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  • Tempo do Desprezo - Col. The Witcher - Vol. 4...


    Tempo do desprezo é o quarto livro da saga do bruxo Geralt de Rívia. Geralt lutou contra monstros e demônios por todo o país, mas até ele pode não estar preparado para o que está acontecendo com seu mundo. Há intrigas, divergências e rebeliões por...

  • Além do Túmulo - Vol. 4 - Col. The 39 Clues


    Desilusão e mágoa. É o que Amy e Dan sentem quando chegam ao Egito à procura da próxima pista. Depois de grandes traições na Coreia do Sul, os irmãos cada vez mais entendem que estão sozinhos na caça às 39 pistas e não devem confiar em ninguém....

  • The Walking Dead - A Queda Do Governador -...

    Kirkman,Robert; Kirkman,Robert; Bonansinga



    O quarto livro da série The Walking Dead Michonne finalmente conseguiu sua vingança. E parece que dessa vez nem o Governador será capaz de se recuperar. Ao encontrá-lo espancado, mutilado e com um fio de vida, Bruce e Gabe acham que Woodbury perdeu...

  • The Flash Vol. 4 - Rebirth

    Williamson, Joshua

    The aftermath of 'The Button' has left Barry Allen--the Fastest Man Alive, known as the Flash--at a crossroads. Can he continue lying to the woman he loves about his secret identity? Can he mend his broken relationship with Kid Flash? Green Lantern...

  • Batman Vol. 4 - The War Of Jokes And Riddles...


    Early in Batman's career, the Joker and the Riddler would seemingly be natural allies. But each man determined that he and he alone must be the one to kill the Bat...and either would sooner burn down Gotham than be beaten to the punch line. Untold...

  • Seraph Of The End - Vol. 4

    Kagami, Takaya

    Yuichiro foi com seus companheiros Yoichi, Kimizuki, Shinoa e Mitsuba até Shinjuku para enfrentar os vampiros que planejavam dominar a cidade. Ao chegar ao local, eles se depararam com Mikaela, que havia se tornado um vampiro...

  • The Flash Vol. 4- Reverse


    The stakes have never been higher as Barry races towards a deadly confrontation with the Reverse Flash!

  • Batman - Detective Comics Vol. 2 - The Victim...

    Tynion Iv ,James; Eddy Barrows

    Innocent victims maimed or broken by Batman's greatest enemies band together, and they blame Batman and his fellow vigilantes for what happened to them just as much as they blame the psychopaths who hurt them. Batman and his newly trained team of...

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy: New Guard Vol. 4 -...

    Bendis,Brian Michael

    The Guardians of the Galaxy have been grounded! The spacefaring super heroes are stuck, of all places, on Earth. And to make matters worse, they're also not necessarily a team anymore. Just what's an urban spaceman like Peter Quill to do? As Groot...

  • Daredevil Vol. 4 - The Autobiography Of Matt...

    Waid,Mark; Waid,Mark; Samnee, Chris

    In order to preserve the new life he's built, Daredevil is faced with a critical decision which may mean the death of Matt Murdock! Plus, with a new rival in town, is DD's time in San Francisco coming to an end?

  • The Sandman Vol. 4- Season Of Mists

    Gaiman, Neil

    Ten thousand years ago, Lord Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell.

  • Deadpool Vol.4 - The Complete Collection

    Way. Daniel

    Deadpool is desperate to end it all. but his healing factor makes dying a near-impossibility. When Wade finds the one thing in the world that can kill him - a serum that permanently disables his regenerative abilities - he just might get his wish....

  • The Sisters Vol. 4: Selfie Awareness -...


    Wendy and Maureen are in vacation mode. Wendy loves summer, the beach, and the sun. She loves getting a tan. But her little sister, Maureen, is more annoying than sand in a bathing suit! But a family boat trip makes the siblings appreciate their life...

  • The Walking Dead - Vol. 4 - The Heart's...

    Kirkman,Robert; Kirkman,Robert

    Life in the prison starts to get interesting for Rick Grimes and the rest of our survivors. Relationships heat up, fizzle out, and change entirely almost overnight. In this volume, relationships between key characters are radically changed, setting...

  • Pogo Vol. 4 - Under The Bamboozle Bush

    Gaiman,Neil; Kelly,Walt

    In addition to presenting all of 1955 and 1956â (TM)s daily Pogo strips complete and in order for the first time anywhere (many of them once again scanned from original syndicate proofs, for their crispest and most detailed appearance ever), Pogo:...

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  • All-New Wolverine Vol. 1- The Four Sisters

    Taylor,Tom; Lopez,David

    Now SHE'S the best there is! X-23 was created to be a weapon, but with the help of her mentor, Logan - the original Wolverine - she escaped that dark past. Now the man she knew has fallen, but Laura will honor his memory as the All-New Wolverine. But...

  • Black Panther Vol. 4 - Avengers Of The New...


    Where next for the Black Panther? Find out as a sensational new arc begins! Eons ago - before Black Panthers, before Wakanda, before time itself - there were only the Orishas! The pantheon of gods and goddesses from which the world as we know it was...

  • Goong vol. 4 The Royal Palace


    After the king grants his late brother a posthumous coronation, the status quo shifts dramatically as his widow, Yul's mother, gains power in the palace. And she definitely has it out for Shin and Chae-Kyung! When the newlyweds are invited to go...

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  • Justice League Vol. 4 - The Grid


    As the Justice League continue to combats threats across the world, the members of the team find themselves fractured and torn apart--just as a deadly new society of villains emerge

  • Spiral vol. 4 The Bonds Of Reasoning


    When Hiyono turns the tables on Rio and Kousuke and demands a rematch for Ayumu, she ends up getting kidnapped! However, it looks like there'll be a rematch after all. In exchange for his trusty information dealer, Ayumu must hand over Hiyono's hard...

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  • Nightschool vol. 4 The Weirn Books


    The Sohrem is rising, the Hunters are on the move, and Alex is caught in the middle! As forces conspire to draw the young weirn and her allies back to an empty school, the shadow of the enemy who has been pulling all the strings begins to show. But...

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  • Wolverine & The X-Men - Vol. 4

    Aaron, Jason

    AVX tie-in! The final battle begins! The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning has seen its loyalties - and its faculty - divided by the war between the Avengers and the X-Men. But now, with the Phoenix Force corrupting Cyclops' team, Wolverine's...

  • Constantine: The Hellblazer Vol. 2

    tynion iv,james; Doyle,Ming

    The Hellblazer is back and he's settled in New York City! Now that he's rid himself of the ghosts that have haunted him for years, John Constantine finds himself face-to-face with an even scarier spectre: himself. With all the time he's freed up not...

  • Uncanny Avengers Vol. 4 - Avenge The Earth


    Welcome to Planet X, the new mutant homeworld, where everything is great - if you possess the mutant gene! The Wasp is the last human alive, relentlessly pursued by Magneto's All-New X-Force, and protected by her husband Havok! Now, as Kang's Chronos...

  • Guardians Of The Galay Vol. 4 - Original Sin


    The true ending of the Cancerverse saga - revealed at last! Remember when Star-Lord, Thanos and Nova were trapped in the horrific Cancerverse? When Star-Lord and Nova were going to sacrifice their lives to take out Thanos once and for all? Nova...

  • Batman - Detective Comics Vol. 1 - Rise Of...

    Tynion Iv ,James; Eddy Barrows

    A part of DC Universe: Rebirth! DETECTIVE COMICS is back! Follow the adventures of Batman, the world's greatest...teacher?! The Dark Knight and series co-star Batwoman team up to take new protégés Red Robin, Spoiler and the villainous Clayface under...

  • The Asterisk War - Vol. 4


    Ayato and Julis have made it to the final rounds of the Phoenix, but now that Ayato's greatest weakness is public knowledge, they'll need some clever strategies to stay on top. Unfortunately, that's when Ayato makes contact with Le Wolfe's Tyrant,...

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  • The Asterisk War - Vol. 4


    Kirin Toudou is the top-ranked student at Seidoukan Academy despite her young age, but there's one enemy she cannot face--her controlling, abusive uncle! After witnessing the man's cruelty toward his niece, Ayato steps in to help, but he soon finds...

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  • Disney Masters Vol. 4: Daan Jippes And Freddy...


    Watchful uncle Donald Duck doesn't want Huey, Dewey, and Louie taking on a daring Junior Woodchuck mission at 20 degrees below zero. But Donald's 'survivalist' nephews insist they can stake out the coldest night of the year in an abandoned trailer in...

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  • The Devil Is A Parttimer Vol. 4


    The arrival of Suzuno Kamazuki has made everybody's life more complicated! After some misunderstandings regarding her intentions toward Maou are cleared up, Emi asks for her help to...defeat the Devil King?! Meanwhile, a shadowy assailant continues...

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  • Marvel Universe Digest - Marvel Universe...

    ; Comics,Marvel

    Drax the Destroyer vs. the Asgardian Destroyer! Star-Lord goes missing! Rocket loses his temper (well, what else is new?)! From Spartax to the Kree homeworld to a holiday break you won't want to miss a stop on the Guardians' latest collection!...

  • The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya vol. 4


    When the SOS Brigade receives an urgent message that the Computer Research Society's president has gone missing, Haruhi confidently promises to locate him, and the SOS Brigade is off!Of course, they have no idea where to start...Is the new SOS...

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  • The Water Dragon's Bride, Vol. 4


    A modern-day girl gets whisked away to a strange land where she is sacrificed to a water dragon god! In the blink of an eye, a modern-day girl named Asahi is whisked away from her warm and happy home and stranded in a strange and mysterious world...

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  • Children of the Sea vol. 4


    The sea has a story to tell, one you've never heard before... Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for T+ audiences. Jim, Dehdeh, and Ruka's mom finally track down Anglade's yacht, but neither the rouge scientist nor Umi and Ruka are on board. All that...

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  • The Irregular At Magic High School - Vol. 4


    The rookie competition is one of the most highly anticipated spectacles of the Nine School Competition and a chance for freshman athletes to shine. First High's beloved Miyuki Shiba takes center stage during these matches to give a beautifully...

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  • Maximum Ride The Manga Vol. 4

    Patterson,James; Lee,NaRae

    Despite their initial hesitation, living with Anne has softened the Flock, so Max is keenly aware that it's time to leave. With Thanksgiving so near, though, all of them want to stay, at least until they've had their first ever Thanksgiving turkey!...

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  • The Isolator, Vol. 4 (Light Novel) - The...

    Kawahara, Reki

    Though the infiltration team narrowly escaped Liquidizer's cunning trap, no one knows if Suu Komura will recover from her appalling injuries. Minoru begins to question whether all this suffering is worth it. Unfortunately, there's no time for him to...

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  • Thor God Of Thunder Vol.4 - The Last Days Of...

    Aaron, Jason

    Thor battles to save Earth, but who can he fight when the planet itself is dying? S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Roz Solomon has a suggestion: the world's most nefarious energy company, Roxxon, and its ruthless new CEO, 'the Minotaur!' Has Thor met his match in...

  • The Young Master's Revenge, Vol. 4


    Love's revenge can be sweet. When Leo was a young boy, he had his pride torn to shreds by Tenma, a girl from a wealthy background who was always getting him into trouble. Now, years after his father's successful clothing business has made him the...

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  • The Case Study Of Vanitas, Vol. 4


    Deep within the bowels of Paris, Noé and Vanitas race through the catacombs with an elite team of Chasseurs, the Church's anti-vampire unit, in hot pursuit. Their search for the missing vampires takes the pair down a path all too familiar to Vanitas,...

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  • The Earl and the Fairy vol. 4


    Lydia can see fairies, but can she tell who the re Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor, one of the few people with the ability to see the magical creatures who share our world. During one of her rare trips to London to visit her father, Lydia's quiet...

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  • The Betrayal Knows My Name vol. 4


    In their war with the Duras, the Zweilt rely almost entirely on the power of the bonds between them and their allies. But with each battle and every passing reincarnation, is there not the danger of cracks developing in the glue that holds these...

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  • The Testament Of Sister New Devil Storm! Vol....


    BASARA BEACH PARTYBasara and the rest of the Toujo clan decide it's time to beat the heat--at the beach! But when Basara and the gorgeous girls that call him master are involved, things are bound to become an entirely different kind of heated. Along...

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  • Trinity Seven Vol. 4 The Seven Magicians

    Saitou, Kenji

    One of Trinity Seven's own members, the fiendish Liese, attacks Arata with a 'passionate kiss' that purloins all of his magical powers! With the Demon Lord Candidate's magic in her possession, Liese's powers are unmatched. But the key to defeating...

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