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  • The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Club Band 50 Anos -...


    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band é o oitavo álbum de estúdio da banda britânica de rock “The Beatles”. Lançado em 26 de maio de 1967 no Reino Unido e em 2 de junho nos Estados Unidos, tornou-se imediatamente um enorme sucesso comercial e crítico...

  • The Beatles

    Davies, Hunter

    A única biografia autorizada da banda que definiu geraçõesNo auge da Beatlemania, Hunter Davies foi o único biógrafo autorizado a acompanhar John, Paul, George e Ringo junto aos amigos, colegas e familiares. Do primeiro contato com a música até a...

  • The Beatles - História, Discografia, Fotos e...


    É inegável: os quatro garotos de Liverpool formaram a banda mais influente da história.Ao pensar em todos os gêneros e grandes grupos musicais posteriores, identificam-se traços deixados pelos Beatles, seja nas letras, nos arranjos, nos riffs ou nas...

  • The Beatles - A Biografia


    Resultado de quase uma década de pesquisa e centenas de entrevistas inéditas, somadas à descoberta de inúmeros documentos nunca antes revelados, The Beatles, de Bob Spitz, é a biografia mais completa já escrita sobre a vida e a obra do quarteto...

  • The Beatles - Especial - Shows Live 1962 -...


    Um DVD com todos os sucessos da melhor fase da carreira, da história, dos meninos de Liverpool - The Beatles! Um DVD pra cantar junto, dançar junto, curtir a todo e qualquer momento!Faixas do DVD:1. I Saw Her Standing There2. Please Please Me3. Love...

  • The Beatles - Live At Shea - DVD


    Os Beatles já eram senhores do mundo em 15 de agosto de 1965, quando subiram ao palco do lendário Shea Stadium de Nova Iorque. Naquela noite, após um ano e meio de beatlemania mundo afora, com turnês pela Europa, Estados Unidos e até Oceania, os...

  • Tune In - The Beatles - All These Years


    The world's leading authority on the Beatles - and author of the bestselling Beatles Recording Sessions - has completed the riveting first volume in a groundbreaking trilogy about the iconic band that changed the face of pop music. Tune In uncovers...

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  • Best of the Beatles for Acoustic Guitar


    Best of the Beatles for Acoustic Guitar

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  • The Beatles - 1


    No band on earth but The Beatles could have a greatest hits compilation top the charts more than 30 years after breaking up] In a few short months the CD ,1, featuring The Beatles' 27 British and American Number One singles has sold more than 20...

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  • The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook


    This great collection features all 194 songs written and sung by The Beatles, specially transcribed here for strumming guitarists, from the actual recordings, in the original keys. Each song includes chord symbols, guitar chord boxes and complete...

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  • The Beatles


    The Beatles

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  • Beatles Gear All The Fab Four's Instruments...


    This ultimate guide to all the gear used by the Beatles details exactly which guitars drums amplifiers and keyboards the Fab Four embraced throughout their brief but revolutionary career from their earliest days as the Quarry Men to the...

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  • Dreaming The Beatles - The Love Story Of One...

    Sheffield, Rob

    Rob Sheffield, the Rolling Stone columnist and bestselling author of Love Is a Mix Tape offers an entertaining, unconventional look at the most popular band in history, the Beatles, exploring what they mean today and why they still matter so...

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  • The Beatles - Complete Scores Revised

    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

    A fitting tribute to possibly the greatest pop band ever - The Beatles. This outstanding hard-cover edition features over 1100 pages with full scores and lyrics to all 210 titles recorded by The Beatles. Guitar and bass parts are in both standard...

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  • If You Like The Are Over 200...

    Pollock, Bruce

    The Beatles came up in the rock and-and-roll era, when Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Elvis Presley defined cool. Their early shows were big beat bacchanals, the Brit interpretation of that crazy American sound. But it wasn't long before they were...

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  • Beatles, the

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  • The Beatles - Photographs From The Set Of...

    Gordon,Alastair; Lari ,Emilio

    An extraordinary collection of mostly unseen photographs of the Beatles during the making of Help!. Published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ second motion picture, Help!, this almost entirely unpublished...

  • The Beatles

    Robertson, John; Humphries,Patrick

    The Beatles

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  • The Beatles/1962-1966

    Beatles (CRT)

    The Beatles/1962-1966

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  • The Beatles - Coleção Show - 2 DVDs


    A coleção SHOW reúne artistas consagrados da música internacional em shows incríveis, num DVD duplo e exclusivo. Para curtir e colecionar! DISCO 1 – “Live In Washington DC” - Os Beatles já eram senhores do mundo em 15 de agosto de 1965, quando...

  • The Beatles - The BBC Archives - 1962-1970


    The Beatles exploded into British popular culture in the 1960s and changed the face of music for ever. Central to this success were the BBC radio and television programmes that brought them from the clubs of Hamburg and Liverpool into the living...

  • The Beatles


    The Beatles are the ultimate rock 'n' roll band, bar none. No other group has achieved so much in so little time and left such a lasting impression on music, popular culture, fashion and even politics. This book tells the amazing story of four simple...

  • The Beatles Book

    Davies, Hunter

    Hunter Davies, the only ever authorised biographer of the group, brings together three eminent Beatles experts to compile an invaluable and essential guide. Divided into four sections – People, Songs, Places and Broadcast & Cinema – The Beatles Book...

  • The Beatles - The BBC Archives: 1962-1970


    BBC radio and television played crucial roles during The Beatles' initial breakthrough and subsequent global domination. This book reveals how the relationship between the UK's foremost broadcasting organization and the world's most celebrated pop...

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  • The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

    Lowry, Todd

    The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

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  • A Day In the Life of the Beatles


    A Day In the Life of the Beatles

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  • All The Songs - The Story Behind Every...

    Margotin, Philippe; Guesdon, Jean-michel; Freiman, Scott

    Musical historians Phillippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon delve deep into the history and musical origins of every Beatles album, recounting the circumstances that led to the composition of each song, the recording process and the instruments...

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  • The Beatles In America Poster Book


    When the Beatles came to America, they sparked a revolution . . . and nothing was ever the same again. This unique collection of 20 frameable posters captures the lives and careers of the Fab Four in the US, starting with the moment they stepped off...

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  • Copo Termico The Beatles Abbey Road


    copo térmico colecionavel The Beatles Abbey Road

  • The Complete Beatles Songs

    Turner, Steve

    For the very first time: All the songs. All the stories. All the lyrics. The Complete Beatles Songs contains the full lyrics of every Beatles song ever written by the Fab Four alongside a painstakingly researched, insightful commentary on the...

  • The Beatles Revealed


    The quintessential Mod band, notorious for their theatricality and destructiveness on stage, The Who rate alongside the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones as one of the most successful and innovative rock bands of the sixties and seventies,...

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  • The Beatles Guitar Book

    Vários Autores

    The Beatles Guitar Book

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  • The Beatles Guitar Chord Songbook A-I

    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

    The Beatles Guitar Chord Songbook A-I

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  • The Beatles Guitar Chord Songbook J-Y

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    The Beatles Guitar Chord Songbook J-Y

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  • The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

    Hal Leonard Corp (CRT)

    The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

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  • The Beatles Piano Duets - 2nd Edition

    Hal Leonard

    The Beatles Piano Duets - 2nd Edition

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  • The Beatles Best

    Fox, Dan

     Easy arrangements of 120 Beatles hits. A truly remarkable collection including - All My Loving * And I Love Her * Come Together * Eleanor Rigby * Get Back * Help! * Hey Jude * I Want to Hold Your Hand * Let It Be * Michelle * many, many more.

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  • The Beatles Phenomenon

    Miles, Barry

    This title is printed in colour throughout and contains 240 photographs. The world's most celebrated band has been the subject of countless books and articles over the years. But 'The Beatles Phenomenon' is a unique new Beatles chronicle that brings...

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  • The Beatles - The Capitol Albums , Vol. 1

    Hal Leonard

    The Beatles - The Capitol Albums , Vol. 1

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  • The Beatles Best


    All new piano/vocal arrangements of 124 of the Beatles greatest hits. A truly remarkable collection including: All My Loving And I Love Her Come Together Eleanor Rigby Get Back Help] Hey Jude I Want To Hold Your Hand Let It Be Michelle many...

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  • The Beatles - a Diary

    Miles, Barry

    This is nothing less than a 30 year diary of The Beatles beginning in wartime Liverpool and ending in the dying days of the swinging sixties. It contains an astonishingly detailed chronology of gigs, venues, quotes and memorable dates. It exposes the...

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  • The Beatles: Paperback Writer: 40 Years of...

    Plexus Publishing

    The Beatles: Paperback Writer collects the most illuminating interviews, articles, reviews, and essays on the rock icons, from contemporary accounts of the group’s rise in 1962 to recent analyses of their enduring cultural legacy. The band’s...

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  • The Beatles : 10 Years That Shook the World

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    The Beatles : 10 Years That Shook the World

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  • The Beatles Keyboard Book

    Beatles (CRT)

    The Beatles Keyboard Book

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