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  • The Battle-Field Of Bunker Hill - With A...

    Frothingham, Richard

    Excerpt from The Battle-Field of Bunker Hill: With a Relation of the Action by William Prescott, and Illustrative Documents; A Paper Communicated to the Massachusetts Historical Society, June 10, 1875, With Additions Because these questions must be...

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  • The Command In The Battle Of Bunker Hill -...

    Frothingham, Richard

    Excerpt from The Command in the Battle of Bunker Hill: With a Reply to 'Remarks on Frothingham's History of the Battle, by S. Swett' The conclusion reached is that there was no general commander, other than Gen. Ward, of the Bunker Hill battle. After...

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  • e-book

    Doomsday Bunker Book - Your Complete Guide to...

    Ben Jakob

    We have all heard of people talking about a doomsday, or watched the TV show Doomsday Preppers. We have heard people called 'Preppers', or 'What Iffers'. People have been talking about some sort of 'End of the World' scenario, for decades. Even the...

  • e-book

    Doomsday Bunker Book - Your Complete Guide to...

    Ben Jakob

    We all have heard of people talking, pontificating and preaching about a doomsday, or have watched the TV show Doomsday Preppers. We have heard people called 'Preppers', or 'What Iffers'. People have been talking about some sort of 'End of the World'...

  • audio livro

    Behind The Bunker's Podcast


    A Weekly Live Paintball Show

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Count Bunker

    Clouston,J. Storer

    Count Bunker is the sequel to J. Storer Clouston's wildly popular comedic romp, The Lunatic at Large. In this equally amusing follow-up, old pals Baron Rudolph von Blitzenberg and Francis Mandell-Essington reunite for more madcap antics. Fans of P....

  • General Israel Putnam - The Commander At...

    Drake,Samuel Adams

    Excerpt from General Israel Putnam: The Commander at Bunker Hill The question who is entitled to be considered as command ing in the battle of Bunker Hill is a strictly military one. No written orders concerning the events of the day are in exist...

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  • The Animal Factory


    When Earl Copen, a veteran of San Quentin, takes it upon himself to instruct newcomer Ron Decker in the details of prison protocol, a bond like that between father and son develops between the two men. Reprint. 15,000 first printing. (A new film,...

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  • e-book

    The Handbook of Large Group Methods -...

    Alban,Billie T.; Bunker,Barbara Benedict

    Large Group Interventions are methods used to gather a whole system together to discuss and take action on the target agenda. That agenda varies from future plans, products, and services, to redesigning work, to discussion of troubling issues and...

  • Grandmother's Story Of Bunker-Hill Battle -...

    Holmes,Oliver Wendell

    Excerpt from Grandmother's Story of Bunker-Hill Battle: As She Saw It From the Belfry Nay, stem with rage grim Putnam boiling And menaced Gage, unless he'd flee, Plundered both Hogg and Noddle Island, T 0 drive him headlong to the sea; Scared troops...

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  • History Of The Siege Of Boston, And Of The...

    Frothingham, Richard

    Excerpt from History of the Siege of Boston, and of the Battles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill: Also, an Account of the Bunker Hill Monument; With Illustrative Documents The author takes pleasure in expressing grateful acknowledgments to the...

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  • e-book

    Churchill'apos;s Bunker - The Secret...


    'apos;This is the room from which I will direct the war,'apos; Churchill declared, shortly after becoming Prime Minister in 1940. It was from these cramped confines that Churchill turned a seemingly inevitable defeat at the hands of the Nazis into a...

  • audio livro

    View From the Bunker


    The nexus of theology and conspiracy: angels and demons, secret societies and government cover-ups -- the eternal war between good and evil. Welcome to the battlefield.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Doubts Concerning The Battle Of Bunker's Hill...


    Excerpt from Doubts Concerning the Battle of Bunker's Hill: Addressed to the Christian Public Dear brethren, I address you by the appella tion of Brethren, for, as a man of the world, I wish to set an example of friendship and charity, in which...

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  • e-book

    In Hitler's Bunker: A Boy Soldier's...

    Carroll,Tim; Lehmann,Armin

    During the last months of Hitler's Berlin, an estimated 30,000 German teenagers perished defending their beloved Fhrer in the Russian onslaught. Armin Lehmann was one of the few boy soldiers who escaped the bloodbath. Like every other member of the...

  • An Address Delivered At The Laying Of The...


    Excerpt from An Address Delivered at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Bunker Hill Monument Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all...

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  • audio livro

    Social Media | Podcasting | Internet...


    This Podcast and Meetup group brings together individuals and small business owners who want to learn more about social media, podcasting, internet marketing and new media. The show is a little crazy and we decided to classify it as a Comedy Podcast....

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Crow Killer, New Edition - The Saga of...

    Bunker,Robert; Thorp,Raymond W. Jr.

    The movie Jeremiah Johnson introduced millions to the legendary mountain man, John Johnson. The real Johnson was a far cry from the Redford version. Standing 6'apos;2'quot; in his stocking feet and weighing nearly 250 pounds, he was a mountain man...

  • e-book

    Handwriting Analysis - The Art and Science of...

    M N Bunker

    The Best Insurance Policy Money Can'apos;t BuyTrust is a very powerful thing. But in today'apos;s world, it can be hard to decide who you can trust and who you can'apos;t.Have you ever had nagging doubts when you left your car at the mechanic? Or...

  • e-book

    Justice and the Media - Reconciling Fair...

    Matthew D. Bunker

    USE THIS FIRST PARAGRAPH ONLY FOR GENERAL CATALOGS... The First Amendment right of free speech is a fragile one. Its fragility is found no less in legal opinions than in other, less specialized forms of public discourse. Both its fragility and its...

  • Young Benjamin Franklin - The Birth Of...

    Bunker, Nick

    In this new account of Franklin's early life, Pulitzer finalist Nick Bunker portrays him as a complex, driven young man who elbows his way to success. From his early career as a printer and journalist, to his scientific work and his role as a founder...

  • Motion Study - A Method For Increasing The...

    Gilbreth,Frank Bunker

    Excerpt from Motion Study: A Method for Increasing the Efficiency of the Workman The aim of motion study is to find and perpetuate the scheme of perfection. There are three stages in this study. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • From the Bunker


    From the Bunker

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  • Anaesthesia And the Practice of Medicine:...

    Sykes,Keith; Bunker,John

    Anaesthesia And the Practice of Medicine: Historical Perspectives

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