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222 produtos
  • The House Next Door

    Patterson, James

    Danger lurks in plain sight with a beguiling neighbor, a suspect's wife, and a mysterious message from space in three electrifying thrillers from the World's Bestselling Writer, James Patterson.The House Next Door (with Susan DiLallo): Married mother...

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  • The Ceo Next Door

    Raz,Tahl; Botelho,Elena; Powell,Kim

    Everything you thought you knew about becoming a CEO is wrong. You must graduate from an elite college or business school. In fact, only 7 percent of the CEOs of today's companies went to a top school--and 8 percent didn't graduate from college at...

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  • The Woman Next Door

    Green ,Cass

    Two suburban women. Two dark secrets. The almost perfect murder.Everybody needs good neighbours…Melissa and Hester have lived next door to each other for years. When Melissa’s daughter was younger, Hester was almost like a grandmother to her. But...

  • The Door in the Tree


    As three children spend their vacation at their uncle's farmhouse in Wales, they discover powerful forces of magic and are drawn into exciting adventures--along with important roles to play in the eternal battle of good and evil.

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  • The Thanksgiving Door


    When their turkey burns, Ann and Ed happen upon a restaurant run by a friendly immigrant family who are more than happy to have them join their Thanksgiving celebration.

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  • The Trap Door


    History is broken and three children must travel back in time to set it right. Dak, Sera and Riq turn their attention to the next of the Great Breaks - and this one turns out deeply personal for Riq. In the years leading to the US Civil War, the...

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  • The Next-door Dogs

    Rodowsky,Colby; Bates,Amy June

    Although terrified of dogs, nine-year-old Sara forces herself to face a labrador retriever and a dalmatian when she must help her next-door neighbor, who has fallen and broken her leg.

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  • The Door To Bitterness


    The fourth Sergeant George Sueno Investigation Seoul, 1970s: As North Korea menaces and Vietnam burns, US 8th Army CID agent Sergeant George Sueno and his partner, Ernie Bascom, weave through back alleys and bordellos, trying to tip the scales of...

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  • Proibida - The Black Door




    Entre o importante trabalho como sócia de uma firma de advocacia e o relacionamento com um dos solteiros mais cobiçados de Nova York, Ariel Vaughn parece ter tudo. Mas o sexo com o juiz Preston Hendricks havia esfriado consideravelmente. Por meio de...

  • The Black Door

    Tripp, Velvet



    The Black Door

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  • The Boy Next Door

    Stine,R. L.

    When handsome Scott moves next door and becomes Shadyside High's new football star, Lauren and Crystal go out of their way to attract his attention, unaware that his last girlfriend died under mysterious circumstances.

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  • The Way a Door Closes

    Evans,Shane; Smith,Hope Anita; Evans, Shane; Evans,Shane

    A collection of poems focuses on thirteen-year-old C.J.'s struggle to cope with his father's disappearance.

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  • The Cat Next Door


    In order to prove to her mother that she is responsible enough to have a cat, a little girl befriends the silver tabby who lives next door, in a work that is accompanied by a real cat necklace.

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  • The Cat Next Door


    A girl learns to be responsible for a neighbor's cat and eventually gets her own kitten.

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  • The Couple Next Door


    It all started at a dinner party. . .A domestic suspense debut about a young couple and their apparently friendly neighbors—a twisty, rollercoaster ride of lies, betrayal, and the secrets between husbands and wives. . .Anne and Marco Conti seem to...

  • The Cat Next Door


    Arriving in England after spending some time in New York, Margot is shocked to discover that her cousin Chloe is in prison, awaiting trial for murdering her twin sister Claudia, and as the trial approaches, Margot soon discovers, with a little help...

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  • The Girl Next Door


    When her famous pop star sister, who is a contestant on a reality show called 'Lady's Choice,' gets injured, producer Shayla Tennison is convinced by Michael Grant, an undercover security consultant posing as a contestant, to take her place, which...

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  • The Family Next Door


    America's next favorite Australian author!'With jaw-dropping discoveries and realistic consequences, this novel is not to be missed. Perfect for lovers of Big Little Lies.' --Library Journal, starred reviewSmall, perfect towns often hold the deepest...

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  • The Lord Next Door

    Callen, Gayle

    To save her family from financial ruin, Victoria Shelby must transform herself into the perfect society lady to win a wealthy husband, only to find herself embarking on a marriage to her childhood friend, David Thurlow, a onetime servant boy who has...

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  • The Woman Next Door

    Delinsky, Barbara; Ziemba,Karen (NRT)

    The Woman Next Door

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  • The Prince Next Door


    When her clothing-optional cruise is cancelled, dermatologist Serena Gregory decides to help her mysterious new neighbor, who claims to be a crown prince, commit a crime that could either land her in jail or save the future of an entire European...

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  • The Devil's Door


    Treating a brutally beaten countess at the Convent of the Paraclete, novice Catherine LeVendeur is frustrated by the woman's refusal to name her attackers and is forced to choose between justice and the life promised to her by a forbidden lover....

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  • The Silver Door


    Internationally bestselling author Emily Rodda returns to the world of Deltora in book two of her brilliant new trilogy. Rye made it through the golden Door and rescued his oldest brother, but his troubles are far from over. The walled city of Weld...

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  • The Undead Next Door


    Jean-Luc Echarpe needs to go into hiding, just long enough so that people will forget what he looks like...because when you’re a vampire, the fact that you never age is cause for scrutiny. Exiled to a small town in Texas, life is almost bearable...

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  • The Family Next Door


    America's next favorite Australian author!'With jaw-dropping discoveries and realistic consequences, this novel is not to be missed. Perfect for lovers of Big Little Lies.' --Library Journal, starred reviewSmall, perfect towns often hold the deepest...

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  • The Duke Next Door


    The dangerously beautiful Deirdre Cantor is determined to inherit her grandfather’s vast fortune. All she needs is to marry a duke - and be the first granddaughter to walk down the aisle. After all, she has always dreamed of becoming a member of the...

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  • The People Next Door


    A PERFECT FAMILY Mick and Amy Nash are an ordinary couple leading ordinary lives. And then, into the house next door move the Renders - beautiful, charming, perfect ...and not at all what they pretend to be. AN EVIL SECRET Too late Mick learns that...

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  • The Bride Next Door


    USA Today bestselling author Hope Ramsay proves that love arrives when we least expect it. Courtney Wallace loves her job as a wedding planner, but she's almost given up on her own happily-ever-after. She certainly doesn't it expect to find it with...

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  • The Family Next Door - International Edition


    Small, perfect towns often hold the deepest secrets.From the outside, Essie’s life looks idyllic: a loving husband, a beautiful house in a good neighborhood, and a nearby mother who dotes on her grandchildren. But few of Essie’s friends know her...

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  • The Millionaire Next Door

    Stanley, Thomas J.; Danko,William D.; Smith,Cotter (NRT)

    Examines the ways wealthy people earn and manage their money to remain financially secure.

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  • The Golden Door


    The start of a stirring fantasy trilogy from Emily Rodda, the internationally bestselling author of Dragons of Deltora! The walled city of Weld is under attck from ferocious flying creatures that raid in the night, bringing death and destruction. The...

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  • Mind the Door!

    Barlow,Steve; Skidmore,Steve

    Mind the Door!

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  • The Girl Next Door


    She's out to clear his father's name... and caught in killer's sights. The affluent town of Hoffman, Ney Jersey, was shattered when esteemed doctor Duncan Avery stabbed his wife to death one spring evening. Now, fifteen years later, struggling...

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  • Shut the Door


    In the wake of their parent's emotional absence and crumbling marriage, two teenage sisters struggle to carve their identities as young adults, while their father, away on an extended business trip, reevaluates his family role and relationships. A...

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  • Shut The Door


    In the wake of their parent's emotional absence and crumbling marriage, two teenage sisters struggle to carve their identities as young adults, while their father, away on an extended business trip, reevaluates his family role and relationships.

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  • e-book

    The Green Door

    Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

    For as long as she can remember, a young girl named Letitia has been transfixed by the mysterious green door tucked away in a nook of her family home. She longs to open it and find out what's behind it, but her aunt urges her not to. Will Letitia be...

  • The Golem And The Djinni


    Chava is a golem, a creature made of clay, brought to life by a disgraced rabbi who dabbles in dark Kabbalistic magic. When her master, the husband who commissioned her, dies at sea on the voyage from Poland, she is unmoored and adrift as the ship...

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  • e-book

    The Boy Next Door


    To: You (you)From: Human Resources ( This BookDear Reader,This is an automated message from the Human Resources Division of the New York Journal, New York City’s leading photo-newspaper. Please be aware that...

  • Dog At The Door

    Baglio,Ben M.; Gregory,Jenny

    One night, Mandy finds a distressed golden retriever tied up outside Animal Ark -- with no sign of her owner. The dog is expecting puppies, and it doesn't look like there's long to wait! Who would abandon a mother-to-be? Mandy can't believe anyone...

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  • e-book

    The Lord Next Door

    Callen, Gayle

    Victoria must wed . . . and immediately!To rescue her family from financial ruin, lovely Victoria Shelby has no choice but to marry. Her options for a bridegroom are limited . . . until she remembers the shy servant boy next door. Then she discovers...

  • e-book

    The Undead Next Door


    Three signs that something is very different with your mew man:1. He sleeps all day . . . which would be annoying except he's so attentive at night.2. He's attacked by sword-wielding assailants, yet insists he can handle it on his own.3. He never...

  • e-book

    The Man Next Door


    East meets West in this classic novel from acclaimed writer Emerson Hough. After spending her entire life on a cattle ranch in the wide-open West, a young woman named Bonnie Bell Wright moves to a genteel community in the Northeast U.S. to find a...

  • Wolf at the Door

    Warren,Christine; Warren,Christine

    Traveling three thousand miles from his native Ireland and his wolf pack to America to warn his Other brethren about a shadowy cadre of men who will do anything to bring them down, Sullivan Quinn comes face to face with his destined mate,...

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  • e-book

    The Secret Door to Success


    A successful man is always asked - 'What is the secret of your success?' People never ask a man who is a failure, 'What is the secret of your failure?' It is quite easy to see and they are not interested. People all want to know how to open the...

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