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  • Estatistica Aplicada A Administração e...

    Anderson,David R.; Sweeney,Dennis J.; Williams,Thomas A.

    Estatística aplicada à administração e economia apresenta uma introdução conceitual à estatística e suas aplicações. Orientado à análise de dados e de metodologia estatística, o texto oferece uma boa preparação para o estudo de material estatístico...

  • Introdução À Interpretação Bíblica

    William W. Klein; Robert L. Hubbard Jr.; Craig L. Blomberg

    Introdução à interpretação bíblica é um livro que marcará muitas gerações de estudantes da Bíblia. Ele revela de forma ampla as complexidades da seriedade da interpretação correta das Escrituras e abre a mente para desenvolver uma compreensão da...

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  • Memoirs Of Thomas Dodd, William Upcott, And...

    Boyle, Frederick

    Excerpt from Memoirs of Thomas Dodd, William Upcott, and George Stubbs Dodd and his comrades dwelt in a loft above the stable; they had nothing to do save eat their meals in the kitchen and attend upon the music-masters twice-a-week. They were nearly...

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  • Memoir Of William Wilberforce (Classic...

    Price, Thomas

    Excerpt from Memoir of William Wilberforce The superintendence of the Deity has been evinced in the preparation of agents for the exe cution of his purposes. At different periods in the history of mankind, he has raised up, and qualified with all...

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  • Colonial Pioneers - Governor Bradford,...

    Parton, James

    Excerpt from Colonial Pioneers: Governor Bradford, William Brewster, Thomas Hutchinson, Lord Baltimore, Peter Stuyvesant, William Johnson, James Logan, Captain Kidd, Rev. Samuel Parris, Capt. Henry Hudson The contents of this book have been selected...

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  • Narrative Of Thomas Hathaway And His Family,...

    Hathaway, William

    Excerpt from Narrative of Thomas Hathaway and His Family, Formerly of New Bedford, Massachusetts: With Incidents in the Life of Jemima Wilkinson Thomas hathaway, who emigrated to Western New York in 1790, was a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, a...

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  • Thomas Linacre (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Thomas Linacre Oxford and Cambridge. Vacant, by the happy translation of Dr Donald macalister to the Principalship of Glasgow University, this College, as guardian of the trust, has decided to change the lectureship to an annual lecture...

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  • The Life And Times Of Sir Thomas Gresham,...

    Burgon, John William

    Excerpt from The Life and Times of Sir Thomas Gresham, Vol. 2 of 2: Compiled Chiefly From His Correspondence Preserved in Her Majesty's State-Paper Office; Including Notices of Many of His Contemporaries N ext, - and this was by far the most...

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  • Thomas Of Kempen (Classic Reprint)

    Williams, James

    Excerpt from Thomas of Kempen And sloping moors that smiled with purple heath, And glimmering meads that man hath never trod, And golden amaranth wherewith to wreath The martyrs nearest to the throne of God. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • Speech Of Hon. Thomas Williams Of...

    Williams, Thomas

    Excerpt from Speech of Hon. Thomas Williams of Pennsylvania, on the Reconstruction of the Union: Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 10, 1866 And now, as to the admission that the people of the seceding States have been deprived of...

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  • e-book

    Just William


    In Richmal Compton'apos;s Just William the Outlaws plan a day of non-stop adventure. The only problem is that William is meant to be babysitting. But William won'apos;t let that stop him having fun with his gang - he'apos;ll just bring the baby...

  • e-book

    More William


    William is up to his old tricks in More William, Richmal Compton'apos;s second set of classic William adventures. When Aunt Lucy tells William that 'apos;a busy day is a happy day'apos;, William does his best to keep himself very busy indeed....

  • e-book

    Circulation - William Harvey'apos;s...


    'quot;What I am really anxious to hear is the final cause of your monstrous fiction. For your false invention seems to have no purpose. What reason can you give me for the circulation of the blood?'quot;William Harvey'apos;s theory of circulation was...

  • Complete Poetical Works Of William Collins,...


    Excerpt from Complete Poetical Works of William Collins, Thomas Gray, and Oliver Goldsmith: With Biographical Sketches and Notes The memoirs are believed to be sufficiently full for a work of this kind. Nothing important in the lives, or in relation...

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  • Thomas Aquinas

    Williams,Thomas; Atkins,E. M.

    Thomas Aquinas

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  • A Sermon On The Choice Of Moses (Classic...

    Williams, Thomas

    Excerpt from A Sermon on the Choice of Moses III. It is proposed to inquire why he chose the sufferings of a. Saint rather than the enjoyments of a sinner. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • e-book

    Thomas Andrews - A Past Life Memory

    William C. Barnes

    American author William C. Barnes, born on the anniversary of the Titanic disaster, has been plagued since childhood by memories that were not part of his life experience. As an adult, he underwent regression therapy and discovered his memories...

  • Discourse On The Official Character Of...

    Williams, Thomas

    Excerpt from Discourse on the Official Character of Nathanael Emmons That portion of the Scriptures, which is called Ecclesiastes, was written by Solomon. For it is entitled, The words Qf the Preacher, the son of David, king of Jerusalem. In this...

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  • Full Report Of The Trial Of Thomas Hall For...

    Hall, Thomas

    Excerpt from Full Report of the Trial of Thomas Hall for the Murder of Captain Henry Cain: Before His Honor Mr. Justice Williams, at the Supreme Court, Dunedin, January, 1887 The grand Jury retired at 20 minutes past 10 o 'clock, and after...

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  • Life Of William Pitt (Classic Reprint)

    MacAulay,Thomas Babington

    Excerpt from Life of William Pitt This volume of our biographical series contains a Life of the elder Pitt, by a writer in the Encyclopedia Britannica, who signs himself J. B - e; and a Life of the younger Pitt, by Lord Macaulay. The former is brief,...

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  • The Relativity, The Unconditioned, Belief And...

    Edwards, Thomas

    Excerpt from The Relativity, the Unconditioned, Belief and Knowledge: Being Remarks on John Stuart Mill's Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosiphy I have administered. Whatever is true and just, will live whatever is unjust and false, will...

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  • Speech Of Hon. Thomas Williams, Of...


    Excerpt from Speech of Hon. Thomas Williams, of Pennsylvania, on the Reconstruction of the Union: Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 10, 1866 The House resumed the consideration of the President's message, as in Committee of the...

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  • e-book

    Still William


    William'apos;s natural desire to do the right thing leads him into serious trouble, as usual, and when blackmail and kidnapping are involved, it'apos;s no surprise. Even when he turns over a new leaf, the consequences are dire. But it'apos;s his new...

  • Memoirs Of Thomas Scattergood - Late Of...

    Evans, William

    Excerpt from Memoirs of Thomas Scattergood: Late of Philadelphia, a Minister of the Gospel of Christ About the fourteenth year of his age, he was placed apprentice in the city of Philadelphia, with a Friend in mercantile business; but the occu patiou...

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  • The Unpublished And Uncollected Poems - Ed,...

    Cowper, William

    Excerpt from The Unpublished and Uncollected Poems: Ed, by Thomas Wright At a time when the sovereign is almost worshipped it is pleasant to read such a production as that On Loyalty and Box and Bays though only a morsel, illustrates a very charming...

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  • Poems (Classic Reprint)

    Williams, Thomas

    Excerpt from Poems Ludlow being surrounded with scenery of the most varied and magnificent description, it was no wonder that the mind of young Williams became imbued with that poetic fire which, in after years, was given vent to in such a remarkable...

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  • The Life Of William Cowper, Esq. - Compiled...

    Taylor, Thomas

    Excerpt from The Life of William Cowper, Esq.: Compiled From His Correspondence and Other Authentic Sources of Information In alluding to these suppressed letters, the late highly-esteemed Rev. Legh Richmond once em phatically remarked Cowper's...

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  • Sensors For Safety And Process Control In...

    Hubert, Thomas; Buttner, William

    Understand, Select, and Design Sensors for Hydrogen-Based Applications The use of hydrogen generated from renewable energy sources is expected to become an essential component of a low-carbon, environmentally friendly energy supply, spurring the...

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  • Sermon On The Perfection Of God - In The...

    Williams, Thomas

    Excerpt from Sermon on the Perfection of God: In the Imperfection of His People I. To show when the people of God may be said to decline from him. Of their declension the words of our text are a striking description. In their declension, they err...

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  • A Sermon On The Death Of His Excellency,...

    Gray, Thomas

    Excerpt from A Sermon on the Death of His Excellency, William Eustis, Late Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Preached in the First Church in Roxbury, February 13, 1825 He was truly a patriot, and loved his country with a zeal, equalled...

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  • The Collected Works Of William Hazlitt, Vol....

    Hazlitt, William

    Excerpt from The Collected Works of William Hazlitt, Vol. 2 of 12: Memoirs of Thomas Holcroft; Liber Amoris; Characteristics About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • e-book

    Sir Thomas More

    William Shakespeare

    'Sir Thomas More' is especially valuable for the light it throws on the doctrinal issues that were at the center of the Reformation. This is a detailed, well-researched and thouroughly conventional biography of the life of Thomas More. To put it...

  • e-book

    William the Bad


    Everyone'apos;s favourite troublemaker is back in William the Bad now with a fun and contemporary new cover illustrated by Chris Garbutt.William doesn'apos;t understand why he'apos;s not invited to Robert and Ethel'apos;s fancy-dress party - what...

  • e-book



    Everyone'apos;s favourite troublemaker, William Brown, is back in this hilarious collection of stories from the classic Just William series - now with a gorgeous new cover illustrated by the award-winning Lauren Child.Greyhound racing was a...

  • e-book

    William Again


    In Richmal Compton'apos;s William Again William and his mate Ginger have to endure bankruptcy - they don'apos;t even have enough money for sweets. Then William comes up with what he thinks is a fantastic idea!William Again is the third set of stories...

  • e-book

    William at Christmas


    In Just William at Christmas everyone'apos;s favourite troublemaker, William Brown, is back in a collection of hilarious festive stories - now with a gorgeous new cover illustrated by David Roberts. This is the perfect Christmas gift. Join William as...

  • e-book

    William at War


    William is always ready to offer his services to his country. But why is it that his enthusiastic contribution is so seldom appreciated? William is determined to do his bit, but unfortunately no one else thinks he'apos;d make a hero . . . William at...

  • e-book

    William the Fourth


    In Richmal Compton'apos;s William the Fourth is the fourth classic set of adventures featuring the hero of Just William. Whether he'apos;s occupying a bear suit that'apos;s slightly too small for him, cloaked in mystery as a fortune teller or attired...

  • e-book

    William'apos;s Happy Days


    Everyone'apos;s favourite troublemaker, William Brown, is back in a hilarious collection of classic Just William stories - now with a brand new cover-look illustrated by Steven Lenton.When William'apos;s mother offers him a birthday party, he is...

  • e-book

    William the Good


    William is up to his old tricks in William the Good, a hilarious collection of stories with a gorgeous new cover illustrated by the award-winning Liz Pichon.Clarence Bergson is such a pain. He'apos;s always getting in the way of William'apos;s ideas...

  • e-book

    William Gilpin - Western Nationalist

    Karnes,Thomas L.

    William Gilpin (1815-1894) has been called 'America's first geopolitician.' Regarded today as both scientist and quack, Gilpin was in his own time a recognized authority whose maps were accepted by Congress as the most accurate available, and his...

  • e-book

    William Harvey and the Circulation of the...

    Huxley,Thomas Henry
    (3164052) present you this new edition. I DESIRE this evening to give you some account of the life and labours of a very noble Englishman- William Harvey.

  • The Age Of Infidelity, Vol. 1 - In Answer To...

    Williams, Thomas

    Excerpt from The Age of Infidelity, Vol. 1: In Answer to Thomas Pain's Age of Reason II'. Let us review the Redeemer's moral charac ter. Take a summary of it, in the language of the elegant but sceptical Rousseau T. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • Memoirs Of The Public And Private Life Of...

    Clarkson, Thomas

    Excerpt from Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of William Penn While he was in Newgate, he had ample employment for his pen. Under standing that Parliament was about to take measures to enforce the Conventicle Act with still greater severity, he...

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