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  • The Norwood Builder And Other Stories – Whit...

    Editora Macmillan

    This series provides a wide variety of enjoyable reading material for all learners of English. Macmillan Readers are retold versions of popular classic and contemporary titles as well as specially written stories, published at six levels - Starter,...

  • Minecraft - Story Mode - The Complete...


    Seja um herói de uma grande aventura no universo Minecraft! Embarque em uma perigosa busca pelo Overworld. Com uma equipe de amigos ao seu lado, e uma terra que precisa de heróis, tome suas decisões contarão a história ao seu redor, então escolha com...

  • The Story Of King Arthur And His Knights


    When the young age Arthur pulls from the stone an embedded sword that none of the knights of the kingdom can budge, his future as the King of England is foretold. This imaginative retelling of the classic Arthurian legends recounts the story of...

  • The Lost World And Other Stories

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    These lively, varied and thought-provoking science-fiction stories (from the era of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells) are linked by their imposing central character, the pugnaciously adventurous and outrageous Professor Challenger. The Lost World...

  • The Lion and the Mouse - Silver Penny Stories


    Could a tiny mouse actually help the king of the jungle? That's what a trapped mouse promises to do if his lion captor sets him free. The lion laughs–and lets him go. But when hunters trap the scared and desperate lion, the mouse proves that even the...

  • The Land Of Stories 6 - Worlds Collide

    Colfer ,Chris

    The Land Of Stories 6 - Worlds Collide

  • The Story Of Charles Strange, Vol. 3 Of 3 - A...


    Excerpt from The Story of Charles Strange, Vol. 3 of 3: A Novel Just had it, you say? All the more reason why we might have had it together. Sit down, and help yourself to wine. Declining the wine, I drew my chair near to his, and told him what I had...

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  • The Story Of A Nutcracker


    The nutcracker doll that mysterious Godfather Drosselmeyer gives to little Marie for Christmas is no ordinary toy. On Christmas Eve, at the clocks strike midnight, Marie watches as the Nutcracker and her entire cabinet of playthings come to life and...

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  • The Story Of The People Of England In The...


    Excerpt from The Story of the People of England in the Nineteenth Century, 1832-1898, Vol. 2 It is not necessary here to go into the question whether or not the death penalty ought or ought not to be abolished altogether. It is so abolished in some...

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  • The Story Of Elizabeth Canning Considered...


    Excerpt from The Story of Elizabeth Canning Considered I mull: the more think the domg of this neceffary, and therefore juf'tifiable, as mean Sophifiry, and the Parade of Argu ment, have been employed on the other' Side, and the Attempt of...

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  • The Best American Short Stories 2017

    Wolitzer, Meg; Pitlor, Heidi

    Best-selling author Meg Wolitzer guest edits the premier annual showcase for the country's finest short fiction. 'If you know exactly what you are going to get from the experience of reading a story, you probably wouldn't go looking for it; you need...

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  • The Life Story Of Aunt Janet Authoress Of...


    Excerpt from The Life Story of Aunt Janet Authoress of Aunt Janet's Legacy Long-lost friends discovered - New source Of delight - The shop lads Of Dalkeith - Showing kindness in the day Of need - Their good deed never forgotten - The volume sent with...

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  • The Story Of A Short Life (Classic Reprint)

    Ewing,Juliana Horatia

    Excerpt from The Story of a Short Life The child was defiantly like his father, even to a knitted brow, for his whole face was crumpled with the vigor Of some resolve which he found it hard to keep, and which was symbolized by his holding the little...

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  • The Story Of Louie (Classic Reprint)

    Onions, Oliver

    Excerpt from The Story of Louie He accepted the proposal that they should separate with perfect docility. It seemed to him entirely right. Indeed the only thing he had not accepted with docility had been his introduction to Lord Moone, on the only...

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  • The Story Of The Gravelys - A Tale For Girls...

    Saunders, Marshall

    Excerpt from The Story of the Gravelys: A Tale for Girls Yes, you will, said the fair-haired beauty, her sister, who was standing over her in a somewhat theatrical attitude. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • The Story Of Elizabeth - With Other Tales And...

    Ritchie,Anne Thackeray

    Excerpt from The Story of Elizabeth: With Other Tales and Sketches Elizabeth stood listening, with her fair head a little bent, while the maid said, no, sare, and then Miss Gilmour flushed up quite angrily in the inner room, and would have run out....

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  • The Story Of Siegfried (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Story of Siegfried In our own time this myth has been woven into a vari ety of forms. William Morris has embodied it in his noble poem of Sigurd the Volsung; Richard Wag ner, the famous German composer, has constructed from it his...

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  • The Story Of Jesus Christ - An Interpretation...

    Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart

    Excerpt from The Story of Jesus Christ: An Interpretation This book is not theology or criticism, nor is it biography. It is neither history, controversy, nor a sermon. It makes none of the claims, it assumes none of the pretensions, of any one of...

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  • The Story Of Burnt Njal, Vol. 2 - Or, Life In...

    Dasent,George Webbe

    Excerpt from The Story of Burnt Njal, Vol. 2: Or, Life in Iceland at the End of the Tenth Century, the From the Icelandic of the Ajals Saga About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • The Story Of Burnt Njal - The Great Icelandic...

    Dasent,George Webbe

    The Story of Burnt Njal: The Great Icelandic Tribune, Jurist, and Counsellor, also known as Njals Saga is an Icelandic saga. Translated here by George Webbe Dasent, this republication by Forgotten Books makes this classic work accessible to modern...

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  • The Story Of Arthur Truluv


    'I dare you to read this novel and not fall in love with Arthur Truluv. His story will make you laugh and cry, and will show you a love that never ends, and what it means to be truly human.'--Fannie Flagg An emotionally powerful novel about three...

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  • The Story Of Oliver Twist - Condensed For...


    Excerpt from The Story of Oliver Twist: Condensed for Home, and School Reading Some minds are so full of lumber that there is no space left to set up a workshop. The necessity of uniting both of these directions of intellectual activity in the...

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  • The Story Of The Roman People An Elementary...

    Tappan,Eva March

    Excerpt from The Story of the Roman People an Elementary History of Rome There is little that is of more practical value to the young folk of to-day than the history of Rome. How a village king dom became a mighty republic, how the republic became a...

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  • The Story Of The Durham Miners (1662-1921)...


    Excerpt from The Story of the Durham Miners (1662-1921) I cannot hope to have escaped errors and I shall be grateful if any Durham miner will write to me pointing out any misstatement. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Novels And...

    Arthur,Conan Doyle,

    Sherlock HolmesThe Complete Novels and Stories Volume I Since his first appearance in 'Beeton s Christmas Annual' in 1887, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes has been one of the most beloved fictional characters ever created. Now, in two...

  • The Chicago Cubs - Story Of A Curse


    A captivating blend of reportage and memoir exploring the history of the Chicago CubsWhen Rich Cohen was eight years old, his father took him to see a Cubs game. On the way out of the park, his father asked him to make a promise. 'Promise me you will...

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  • The Story Of A Great Delusion - In A Series...

    White, William

    Excerpt from The Story of a Great Delusion: In a Series of Matter-of-Fact Chapters Vaccination was the successor of Inoculation (or, more precisely, Variolation), entering into a possession already acquired in the human mind. It had been observed...

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  • The Story Of The Iliad (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Story of the Iliad Writing for young people, I have endeavored to adapt the style to their taste and capacity, and have thus, first of all, aimed at simplicity of expression. As a consequence I have been forced to omit some of the...

    sob encomenda
  • The Story Of The Great War - Some Lessons...

    Besant, Annie

    Excerpt from The Story of the Great War: Some Lessons From the Mahabharata for the Use of Hindu Students in the Schools of India We must find out how to read our book. Then we shall take up Parva after Parva (volume after volume), picking out the...

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  • e-book

    The Story of My Life

    Helen Keller

    Helen Keller'apos;s autobiography, The Story of My Life, tells of her early life and of her experiences with Annie Sullivan, her teacher and companion. It was first published in 1903. Keller was the first deaf-blind person to attain a Bachelor of...

  • e-book

    The Story of Alice - Lewis Carroll and The...


    SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2015 COSTA BIOGRAPHY AWARDThis is the secret history of Alice'apos;s Adventures in Wonderland.Wonderland is part of our cultural heritage. But beneath the fairy tale lies the complex history of the author and his subject. Charles...

  • The Story Of Crisco (Classic Reprint)

    Neil, Marion Harris

    Excerpt from The Story of Crisco The word. Fat is one of the most interesting in food chemistry. It IS the great energy producer. John C. Olsen. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more...

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  • e-book

    The Story of the Volsungs (Volsunga Saga)

    Anonymous Old Norse and Icelandic Mythol

    Originally written in Icelandic around the 13th century these Old Norse and Icelandic Mythologies were based substantially on previous works, some centuries older. The collection begins with The Story of the Volsugs and Niblungs. This comprehensive...

  • e-book

    The Story of San Michele


    The Story of San Michele is the famous memoir by Swedish physician Axel Munthe (1857-1949). Written in English, it has been a best-seller in numerous languages. The author associated with a number of celebrities of his times, all of whom figure in...

  • e-book

    The Story of Little Black Sambo

    (3164847) present you this new edition. There is very little to say about the story of LITTLE BLACK SAMBO. Once upon a time there was an English lady in India, where black children abound and tigers are everyday affairs, who had two little girls....

  • e-book

    The Story of the Glittering Plain; or, the...

    (3164316) present you this new edition. First printed in the English Illustrated Magazine, Vol. VII, 1890.

  • e-book

    The Story of the Glittering Plain - The Land...

    Morris, William

    Morris has presented a beautiful amalgamation of fantasy and black magic. Set in medieval times, the book expounds on the violence of that era. The protagonist has to rescue a female who is being held hostage by pirates. The book's appeal also lies...

  • e-book

    The Story of a Mine

    Harte,Bret; 1stWorld Library

    It was a steep trail leading over the Monterey Coast Range. Concho was very tired, Concho was very dusty, Concho was very much disgusted. To Concho's mind there was but one relief for these insurmountable difficulties, and that lay in a leathern...

  • e-book

    The Story of The Inexperienced Ghost

    H. G. Wells

    We had golfed until golfing was invisible; we had dined, and we were in that mood of tranquil kindliness when men will suffer a story. When Clayton began to tell one, we naturally supposed he was lying. It may be that indeed he was lying-of that the...

  • e-book

    The Story of Siegfried

    Baldwin,James; 1stWorld Library

    When the world was in its childhood, men looked upon the works of Nature with a strange kind of awe. They fancied that every thing upon the earth, in the air, or in the water, had a life like their own, and that every sight which they saw, and every...

  • e-book

    The Story of Rinette

    Z.A. Mayes Mayes

    My life at the princess's court had become deadly dull. All the time I was in training, I had kept myself going by imagining the wonderful rescues I would perform, the great deeds I would do, winning admiration and renown. In real life, at the castle...

  • e-book

    The Story of Julia Page

    Norris, Kathleen Thompson

    When a law is broken by a woman, it is always remembered and never forgiven by the world. The past remains a perpetual threat to the future. This is the tale of a woman, who, despite her brilliant character and great sacrifices, cannot turn away or...

  • e-book

    The Story of Howard the Halt


    This is a Norse tale of Howard the Halt, or Howard the Lame. It tells of a man named Thorbiorn who had the priesthood over Icefirth. A mighty chief, but the most unjust of men. Throughout Icefirth all spoke ill of him. He would take maidens, handfast...

  • e-book

    The Story of Michael - The Makings of a...


    The sequel to 'The Story of Caya'. Michael Paymer undertakes a journey to Nigeria to find out the whereabouts of his kidnapped girlfriend, Catherine Morgan. Little did he realize he too will partake in the same fate that she did. This is his story.

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