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  • The Dark Tower Complete Box Set


    All of Stephen King's eight Dark Tower novels -one of the most acclaimed and popular series of all time - soon to be a major motion film starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. This stunning, must-have collection includes: The Dark Tower I: The...

  • The King Of Fighters XIV - PS4



    A maioria dos fãs dos games de luta com certeza já ouviram falar da renomada série The King Of Fighters. O tradicional jogo lançado na década de 90 evoluiu e está incrivelmente moderno, com gráficos 3D na versão The King Of Fighters XIV para...

  • The King Cake - A Arte De Confeitar


    A vida não tem receita nem modo de preparo, mas Nelson Pantano encontrou uma forma só dele de criar um verdadeiro império: a The King Cake. Se você é do setor de eventos ou alguma vez organizou uma festa de grande porte (seja casamento, 15 anos ou...

  • e-book

    King In the Mirror - The Reflection of...

    Ryusui Seiryoin

    Born into an impoverished large family in Gary, Indiana, a boy was to become the youngest singer to have a #1 hit in the United States as a member of The Jackson 5 and the first to inscribe his name in music history. Later, he made Thriller, the...

  • The Holy Bible King James Version

    Vários Autores



    'If you are looking for a Bible that's easy to use and to give away, this is the Bible for you!'The world is hungry for eternal truth. When we spread God's Word, we're helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Now you can reach more people with this...

  • The Story Of King Arthur And His Knights


    When the young age Arthur pulls from the stone an embedded sword that none of the knights of the kingdom can budge, his future as the King of England is foretold. This imaginative retelling of the classic Arthurian legends recounts the story of...

  • Destiny - The Taken King Ed Lendária - Xbox...



    Destiny: The Taken King traz a próxima grande aventura no universo Destiny. Destiny: The Taken King - Edição Lendária é perfeito para Guardiões novatos e veteranos que estão prontos para embarcar no universo de Destiny ou continuar a esculpir suas...

  • Game Of Thrones - Hand Of The King Wax Seal...

    Running Press

    The Hand of the King serves as the head of the reigning king’s Small Council and, in the king’s absence, the Hand becomes his proxy. The individual charged with this powerful responsibility uses the Hand of the King’s wax seal stamp to seal royally...

  • Destiny - The Taken King Ed Lendária - PS3



    Destiny: The Taken King traz a próxima grande aventura no universo Destiny.Destiny: The Taken King - Edição Lendária é perfeito para Guardiões novatos e veteranos que estão prontos para embarcar no universo de Destiny ou continuar a esculpir suas...

  • World Of Warcraft - Arthas - Rise Of The Lich...


    The book World of Warcraft fans have been clamoring for—the true story behind one of the Warcraft universe’s most terrifying villains, Arthas the Lich King. Author Christie Golden does for Arthas what she once did for the Orc Lord Thrall in the...

  • The King Who Knew Not Fear - A Tale Of Other...


    Excerpt from The King Who Knew Not Fear: A Tale of Other Days From the Times of the Da 5 of Other Years Came forth their voice, who have conquered fears, And the song of their Days, it said this to me: 'come hither, thou, of Life's Sea weary! So I...

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  • The Kings Of Carrick, Vol. 2 - A Historical...


    Excerpt from The Kings of Carrick, Vol. 2: A Historical Romance of the Kennedys of Ayrshire Naturally, their position in Ayrshire has never been questioned. They have contributed largely to its history, and to some extent have made it what it is....

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  • The King's Men (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The King's Men He flung open the door and fell over the legs of Smith himself. Smith always sat by the door, because his room was small, and usually held a dozen men who needed to be supplied with biscuits from the kitchen. Then everyone...

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  • e-book

    The Legend of Ragnar Lodbrok - Viking King...


    Millions love the hit television show Vikings-but how many fans know that its main character, Ragnar, is based on an actual Viking king whose ambitious and terrifying exploits have been legend since the ninth century AD?As fierce, cunning, and...

  • The Shining


    A classic of modern American horror from the undisputed master, Stephen King. King is currently at work on a sequel that may go on sale as early as fall 2012.Hoping to escape some of his personal demons and rebuild a connection with his family, Jack...

  • The Return Of The King - The Lord Of The...

    Tolkien,J. R. R.

    The Return Of The King - The Lord Of The Rings, Part 3

  • The Court Of King Arthur - Stories From The...


    Excerpt from The Court of King Arthur: Stories From the Land of the Round Table The bridge AT cardiff, the fight for the sparrow-hawk, there WE sat ON bags and coils OF rope, beside him was A dog AS big AS A horse, IN devonshire, IN cornwall, the...

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  • The King's Assassin - The Secret Plot To...


    An absorbing account of the conspiracy to kill King James I by his handsome lover, the Duke of Buckingham, an historical crime that has remained hidden for 400 years.The rise of George Villiers from minor gentry to royal power seemed to defy gravity....

  • The King Of Blues - Essential Selection - 3...


    Com lugar reservado entre os melhores guitarristas de todos os tempos, B.B. King ganha destaque com esta trilogia inédita. Com a impressionante marca de mais 250 apresentações por ano, excursionando por mais de 90 países, além de ser um vencedor de...

  • e-book

    Bob Kleberg and the King Ranch - A Worldwide...

    Cypher, John

    Ranching on the vast scale that Texas is famous for actually happened at King Ranch, a sea of grass that ultimately spread its pastures to countries around the globe under the fifty-year leadership of Bob Kleberg. This absorbing biography, written by...

  • The Path Of The King (Classic Reprint)

    Buchan, John

    Excerpt from The Path of the King HE three of us in that winter camp in the Selkirks were talking the slow aimless talk of wearied men. The Soldier, who had seen many campaigns, was riding his hobby of the Civil War and descanting on Lee's tactics in...

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  • The Children Of The King, Vol. 1 Of 2 - A...


    Excerpt from The Children of the King, Vol. 1 of 2: A Tale of Southern Italy Man a fork and to every man his place within arm's length of the great basin - mottled green and white within, red brown and unglazed on the outside. But the man at the helm...

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  • The Doom Of King Acrisius (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Doom of King Acrisius Perseus, invisible by virtue of the cap of darkness, is one of thefinest things in modern art, and alone is worth a wilderness of finished pictures by lesser men. Indeed, it is not impossible that in years to...

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  • e-book

    The King In Yellow - 10 Short Stories +...

    Robert W. Chambers

    –Professional formatting, giving you full control over fonts, font sizes, and line spacing–Active table of contents–Bonus short story included: 'An Inhabitant of Carcosa' by Ambrose Bierce, featuring the very first mention of Carcosa in a published...

  • e-book

    The King and Prince - A Journey of Risk


    The action is unexpected, and the philosophical ideas are deep. A vicious attack, a dubious new ambassador, shocking murders, and several assassins on the loose, a boat trip down the Nile, a terrible accident, a strange little book with secrets, and...

  • e-book

    The Kings of Cool

    Don Winslow

    InSavages, Don Winslow introduced Ben and Chon, twentysomething best friends who risk everything to save the girl they both love, O. Now, in his high-octane prequel, Winslow reaches back in time to tell the story of how Ben, Chon and O became the...

  • e-book

    The King in Yellow


    This book contains Robert W. Chambers' 1895 collection of short stories, 'The King in Yellow'. The first half of this volume contains a number of well-received stories of the weird and strange, and the volume has been hailed as a milestone in the...

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Exile - (Thomas Hill 2)


    Spring, 1648.When Thomas Hill, a bookseller living in rural Hampshire, publishes a political pamphlet he has little idea of the trouble that will follow. He is quickly arrested, forced on a boat to Barbados and condemned to life as a slave to two of...

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Last Song


    Can a twelfth-century Cambodian king'apos;s sense of compassion and justice translate to the present?

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Return - (Thomas Hill 3)


    The king'apos;s coronation brings hope. Until a murderer strikes.Spring 1661: After years of civil war followed by Oliver Cromwell'apos;s joyless rule as Lord Protector, England awaits the coronation of King Charles II. The mood in London is one of...

  • e-book

    The King of Swords

    Nick Stone

    Miami, 1981. Cocaine Central. Murder Capital, USA.A city about to catch fire.Detective Max Mingus and his partner, Joe Liston, are anticipating a routine murder investigation when they are called to the scene of death at Miami's Primate Park—until...

  • e-book

    The King Trilogy - Forever Evermore Books...


    From Scarlett Dawn comes the stunning, sexy, sensual, surprising, spell-binding King Trilogy; the first and best-selling Forever Evermore trilogy now in one volume.King HallA fresh, meaty, sink-your-teeth-in-and-hold-on-tight new adult fantasy series...

  • e-book

    The King in Yellow

    Robert W. Chambers; H.P. Lovecraft

    THE KING IN YELLOW -- recently featured in HBO's hit series TRUE DETECTIVE -- is a collection of 10 short stories, the reading of which will curse one to a terrible fate. You have been warned! This edition features an introduction by H.P. Lovecraft.

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Ransom - More from the King...

    Paton Lodge Lindsay

    If you loved King of Algonquin Park by Paton Lodge Lindsay, get ready for more laughter and tears in The King’s Ransom: More from the King of Algonquin Park.The King’s Ransom is a companion book to King of Algonquin Park featuring more stories and...

  • e-book

    The King of Losers

    Justin Hood

    It's a dark and funny tale of one man who is simply trying to get to work one day. Unfortunately for Michael August his walk through the city that he thought he knew so well is by no means straightforward. His routine commute is soon continuously...

  • e-book

    The King of Ragtime


    It's 1916, and time's running out for Scott Joplin. Before he dies, he wants to provide for his wife and to secure his place in musical history. He's written a musical drama. His young piano student, Martin Niederhoffer, who works as a book-keeper at...

  • e-book

    The King's Gold

    Murray,Yxta Maya

    Una hechizante historia de tesoros perdidos y peligros ineludibles—el segundo libro en una Serie Red Lion sobresalienteTodo lo que necesita Lola Sánchez—bibliófila brillante y dueña de la librería Red Lion—para lanzarse a la aventura de una ya...

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Highway

    James,G. P. R.

    Diplomat and author George Payne Rainsford James was well versed in historical research methods, even serving for a time as Britain's Historiographer Royal. In the sweeping epic The King's Highway, James unfurls a classic tale of two friends and the...

  • e-book

    The King of Alsander

    Flecker,James Elroy

    In this quirky and enjoyable fantasy novel, the protagonist decides to make a sudden break from the humdrum routine of his daily life when a disembodied voice directs him to travel to a land called Alsander. Once he arrives, he's hailed as a hero and...

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Betrothed (Fantasy and Horror...

    HOFFMANN , E. T. A.

    This early work by E. T. A. Hoffmann was originally published in 1821. Born in Königsberg, East Prussia in 1776, Hoffmann's family were all jurists, and during his youth he was initially encouraged to pursue a career in law. However, in his late...

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Jackal


    The private terrace of the Hotel Grand Bretagne, at Tangier, was shaded by a great awning of red and green and yellow, and strewn with colored mats, and plants in pots, and wicker chairs. It reached out from the Kings apartments into the Garden of...

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Voice

    Karen L Peradon

    The King’s Voice is a fantasy novel set in the vast and vibrant land of Goaero. The story begins with a mute king whose voice has been stolen away. His brother, the evil Prince Encoda bestows soldier Mallory with the quest to find it.Happy to be on a...

  • e-book

    The King'apos;s Secret Matter - (Tudor Saga)


    The fourth of Jean Plaidy'apos;s Tudor novels in which Henry VIII secretly plots his divorce from Katherine of Aragon.After twelve years of marriage, the once fortuitous union of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon has declined into a loveless...

  • e-book

    The King in Yellow

    Robert W. Chambers

    The King in Yellow is a book of mysteries and supernatural stories by American writer Robert W. Chambers. The stories inspired production of the new hit HBO series True Detective. There are ten stories, the first four of which, The Repairer of...

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