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  • On The Rocks' - Bee Gees & Queen - Vol. 19 -...


    A coleção 'ON THE ROCKS II' chega as lojas para dar uma refrescada no bolso do consumidor. Por um preço especial você leva para casa dois DVDs incríveis, com shows e grandes nomes da música internacional, guardados num box exclusivo. A segunda edição...

  • The Best Of Bee Gees - Live In Australia


    Grande show com todos os sucessos do Bee Gees. Show inédito dos irmãos Gibb, Bee Gees - Music Collection - DVD, foi gravado em Melbourne, Austrália. Suas melhores músicas estão reunidas nesse show, como: 'Stayin' Alive', 'Massachusetts', entre muitas...

  • The Bee Book


    Bees are a marvel of nature and vital to human existence. The Bee Book is a great introduction to bees and beekeepingandcelebrates the wonder of bees in nature, in our gardens and in the hive . A honey bee visits up to 1,000 flowers a day yet...

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  • Bee Gees - Timeless - The All-Time Greatest...



    TIMELESS - ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS contém 21 faixas clássicas de uma das bandas mais bem sucedidas e aclamadas do mundo na história da música pop. Cada faixa no TIMELESS foi pessoalmente selecionada e sequenciada por Barry Gibb. Os Bee Gees - irmãos...

  • The Bee-Hunter, Vol. 2 Of 3 - Or The Oak...

    Cooper, James Fenimore

    Excerpt from The Bee-Hunter, Vol. 2 of 3: Or the Oak Openings At first, Peter paddled quietly on, as if no other object before him than the pass the river. When quite clear of the rice, ho he ceased, and undid his bundle of clothes. About the...

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  • The Bee-Hunter, Vol. 1 Of 3 - Or, The Oak...

    Cooper, James Fenimore

    Excerpt from The Bee-Hunter, Vol. 1 of 3: Or, the Oak Openings For ourselves, we firmly believe that the finger of Providence is pointing the way to all races, and colours, and nations, along the path that is to lead the East and the West alike, to...

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  • The Blessed Bees (Classic Reprint)

    Allen, John

    Excerpt from The Blessed Bees To write these chapters has been to me a labor of love. I hope they may serve in some measure to diffuse a knowledge of bee-culture, and to call attention to its pleasures and its profits. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • The Concentrations Of Bee (Classic Reprint)

    Bell, Lilian

    Excerpt from The Concentrations of Bee To those gentle critics and versatile friends who persist in finding prototypes in real life for my characters in fiction, I am compelled to issue a statement of facts. In Spite of complimentary inquiries as to...

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  • The Bee And White Ants, Their Manners And...

    Lardner, Dionysius

    Excerpt from The Bee and White Ants, Their Manners and Habits: With Illustrations of Animal Instinct and Intelligence Chap. 'vii. -188. Apiculture. 189. Suitable localities and pas turaga - 190. The Apiary. - 191. Out-door Apiary. -192. Bee house. -...

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  • e-book

    The Bee Hunters - A Tale of Adventure

    Aimard, Gustave

    French-born writer Gustave Aimard penned numerous action-adventure novels over the course of his literary career, many of which are set in Latin America and the western territories of the United States. His gripping tale The Bee Hunters begins with a...

  • e-book

    The Bee Eater


    The inside story of a maverick reformer with a take-no-prisoners management style Hailed by Oprah as a 'warrior woman for our times,' reviled by teachers unions as the enemy, Michelle Rhee, outgoing chancellor of Washington DC public schools, has...

  • e-book

    The Bees

    Duffy, Carol Ann

    'apos;Beautiful and moving poetry for the real world'apos; Jeanette Winterson, Guardian 'apos;Wonderful . . . a poet alert to every sound and shape of language'apos; Sunday Telegraph The Bees is Carol Ann Duffy'apos;s first collection of poems as...

  • e-book

    The Bees


    The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Hunger Games in this brilliantly imagined debut set in an ancient culture where only the queen may breed and deformity means death.Flora 717 is a sanitation worker, a member of the lowest caste in her orchard hive where...

  • e-book

    The Bee Eater


    The inside story of a maverick reformer with a take-no-prisoners management style Hailed by Oprah as a 'warrior woman for our times,' reviled by teachers unions as the enemy, Michelle Rhee, outgoing chancellor of Washington DC public schools, has...

  • e-book

    The Bee-atitudes - Bee-atrice the Bumblebee...


    Bee-atrice is a prideful bumblebee who refuses to identify as a worker bee. She never takes her work seriously and tries to show the rest of the hive that she is the grandest of them all. However, as Bee-atrice begins to understand the true meaning...

  • The Swarm From The Life Of The Bee (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Swarm From the Life of the Bee Restlessness seizes the people, and the old queen begins to stir. She feels that a new destiny is being prepared. She has religiously fulfilled her duty as a' good creatress; and from this duty done...

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  • e-book

    The Wedding Bees


    Sugar Wallace did not believe in love at first sight, but her bees did. . . .Every spring Sugar Wallace coaxes her sleepy honeybee queen—presently the sixth in a long line of Queen Elizabeths—out of the hive and lets her crawl around a treasured old...

  • e-book

    The Mason-Bees

    Fabre,J Henri; 1stWorld Library

    Reaumur (Rene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur (1683-1757), inventor of the Reaumur thermometer and author of 'Memoires pour servir a l'histoire naturelle des insectes.' - Translator's Note.) devoted one of his papers to the story of the Chalicodoma of...

  • e-book

    The Mason-Bees

    (3164099) present you this new edition. This volume contains all the essays on the Chalicodomae, or Mason-bees proper, which so greatly enhance the interest of the early volumes of the 'Souvenirs entomologiques. ' I have also included an essay on...

  • e-book

    The Humming Bee

    Victoria E. Kain

    The Humming Bee is a story about being happy with who you are.

  • Collateral Bee-Boxes, Or A New, Easy, And...

    White, Stephen

    Excerpt from Collateral Bee-Boxes, or a New, Easy, and Advantageous Method of Managing Bees: In Which Part of the Honey Is Taken Away, in an Easy and Pleasant Manner, Without Destroying, or Much Disturbing the Bees; Early Swarms, if Desired, Are...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The Spelling Bee

    Titus Schorr

    In this fictional narrative, Ben is at the spelling bee and it is his turn to spell a word! The text structure features a detailed description of what it is like to compete at the spelling bee. Bright illustrations will help readers follow along and...

  • e-book

    The Death of Bees

    Lisa O'apos;Donnell

    WINNER OF THE COMMONWEALTH BOOK PRIZE 2013Today is Christmas Eve. Today is my birthday. Today I am fifteen. Today I buried my parents in the backyard. Neither of them were beloved. Marnie and her little sister Nelly have always been different. Marnie...

  • e-book

    The Death of Bees


    A riveting, brilliantly written debut novel, The Death of Bees is a coming-of-age story in which two young sisters attempt to hold the world at bay after the mysterious death of their parents.Marnie and Nelly, left on their own in Glasgow's...

  • The Bee Book

    Milner, Charlotte

    Explore the secret world of bees: how they live, how they work, how they support each other and their hive. DK's The Bee Book is a wonderful introduction to the humble honeybee: nature's hardest worker, and much more than just a provider of honey!...

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  • The Bees of the World

    Michener,Charles D.

    The Bees of the World

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  • e-book

    The Boys and the Bees

    Mari Donne

    The only interesting thing about Why Yell, Iowa, is its name, so when Mark Johansen left for college, he didn'apos;t plan to return. But his family has other ideas: his father manipulates him into a job he hates and his mother uses him as a patch for...

  • e-book

    The Language of Bees and Other Insects

    Megan Kopp

    Insects make up a small but vital part of our world. From buzzing bees to beautiful butterflies, readers will learn about how these tiny life forms share information and communicate within groups.

  • Buzz A Buzz, Or The Bees (Classic Reprint)

    Busch, Wilhelm

    Excerpt from Buzz a Buzz, or the Bees And bears, and bull-frogs, ghosts as well All which my readers may discover Who con this true tale ten times over Or make ten other Bee Friends buy it; For three and six I can supply it. About the Publisher...

    sob encomenda
  • The Bee-man of Orn

    Lynch,P. J. (ilt); Stockton,Frank Richard

    When a Sorcerer tells him that he has been transformed from another sort of being, the Bee-man sets out to discover what he was in his earlier incarnation.

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  • The Bee's Kiss


    London. 1926. One war is over, another is beginning, and murder is sealed with a kiss.... At midnight she was ravishing: a tall redhead wearing emeralds and a low-cut dress. An hour later, in her room at the Ritz, she was dead, the jewels torn from...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The Perambulations of a Bee and a Butterfly

    Sandham, Elizabeth

    This charming tale follows the adventures of a bee and a butterfly as they make their way in the sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes dangerous natural world. Although the quirkily archaic language may make it a bit too difficult for younger readers to...

  • e-book

    The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee

    Abela, Deborah

    India Wimple can spell. Brilliantly. Every Friday night, she and her family watch the Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee. When the Wimples suggest she enter the next Bee, India says she'apos;s not good enough - but her family won'apos;t hear it...

  • e-book

    The Children'apos;s Life Of The Bee

    Maurice Maeterlinck

    Belgian playwright and Nobel prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck describes, in rich prose, the mechanics of the hive and its relation to human society. This book, originally published in 1901, is regarded as a classic of beekeeping literature.

  • audio livro

    The Bees


    Book description to come.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • The Bee-Keeper's Manual - Or Practical Hints...


    Excerpt from The Bee-Keeper's Manual: Or Practical Hints on the Management and Complete Preservation of the Honey-Bee Was often found more difficult of accomplish ment than expansion, had this been thought desirable; but brevity throughout has been...

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  • The Bee Book


    This charming illustrated non-fiction picture book takes you on an amazing journey through the world of bees. Bees are incredibly industrious, brilliant at building, super social, and - most importantly - along with other insects, they are...

  • e-book

    Buzz Bee, the Amazing Honeybee


    Buzz Bee is proud of the fact that she and her kind are the cleverest, the busiest and the most useful of all creatures on earth. Ambassadors of Nature, bees are a vital link between plants and animals. Who, but the amazing honey bee, can find the...

  • e-book

    The Summer We Saved the Bees


    In this middle-grade novel, twelve-year-old Wolf's mother is obsessed with saving the world's honeybees, but Wolf is less than enthusiastic about her plan to take her bee activism on the road.

  • e-book

    The Summer We Saved the Bees


    In this middle-grade novel, twelve-year-old Wolf's mother is obsessed with saving the world's honeybees, but Wolf is less than enthusiastic about her plan to take her bee activism on the road.

  • e-book

    The Bee-Eaters

    Fry,C. Hilary

    Dr Hilary Fry'apos;s study of the bee-eaters covers all 24 species of this colourful Family, which ranges from southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East to India, China, south-east Asia and Australia.A major part of the book comprises the species...

  • e-book

    Tell the Bees I'apos;m Sorry


    Physics Grad Student Marcus Fitzhughes agrees to leave New York City with his roommate, Andy, to visit Andy'apos;s uncles in Vermont. Marcus wants to escape the city and his ex-boyfriend, Dan, who hasn'apos;t taken their break up very well.In Vermont...

  • e-book

    Tell the Bees

    Annette Marie Smith

    A collection of love and lust poems that collectively 'tell the bees' of the birth, consummation and deaths of loves/lusts: a bouquet of flowers wrapped in the proverbial-saying-ribbon, 'He who would gather the honey must bear the sting of the bees.'

  • e-book

    Killing the Bee King


    Against a backdrop of escalating tension, in an England mismanaged by inept leadership, Napoleon Bonaparte is silently massing battle-hardened troops along the French coast in anticipation of a cross-Channel invasion. While Ireland violently protests...

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