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  • After




    Depois de bater a marca de um bilhão de acessos na plataforma de leitura Wattpad, a série After vira livro e promete ser o novo fenômeno editorial. No primeiro livro, Tessa é uma garota de 18 anos que acaba de deixar a casa de sua mãe para ir morar...

  • After 2 - Depois da Verdade




    Depois de bater a marca de um bilhão de acessos na plataforma de leitura Wattpad, a série After vira o novo fenômeno editorial. No segundo livro, Tessa tenta esquecer Hardin, o jovem caótico e revoltado que partiu seu coração em vários pedaços. Mas...

  • Romance Com o Duque - Col. Castles Ever After




    “Izzy sempre sonhou em viver um conto de fadas. Mas, por ora, ela teria que se contentar com aquela história dramática.”A doce Isolde Ophelia Goodnight, filha de um escritor famoso, cresceu cercada por contos de fadas e histórias com finais felizes....

  • After 4 - Depois da Esperança

    Anna Todd



    Depois de tantos obstáculos, Tessa e Hardin estão, enfim, mais maduros como casal. As dificuldades causadas pelo gênio forte dele e pela impulsividade dela ainda existem, mas eles já não conseguem negar o amor que sentem um pelo outro. Mesmo morando...

  • A Noiva do Capitão - Série Castles Ever After




    Madeline possui muitas habilidades preciosas: é uma excelente desenhista, escreve cartas como ninguém e tem uma criatividade fora do comum. Mas se tem algo em que ela nunca consegue obter sucesso, por mais que tente, é em se sentir confortável quando...

  • Paramore - After Laughter



    A banda que conquistou o mundo com sucessos como Decode, The Only Exception, All We Know e Ignorance está de volta com seu novo álbum de estúdio após 4 anos. After Laughter, é o 5° álbum de estúdio da banda, e contou com a ajuda de um produtor de...

  • After Extra Time


    After Extra Time

  • e-book

    After a Time

    Laurie Salzler

    In the late 1800's, teenager Mayme Watson boards a train bound for Eagle Rock, Idaho. Disillusioned by her parents and completely alone, she finds a place to stay and a job to support herself. When Mayme discovers that most of the girls in town are...

  • Diga Sim ao Marquês - Série Castles Ever...




    Vossa Excelência está convidada a comparecer ao romântico castelo Twill para celebrar o casamento da senhorita Clio Whitmore e… e…?Aos 17 anos, Clio Whitmore tornou-se noiva de Piers Brandon, o elegante e refinado Marquês de Granville e um dos mais...

  • e-book

    The War After Time - Arrival

    Sean McDonald

    On a cool afternoon in November 1864 James Murphy is killed during the Battle of Franklin. Death is not the end for Murphy. He awakens in a strange room with dozens of other men and discovers that all of the soldiers killed in battle on both sides...

  • e-book

    After Alexander - The Time of the Diadochi...

    Anson,Edward M.; Troncoso,Victor Alonso

    When Alexander the Great died in 323 BC without a chosen successor he left behind a huge empire and ushered in a turbulent period, as his generals fought for control of vast territories. The time of the Successors (Diadochi) is usually defined as...

  • e-book

    Marx After Marx - History and Time in the...


    Harry Harootunian questions the claims of “Western Marxism” and its presumption of the final completion of capitalism. If this shift in Marxism reflected the recognition that the expected revolutions were not forthcoming in the years before World War...

  • Paris After Waterloo - Notes Taken At The...


    Excerpt from Paris After Waterloo: Notes Taken at the Time and Hitherto Unpublished, Including A; Revised Edition the Tenth of a Visit to Flanders and the Field Casemo de Facon, one of the hospitals of wounded British - La C_orderie, the hospital of...

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  • e-book

    Time After Time

    Ireland Stone,Tamara

    Calling Anna and Bennett'apos;s romance long distance is an understatement. She'apos;s from 1995 Chicago, and he'apos;s a time traveller from 2012 San Francisco. They never should have met, but they did. They fell in love, even though they knew they...

  • Time After Time


    New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper spins a tale of ageless love and the power of fate, in which dreams from the distant past imperil one woman's search for a passion that transcends history. They first met in a darkened loft, in the middle...

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  • e-book

    Time After Time

    Wendy Godding

    She has died countless times before, and she is not going to let it happen again. Abbie Harper dies just before her eighteenth birthday. It has happened before, more times than she can remember - and always at the hands of the same man. Her dreams...

  • e-book

    Time After Time

    Paul Kelly

    Sarah, or Sadie as she is called in the story, suffers an accident when she is fourteen, having been knocked down in the road and is immediately paralysed from the waist down, remaining that way until she died at the age of thirty-two.

  • e-book

    Time After Time

    Marilynn Byerly

    Paranormal Romance: ALEXA WEST thinks she's found a man who loves her, but another man, JUSTIN LORD, woos her with an outlandish tale--they have loved and married for their last twelve reincarnations, and he will allow no other man to marry her in...

  • Time After Time


    Sixteen electrifying stories, centering around time travel and altered timelines, explore the profound impact of manipulating the past and the future, and feature contributions by Laura Resnick, Jody Lynn Nye, Liz Holliday, Dean Wesley Smith, and...

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  • Time After Time - Flashback Fashion For...


    ?A delightful whirlwind of color, style, and eras; this is a must-have fashion book for young women, full of advice and inspiration for collecting and creating outfits that are indie-cool, glamorous, fun, and arty.

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  • e-book

    A Time Such as There Never Was Before -...


    As much upheaval as WWI caused in Canada, its aftermath was even more transformative for the country. With victory and the return the troops, Canadian society was now faced with the question of how to return to normalcy - and what 'normal' would mean...

  • e-book

    After Effects On the Spot - Time-Saving Tips...


    'apos;After Effects 6 On the Spot'apos; delivers immediate solutions! Packed with over 350 techniques, this book gets motion graphics and visual effects artists up to speed efficiently in After Effects by letting them learn what they need to know,...

  • In The Fullness Of Time - 32 Women On Life...

    Upham,Emily W; Gravenson,Linda

    In the Fullness of Time is a collection of essays, poems, interviews, and photographs that speak to the experience of aging-- the joys, the rewards, and the losses.Contributors: Abigail Thomas Vivian Gornick Carolyn See Linda Gravenson Claire Bloom...

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  • Looking Before And After - Some War-Time...

    MacCauley, Clay

    Excerpt from Looking Before and After: Some War-Time Essays Prompted by seemingly clear signs of the times, I had published, three years previously, - 1911 - a booklet under the title, Thought and Fact for To - day. In the introduction to the book I...

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  • e-book

    Climate Policy after Copenhagen

    Neuhoff, Karsten

    At the UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen, 117 heads of state concluded that low-carbon development is necessary in order to combat climate change. However, they also understood that transition to a low-carbon economy requires the implementation...

  • e-book

    Grief One Day at a Time - 365 Meditations to...


    After a loved one dies, each day can be a struggle. But each day, you can also find comfort and understanding in this daily companion. With one brief entry for every day of the calendar year, this little book by beloved grief counselor Dr. Alan...

  • e-book

    Grief One Day at a Time - 365 Meditations to...


    After a loved one dies, each day can be a struggle. But each day, you can also find comfort and understanding in this daily companion. With one brief entry for every day of the calendar year, this little book by beloved grief counselor Dr. Alan...

  • e-book

    After Delores


    A new edition of Sarah Schulman’s funny, sexy, surprising novel about a heartbroken waitress looking for love in New York.

  • e-book

    Time No Longer - Americans After the American...


    Americans cherish their national myths, some of which predate the country’s founding. But the time for illusions, nostalgia, and grand ambition abroad has gone by, Patrick Smith observes in this original book. Americans are now faced with a choice...

  • e-book

    After Sustainability - Denial, Hope,...


    Dangerous climate change is coming.Some people still deny that it is happening. Others refuse to recognise that it is now too late to prevent it. But both these reactions spring from the same source: our pathological attachment to...

  • After the New Economy


    After the New Economy

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  • After the New Economy


    A critical analysis of the 1990s New Economy documents period ideologies that claimed future recessions had been prevented, citing historical precedents that predicted such current issues as the widening gap between the wealthy and lower classes and...

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  • e-book

    Human Rights after Hitler - The Lost History...


    Human Rights after Hitler reveals thousands of forgotten US and Allied war crimes prosecutions against Hitler and other Axis war criminals based on a popular movement for justice that stretched from Poland to the Pacific. These cases provide a great...

  • The Epistles Of St. Paul To The Corinthians -...

    Barrow, John

    Excerpt from The Epistles of St. Paul to the Corinthians: After the Authorized Version This list represents the general opinion of the majority, and must be regarded as only an approximate statement of the sentiments of the whole five. It is, indeed,...

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  • e-book

    Science and Religion - Fifty Years After...

    Osborne,Kenan B.; Ki Wook Min

    In the past one hundred years, two major realities have changed both science and religion. The world of science has been enriched by quantum physics, the computation of the age of the universe, archaeological data in the Middle East, and a scientific...

  • e-book

    Time to Change - A Guide to Life After Greed


    The present moment marks a time of huge change, an opportunity for mankind to metamorphose into a new kind of humanity at the dawn of a New Creation. It is a time of extreme agitation in the world as a whole. This book to all intents and purposes is...

  • e-book

    The European Union After the Treaty of Lisbon

    Ashiagbor,Diamond; Countouris,Nicola; Lianos,Ioannis

    This volume of essays casts light on the shape and future direction of the EU in the wake of the Lisbon Treaty and highlights the incomplete nature of the reforms. Contributors analyse some of the most innovative and most controversial aspects of the...

  • Time And Time Again [Time Between Us & Time...

    Ireland Stone, Tamara; Stone,Tamara Ireland

    Anna and Bennett's thrilling, unforgettable love story sparkles in this collection of New York Times best-selling author Tamara Ireland Stone's first two novels, Time Between Us and Time After Time. They weren't supposed to meet. She lives in 1995...

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  • Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme Vol....


    Marvel's craziest comic gets even more mind-bending! After being betrayed by one of their own, Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme are banished to a dark dimension where everything is out to kill them! And you're trapped with them! Can you and...

  • e-book

    After Canaan - Essays on Race, Writing, and...


    The ever-more-complex culture of race in the 21st century, according to essayist and poet Wayde Compton.

  • e-book

    The Curry Coast - Travels in Malabar 500...

    Binoo K. John

    Retracing the footsteps of explorer Vasco da Gama 500 years after his arrival on the shores of Calicut, Binoo K. John finds himself in a land of graceful rivers, serene beaches and lush, tropical greenery. At the Kochi and St Angelo forts, where...

  • Prospects for Monetary Unions After the Euro

    Grauwe, Paul De; Melitz,Jacques

    Prospects for Monetary Unions After the Euro

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  • e-book

    The Common Agricultural Policy after the...

    Sorrentino, Alessandro; Henke,Roberto

    Providing an updated state of the art report on the effects of the 2003 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, this volume has a particular emphasis on the governance of institutional changes and national/regional implementation. Written from an...

  • The Motley Fool's Money After 40

    Gardner,Tom; Gardner,David

    A practical financial handbook for Baby Boomers explains how to plan for a secure, stable future, covering such topics as home ownership, long-term care insurance, estate planning, and more while guiding readers toward a healthy, productive,...

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