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  • Vidas Trans - A Coragem de Existir

    Rocha, Márcia; Moira, Amara

    Neste livro, Amara Moira, João W. Nery, Márcia Rocha e T. Brant – todos pessoas trans – relatam, em depoimentos intensos, urgentes e necessários, o momento no qual percebem que havia algo diferente com seus corpos, sobre o sentimento de inadequação...

  • Este Livro É Gay - e Hetero, e Bi, e Trans...

    Dawson, James

    Este livro é gay trata de uma questão muito importante e, às vezes, de difícil abordagem entre professores, pais e jovens: a sexualidade. Com um texto muito claro e ilustrações engraçadas, o livro lembra um manual. O autor convida os leitores a...

  • e-book

    Black, Trans& Gifted

    Christian A'apos;Xavier Lovehall

    'BLACK. TRANS. & GIFTED.' is a literary embrace of myself, my culture, and my talents. I refuse to be an artist forced underground and hidden because of my identity. Words are the most powerful weapons in the world. These weapons can kill and yield...

  • e-book

    Trans-Colonial Modernities in South Asia

    Dodson,Michael S.; Hatcher, Brian A.

    Presenting cutting-edge scholarship dedicated to exploring the emergence and articulation of modernity in colonial South Asia, this book builds upon and extends recent insights into the constitutive and multiple projects of colonial modernity....

  • e-book

    Trans-Colonial Urban Space in Palestine -...

    Samman, Maha

    Taking a multidisciplinary approach to examine the dynamics of ethno-national contestation and colonialism in Israel/Palestine, this book investigates the approaches for dealing with the colonial and post-colonial urban space, resituating them within...

  • e-book

    Trans Erotica #1 - La Prima Volta di Michael

    K Windsor

    Un giovane uomo è al suo primo anno di college. E' il primo mese che frequenta e si mette d'accordo con una vecchia amica proveniente dalla sua stessa città per andare insieme ad una festa. La sua amica Jessica è all'ultimo anno di college e da un...

  • e-book

    Trans Voices - Becoming Who You Are


    Bronze Winner for the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the category of Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans Non-FictionForegrounding the voices of transgender and non-binary people, this honest and insightful book is a compilation of the voices of those who...

  • e-book

    Trans-Siberian Express


    International intrigue and suspense on the world's longest and most exotic train ride. During the bad old days of the Soviet Union, famous American cancer specialist Dr. Alex Cousins is sent by the President of the United States to Russia to prolong...

  • e-book

    Trans-Reality Television - The Transgression...


    Trans-Reality Television offers an overview of contributions which engage with the phenomenon of reality television as a tool to reflect on societal and mediated transformations and transgressions. The chapters in this volume are divided into four...

  • e-book

    Trans-Appalachian Frontier, Third Edition -...


    The first American frontier lay just beyond the Appalachian Mountains and along the Gulf Coast. Here, successive groups of pioneers built new societies and developed new institutions to cope with life in the wilderness. In this thorough revision of...

  • e-book

    Trans-Nationalism and the Politics of...

    Westwood, Sallie; Phizacklea, Annie; Dr Sallie Westwood

    In this book, two leading authorities on migration and nationhood attempt to bridge the gap between experience and analysis, looking at:* the disorientating effects of space and time which migration creates * how migration affects our understanding...

  • e-book

    Trans/Portraits - Voices from Transgender...

    Jackson Wright Shultz

    A fascinating collective memoir of the lives and experiences of transgender people, in their own voices

  • Trans - Adriana Varella - Col. Arte e...

    Saraiva, Alberto

    Artista brasileira residente em Nova Iorque, Adriana Varella utiliza múltiplas mídias em suas obras, tais como instalação, vídeo, som, fotografia, desenho e escultura. Em seu trabalho, busca desafiar o imaginário ao usar intervenções, experimentações...

  • e-book

    Trans-Oriented - A Guide to Love and...

    Michael David Freel

    Topical, wickedly frank, instructive...and frequently hilarious, Trans-Oriented is perhaps the world's very first romance guide for men whose sexual orientation is inescapably drawn towards transgender women.With everything a TGentleman will need to...

  • e-book

    Trans Am& Firebird Restoration

    Melvin Banzaquen

    Covers trim, body, and engine restoration aspects that are exclusive to the Pontiac F-Body cars.

  • e-book

    Trans Fats

    Watson, Stephanie

    This engrossing look at the hidden dangers in your food will have students thinking twice about relying on packaged and fast foods. Readers learn about fats (fatty acids, unsaturated fats, saturated fats, and trans fats). The book's content focuses...

  • Tram 83

    Mujila,Fiston Mwanza

    In an African city in secession land tourists of all languages and nationalities. They have only one desire: to make a fortune by exploiting the mineral wealth of the country. They work during the day in mining concession and, as soon as night falls,...

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  • Trans - Col. Às de Colete

    Carvalho,Age de

    O poeta paraense Age de Carvalho reúne em Trans 60 poemas inéditos e volta à coleção Às de Colete de bolso, parceria das editoras Cosac Naify e 7Letras. Autor de Caveira 41, que inaugurou a coleção em 2003 (ao lado de Metade da arte, de Marcos...

  • (Trans)modernidade

    Rafael Mendonça

    Alinhando-se à “Nova Crítica ao Direito” (Streck), Rafael Mendonça procura na Mediação um caminho democrático para a superação das perplexidades da jurisdição ordinária. Resgatando a beleza do conflito e suas potencialidades, aponta a Mediação como...

  • e-book

    Trans*Am - Cis Men and Trans Women in Love

    Joseph McClellan

    It is critical for trans-amorous people to hold themselves accountable in a world that is unfriendly to their trans* lovers.

  • Trans Phen Por Media Vol. II H


    Transport phenomena in porous media continues to be a field which attracts intensive research activity. This is primarily due to the fact that it plays an important and practical role in a large variety of diverse scientific applications. Transport...

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  • O que e a Filosofia ? - Col. Trans

    Deleuze, Gilles; Guattari,Felix

    A partir da questão — O que é a filosofia? —, Deleuze e Guattari esclarecem as condições, as incógnitas e os requisitos subjacentes à sua elaboração. A seguir, estabelecem as diferenças entre a atividade filosófica e a atividade científica ou...

  • e-book

    Tradie Trans Man

    Daniel Blue

    Tradie, Brett, can't help noticing what amazing eyes fellow tradie, Andy, has. It makes him feel conflicted and he mentions it to his friend Jay. What Brett hasn't realized, up until then, is that big, masculine Jay is becoming more and more...

  • Gênero Trans E Multidisciplinar

    Alfrancio Ferreira Dias; Ana Claúdia Lemos Pacheco (org.),Carlos Magno Gomes

    Obra necessária a todas as pessoas que desejam enveredar no campo dos estudos de gênero sob perspectiva transformadora, transformista, transdisciplinar e transgênero. É uma obra sui generis e instigante porque reúne um mosaico de temas de estudos e...

  • Res In Trans Econ Vol. 12


    Shipping is by far the most significant mode of transportation for the carriage of freight. In terms of volume alone, no other mode comes close. Its dominance is even more overwhelming when distances are accounted for. This book is concerned with the...

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  • Res In Trans Economics V 14


    Many transport economists have for some time proposed marginal social cost as the principle on which prices in the transport sector should be based and, in recent years, their prescription has come to be taken more and more seriously by...

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  • e-book

    Vidas trans

    Rocha, Márcia; W. Nery, João; Moira, Amara; Brant, T.

    Neste livro, Amara Moira, João W. Nery, Márcia Rocha e T. Brant – todos pessoas trans – relatam, em depoimentos intensos, urgentes e necessários, o momento no qual percebem que havia algo diferente com seus corpos, sobre o sentimento de inadequação...

  • Mana Net Trans Econ Ibm H


    Mana Net Trans Econ Ibm H

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  • e-book

    Love Letters Trans


    When straight, blue collar worker, Bud, meets Ellis he unexpectedly develops a crush on him and has to learn to come to terms with his feelings. Ellis is a Trans man who had always dreamed of meeting the right girl, so he finds his feelings for Bud...

  • e-book

    Nation, Diaspora, Trans-Nation: Reflections...

    Jain,R. K.; Jain,Ravindra K.

    A premier debate in the present conjuncture of globalization has been the prospect of 'post nation' and the obsolescence of patriotism at the horizon of transnationalism. In an ethnographically rich and discursively sharp intervention R. K. Jain...

  • e-book

    Out Online - Trans Self-Representation and...

    Tobias Raun

    Trans people are increasingly stepping out of the shadow of pathologization and secretiveness to tell their life stories, share information and to connect with like-minded others, using YouTube as a platform. Out Online: Trans Self-Representation and...

  • e-book

    The Trans-Siberian Railway - A...


    No railway journey on Earth can equal the Trans-Siberian between Moscow and Vladivostock. It is not just its vast length and the great variety of the lands and climes through which it passes. It is not just its history as the line that linked the...

  • Interacoes Trans.livro de Exercicios -mod.1/2


    Interacoes Trans.livro de Exercicios -mod.1/2

  • Políticas da Escrita - Col. Trans


    Publicada originalmente no Brasil em 1995, antes mesmo de uma edição francesa, esta reunião de ensaios do filósofo Jacques Rancière — Professor Emérito de Estética e Política na Universidade de Paris VIII — dá provas da força e originalidade de seu...

  • e-book

    Culpability of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade...

    Bangura, Abdul Karim

    This book contributes to the debate over the culpability of the Trans-Atlantic Slave from various disciplinary perspectives. The general thesis that undergirds the book is that by knowing who was predisposed to benefit the most from the trade and why...

  • e-book

    Bipoints Before Clovis - Trans-Oceanic...

    Hranicky, Wm Jack

    This archaeological publication covers the development, definition, classification, and world-wide deployment of the lithic bipoint and includes numerous photographs, drawings, and maps. Lithic bipoint technology originated 75,000 years ago, and it...

  • e-book

    History, Memory, and Trans-European Identity...

    Aline Sierp

    This book questions the presupposition voiced by many historians and political scientists that political experiences in Europe continue to be interpreted in terms of national history, and that a European community of remembrance still does not exist....

  • The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

    Richardson,David; Eltis,David; Behrendt,Stephen D.; Klein, Herbert S.

    The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

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  • e-book

    The Voice Book for Trans and Non-Binary...

    Gillie Stoneham

    Two leading speech therapists in the field explain what voice and communication therapy can offer transgender and non-binary individuals and the interventions used. Each chapter features narratives of individuals transitioning, giving an account of...

  • Mil Platos Vol. 2 - Col. Trans

    Deleuze, Gilles

    Mil Platos Vol. 2 - Col. Trans

  • e-book

    American Chameleon - Individualism in...

    Goodheart, Lawrence B.; Richard O. Curry

    The concept of individualism that emerged in American society during the late 18th century has long defined America's social, political, and economic institutions. American Chameleon is the first historical work which addresses this concept and its...

  • e-book

    The Trans-Oceanic Marketing Channel

    Kaynak, Erdener

    If you feel you have a disjointed, or unbalanced, view of the global system of demand and supply, you are probably correct. Most studies leave out a very important part of the system--the marketing channel. That is why Laurens van der Laan developed...

  • Defence Trans Algorithms App H


    This book contains papers divided into three general sections according to the title of this text: algorithms, models, and applications. The first section on algorithms contains papers that are theoretical in nature or contain new techniques that...

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  • e-book

    Cis-Trans Isomeric Carotenoids, Vitamins A...

    L. Zechmeister

    Cis-Trans Isomeric Carotenoids, Vitamins A, and Arylpolyenes focuses on the reactions, characteristics, and properties of cis-trans isomeric carotenoids, vitamins A, and arylpolyenes.The publication first takes a look at carotenoids, number, types,...

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