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  • Três Fantasias - Col. Clássicos Juvenis Três...

    Carroll,Lewis; Cervantes,Miguel de; Vieira,Isabel

    A coleção Três por Três apresenta uma inovadora proposta editorial. Cada livro parte de um único eixo temático e reúne, em um só volume, dois clássicos universais - adaptados de maneira envolvente e criativa por um autor contemporâneo brasileiro -,...

  • Corte De Asas e Ruína - Corte De Espinhos e...

    Maas,Sarah J.



    O esperado terceiro volume da série best-seller Corte de Espinhos e Rosas, da mesma autora da saga Trono de vidro Mais uma vez Sarah J. Maas não desaponta. Em Corte de Asas e Ruína a guerra se aproxima, um conflito que promete devastar Prythian. Em...

  • Princesas do Reino da Fantasia - Princesa do...


    Bem-vindo à terra dos Cinco Reinos, um local onde a magia está em todo lugar. Aqui existem muitos lugares para visitar, personagens para conhecer e histórias e segredos para descobrir.O Reino do Deserto está em perigo! O maquiavélico Príncipe sem...

  • Box - Tempest - 3 Volumes


    O “box da série Tempest” é composto pelos 3 livros: Tempest, Vortex e Timestorm. A série conta a jornada de Jackson Meyer, um menino que consegue viajar no tempo, e sua namorada Holly, que morre durante uma invasão à sua casa. Jackson, que antes...

  • Los Tres Mosqueteros


    Es una de las obras más conocidas y divulgadas del escritor francés. Creadora de uno de los grandes arquetipos franceses: el mosquetero al servicio del Rey, pendenciero, astuto, liberal, leal, valeroso y cortés con las damas. Junto con é viven sus...

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  • Doom 3 - Worlds On Fire


    The year is 2144...and the battle over Earth's precious resources has raged for a century. With global economies in ruins and all-out world war more than a possibility, the U.S government turned to the Union Aerospace Corporation, giving it carte...

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  • Voyager - Outlander 3

    Gabaldon, Diana

    Time-traveler Claire Randall returns to her own time, pregnant and weary, and resumes her life, but her memories of her eighteenth-century Scottish lover, Jamie Fraser, will not die, leading her to a desperate decision to return to him.

  • Casa Deshabitada - 3


    Casa Deshabitada - 3

  • Delirium Tome 3


    Après avoir sauvé Julian d'une condamnation à mort, Lena et ses amis regagnent la Nature. Mais celle-ci n'est plus un lieu sûr, des rebellions ont éclaté partout dans le pays et les Régulateurs sont postés à la frontière, à l'affût de toute...

  • Fantasy Adventures 3

    Philip Harbottle

    Fantasy Adventures 3 represents another great new collection of fantasy and science fiction stories edited by Philip Harbottle, covering the whole spectrum of imaginative fiction, from sf adventure to the weird and supernatural! This issue includes...

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  • The Three-Body Problem

    Liu , Cixin

    1967: Ye Wenjie witnesses Red Guards beat her father to death during China's Cultural Revolution. This singular event will shape not only the rest of her life but also the future of mankind.Four decades later, Beijing police ask nanotech engineer...

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  • Rebel Island (tres Navarre Series # 7)


    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series A triple-crown winner of mystery's most coveted awards, Rick Riordan brings his Texas-style take on the crime thriller to an island paradise where ex-P.I....

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  • Salammbo, Vol. 3 - A Romance Of Ancient...


    Excerpt from Salammbo, Vol. 3: A Romance of Ancient Carthage His mind was at work, however, for he composed dramatic pieces before he was able to write, which he acted all alone, representing the different person ages, and improvising the long...

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  • The Decameron, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Decameron, Vol. 3 Chynon, by falling in Love, became wise, and by force of Armes, winning his faire Lady Iphigenia on the Seas, was afterward imprisoned at Rhodes. Being delivered by one named Lysimachus, he recovered his Iphigenia...

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  • The Isolator, Vol. 3 (Light Novel) - The...


    Having successfully helped destroy two of the evil Ruby Eyes, Minoru, the Isolator, is recruited by the Syndicate, a secret organization dedicated to their eradication. He teams up with Suu Komura, the Refractor, a young girl said to be the...

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  • Morning Star - Book 3 Of The Red Rising Saga


    Darrow would have lived in peace, but his enemies brought him war. The Gold overlords demanded his obedience, hanged his wife, and enslaved his people. But Darrow is determined to fight back. Risking everything to transform himself and breach Gold...

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  • Merry England, Vol. 3 Of 3 - Or Nobles And...

    Ainsworth,William Harrison

    Excerpt from Merry England, Vol. 3 of 3: Or Nobles and Serfs About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical...

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  • Mistborn Nascidos da Bruma - o Herói Das Eras...




    O capítulo final da trilogia Mistborn, de Brandon Sanderson Após subverter a lógica dos livros de fantasia tradicional e arrebatar uma quantidade incrível de admiradores, entre eles George R. R. Martin em pessoa, Brandon Sanderson encerra a trilogia...

  • Warcraft: War Of The Ancients # 3: The...

    Knaak,Richard A

    In the final, apocalyptic chapter of this epic trilogy, the dragon-mage Krasus and the young druid Malfurion must risk everything to save Azeroth from utter destruction. Banding together the dwarves, tauren and furbolg races, the heroes hope to spark...

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  • Fitz And The Fool 3 - Assassin’S Fate


    Prince FitzChivalry Farseer’s daughter Bee was violently abducted from Withywoods by Servants of the Four in their search for the Unexpected Son, foretold to wield great power. With Fitz in pursuit, the Servants fled through a Skill-pillar, leaving...

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  • La Peau De Chagrin, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint)

    Balzac, Honoré de

    Excerpt from La Peau de Chagrin, Vol. 3 Je regardais Pauline avec stupeur. Elle me laissa seul. Je ne m'étais pas aperçu de sa retraite. J'avais entendu sa voix, sans comprendre le sens de 'ses paroles. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • Fitz And The Fool 3 - Assassin’S Fate -...


    Prince FitzChivalry Farseer’s daughter Bee was violently abducted from Withywoods by Servants of the Four in their search for the Unexpected Son, foretold to wield great power. With Fitz in pursuit, the Servants fled through a Skill-pillar, leaving...

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  • Le Morte Darthur, Vol. 3 - Studies On The...


    Excerpt from Le Morte Darthur, Vol. 3: Studies on the Sources It will be recognised, I trust, that, thanks to my efforts, Sir Thomas Malory's position in the history of English literature is henceforth clearly defined, and that the sources which he...

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  • Untitled Kristoff #5 - Book Three Of The...

    Kristoff ,Jay

    The epic conclusion of the internationally bestselling Nevernight Chronicle from New York Times bestselling author Jay Kristoff.The greatest games in Godsgrave's history have ended with the most audacious murders in the history of the Itreyan...

  • Eustace Fitz-Richard, Vol. 3 Of 4 - A Tale Of...


    Excerpt from Eustace Fitz-Richard, Vol. 3 of 4: A Tale of the Barons Wars I am sorry our people have supplied you with bad forage, said Eustace. Sf. It is not of the hay' or of thenoatsl would complain, sald ap-rhyse for, thanks to the forage-master,...

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  • Three Heroes


    Two classic romance novels and a novella come together in a special omnibus edition that features The Dragon's Bride, The Devil's Heiress, and The Demon's Mistress, in which a wealthy widow hires a war hero to masquerade as her fiancé, a ruse that...

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  • A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 3 (Light Novel)


    Touma Kamijou is the unluckiest boy in Academy City. Having settled the magical side of his problems for a while, the scientific side of things starts to heat up when Touma's rival-turned-friend Mikoto meets her own clone. That's only the beginning...

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  • Tales Of The Crusaders, Vol. 3 Of 3 (Classic...


    Excerpt from Tales of the Crusaders, Vol. 3 of 3 He is totally compounded of humours, said the Grand Master. Marked you the pledge he gave us, instead of a prayer, over his grace-cap yonder? About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • Skylark Three

    E.E. "Doc" Smith

    Seaton and Crane return in this exciting sequel to 'The Skylark of Space!' In Skylark Three, Seaton has developed a 'Zone of Force' to protect his ship, the Skylark. But with the Zone up and running, he can no longer control his vessel. Can this new...

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  • The Bravo, Vol. 2 Of 3 - A Venetian Story...

    Cooper,James Fenimore

    Excerpt from The Bravo, Vol. 2 of 3: A Venetian Story The night had advanced beyond its turn, when a gondola came gliding through the ship ping of the port, with that easy and swan-like motion, which is peculiar to its slow movement, and touched the...

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  • Chronicles Of The Canongate, Vol. 3 Of 3 -...


    Excerpt from Chronicles of the Canongate, Vol. 3 of 3: Second Series In this manner they passed unnoticed or dis regarded beneath the stately Gothic arches of the old bridge, erected by the magnificent pa tronage of Robert Bruce in 1329, and carried...

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  • The Eterna Solution - The Eterna Files #3

    Hieber, Leanna Renee

    PRISM AWARD-WINNING AUTHORUnnatural howls echo across the Atlantic - Lady Liberty's torch blazes with hellfire - Dead bodies shamble through the grounds of Columbia College.It's 1882 and two government divisions of paranormal investigators have...

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  • The Three-Body Problem

    Liu , Cixin

    1967: Ye Wenjie witnesses Red Guards beat her father to death during China's Cultural Revolution. This singular event will shape not only the rest of her life but also the future of mankind. Four decades later, Beijing police ask nanotech engineer...

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  • Three Sides To Every Story


    Growing up in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Johnny and Tonya meet in high school and fall for each other. Yet their romance falls apart when Johnny seriously injures Tonya's ex-boyfriend in an altercation. Johnny is imprisoned, and Tonya starts...

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  • The Three Shirt Deal

    Vários Autores

    Asked by beautiful Internal Affairs detective Secada 'Scout' Llevar to help investigate the claims of small-time crook Truit Hickman, convicted of killing his mother, that he has been framed by the police, Shane Scully takes on a violent Hispanic...

  • The Three Miss Margarets


    Three women named Margaret--Miss Peggy, Dr. Maggie, and Miss Li'l Bit--all icons in Charles Valley, Georgia, are bound together by a thirty-year-old secret and their clandestine, illegal efforts to right a terrible wrong, until a stranger's arrival...

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  • Star Trek - Errand of Fury Book 3 -...


    When the Klingon Defense Forces occupy the primitive planet of Organia, the home of a race of avowed pacifists, Captain Kirk and Spock, trapped on the planet, are forced to disguise themselves as interstellar traders but must risk exposure to stop...

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  • The Death Cure - Maze Runner - Book 3 - Movie...

    Dashner, James

    The Trials are over. WICKED have collected all the information they can. Now it's up to the Gladers to complete the blueprint for the cure to the Flare with a final voluntary test. But something has happened that no-one at WICKED has foreseen: Thomas...

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  • Death's End - The Three-Body Problem 3

    Cixin Liu

    With The Three-Body Problem, English-speaking readers got their first chance to read China's most beloved science fiction author, Cixin Liu. The Three-Body Problem was released to great acclaim including coverage in The New York Times and The Wall...

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  • The City Of Mirrors - Passage Trilogy Vol. 3


    #1 'NEW YORK TIMES' BESTSELLER A thrilling finale to a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction. Stephen King You followed 'The Passage.' You faced 'The Twelve.' Now enter 'The City of Mirrors 'for the...

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  • Death's End - The Three-Body Problem 3


    Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps the Trisolaran invaders at bay. Earth enjoys unprecedented prosperity due to the infusion of Trisolaran knowledge and, with human science advancing and the...

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  • The Wondrous Tale Of Alroy, Vol. 3 Of 3 - The...


    Excerpt from The Wondrous Tale of Alroy, Vol. 3 of 3: The Rise of Iskander Alroy and Asriel led on their divisions, and the battle now became general. It raged for several hours, and was on both sides well maintained. The slaughter of the Karasmians...

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  • Hero - Homecoming - Book III

    Salvatore, R.a.; Salvatore,R A

    The saga of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden has become a fixture in the fantasy genre, with a string ofNew York Timesbest-selling novels going back to 1988.Herois the follow-up toMaestroandArchmage, and final book in the Homecoming trilogy. Something akin...

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  • The Soul Of Lilith, Vol. 2 Of 3 (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Soul of Lilith, Vol. 2 of 3 Lilith's rest. Now he had made a new de parture, - and in the eagerness of her desire to know why this stranger was thus freely admitted into the usually forbidden precincts, she went her way downstairs to...

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