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  • The Third Reich At War

    Evans, Richard J.

    The Third Reich At War

  • The Third Reich At War

    Richard J Evans

    In 1939 Hitler mobilized Germany into all-out war. Richard Evans' astonishing, acclaimed history conjures up a whole society plunged into conflict - from generals and front-line soldiers to Hitler Youth activists and middle-class housewives - tracing...

  • Blitzed - Drugs In The Third Reich

    Ohler, Norman

    A fast-paced narrative that discovers a surprising perspective on World War II: Nazi Germany’s all-consuming reliance on drugsThe Nazi regime preached an ideology of physical, mental, and moral purity. But as Norman Ohler reveals in this gripping new...

  • The Coming Of The Third Reich

    Evans, Richard J.

    The first in a three-volume series, a definitive history of Adolf Hitler's rise to power and the collapse of democracy in Nazi Germany explains why Nazism's ideology of hatred and racism found fertile ground in a country embittered by military defeat...

  • Pope And Devil - The Vatican's Archives And...

    Wolf, Hubert

    Hubert Wolf explains why a philo-Semitic association was dissolved even as anti-Semitism was condemned, how the Vatican concluded a concordat with the Third Reich in 1933, why Hitler's Mein Kampf was never proscribed by the Church, and what factors...

  • e-book

    Third Reich 1919-1939 - The Nazis'apos; Rise...


    The rise of Hitler's Nazi Party is one of the defining phenomena of the twentieth century. The manner in which National Socialist ideologies took over life in Germany is difficult to comprehend over 75 years later. This fully illustrated book is a...

  • e-book

    Third Reich - A Concise History

    Kitchen, Martin

    Seventy years have passed since Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor, and in the intervening years a vast amount has been written on the origins and nature of the Third Reich. The years from 1933 to 1945 cast such a grim shadow that the moral,...

  • e-book

    Third Reich Victorious - Alternative...

    Tsouras, Peter G

    War is a deadly game of chance where a single detail or decision can have far-reaching consequences. What if Hitlers generals had captured the cream of the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk? What if Turkey had sided with Germany and smashed...

  • The Third Reich

    Burleigh, Michael

    The Third Reich

  • A Brief History Of The Third Reich: The Rise...


    Beginning in the broken aftermath of the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles that made German recovery almost impossible, Whittock tells not just the account of the men who rose to the fore in the dangerous days of the Weimar republic,...

  • e-book

    The Third Reich

    Williamson, David G.; D.G. Williamson

    Since publication of the first edition in 1982, David Williamson'apos;s The Third Reich has become established as one of the most successful books in the Seminar Studies in History series.  The author draws on up-to-date scholarship to guide students...

  • e-book

    The Third Reich'apos;s Celluloid War

    Garden, Ian

    This book exposes the myths surrounding the propaganda films produced during the Third Reich. One, that the Nazis were infallible masters in the use of film propaganda. Two, that everything the Nazis said was a lie. Three, that only the Riefenstahl...

  • e-book

    Third Reich in the Unconscious

    Ast, Gabriele; Volkan, Vamik D.; Jr. William F. Greer

    The Third Reich in the Unconscious: Transgenerational Transmission and Its Consequences examines the effects of the Holocaust on second-generation survivors and specifically describes how historical images and trauma are transferred. The authors...

  • e-book

    Showcasing the Third Reich - The Nuremberg...

    Rawson, Andrew

    This book is an up-to-date, illustrated investigation into the notorious Nuremberg rallies and the part they played in the Nazi's quest to establish their vaunted 1,000 Year Third Reich. Between 1923 and 1938 the Nazis held ten ''Reich National...

  • e-book

    Island Refuge - Britain and Refugees from the...

    A.J. Sherman

    The acrimonious debate over British policy towards refugees from the Nazi régime has scarcely died down even now, some 60 years later. Bitter charges of indifference and lack of feeling are still levelled at politicians and civil servants, and the...

  • Race and the Third Reich - Linguistics Racial...

    Hutton,Christopher M.

    Race and the Third Reich - Linguistics Racial Anthropology and Genetics in the Dialectic of Volk

  • e-book

    Berlin Battlefield Guide - Third Reich and...

    Tony Tissier

    On 16 April 1945 the Red Army unleashed a colossal offensive against Berlin with the aim of destroying Hitler'apos;s armies in the East and capturing the German capital before the Western Allies. Over two million soldiers confronted each other in the...

  • e-book

    Blitzed - Drugs in the Third Reich

    Ohler, Norman

    A fast-paced, highly original history that uncovers the full extent of drug use in Nazi Germany—from Hitler’s all-consuming reliance on a slew of substances, to the drugs that permeated the regime and played an integral role in Germany’s military...

  • e-book

    Neutral Ireland and the Third Reich

    John P. Duggan

    In this work based on original research into German sources, John Duggan opens up an entirely new perspective on the little-known history of Ireland during the 'Emergency' period of the Second World War. Reviews of the hardcover edition: 'This...

  • e-book

    The Man Who Invented The Third Reich

    Lauryssens, Stan

    Arthur Moeller van den Bruck was a prolific writer, historian, art critic, translator and publisher; the quintissential Bohemian fin-de-siecle artist. In the turbulent years that followed the end of the First World War, he became politically active...

  • e-book

    History vs. Apologetics - The Holocaust, the...

    Cymet, David

    Set within the context of the political and ideological developments of the time, History vs. Apologetics examines the role played by the Catholic Church in the rise and consolidation of the Third Reich and in particular with regard to the Nazi...

  • Guns of the Third Reich


    Guns of the Third Reich

  • Race and the Third Reich - Linguistics Racial...

    Hutton,Christopher M.

    Race and the Third Reich - Linguistics Racial Anthropology and Genetics in the Dialectic of Volk

  • e-book

    A Spy at the Heart of the Third Reich

    Delattre, Lucas

    In 1943 a young official from the German foreign ministry contacted Allen Dulles, an OSS officer in Switzerland who would later head the Central Intelligence Agency. That man was Fritz Kolbe, who had decided to betray his country after years of...

  • e-book

    Hitler - A Life in Pictures: The Official...

    Carruthers, Bob

    This exceptional source is probably the best of the contemporary accounts of Hitler in power, albeit from a heavily pro-Nazi stance. The testimonies collected together were based on interviews conducted by Heinz A. Heinz in 1933 and 1934, shortly...

  • The Third Reich In Power, 1933-1939

    Richard J Evans

    The Third Reich In Power, 1933-1939

  • e-book

    The Third Reich - A New History


    In this riveting book, Michael Burleigh sets Nazi Germany in a European context, showing how the Third Reich'apos;s abandonment of liberal democracy, decency and tolerance was widespread in the Europe of the period. He shows how a radical,...

  • e-book

    Endkampf - Soldiers, Civilians, and the Death...


    At the end of World War II, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, fearing that retreating Germans would consolidate large numbers of troops in an Alpine stronghold and from there conduct a protracted guerilla war, turned U.S. forces toward the heart of...

  • e-book

    Karl Doenitz and the Last Days of the Third...

    Turner, Barry

    A powerful new portrait of the second and last - and much-maligned - Nazi leader

  • e-book

    Hidden in the Enemy'apos;s Sight - Resisting...

    Kamienski, Jan

    In 1941, 16-year-old Jan Kamieski is sent to Dresden, Germany, as part of the Polish Resistance, where, armed with false papers, he takes up Underground activities and does everything he can within the heartland of the Third Reich to sabotage the...

  • e-book

    Unconditional Surrender - the Memoir of the...

    Walter Ludde-Neurath

    This is the first English-language translation of a crucial memoir of the dying days of Hitler's Third Reich. Walter Ludde-Neurath was an accomplished officer, who served with a variety of torpedo boats and destroyers, slowly rising through the...

  • e-book

    Swiss and the Nazis - How the Alpine Republic...

    Halbrook, Stephen

    While surrounded by the Axis powers in World War II, Switzerland remained democratic and, unlike most of Europe, never succumbed to the siren songs and threats of the Nazi goliath.This book tells the story with emphasis on two voices rarely heard....

  • Life And Death In The Third Reich


    In deciphering the reasons behind Nazism's ideological grip on the German people, the author argues that its basic appeal lay in the Volksgemeinschaft - a 'people's community' that seemed to be part of a great project to right the wrongs of...

  • e-book

    Linguistics and the Third Reich -...

    Hutton, Christopher

    This book presents an insightful account of the academic politics of the Nazi era and analyses the work of selected linguists, including Jos Trier and Leo Weisgerber. Hutton situates Nazi linguistics within the politics of Hitler's state and within...

  • e-book

    Strange Bird - The Albatross Press and the...

    Michele K. Troy

    The first book about the Albatross Press, a Penguin precursor that entered into an uneasy relationship with the Nazi regime to keep Anglo-American literature alive under fascism The Albatross Press was, from its beginnings in 1932, a 'quot;strange...

  • The Coming of the Third Reich

    Richard J Evans

    The Coming of the Third Reich

  • The Triumph of the Third Reich

    Cooper,A. Edward

    The Triumph of the Third Reich

  • e-book

    Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

    Brecht, Bertolt

    Brecht'apos;s series of twenty-four interconnected playlets describe events which took place in ordinary German households in the 1930s. They dramatise with clinical precision the suspicion and anxiety experienced by ordinary people, particularly...

  • e-book

    The Dying Days of the Third Reich - German...

    Christian Huber

    It has taken seventy years for the accounts of ordinary German soldiers during the Second World War to be made widely available to an English-speaking audience. This is hardly surprising given that interest in these important documents has only...

  • e-book

    Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

    Brecht, Bertolt

    Also known asThe Private Life of the Master Race, this is a sequence of twenty-four realistic sketches showing how 'quot;ordinary'quot; life under the Nazis was subtly permeated by suspicion and anxiety. Written in exile in Denmark and first staged...

  • e-book

    Anti-Semitism and Schooling Under the Third...

    Wegner, Gregory

    This book investigates the anti-Semitic foundations of Nazi curricula for elementary schools, with a focus on the subjects of biology, history, and literature. Gregory Paul Wegner argues that any study of Nazi society and its values must probe the...

  • e-book

    Born In the Shadow of the Third Reich

    Frederick O. Bley

    As Fritz grew up in pre-World War II Germany, he thrived as his father's opera career took them from city to city. In 1940 when his father obtained work in Czechoslovakia, Fritz had no idea of what his destiny held-only that when the air raid sirens...

  • e-book

    Nazi Hunger Politics - A History of Food in...


    Telling the story of the Nazis’ plan to kill millions of people in the German-occupied eastern territories, this book examines food politics during the Third Reich. Gesine Gerhard explores the economics of food production and consumption in Nazi...

  • e-book

    They'apos;ll Have to Catch Me First - An...

    Awret, Irene

    Berlin 1939. A few months after Kristallnacht, eighteen-year old Irene Spicker tries to flee to Belgium but ends up in a Nazi prison. Freed after a few weeks, she tries again?this time, in the dark of night, she successfully crosses the frontier. The...

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