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  • Our World 1 - Reader 2 - Where Are The...


    Our World 1 - Reader 2 - Where Are The Animals?

  • e-book

    Dominance and Aggression in Humans and Other...

    Hermann, Henry R.

    Dominance and Aggression in Humans and Other Animals: The Great Game of Life examines human nature and the influence of evolution, genetics, chemistry, nurture, and the sociopolitical environment as a way of understanding how and why humans behave in...

  • The Case For Animal Rights


    The Case For Animal Rights

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  • Animal Man Vol. 1 - The Hunt


    Collecting issues from the DC Comics- The New 52 event, this title features Animal Man Buddy Baker, as he fights to keep his family safe from threats both outside and inside of his household!

  • The Animal Book


    The wonders of the natural world come to life in full colour in the ultimate book on animals and insects. “The Animal Book” is the complete guide to the natural world for curious children and budding naturalists. From the tiny toadstool to the giant...

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  • The Beast Is An Animal

    Clare, Cassandra; Peternelle Van Arsdale

    Alys was seven when the soul eaters came to her village. These soul eaters are twin sisters who were abandoned by their father and slowly grew into something not quite human, something that needs to feed on souls to survive...Alys and all the...

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  • e-book

    The Animals of Farthing Wood


    Farthing Wood is being bulldozed and a drought means the animals no longer have anywhere to live or drink. Fox, Badger, Toad, Tawny Owl, Mole and the other animals band together and leave their ancestral home and set off to move to a far-away nature...

  • The Gringos - Animal Kingdom – Digipack – 2...


    Formada em 2014, por quatro nativos dos EUA e um brasileiro de Itajubá (MG), a banda Os Gringos traz um som de qualidade enraizado em rock, blues, southern rock e psicodelia. The Animal Kingdom conjura sonoridades claramente seiscentista...

  • e-book

    The Animals'apos; Christmas

    Glynis Mary McManamon

    It's the magical season of Christmas when Santa comes to life. But something else miraculous happens during this special time. The birds, the beasts and even the insects, too, begin to speak. Recalling their important roles in Jesus's birth all those...

  • e-book

    The Animals of Heaven - Stories of Divine...

    The Abbotts

    The Animals of HeavenStories of Divine Creatures Large and SmallBy The AbbottsEveryone loves a good story about animals told by their favourite grandmother. In this new children's' book by The Abbotts, you will hear the story of how animals got into...

  • The Animals in the Ark

    Kuskin,Karla; Grejniec,Michael

    Retells the story of Noah's Ark, describing how the animals become restless and bored, and just as things seem to be spiraling out of control the sun comes out.

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  • e-book

    The Animal Rights Debate - Abolition or...

    Francione, Gary L.; Garner, Robert

    Gary L. Francione is a law professor and leading philosopher of animal-rights theory. Robert Garner is a political theorist specializing in the philosophy and politics of animal protection. Francione maintains that we have no moral justification for...

  • e-book

    The Animal Code - Giving Animals Respect and...

    Danny Crossman

    How should we treat animals? And how do we? The Animal Code answers these questions, illustrating the myriad ways in which people exploit animals. Danny Crossman makes a compelling case for us to recognise animals' needs, feelings and legitimate...

  • e-book

    The Animal That Therefore I Am


    The Animal That Therefore I Am is the long-awaited translation of the complete text of Jacques Derrida's ten-hour address to the 1997 Cérisy conference entitled 'The Autobiographical Animal,' the third of four such colloquia on his work. The book was...

  • The Animal Hedge

    Fleischman, Paul; Ibatoulline,Bagram (ilt)

    The Animal Hedge

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  • Spirit Animals - The Evertree


    Everything comes to a head in this seventh book in the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series. The world of Erdas will be changed forever. Confidential until April 2015!

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  • e-book

    The Animal Diaries

    Michael Yager

    This is actually a series of three short stories under one main title. All three stories are great reads and this is my newest completed work.

  • e-book

    The Animal Etiquette Book of Rhymes

    Helen Cowles LeCron

    Samuel Snail is always late:'quot;Though Mother worries, Samuel never hurries!'quot; Johnny Giraffe caught a cold because he refused to listen to his mama and keep his long neck covered with a muffler. Foolish Lulu Lambkin calls and bawls when...

  • e-book

    The Farm Animals'apos; Strike


    The animals on Farmer Bill's farm are all perfectly happy until Sammy the mischievous cat asks an important question, 'Who is Farmer Bill's favorite?' Is it the chickens, or Sally the cow? Could it be Charley the horse or the sheep, Dave the dog or...

  • e-book

    The Animal Book (Multi-Touch Edition)


    Award-winning author-illustrator Steve Jenkins offers a visual feast in this rich treasury that explores the world around us and the extraordinary creatures that we share it with!

  • e-book

    The Animal Why Book - Pictures by Edwin Noble

    William Plane Pycraft

    This lovely children's book provides an interesting insight to the anatomy and behaviour of the animals of the British countryside and farmyard. It endeavours to answer questions such as Why are the horns of the deer branched?, Why does the rabbit...

  • e-book

    The Dancing Animals


    There once was a place called Animal Village, which only animals knew about. It was known as the best place to learn to dance. Every Friday at 7pm, animals would come from miles around to socialize. The farmyards would empty, the jungles would empty,...

  • e-book

    The Ordinary Animals

    Rune Woodman

    In his last year of primary school, Albert becomes lost while escaping from bullies. He finds himself in an underworld of storm?water drains and sewers, where he befriends an ageing rat, a small bird and a crazy echidna. His new friends believe his...

  • e-book

    The Animals - Love Letters between...

    Isherwood, Christopher; Bachardy,Don

    Christopher Isherwood was a celebrated English writer when he met the Californian teenager Don Bachardy on a Santa Monica beach in 1952. They spent their first night together on Valentine'apos;s Day 1953. Defying the conventions, the two men began...

  • e-book

    The Littlest Animals of the Desert |...


    Even an arid area like the desert can be home to the most resilient animals. You can't see these animals because they're very small but they are there - burrowing in and/or walking on the hot sand everyday. Get to know some of these creatures in this...

  • e-book

    The Animal Mind - An Introduction to the...

    Kristin Andrews

    The study of animal cognition raises profound questions about the minds of animals and philosophy of mind itself. Aristotle argued that humans are the only animal to laugh, but in recent experiments rats have also been shown to laugh. In other...

  • The Animal Story Book

    Lang, Andrew; Ford,H. J.; Lang,Andrew

    A collection of short stories, anecdotes, fables, and folktales involving animals from various authors and traditions.

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  • The Animal Hedge

    Fleischman, Paul; Ibatoulline,Bagram (ilt)

    After being forced to sell the animals he loves, a farmer cuts his hedge to look like them and teaches his sons about following their hearts.

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  • The Animal ABC

    Baker,Leslie A.

    Labeled illustrations present a different animal for each letter of the alphabet, from ant and iguana to quail and zebra.

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  • e-book

    The Storytelling Animal - How Stories Make Us...


    A provocative young scholar gives us the first book on the new science of storytelling: the latest thinking on why we tell stories, what stories reveal about human nature, what makes a story transporting, which plots and themes are universal, and...

  • Animal Man Vol. 3- Rotworld- The Red Kingdom


    Buddy Baker, a.k.a. Animal Man, must find a way to bring an entire planet back to the land of the living and combat the forces of the withering Rot!

  • e-book

    The Laws Protecting Animals and Ecosystems

    Rees,Paul A.

    There is currently no basic text in wildlife law suitable for the wide range of courses in wildlife conservation and animal welfare at both bachelors and masters level, or for the large number of people who work in conservation and animal welfare;...

  • e-book

    The Souls of Animals


    In this revised second edition of his celebrated book, Reverend Gary Kowalski combines heartwarming stories with solid science to show that other creatures are not insensitive.

  • e-book

    The World of Animals

    Bishoproby, Joshua

    Connect content-area literacy and science with differentiated readers featuring lab activities and profiles of related scientitists

  • The Lifesize Animal Opposites Book


    A photographic picture book introduces the concept of opposites to young children with close-ups of animals to illustrate ideas such as big and small, long and short, smooth and scaly, and asleep and awake.

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  • e-book

    The Burgess Animal Book for Children

    Thornton W. Burgess

    Porcupines, field mice, coyotes, and other creatures take on appealing personalities in informative, entertaining tales about the inhabitants of the Green Forest and beyond. 73 illustrations.

  • e-book

    The African Animal Rap

    Helen L. McAllister

    The African Animal Rap is a children's book that tells about the ways certain African animals greet each other when they meet in the wild.  The information contained in this book was researched and is true to life.  Included with this book are...

  • e-book

    The 12 Chinese Animals - Create Harmony in...


    The Chinese horoscope holds the key to a better understanding of self and others, and to living a life of harmony. Master Zhongxian Wu explains how to find your power animal symbols, and how to learn from their wisdom. By fully understanding what...

  • e-book

    The History of Animals


    Generally seen as a pioneering work of zoology, Aristotle frames his text by explaining that he is investigating the existing facts about animals. History of Animals is one of the major texts on biology.

  • e-book

    Animal - The Bloody Rise and Fall of the...


    Before Whitey Bulger’s bloody reign, before the Boston FBI was torn apart by indictments and revelations of corruption—there was Joe “The Animal” Barboza

  • e-book

    The Great Animal Orchestra - Finding the...

    Bernie Krause

    Bernie Krause is the world'apos;s leading expert in natural sound. Beginning by recording the sound of wheat growing in a Kansas field, he has spent the last 40 years recording ecological soundscapes and the sounds of over 15,000 species. Due to...

  • e-book

    The Biology of Animal Viruses

    Fenner,Frank J.; B. R. McAuslan; C. A. Mims

    The Biology of Animal Viruses, Second Edition deals with animal viruses focusing on molecular biology and tumor virology. The book reviews the nature, chemical composition, structure, and classification of animal viruses. The text also describes the...

  • e-book

    The Moral Lives of Animals


    "The Moral Lives of Animals will change the way many think of animals, and it will vindicate what others have always known intuitively. It deserves to be an instant bestseller."-Jane Goodall

  • e-book

    The Intimate Bond - How Animals Shaped Human...


    Animals, and our ever-changing relationship with them, have left an indelible mark on human history. From the dawn of our existence, animals and humans have been constantly redefining their relationship with one another, and entire civilizations have...

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