4 - The War Of Jokes And Riddles...

    King, Tom

    A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!Zero Year. 12 months in which Gotham City was left without power, without laws, without hope. 365 days in which the Riddler ruled the streets. But once again, Batman was victorious. In the aftermath of Zero Year? War....

  • The Walking Dead - Vol. 4 - The Heart's...

    Kirkman, Robert

    Life in the prison starts to get interesting for Rick Grimes and the rest of our survivors. Relationships heat up, fizzle out, and change entirely almost overnight. In this volume, relationships between key characters are radically changed, setting...

  • The Flash Vol. 4 - Rebirth

    Williamson, Joshua

    The Fastest Man Alive continues his monumental run in DC Universe Rebirth with THE FLASH VOL. 4!Barry Allen is at a crossroads. He's lied to the woman he loves about his life as the Flash, and a rift is growing between him and his heroic young...

  • The Unwritten Vol. 4 - Leviathan


    Cabal audition a new assassin and Tom seeks out 'the source.'

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  • The Strain Vol. 4- The Fall


    As the CDC's Dr. Ephraim Goodweather makes one last attempt to stop the swiftly moving vampire plague, he sends those dearest to him (his son and his partner) away from the city--a decision the doctor will soon regret. Meanwhile, a ragtag gang of...

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  • The Exterminators - Vol. 4: Crossfire And...


    The Exterminators - Vol. 4: Crossfire And Collateral

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  • Deadpool Vol.4 - The Complete Collection

    Way. Daniel

    Deadpool is desperate to end it all. but his healing factor makes dying a near-impossibility. When Wade finds the one thing in the world that can kill him - a serum that permanently disables his regenerative abilities - he just might get his wish....

  • Transmetropolitan Vol. 4- The New Scum


    Black humor, life-threatening situations, and moral ambiguity, give a look into the mind of an outlaw journalist and the world he seeks to destroy.

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  • Conan Vol. 4- The Hall Of The Dead And Other...


    Know, O Prince, that in an age undreamed of, shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. Hither came Conan the Cimmerian; black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic...

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  • Supergirl Vol. 4- Out Of The Past

    nelson,michael alan

    Fleeing into space in the wake of H'EL ON EARTH, Supergirl must survive an encounter with Cyborg Superman.

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  • Scalped Vol. 4- The Gravel In Your Guts

    Aaron, Jason

    Fifteen years ago, Dashiell 'Dash' Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation searching for something better. Now he's come back

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  • The Flash Chronicles Vol. 4


    The fourth volume collecting every Flash adventure from the 1960s in chronological order!

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  • Batwing Vol. 4- Welcome To The Family


    Spinning out of Grant Morrison's Batman Inc., the Batman of Africa and policeman by day, must fight corruption in his own bureau, as well as the deadly Father Lost as Batwing!

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  • Earth 2 Vol. 4- The Dark Age


    The new Batman of EARTH 2 fights to keep Brutal and the forces of Apokolips at bay, until a new and most deadly force arrives -- Superman!

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  • The Mad Archives Vol. 4

    the usual gang of idiots

    A new collection of the original MAD skewers TV series, movies, classic literature and more.

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  • The Twilight Saga Collection - 4 Vol.


    This stunning set, packaged in a collector's box with all four trade paperback books and a set of collectible postcards, makes the perfect gift for fans of the bestselling vampire love story. Deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, Twilight,...

  • Black Panther Vol. 4 - Avengers Of The New...

    Coates, Ta-Nehisi

    Where next for the Black Panther? Find out as a sensational new arc begins! Eons ago - before Black Panthers, before Wakanda, before time itself - there were only the Orishas! The pantheon of gods and goddesses from which the world as we know it was...

  • Além do Túmulo - Vol. 4 - Col. The 39 Clues


    Desilusão e mágoa. É o que Amy e Dan sentem quando chegam ao Egito à procura da próxima pista. Depois de grandes traições na Coreia do Sul, os irmãos cada vez mais entendem que estão sozinhos na caça às 39 pistas e não devem confiar em ninguém....

  • The Sgt. Rock Archives Vol. 4


    War is hell - and no one knows that better than Sgt. Rock and the men of Easy Company.

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  • Batman - Detective Comics Vol. 1 - Rise Of...

    Tynion Iv ,James; Eddy Barrows

    A part of DC Universe: Rebirth! DETECTIVE COMICS is back! Follow the adventures of Batman, the world's greatest...teacher?! The Dark Knight and series co-star Batwoman team up to take new protégés Red Robin, Spoiler and the villainous Clayface under...

  • Justice League Vol. 4 - The Grid


    As the Justice League continue to combats threats across the world, the members of the team find themselves fractured and torn apart--just as a deadly new society of villains emerge

  • Green Arrow Vol. 4- The Kill Machine


    When a new villian seems to know everything about Oliver Queen, including his alias, the shocking truths about the very place from which Green Arrow was born are revealed - the island!

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  • The Ec Archives- Tales From The Crypt Vol. 4


    Dark Horse Comics brings you the legendary Tales from the Crypt in all its gory glory! Featuring a Foreword by industry legend Russ Cochran, this grisly grimoire has been digitally recolored — using Marie Severin's original colors as a guide — and...

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  • The Ec Archives- Vault Of Horror Vol. 4


    Dark Horse Comics brings even more macabrely majestic stories from the Vault! This terrifying tome has been digitally recolored--using Marie Severin's original palette as a guide--and features stories drawn by all-star comic artists Johnny Craig,...

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  • John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 4- The...


    Vertigo's chain smoking mage, John Constantine, goes against the murderous menace known as the Family Man

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  • Hellboy (novel) Vol. 4 the Ice Wolves

    Dark Horse

    Hellboy (novel) Vol. 4 the Ice Wolves

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  • Abe Sapien Vol. 4- The Shape Of Things To...


    A mutated Abe Sapien fights carnivorous monsters crawling out of the desert sand, a fortified militia that's walled Phoenix off from the rest of the world, and a viscous zombie swarm, while a mad necromancer rises over the monster-infested ruins of...

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  • MIND MGMT Vol. 4- The Magician


    The second half of Matt Kindt's MIND MGMT epic begins with just as many questions as the first! Meru is back on the team, but can she ever trust Lyme again? What role did the Magician play in the Management's history of the 1960s through the 1980s?...

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  • Tiny Titans Vol. 4 - The First Rule Of Pet...


    Superhero stories for the young reader featuring kid versions of characters from the DC Universe!

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  • Lobster Johnson Vol. 4- Get The Lobster


    A Manhattan sporting event goes terribly wrong as the ref is killed in front of a live audience by two crazed--and seemingly bulletproof--wrestlers. Who is behind this new reign of terror?

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  • Nightschool vol. 4 The Weirn Books

    Chmakova, Svetlana

    The Sohrem is rising, the Hunters are on the move, and Alex is caught in the middle! As forces conspire to draw the young weirn and her allies back to an empty school, the shadow of the enemy who has been pulling all the strings begins to show. But...

    sob encomenda
  • Goong vol. 4 The Royal Palace

    SoHee, Park

    After the king grants his late brother a posthumous coronation, the status quo shifts dramatically as his widow, Yul's mother, gains power in the palace. And she definitely has it out for Shin and Chae-Kyung! When the newlyweds are invited to go...

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  • Spiral vol. 4 The Bonds Of Reasoning


    When Hiyono turns the tables on Rio and Kousuke and demands a rematch for Ayumu, she ends up getting kidnapped! However, it looks like there'll be a rematch after all. In exchange for his trusty information dealer, Ayumu must hand over Hiyono's hard...

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  • Scarlet Spider Vol. 4 - Into The Grave

    Yost. Chris

    After the last volume's shocking ending. everything has changed for Kaine. His second chance at life is over. At his lowest point. he comes face to face with the one man that's fueled his obsession. hate and guilt his enti re life...Ben Reilly. the...

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  • Uncanny Avengers Vol. 4 - Avenge The Earth

    Remender,Rick; Remender, Rick

    Welcome to Planet X, the new mutant homeworld, where everything is great - if you possess the mutant gene! The Wasp is the last human alive, relentlessly pursued by Magneto's All-New X-Force, and protected by her husband Havok! Now, as Kang's Chronos...

  • e-book

    The Woods Vol. 4

    tynion iv, james

    On October 16, 2013, 437 students, 52 teachers, and 24 additional staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee, WI vanished without a trace, finding themselves countless light years away in the middle of an ancient, primordial...

  • e-book

    The Gifted Vol.4 - The Phantom of Gemini

    Ryosuke Akizuki

    Priyasha Nehru was visited by a woman, who had exactly the same figure as hers. It was not Lavanya, her twin sister, but someone else. In the video footage showing two Priyashas, one stabbed the other. As Lavanya entered the room, she witnessed the...

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