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  • How To Train Your Dragon 12 - How To Fight A...


    Dragons vs Humans: can Hiccup save the dragons? Find out in the EPIC finale to the How to Train Your Dragon series. It is the Doomsday of Yule. At the end of this day, either the humans or the dragons will face extinction. Alvin the Treacherous is...

  • The Girl On The Train Movie Tie-In


    The #1'New York Times'Bestseller, 'USA Today'Book of the Year, soon to be a major motion picture. The debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people's lives. Nothing is more addicting than'The Girl on the...

  • Train To Somewhere

    Bunting, Eve; Himler,Ronald (ilt)

    In the late 1800s, Marianne travels westward on the Orphan Train in hopes of being placed with a caring family.

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  • Train Your Brain - Train Your Brain Cranium...

    Allen,Robert; Gale, Harold; Skitt, Carolyn; Moore,Dr Gareth

    Hey kids are you ready to train your brains? This series of fun books will really let kids give their brains a workout! Designed by three puzzle-book pros and Mensa members, these brain-teasing books are brimming with mind-scrambling puzzles. In...

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  • Train Your Brain - Train Your Brain...

    Allen,Robert; Gale, Harold; Skitt, Carolyn; Moore,Dr Gareth

    Hey kids are you ready to train your brains? This series of fun books will really let kids give their brains a workout! Designed by three puzzle-book pros and Mensa members, these brain-teasing books are brimming with mind-scrambling puzzles. In...

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  • Orphan Train Girl

    Cass, Kiera

    From Kiera Cass, author of the Selection series, comes a captivating stand-alone fantasy romance.Kahlen is a Siren, bound to serve the Ocean by luring humans to watery graves with her voice, which is deadly to any human who hears it. Akinli is...

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  • Freight Train


    The train rolls along slowly at first, slowly enough to count the cars, to name their colors, and identify their functions, until it starts to pick up speed

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  • Dinosaur Train

    Gurney,John Steven

    All Aboard!Have your tickets ready for the most exciting ride of your life on the Dinosaur Train!

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  • Orphan Train Girl


    This young readers’ edition of Christina Baker Kline’s #1 New York Times bestselling novel Orphan Train follows a young foster girl who forms an unlikely bond with a ninety-one-year-old woman. Adapted and condensed for a young audience, Orphan Train...

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  • The Train Ride

    Crebbin,June; Lambert,Stephen (ilt)

    A journey on a train provides excitement, nice scenery, and pleasant anticipation.

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  • Orphan Train Rider


    Taking place between 1854 and 1930, when more than 200,000 orphaned children were sent west on orphan trains to find new homes, this true-life story describes one boy's journey through foster homes, adoption agencies, and homeless shelters. Reprint.

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  • This Train


    Simple text and illustrations depict different kinds of trains going uphill and downhill, crossing bridges and tunnels, using electricity or steam, carrying passengers or freight, even when it snows.

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  • The Train To Glasgow

    Horsbrugh,Wilma; Cox,Paul (ilt)

    A rhyme in the style of 'The House That Jack Built', describing the antics that occur when some chickens get loose on a train bound for Glasgow.

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  • Circus Train

    Smith,Joseph A.

    After moving to a house in the country, Timothy wonders how he will make any friends, but his problem is solved when he finds an imaginative way to rescue a stranded circus train.

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  • Dog Train

    Ford,Michael; Boynton,Sandra; Boynton, Sandra; Ford,Michael

    Music and illustrations accompany nineteen silly rock songs, including a sound disc featuring a duet by Kate Winslet and 'Weird Al' Yankovic.

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  • Orphan Train Rider


    Discusses the placement of over 200,000 orphaned or abandoned children in homes throughout the Midwest from 1854 to 1929 by recounting the story of one boy and his brothers

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  • How To Train Your Dragon


    Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a truly extraordinary Viking hero known throughout Vikingdom as 'the Dragon Whisperer' ... but it wasn't always so. Travel back to the days when the mighty warrior was just a boy, the quiet and thoughtful son of the...

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  • My Freight Train


    A little boy, living out his fantasy of driving his own freight train, describes the different cars, what each carries, how they are connected, and more.

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  • The Little Train


    Engineer Small takes the little train on its run from Tinytown to the big city, passing farms, traveling over a bridge, and going though a tunnel along the way.

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  • Love And Other Train Wrecks


    A Best Pick for Valentine's Day * An Amazon Best Book of the MonthA whirlwind twenty-four-hour romance about two teens who meet--and perhaps change their minds about love--on a train ride in the middle of a snowstorm. Leah Konen's Love and...

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  • Curious George Takes a Train

    Weston, Martha; Rey,H. A. (ilt)

    While waiting for the man with the yellow hat to buy train tickets, Curious George causes trouble by mixing up numbers on the schedule, but he makes up for it when a little boy's toy rolls toward the tracks.

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  • William and the Night Train

    Kelly,Mij; Jay,Alison

    Everyone on the night train is tired and ready for bed except William, who can't resist exploring the train from end to end, as his mother tries to convince him to settle down and shut his eyes.

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  • Across America On an Emigrant Train


    The author of The Boys' War presents an illustrated history of the building of the transcontinental railroad, including Robert Louis Stevenson's account of his twelve-day journey to California on six trains in 1879. An ALA Notable Children's Book....

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  • Harriet Tubman and the Freedom Train

    Gayle,Sharon; Marshall, Felicia; Marshall,Felicia

    Introduces Harriet Tubman, from her birth into slavery, through her daring escape to freedom in the north, to her tireless efforts during the Civil War to free other slave via the Underground Railroad.

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  • Gus and Grandpa Ride the Train

    Mills,Claudia; Stock,Catherine

    Gus waves at the train passing by his grandfather's house, sets up an old toy train, and eventually gets to ride the real thing with his grandfather in the third book of the Gus and Grandpa series. Reprint.

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  • Harriet Tubman and the Freedom Train

    Gayle,Sharon; Marshall, Felicia

    Introduces Harriet Tubman, from her birth into slavery, through her daring escape to freedom in the north, to her tireless efforts during the Civil War to free other slave via the Underground Railroad.

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  • Cesar's Rules - Your Way To Train a...


    Your dog just doesn’t seem to listen. You’ve been through obedience training, but he still can’t seem to master the most basic commands. And nothing you do seems to prevent him from misbehaving. “Clients usually come to me when their dogs are ruining...

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  • 3 in 1: My Big Truck, Train, Rescue


    3 in 1: My Big Truck, Train, Rescue

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  • How To Train Your Dragon: The Complete Series


    Read the books that inspired the hit movie sensation with this new and complete paperback gift set of the New York Times bestselling How to Train Your Dragon series! How to Train Your Dragon chronicles the adventures and misadventures of reluctant...

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  • The Bobbsey Twins Freddie And Flossie And The...

    Hope, Laura Lee; Pyle,Chuck; Pyle, Chuck

    Twins Freddie and Flossie take the train to Grandma's house with their cat Snoop.

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  • I Can Read Books: My First Shared Reading -...

    Dean, James

    Pete the Cat is back in New York Times bestselling artist James Dean's beginning reader Pete the Cat's Train Trip. Pete can't wait to visit Grandma, especially because he gets to take a train ride to see her! The conductor gives Pete a tour of the...

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  • Triceratops

    Lessem, Don; Train,Hall

    After a young triceratops is born, it learns how to feed and defend itself as it grows larger.

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  • Train - Does LED Zeppelin II


    Train é uma banda de rock norte-americana de São Francisco, Califórnia, formada em 1994. A banda alcançou o sucesso com seu álbum de estreia auto-intitulado, lançado em 1998 com o hit “Meet Virginia”. Homenageando uma de suas maiores inspirações...

  • Train Station Sticker Activity Book

    Smith,A. G.

    This country railroad station, on the edge of a small village in a pleasant valley, is waiting for you to bring it to life. You can make it bustle by using the 32 peel-and-apply images of passengers, a locomotive, railway cars, porters, baggage racks...

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  • Train Man

    Clemesha,David; Zimmerman,Andrea

    Now in board book! A young boy pretends to drive a train and takes his little brother along for an adventure in the mountains.There are bridges to cross, tunnels to travel through, and mountains to climb so kids can hop on board before the whistle...

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  • Train Stickers


    Train Stickers

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  • e-book

    Train Running

    Author Kyler Hood

    Kyler Hood has released a page-turner novella, Train Running. The story paints a colorful picture of life in India through the eyes of Mackenzie Riehl, an imaginative young woman who attends her sister's wedding in Bombay, burdened with a terrible...

  • e-book

    Train Dreams


    Robert Grainer is a day labourer in the American West at the start of the twentieth century - an ordinary man in extraordinary times. Shipped by train in 1893 into the woods of the Idaho panhandle, he grows up, works on logging gangs, falls in love,...

  • e-book

    Train to Warsaw, The - A Novel

    Gwen Edelman

    Jascha and Lilka separately fled from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942. Reunited years later, they live in London where Jascha has become a celebrated writer, feted for his dark tales about his war adventures. One day, forty years after the war, Jascha...

  • e-book

    Train Doctor - Trouble Shooting with Diesel...


    Train Doctor is the story of Roger Senior'apos;s career in the railway industry, from 1968 when the author joined British Railways, until his retirement from Great North Eastern Railway.The book takes you from the 1970’s period, with its first...

  • e-book

    Train Your Dog Like a Pro


    The tools you need to think and train like a professionalJean Donaldson is one of the top dog trainers in the United States, and her training academy has gained a reputation as the Harvard for dog trainers and behavioral counselors. Now, you can...

  • e-book

    Train I Ride


    4 starred reviews! 'Heartbreaking, hilarious, and life-affirming' (Ami Polonsky, author of Gracefully Grayson and Threads)Rydr is on a train heading east, leaving California, where her gramma can’t take care of her anymore, and traveling to Chicago,...

  • e-book

    Train Your Brain for Success - A...

    Randy Kulman

    Executive functions are a set of thinking, problem-solving, and self-control skills that tell the brain what to do, and this book demonstrates the ways kids use executive functions in school, at home, and in their other activities and shows how these...

  • e-book

    Batida do Coração - Série Runaway Train -...




    Após anos de relacionamentos ruins e um noivo infiel, Mia Martinelii, de vinte e oito anos, prefere curar o coração de seus pacientes, em vez de correr o risco de ter seu coração partido novamente. Mas tudo isso cai por terra quando, ao cuidar do...

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