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Resultados para: the withers livros

15 produtos
  • e-book

    Hildegarde Withers in the Riddle of the...


    Spinster sleuth Hildegarde Withers and Inspector Oscar Piper are on the case of murder among the dog breeders, in a case reminiscent of S.S. Van Dine's 'The Kennel Murder Case' (1933).

  • e-book

    The Burden of Guilt - Endurance to Strength

    Judie Withers

    Synopsis: Set in a small farming town in Kansas in the late 1940s, this novel is the touching story of a woman who endures much after her heart is broken. Emma is a young woman who makes several mistakes in her youth. She falls in love with her...

  • e-book

    The War of the Wheels - H. G. Wells and the...

    Jeremy Withers

    Amid apocalyptic invasions and time travel, one common machine continually appears in H. G. Wells'apos;s works: the bicycle. From his scientific romances and social comedies, to utopias, futurological speculations, and letters, Wells'apos;s texts...

  • The Whigs Vindicated - The Objections That...


    Excerpt from The Whigs Vindicated: The Objections That Are Commonly Brought Against Them Answer'd, and the Present Ministry Prov'd to Be the Best Friends to the Church, the Monarchy, the Lasting Peace, and Real Welfare of England; In a Letter to a...

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  • e-book

    Bravehearts - The Against-All-Odds Rise of...

    Bud Withers

    The inspirational and touching story of Gonzaga'apos;s rise from college basketball obscurity to near mythic status as everyone'apos;s favorite underdog, this book was penned by acclaimed college basketball writer Bud Withers, who has covered the...

  • e-book

    Tales from the Washington State Cougars...

    Dave Boling; Bud Withers

    During an association with the Washington State football program that started in 1977, Jim Walden established a foundation of competitive expectations that helped spur the success of contemporary Cougar teams. Walden’s 1981 Cougars broke a 51-year...

  • e-book

    Going Vertical: The Life of an Extreme...

    Withers,Pam; Berman,Tao

    Running wild in the mountains of eastern Washington as a child, world-class extreme kayaker and entrepreneur Tao Berman continues to run wild through the record books and life. A world-record waterfall-drop holder since his 98.4-foot kayak flight off...

  • Wildlife of the Galapagos

    Fitter,Julian; Fitter,Daniel; Hosking,David; Withers,Martin B. (ilt)

    Wildlife of the Galapagos

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  • A Vindication Of The Dissenters From The...


    Excerpt from A Vindication of the Dissenters From the Charge of Rebellion and Being the Authors of Our Civil Wars: Proving From the Most Authentick Historians; That the Unhappy War Between K. Charles I. And His Parliament Began Principally Upon a...

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  • e-book

    Geographies of the Book

    Charles W.J. Withers

    The geography of the book is as old as the history of the book, though far less thoroughly explored. Yet research has increasingly pointed to the spatial dimensions of book history, to the transformation of texts as they are made and moved from place...

  • Introduction To The Characterization Of...

    Hutchings,Michael T.; Withers,P. J.; Holden,Thomas M.; Lorentzen,Torben

    Introduction To The Characterization Of Residual Stress By Neutron Diffraction

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  • Zero Degrees - Geographies Of The Prime...

    Withers,Charles W J

    Space and time on earth are regulated by the prime meridian, 0, which is, by convention, based at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. But the meridian's location in southeast London is not a simple legacy of Britain's imperial past. Before the...

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  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Swords And...

    Withers,Harvey J. S.

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Swords And Sabres

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  • The Illustrated Directory Of Swords & Sabres

    Withers,Harvey J. S.

    The Illustrated Directory Of Swords & Sabres

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  • Space Within - Reshaping the Home For...


    Contemporary life demands that we make the most of our space and time. With that in mind, this book describes how best to adapt your home to suit your lifestyle, providing over 20 real-life case studies, and showing how they were converted to suit...

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