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1657 produtos
  • The Four - Or, How To Build A Trillion Dollar...


    Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are in an unprecedented race towards a $1 trillion valuation and whoever gets there first will exert untold influence over the global economy, public policy, and consumer behaviour. How did these four become so...

  • The Company She Keeps


    The Company She Keeps

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  • The Company You Keep


    The Company You Keep

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  • The Company of Cats


    The murder of millionaire Arthur Arbuthnot is accompanied by wild speculation over which of his greedy relatives did the deed, but the case is soon complicated by the discovery that Arthur's beloved cat is the primary beneficiary of his fortune....

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  • The Company You Keep


    When her best friend Bernie's boyfriend, a notorious womanizer, is brutally murdered, Kendra Clayton is unexpectedly implicated in the crime, forcing her to launch her own investigation where she falls for the man who may hold the key to this...

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  • The Company-state

    Stern,Philip J.

    Almost since the event itself in 1757, the English East India Company's victory over the forces of the nawab of Bengal and the territorial acquisitions that followed has been perceived as the moment when the British Empire in India was born....

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  • The White Company

    Doyle,Arthur Conan; Conan Doyle,Arthur

    The White Company

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  • The Complete Works of Isaac Babel

    Constantine,Peter (TRN); Babel,Nathalie (edt)

    The collected short stories of a master of the form are accompanied by an assortment of letters, plays, diaries, and screenplays in a remarkable, authorized anthology. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

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  • The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel

    Babel, Isaac; Babel,Nathalie; Constantine, Peter; Constantine,Peter (TRN); Babel,Nathalie (edt); Ozick,Cynthia (int)

    Presents the Russian author's stories in new translations, including a chronology and notes on the texts.

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  • The Company They Keep - How Partisan...

    Baum,Lawrence; Devins,Neal

    Are Supreme Court justices swayed by the political environment that surrounds them? Most people think 'yes,' and they point to the influence of the general public and the other branches of government on the Court. It is not that simple, however. As...

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  • The Children Of The Company


    A sixth installment of the Company series finds immortal Executive Facilitator General Labienus scheming to harness the powers of a rival's protégé and dispose of an inconvenient ghost from his past as part of his plot to take over the world. By the...

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  • The Nazis


    Previously unpublished archival material, photographs, and eyewitness testimony offer a look at Nazi Germany from Hitler's rise to power to the end of World War II

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  • The Zookeeper's Wife - A War Story


    The New York Times bestseller soon to be a major motion picture starring Jessica Chastain.A true story in which the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo saved hundreds of people from Nazi hands.After their zoo was bombed, Polish zookeepers Jan and Antonina...

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  • The Odyssey Of Echo Company - The 1968 TET...


    SELECTED BY MILITARY TIMES AS A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR * SELECTED BY THE SOCIETY OF MIDLAND AUTHORS' AS THE BEST NONFICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR The New York Times bestselling author of In Harm's Way and Horse Soldiers shares the powerful account of an...

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  • The Dictators


    An analytical study of the dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin discusses their public images in comparison with their private personalities, their ascents to power, their creations of extermination camps and the Soviet Gulag, and the massive wars that...

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  • The History of Love


    Sixty years after a book's publication, its author remembers his lost love and missing son, while a teenage girl, named for one of the book's characters, seeks her namesake, as well as a cure for her widowed mother's loneliness. By the author of Man...

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  • The Complete Works of Isaac Babel

    Babel, Isaac; Constantine,Peter (TRN); Babel,Nathalie (edt); Ozick,Cynthia (int)

    The collected short stories of a master of the form also includes letters, plays, diaries, and screenplays in a remarkable, authorized anthology. 15,000 first printing.

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  • The Rise And Fall Of Nations


    This pioneering work demystifies the drivers behind political, economic, and social change.Shaped by his twenty-five years traveling the world, and enlivened by encounters with villagers from Rio to Beijing, tycoons, and presidents, Ruchir Sharma’s...

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  • The Company Citizen - Good For Business,...


    Business doing good is doing good business; this book learns from the era where governments ruled the world, pre-globalisation, and where business looked after itself, where issues like climate change, resource depletion and even poverty and hunger...

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  • The Company Town


    Company town: the very phrase sounds un-American. Yet company towns are the essence of America. Hershey bars, Corning glassware, Kohler bathroom fixtures, Maytag washers, Spam--each is the signature product of a company town in which one business,...

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  • The Company Citizen - Good For Business,...


    Business doing good is doing good business; this book learns from the era where governments ruled the world, pre-globalisation, and where business looked after itself, where issues like climate change, resource depletion and even poverty and hunger...

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  • The Jungle

    Eby,Clare Virginia; Sinclair,Upton

    The Jungle

  • The Sound And The Fury (3rd Ed.)

    Faulkner,William; Minter,David (edt)

    William Faulkner’s provocative and enigmatic 1929 novel, The Sound and the Fury, is widely acknowledged as one of the most important English-language novels of the twentieth century. This revised and expanded Norton Critical Edition builds on the...

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  • The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe

    Poe,Edgar Allan; Thompson,Gary Richard (edt); Allan Poe, Edgar

    The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe

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  • The Daring Young Man On the Flying Trapeze


    The Daring Young Man On the Flying Trapeze

  • The Partnership


    The Cornish village of Lanruan and its colorful inhabitants form the backdrop to the story of two men, Foley and Moss, who are partners in a successful small business manufacturing plaster pixies for the tourist trade, and Gwendolyn, the woman who...

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  • The Adolescent

    Macandrew,Andrew; Dostoiévski, Fiódor; Dostoevsky,Fyodor Mikhailovich

    The Adolescent

  • The Gambler

    Macandrew,Andrew R. (TRN); Dostoiévski, Fiódor; Dostoevsky,Fyodor Mikhailovich

    Dostoevsky's autobiographical novel combines aspects of two obsessions: the love of a rejecting woman and the fever of gambling

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  • The Householder

    Jhabvala,Ruth Prawer

    Prem, a newly married, young teacher in New Delhi, finds the responsibilities of being a householder perplexing, daily life with his absurd wife bewildering, and confrontations with his headmaster unnerving

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  • The Abyssinian


    Set in the time of King Louis XIV of France, this baroque, romantic novel follows talented apothecary and physician Jean-Baptist Poncet on a diplomatic mission to Abyssinia, where he falls in love with the French consul's daughter, struggles with the...

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  • The Trolley

    Simon, Claude; Howard,Richard (TRN)

    The Trolley

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  • The Hothouse

    Koeppen,Wolfgang; Hofmann,Michael

    Grieving over the death of his wife and disillusioned by the political corruption that surrounds him, Keetenheuve, a minor German politician, confronts the political and social turmoil surrounding him in a ravaged, post-war nation. Reprint.

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  • The Hide


    An early novel by a Booker Prize-winning author follows the story of Simon, who digs a series of tunnels from which to snoop on other people and who ultimately comes into conflict with one of those people upon whom he spied. Original.

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  • The Golem

    Neugroschel,Joachim (edt)

    A collection of fictional writings about the folklore character of the Golem, a creature made of clay and brought to life by Rabbi Leyb of Prague in the sixteenth century, includes a translation of H. Leivick's blank verse play, Yudl Rosenberg's...

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  • The Midas Murders


    American anthropologist Penny Spring and British archaeologist Sir Toby Glendower embark on their twelfth adventure aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, where a rakish father-and-son pair of millionaires meet their end

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  • The Perfect Age


    When her daughter embarks upon a first job as a hotel pool lifeguard, Kathy, feeling adrift in her too-stable marriage, begins an affair with her daughter's boss, in a story that traces the sexual awakenings of both mother and daughter throughout the...

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  • The Fifth Woman

    Mankell,Henning; Murray,Steven T.; Murray, Steven T. (TRN); Murray,Steven T. (TRN)

    Inspector Kurt Wallander searches for a ruthless killer as he uncovers the link between the murders of four nuns and another unidentified woman in an Algerian convent and the death of a birdwatcher found skewered in a pit of carefully sharpened...

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  • The Identity Club

    Burgin, Richard

    The Identity Club

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  • The Black House


    A collection of dark tales, originally published in 1981, sketches the lives of suburban residents who appear normal at first but who are later revealed to have macabre realities. By the late author of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Reprint. 13,000 first...

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  • The Sari Shop


    Spending unfulfilling days working in a fabric shop in Amritsar, Ramchand is sent to a new part of the city to show samples to a wealthy family, an experience that introduces him to a different way of life and compels him to pursue the hopeful dreams...

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  • The Western Coast

    Fox,Paula; Busch, Frederick; Fox,Paula

    Alone in Hollywood with World War II fast approaching and America facing further adversity, young Annie Gianfala fights to survive personal misfortune.

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  • The Electrical Field


    When a lonely, middle-aged Japanese-Canadian woman is implicated in the murder of a beautiful young girl in a small Ontario suburb, the whole community is forced to come to terms with its dark past. A first novel. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • The Ionian Mission


    A sudden turn of events takes Jack Aubrey, now a senior captain, and his friend, surgeon and intelligence agent Stephen Maturin, on a hazardous mission to the Greek islands

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  • The Tinkling Symbol

    Taylor,Phoebe Atwood

    The Tinkling Symbol

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