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  • Escavações a Céu Aberto em Solos Tropicais


    A implantação dos metrôs - trens metropolitanos subterrâneos - em densas áreas metropolitanas, ofereceu um novo desafio para a engenharia brasileira. Longas valas escavadas em solos tropicais, com até cerca de 20 m de profundidade, ao lado de...

  • A Conservação Das Florestas Tropicais

    Furlan,Sueli Angelo

    Nessa obra, a conservação das florestas tropicais é abordada de uma perspectiva socioambiental. Considerando os conhecimentos já existentes sobre o funcionamento das florestas tropicais, os autores discutem a possibilidade de sua recuperação e de seu...

  • e-book

    Tropical Paradise: A Collection of Five...

    Seate,J. Troy; Marsden,Sommer; Tripp, Velvet

    A collection of five erotic stories based on the theme of sex at work

  • Tropical Flowers Of The World Coloring Book

    Chandler,Lynda E.

    Tropical Flowers Of The World Coloring Book

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  • Daoismo Tropical – A Transplantação do...

    Oliva Da Costa,Matheus

    “Como o presente livro, Matheus Oliva da Costa, membro do CERAL (Centro de Estudos de Religiões Alternativas de Origem Oriental) fornece aos leitores brasileiros o texto da sua dissertação defendida no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência da...

  • Tropical Fish Coloring Book


    Tropical Fish Coloring Book

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  • e-book

    Tropical Surge - A History of Ambition and...


    Engaging historical narrative covering many significant events in the history of south Florida, including the major developments and setbacks in the early years of Miami and Key West, as well as an in-depth look at Henry Flagler's amazing Overseas...

  • e-book

    Tropical Deforestation - A socio-economic...

    Jepma,C. J.

    The depletion of the tropical rain forests has attracted considerable attention in recent times, and the serious consequences for the global biosphere are widely acknowledged. Yet deforestation continues apace, and in some areas (for example,...

  • e-book

    Tropical Medicine - A Clinical Text, 8th...

    Cahill, Kevin

    The history of tropical medicine is as dramatic as the story of humankind. It has its own myths and legends, including tales of epidemics that destroyed whole civilizations. Today, with silent stealth, tropical diseases still claim more lives than...

  • e-book

    Tropical Idolatry - A Theological History of...

    R. L. Green

    Tropical Idolatry examines how thinkers within the Society of Jesus attempted to convert indigenous peoples of New Spain, the Philippine Islands, and the Mariana Islands to Catholicism. This book demonstrates the importance that both religious and...

  • Green Mansions - A Romance Of The Tropical...

    Hudson, W H

    Excerpt from Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest I must state here that my friend's full name was Abel Guevez de Argensola, but in his early days in Georgetown he was called by his christian name only, and later he wished to be known...

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  • Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish From A to Z


    Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish From A to Z

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  • Little Tropical Fish Stained Glass Coloring...


    Eight boldly outlined drawings depict a -whiskered- catfish, exotic angelfish, swordtail, guppy, neon tetra, pearl gourami, marbled hatchetfish, and Siamese fighting fish. Simply fill in these artistic miniatures with almost any coloring medium, hang...

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  • Tiki With A Twist - 75 Cool, Fresh, And Wild...

    Fraioli, James O.; Calvo,Lynn

    Can t get to the Caribbean or the South Pacific but want a delicious taste of those tropical islands? Now you can whip up new, mouthwatering tiki cocktails at home. From the Coconut Cucumber Mojito and the Honeydew Daiquiri to the Nutty Samoan and...

  • Marine Tropical Fish Stained Glass Coloring...

    Green,John; Coloring Books,; Sea Life,

    With this little book you can re-create the vibrant patterns and colors of marine tropical fish. Included are eight different species, boldly outlined on translucent paper: sea horse, polkadot grouper, long-nose butterfly fish, clown triggerfish, and...

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  • e-book

    CEBU - A Tropical Paradise in the Pacific


    Cebu was discovered in 1521 by the Spanish sailor Ferdinand Magellan. It was an affluent society in those times, happy and full of life and pleasure. The Spanish stayed for almost 500 years. After Dictator Marcos left the Philippines Cebu woke up and...

  • e-book

    Green Mansions - A Romance of the Tropical...

    W. H. Hudson

    The curious call of an unseen bird lures a young European explorer deeper and deeper into the jungle, where he encounters the source of the siren song— a lovely, half-wild girl with mysterious powers. Thus begins the romance between Abel, a...

  • e-book

    Green Mansions - a romance of the tropical...

    William Henry Hudson
    (3165772) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. I take up pen for this foreword with the fear of one who knows that he cannot do justice to his subject, and the trembling of one who would not, for a good...

  • e-book

    Green Mansions - A Romance of the Tropical...

    William Henry Hudson

    Green Mansions is an exotic and tragic romance about a young man who travels to Venezuela. He lives there with an Indian tribe, but his new-found life is shaken when he meets the 'magical' forest-dweller, Rima. He is moved by her story and travels...

  • Tropical Rainforests


    Tropical rainforests are home to brilliantly colored birds and spider monkeys that swing like acrobats. Here, tiny tadpoles, lizards, and crabs live in sky-high penthouse mini-ponds formed in the leaves of rootless plants. The understory and forest...

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  • e-book

    Tropical Interiors

    Ong,A. Chester; Reyes,Elizabeth

    The Philippines is home to a new generation of craftsmen, be they furniture makers, artists, sculptors or weavers. Their specialty is taking the indigenous materials of the country - pina, abaca, capiz shell, bamboo, rattan to name just a few- to...

  • e-book

    Forbidden - A Cracker& Gilly Mystery

    Hammond,Melinda; Hammond,Richard; Denita Browning

    When Gilly McMahon watches her older brother, Cracker, and his friends, Trann and Bone, disappear over the cliff in front of their family's holiday shack on a secret expedition she is determined that she will not be left behind. Accompanied by her...

  • e-book

    Tropical Living: Contemporary Dream Houses in...

    Ong,A. Chester; Reyes,Elizabeth

    Start with a warm tropical climate. Add an abundance of exotic natural building material. And then let the cross currents of Asian design and aesthetics create a rich architectural alchemy of it's own. The result? The exquisite homes of the...

  • e-book

    23 Degrees South - A Tropical Tale of...


    23 Degrees South follows two 23 year-old childhood pals, Hart and Simon, on a twisting, unexpected, adventure of force-fed, self-discovery. The story departs from the tennis courts of Southern California traveling to the back streets of Sao Paulo,...

  • e-book

    A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies


    These vivid and compelling tales, many set in Africa and Asia, are about immigrants and others facing change and dislocation. The science is never pedantic; indeed the language of biology and natural history is used to great lyrical effect. The...

  • O que a Floresta Tropical nos Ensinou

    Kiuchi,Tachi; Shireman,Bill

    Segundo o executivo Tachi Kiuchi e o advogado ambientalista Bill Shireman, colhendo informações na natureza - ou seja, do próprio sistema que outrora simplesmente procuravam dominar -, as empresas podem aprender a se adaptar rapidamente às variações...

  • e-book

    Tropical Conservation Biology

    Brook,Barry W.; Sodhi,Navjot S.; Bradshaw, Corey J. A.

    This introductory textbook examines diminishing terrestrial and aquatic habitats in the tropics, covering a broad range of topics including the fate of the coral reefs; the impact of agriculture, urbanization, and logging on habitat depletion; and...

  • One Day in the Tropical Rainforest

    George,Jean Craighead; Allen,Gary

    It is dawn, and young Tepui makes his way through the rain forest. He treasures his tropical homeland and all of its wildlife, from the giant Coco de Mono tree to the tribe of playful monkeys to the colorful treetop birds. But today is doomsday for...

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  • New True Books - Ecosystems - Tropical Rain...


    Explains what tropical rain forests are like, looks at the plants and animals that live in rain forests, and includes information on why tropical rain forests are important and what is being done to save them.

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  • A Vida Nos Rios e Banhados - C. Tropical

    Antonelli F, Roberto

    A Vida Nos Rios e Banhados - C. Tropical

  • Dover Little Activity Books - Fun With...

    Brooks, Sue; Sea Life,

    With these six pre-cut stencils, kids can create an entire aquarium of beautiful and exotic fish. Included are designs for an angelfish, guppy, tiger barb, lyretail swordfish, long-nosed butterflyfish, and yellow tang. Just the right size for little...

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  • e-book

    Dirt Busters - A Cracker& Gilly Mystery

    Hammond,Melinda; Hammond,Richard; Denita Browning

    When Gilly McMahon sets out to build a billy-cart to enter a local racing derby she decides to do it without the help of her big brother, Cracker, and his friends, Trann and Bone. And keep the $1000 prize money. She is busy hunting for wood from a...

  • The Case Of Monkeys That Fell From The Trees...

    Quinlan,Susan E

    Why would several monkeys suddenly fall from the trees? How do tiny frogs make deadly poisons? Why are passionvines so difficult to find? Why do certain plants harbor hordes of biting ants? What kind of creature pollinates an odd-looking flower?...

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  • e-book

    Key Biscayne - A History of Miami'apos;s...

    Joan Gill Blank

    Just south of Miami Beach lies the southernmost sand barrier island of the continental United States-Key Biscayne. Long the symbol of an idyllic, barefoot, island lifestyle, this swirl of sand, 5 miles long by 1 1/2 miles wide, is the subject of this...

  • A Sensação de Setembro - Opereta Tropical

    Rey, Marcos

    'A sensação de setembro' contém todos os ingredientes da sátira social. Picaresco, descontraído, é um desafio à mesmice bem-comportada. Duducha Kremmelbein, rica e extravagante, brilha a cada aparição. Seu filho Rudi, dono de uma esquadra em...

  • A Touch of Tropical Spice


    A Touch of Tropical Spice

  • e-book

    A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture -...

    Jiat-Hwee Chang

    A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture traces the origins of tropical architecture to nineteenth century British colonial architectural knowledge and practices. It uncovers how systematic knowledge and practices on building and?environmental...

  • e-book

    A Touch of Tropical Spice: From Chilli Crab...

    Hutton,Wendy; Kawana,Masano

    Unabashedly Asian without being traditional, A Touch of Tropical Spice reflects the fascinating blend of peoples and cultures of Southeast Asia and how that affects their respective cuisines.This modern, fresh approach to Asian cooking is in demand...

  • e-book

    A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture -...

    Jiat-Hwee Chang

    A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture traces the origins of tropical architecture to nineteenth century British colonial architectural knowledge and practices. It uncovers how systematic knowledge and practices on building and?environmental...

  • e-book

    Cooking with Tropical Fruit - A Selection of...


    A book of recipes using tropical fruit. Thoroughly recommended for inclusion on the bookshelf of the amateur and professional cook alike. Contents Include: Pineapple, Bananas, Watermelons, Citrus Melons.

  • 25 Tropical Houses In the Philippines

    Reyes,Elizabeth V.; Ong, A. Chester; Alcazaren,Paulo

    25 Tropical Houses In the Philippines

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  • A Manual Of The Climate And Diseases Of...


    Excerpt from A Manual of the Climate and Diseases of Tropical Countries Adieu! My dear Sir - proceed in the road to fame and honour - in the accomplishment of that great and glorious labour, the placing the Hospital Establishments of the British:...

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  • e-book

    25 Tropical Houses in the Philippines

    Ong,A. Chester; Reyes,Elizabeth

    25 Tropical Houses of the Philippines features top Filipino architects and designers with ideas that are stylish, contemporary, and show twenty-first century savvy. These distinctive homes showcase the best residential work by Filipino...

  • e-book

    A History of the Pacific Islands - Passages...


    A book about the past and present Pacific Islands, wide-ranging in time and space spanning the centuries from the first settlement of the islands until the present day.

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