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14 produtos
  • The Tooth Fairy

    Hall,Kirsten; Apperley,Dawn

    When he loses a tooth, a young boy excitedly awaits a visit from the tooth fairy.

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  • A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

    Albee,Sarah; Craig,Karen

    Blue loses her tooth and is visited by the tooth fairy, who leaves her a present.

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  • Peppa Pig - Peppa And The Tooth Fairy


    Peppa Pig discovers the Tooth Fairy!Peppa Pig has lost her first tooth. With the tooth safely under her pillow, Peppa waits for the Tooth Fairy to arrive! Read this delightful story book, and use the letter and tooth envelope to wait for the Tooth...

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  • e-book

    The Tooth Fairy Mystery

    Samantha D'apos;Alonzo

    Have you ever wondered what happens to your teeth after the Tooth Fairy takes them? Well it is time for your questions to be answered. Join Nick on this captivating mystery as he solves this age-old riddle. In the Tooth Fairy Mystery, put on your...

  • e-book

    The Tooth Fairy'apos;s Mistake

    Linda Dawley

    Anything could happen when a curious child and a worn out fairy are forced to team up. How can they make it work?Annabelle the Tooth Fairy has been hard at work for one hundred years and desperately needs help. She gets it from an unexpected source...

  • The Tooth Fairy


    Presents a coming-of-age story that follows an ordinary boy named Sam--and the unearthly being only he can see--from childhood to adolescence

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  • e-book

    Carter and the Tooth Fairy

    Wendy Gillespie

     Carter and the Tooth Fairy First time author and illustrator Wendy Gillespie writes about an actual encounter and discussion with her Grandson Carter about the Tooth Fairy. With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, this book...

  • Mabel the Tooth Fairy


    Relates how Mabel Becaharuvic's failure to brush or floss her own teeth turned her from an ordinary fairy into the Tooth Fairy.

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  • e-book

    Apps Apple and the Tooth Fairy


    When Apps finds a child'apos;s lost tooth she must rely on her friends, rather than gadgets, to return it to the Tooth Fairy.

  • e-book

    How to Catch the Tooth Fairy


    How to catch the Tooth Fairy? It's not an easy task. You can try to catch her, but she is just too fast!

  • e-book

    Chinese fairy tale - Please help the tiger to...

    Qiusheng Zhang

    'quot;Please help tiger to extract a tooth (painted version)'quot; Content abstract: For decades, teacher Zhang Qiusheng planted, watered his fairy tale tree. On luxuriant and leafy trees, each leaf is like a lovely little palm. These short fairy...

  • Berenstain Bears And The Tooth Fairy


    When Sister Bear notices that she has a loose tooth, she can't wait for it to fall out so that the Tooth Fairy will come and leave a quarter under her pillow. But then Sister finds out that her best friend, Lizzy Bruin, got even more for the last...

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  • A Quarter From The Tooth Fairy


    Combining two concepts into one, Scholastic came up with a new twist to their Hello Reader beginning reader line. The innovative Hello Math Reader series combines simple math concepts in an easy-to-read story plus six pages of math activities for...

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  • The Night Before the Tooth Fairy

    Wing,Natasha; Newman,Barbara Johansen

    Inspired by Clement Moore's Christmas poem, this verse tells the story of a boy's lost tooth.

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