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  • Pink Floyd – The Wall - o Filme - DVD



    Pink Floyd The Wall é um filme produzido no ano de 1982 pelo diretor britânico Alan Parker, baseado no álbum The Wall, da bandaPink Floyd. O roteiro foi escrito pelo vocalista e baixista da banda, Roger Waters, e possui poucos diálogos, sendo mais...

  • The Avengers - Os Vingadores - Blu-Ray


    Marvel Studios apresenta ' Os Vingadores -The Avengers da Marvel - a equipe formada pelos super-heróis da Marvel, Homem de Ferro, O Incrível Hulk, Thor, Capitão América, Gavião Arqueiro e Viúva Negra. Quando um inesperado inimigo aparece e ameaça a...

  • Pink Floyd - The Wall - 2 CDs - Digifile


    “The Wall” é um álbum conceitual, tratando de temas como abandono e isolamento pessoal. Foi concebido, inicialmente, durante a turnê “In the Flesh”, em 1977, quando a frustração do baixista e letrista Roger Waters para com seus espectadores tornou-se...

  • The Avengers - Os Vingadores - DVD



    Marvel Studios apresenta ' Os Vingadores -The Avengers da Marvel - a equipe formada pelos super-heróis da Marvel, Homem de Ferro, O Incrível Hulk, Thor, Capitão América, Gavião Arqueiro e Viúva Negra. Quando um inesperado inimigo aparece e ameaça a...

  • Roger Waters - The Wall Live - 2 CDs -...


    O album “The Wall Live” traz a performance ao vivo complete da turnê “The Wall” (2010-2013) idealizada e realizada por Roger Waters. O show conta com um grandioso palco onde se constrói um muro de 137 metros de largura e 424 blocos, que forma um...

  • Pink Floyd - Behind The Wall - DVD + CD -...



    O pacote “Behind The Wall/Inside the Minds of Pink Floyd” traz um documentário que conta a história definitiva de um dos grupos mais fundamentais da história do rock. Seu início psicodélico, quando o enigmático Syd Barrett liderava o grupo, é...

  • Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills - A Biografia...


    A história do Iron Maiden, desde sua origem nos pubs de Londres até seus shows nos imensos festivais mundiais, nos passa mensagens de auto-confiança, determinação e sacrifício pessoal em uma extraordinária odisseia musical. Muitos dos artistas da...

  • Breaking The Fourth Wall - 2 DVDs


    No dia 25 de março a banda Dream Theater realizou um show que já se tornou um marco nos quase 30 anos de carreira da banda. Realizado no Boston Opera House e tendo como convidados a orquestra e coro da Universidade de Música de Berkley. O resultado...

  • e-book

    The Wall - And Other Stories


    Jurek Becker was one of the giants of postwar German literature. The novel for which he is best-known, Jacob the Liar, won wide acclaim, was awarded the Heinrich-Mann and Charles Veillon Prizes, and was made into two movies. It has been called “a...

  • The Wall

    Bunting, Eve; Himler, Ronald; Arciniegas,Diego (NRT)

    A boy and his father come from far away to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington and find the name of the boy's grandfather, who was killed in the conflict.

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  • The Wall


    A NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER'I was born at the beginning of it all, on the Red side--the Communist side--of the Iron Curtain.' Through annotated illustrations, journals, maps, and dreamscapes, Peter Sis shows what life was like for a child who loved...

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  • The Wall

    Bunting, Eve; Himler,Ronald (ilt)

    A boy and his father come from far away to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington and find the name of the boy's grandfather, who was killed in the conflict.

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  • Quadro - Pink Floyd The Wall - Geton


    The Wall é o décimo primeiro álbum de estúdio da banda britânica de rock Pink Floyd. Lançado como álbum duplo em 30 de novembro de 1979, foi posteriormente, tocado ao vivo com efeitos teatrais, além de ter sido adaptado para o cinema. E para você que...

  • e-book

    The Blue Wall A Story of Strangeness and...

    Child, Richard Washburn
    (3166427) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. As I write, here in my surgeon's study, I ask myself that question. What's behind it? My neighbors? Then what do I know really know of them? After all, this...

  • The Wall Street Journal Guide To Investing In...


    In The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse, authors James Altucher and Douglas R. Sease provide investors with provocative and essential guidance that will enable them to take advantage of the lucrative investment opportunities...

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  • The Wall Street Journal. Complete Small...


    Because starting a small business is not only a huge financial risk but also a complete lifestyle change, anyone who wants to be his or her own boss needs to approach entrepreneurship thoughtfully and with careful planning. That’s why there is no...

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  • The Wall


    A half mile up the sunlit walls of Yosemite, a rope breaks, a young woman plunges to her death, and the rescue from hell begins. Thirty-five years ago, Hugh Glass found glory on El Cap, and met the woman he would marry and lose. Now he's back to...

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  • e-book

    The Atlantic Wall - History and Guide

    Kaufmann,H. W.; Kaufmann,J. E.; A. Jankovi?-Poto?nik

    Hitler's Atlantic Wall, the complex system of coastal fortifications that stretched from Norway to the Spanish border during the Second World War, was built to defend occupied Europe from Allied invasion. Many of its principal structures survive and...

  • e-book

    The Great Wall - China Against the World,...


    Legendarily 2,200 years old and 4,300 miles long, the Great Wall of China seems to make an overwhelmingly confident physical statement about the country it spans: about China’s age-old sense of itself being an advanced civilization anxious to draw a...

  • e-book

    The Great Wall


    China'apos;s Great Wall north of Beijing is one of the world'apos;s most famous sights. Millions every year climb the line of stone snaking over mountains. We all feel we know the Wall. But we are wrong. It is too big, too varied, too complex to be...

  • e-book

    The Berlin Wall

    Taylor, Frederick

    On the morning of August 13, 1961, the residents of East Berlin found themselves cut off from family, friends and jobs in the West by a tangle of barbed wire that ruthlessly cut a city of four million in two. Within days the barbed-wire entanglement...

  • e-book

    The Berlin Wall - 13 August 1961 - 9 November...


    The astonishing drama of Cold War nuclear poker that divided humanity - by the author of the best-selling Dresden

  • e-book

    The Wall


    Joshua lives with his mother and step-father in Amarias, an isolated town, where all the houses are brand new. Amarias is surrounded by a high wall, guarded by soldiers, which can only be crossed through a heavily fortified checkpoint. Joshua has...

  • e-book

    The Wall Street MBA - Your Personal Crash...


    Advani, a former investment banker, has an MBA from The Wharton SchoolThe author currently runs corporate finance training programs at major law firms including White & Case, Sullivan & Cromwell, and Pepper Hamilton & Sheets

  • e-book

    The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to...

    Alan Murray

    From The Wall Street Journal comes the definitive guide to management ideas and practices with lasting impact. For decades, understanding management—what works, and what doesn't—has been the pursuit of the world's best and brightest. Globally, there...

  • e-book

    The Devil at Saxon Wall


    A VINTAGE MURDER MYSTERYRediscover Gladys Mitchell - one of the 'apos;Big Three'apos; female crime fiction writers alongside Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers.Psychoanalyst and detective Mrs Bradley advises her highly-strung friend, Hannibal...

  • e-book

    The Door in the Wall

    Wells, H. G.; H.G Wells; H. G. Wells

    One confidential evening, not three months ago, Lionel Wallace told me this story of the Door in the Wall. And at the time I thought that so far as he was concerned it was a true story.

  • e-book

    The Writing on the Wall - A Novel

    Wetherell,W. D.

    When Vera decides to travel to an old house in the New England countryside for a month-long escape from some devastating news about her daughter, Cassie, she has no idea her life is about to change forever.  It begins innocently enough—peeling...

  • e-book

    The Door in the Wall and Other Stories - The...

    Wells, H. G.; H.G Wells; H. G. Wells

    The Door in the Wall and Other Stories - The Original Classic Edition

  • e-book

    The Fly on the Wall


    Ace reporter John Cotton is a fly on the wall -- seeing all, hearing all, and keeping out of sight. But the game changes when he finds his best friend's corpse sprawled on the marble floor of the central rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. Suddenly Cotton...

  • e-book

    The Man in the Wall - The Hollows Part Two


    Now that David Alders knows time travel is possible inside The Hollows, his mind is set on one goal-to save his wife Elise. He has one chance to get it right and decides to try changing the past on a test subject. A nightmarish spate of child...

  • e-book

    The Writing on the Wall

    Denise Cory Blake

    There was to be no public display of emotion at the train station. The Wharton brothers, Joe, Harry and Ernie, strode off to battle, grins etched on their faces. Out-of-step strides carried them through the cheers that echoed by.Joe was the eldest of...

  • The Wall Street Journal Guide To Information...

    Wong,Dona M.

    In today's data-driven world, professionals need to know how to express themselves in the language of graphics effectively and eloquently. Yet information graphics is rarely taught in schools or is the focus of on-the-job training. Now, for the first...

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  • The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide To...

    Martin,Paul R.

    The indispensable resourse that has helped the writers and editors of The Wall Street Journal earn a reputation for the most authoritative business writing anywerw - now fully expanded and revised for the twenty-first century.

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  • The Wall On 7th Street


    After learning of his parents' plans to divorce and moving with his mother and sister to a rough urban neighborhood, thirteen-year-old Toby and his new friend, a homeless man, become magically connected to an ancient Iroquois Indian hero and help the...

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  • The Wall Street Journal Guide to the Top...

    Alsop,Ronald J.

    An informative guide to the leading business schools provides rankings of one hundred accredited, full-time Masters of Business Administration programs throughout the country and abroad, with detailed profiles of the top fifty programs and fifty...

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  • The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide To...

    Murray,Alan; Murray, Alan

    In recent decades, some of the world's best and brightest have devoted countless hours to understanding management - what works, and what doesn't. There are more than 1500 credible schools offering master's degrees in business administration around...

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  • The Wall Street Journal Guide to Planning...

    Morris,Virginia B.; Morris,Kenneth M.

    Thoroughly revised and updated, this informative retirement planning handbook offers a detailed study of pensions, Social Security, estate planning, salary reduction plans, IRAs, insurance, and more and explains how to take advantage of a variety of...

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  • e-book

    The Wall Street Journal Guide to the End of...


    The definitive guide for Main Street readers who want to make sense of what′s happening on Wall Street, and better understand how we got here and what we need to know to in days to come. Written by seasoned financial writer Dave Kansas, this official...

  • e-book

    The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing in...

    Altucher, James; Sease,Douglas R.

    Disasters happen every day. Are your investments prepared?The investor who knows how to anticipate historically significant or earth-shattering events—who is prepared to act when others are frozen with fear—will always have a substantial advantage....

  • e-book

    The Wall Street Journal Guide to the New...


    Everything you thought you knew about saving, managing risk, and securing your financial future has changed.The world is very different in the wake of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Retirement accounts have been eviscerated,...

  • The Wall Between (Classic Reprint)

    Bassett,Sara Ware

    Excerpt from The Wall Between The Howe and Webster farms adjoined, lying on a sun-flooded, gently sloping New Hampshire hillside. Between them loomed The Wall. It was not a high wall. On the contrary, its formidableness was the result of tradition...

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  • The Ghost Behind the Wall


    Twelve-year-old David sneaks through the ventilation shafts in his London apartment building pulling pranks on his neighbors, which awakens the ghost of a boy with a grudge against the lonely, senile old man who lives upstairs.

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  • The Gate in the Wall


    In nineteenth-century England, ten-year-old Emma, accustomed to long working hours at the silk mill and the poverty and hunger of her sister's house, finds her life completely changed when she inadvertently gets a job on a canal boat carrying cargoes...

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