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  • TV Digital Interativa - Convergências Das...

    João Paulo Amaral Schlittler

    Este volume tenta abordar o campo de trabalho em design ligado à TV, seja digital ou analógica. Visa abordar, através de análise e crítica, as etapas de projeto e de produção dos programas, e também a respeito da criação da identidade audiovisual e o...

  • Televisão Digital Interativa : Reflexões ,...

    Lemos,Guido; Brennand,Edna

    Discorrer sobre televisão digital interativa não é tratar apenas de convergência de dados ou de questões técnicas. O tema é bem mais abrangente e envolve a problemática sócio-econômica-cultural, que permeia todo o processo de mudança do padrão...

  • Fanny & Alexander - Versão Original de TV - 2...


    Suécia, início do século XX. Fanny e Alexander, duas crianças de uma família burguesa, têm suas vidas alteradas radicalmente quando o pai morre e, pouco tempo depois, a mãe se casa com o bispo da cidade, um homem rigoroso e cruel.

  • Conflitos na TV Digital Brasileira


    A implantação da TV digital aberta no Brasil é uma grande oportunidade para observar as disputas de interesse, o uso de meios políticos para atingir fins econômicos e como é difícil prevalecer, no nosso país, o interesse público sobre o interesse de...

  • e-book

    Writing Diverse Characters For Fiction, TV or...

    Lucy V. Hay

    We'apos;re living in a time of unprecedented diversity in produced media content, with more characters appearing who are Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), disabled, or from other religions or...

  • e-book

    Psychedelic Celluloid - British Pop Music in...

    Simon Matthews

    The 60s - a time when no film or TV programme was without a group, singer or fantastic soundtrack - a time when London was briefly the film capital of the world. After The Beatles stormed America, every Hollywood and European production company...

  • A Televisão na Era Digital - Interatividade,...


    Nesta obra, Newton Cannito discute os desafios da televisão na era digital. Na introdução, ele desconstrói vários mitos, entre eles o de que a televisão vai desaparecer devido à internet; o de que a narrativa está com os dias contados; o de que o...

  • e-book

    TV Scenic Design

    Millerson, Gerald

    TV Scenic Design is a comprehensive resource for aspiring and practicing set designers. Summarizing the principles and practices of scenic design, it details design approaches, structures, and staging methods.TV Scenic Design is a comprehensive...

  • e-book

    Lifestyle TV

    Ouellette, Laurie

    From HGTV and the Food Network to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, television is preoccupied with the pursuit and exhibition of lifestyle. Lifestyle TV analyzes a burgeoning array of lifestyle formats on network and cable channels, from how-to and...

  • e-book

    TV Technical Operations - An introduction

    Ward, Peter

    TV Technical Operations is an introduction for new entrants to the broadcast industry and is designed to prepare them for working in mainstream television by discussing essential techniques, technologies and work attitudes.The author explores:* the...

  • e-book

    The TV Brand Builders - How to Win Audiences...

    Andy Bryant; Charlie Mawer

    The TV Brand Builders provides incisive yet practical guidance on the creation and maintenance of brands in television broadcasting, illustrating not only how to win audiences' attention, but how to keep it to create the iconic television show brands...

  • e-book

    Indian Stereotypes in TV Science Fiction -...

    Adare, Sierra S.

    According to an early 1990s study, 95 percent of what college students know about Native Americans was acquired through the media, leading to widespread misunderstandings of First Nations peoples. Sierra Adare contends that negative 'Indian'...

  • e-book

    TV on Strike - Why Hollywood Went To War Over...

    Cynthia Littleton

    On November 9, 2007, the Avenue of the Stars, a six-lane concourse that runs through the most affluent business district in Los Angeles, was swelling with striking writers and their supporters. It was day five of the Writers Guild of America strike...

  • e-book

    TV Commercials - How to Make Them: or, How...


    TV commercial production is a 5 billion dollar a year industry, and almost everyone in the film and television industry works on commercials at some point in their career. This book is a step-by-step guide to making commercials right at any budget....

  • e-book

    TV Commercials - How to Make Them: or, How...

    Cury, Ivan

    Understanding how commercials are made is the key to doing it right. This descriptive book is a step-by-step guide on the mechanics of creating a commercial from a production perspective. Making commercials on all types of budgets is addressed. There...

  • e-book

    TV-A-Go-Go - Rock on TV from American...

    Austen, Jake

    From Elvis and a hound dog wearing matching tuxedos and the comic adventures of artificially produced bands to elaborate music videos and contrived reality-show contests, television—as this critical look brilliantly shows—has done a superb job of...

  • e-book

    Lights, Camera, Murder! - A TV Pet Chef...

    Celine, Marie

    Pet chef Kitty finds herself reluctantly hosting a new cooking show called 'The Pampered Pet'. While shooting the pilot, the show's producer is found in her office with a knife in her back - one of Kitty's knives, to be exact. The list of suspects is...

  • e-book

    Flow TV

    Kackman,Michael; Binfield,Marnie

    From viral videos on YouTube to mobile television on cell phones and beyond, Flow TV examines television in an age of technological, economic, and cultural convergence. Seeking to frame a new set of concerns for television studies in the 21st century...

  • e-book

    Basic TV Technology - Digital and Analog

    Hartwig, Robert L

    Basic TV Technology is the essential basic guide to the fundamentals underlying all television and video systems, written for students and nontechnical professionals. You don'apos;t need to have a math or science background in order to understand...

  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Win 2 Duos Branco...


    Galaxy Win 2 TV G360BT/DS 2 Chips, Processador Quad Core de 1.2 Ghz, TV Digital, Câmera Traseira de 5.0 MP e Frontal de 2.0 M.

  • e-book

    Producing for TV and New Media - A Real-World...


    Producing for TV and New Media provides a comprehensive look at the role of the 'quot;Producer? in television and new media. At the core of every media project there is a Producer who provides a wide array of creative, technical, financial, and...

  • e-book

    Effective TV Production

    Millerson, Gerald

    Effective TV Production gives a succinct but thorough overview of the production process. Whatever your role in television, this book outlines the main functions of your job, placing them in the context of all other operations and showing how they...

  • e-book

    Tv Pirada

    Deoclécio Henrique Correia

    Uma rede de televisão controlada totalmente por pessoas desiquilibradas, não fica muito diferente das atuais. O autor satiriza uma rede de televisão, mostrando a programação inteira dela, inclusive os comerciais, mas além do deboche há uma crítica...

  • e-book

    Reality TV - Factual Entertainment and...

    Hill, Annette

    Reality TV restores a crucial, and often absent, element to the critical debate about reality television: the voices of people who watch reality programmes.From Animal Hospital to Big Brother, Annette Hill argues that much can be learned from...

  • e-book

    The Blacklist

    Nicole Dawn Phillips

    The brand-new original official comic series to the critically acclaimed NBC crime drama THE BLACKLIST, starring James Spader.When the FBI is framed for the public killing of a political activitist at an open-air rally, Reddington recognises the...

  • e-book

    Reality TV - An Insider'apos;s Guide to...


    Demystifying TV's most explosive genre, this handbook winds its informative way through all three stages of production and on into creating and pitching original shows in a thoughtprovoking and oftenhumorous read.

  • e-book

    The TV Presenter'apos;s Career Handbook - How...

    Wolfe, Kathryn

    You can present to camera, speak to time, read autocue, conduct an interview, write and memorise scripts; you have a showreel, headshots and a CV-but what next? How do you decide which genre to go for, market yourself and establish your career? The...

  • e-book

    Lighting for TV and Film

    Millerson, Gerald

    Skilful lighting involves a subtle blend of systematic mechanics and a sensitive visual imagination. It requires anticipation, perceptiveness, patience and know-how. But learning through practice alone can take a great deal of time. This book is a...

  • e-book

    The Essential TV Director'apos;s Handbook

    Peter, Jarvis

    The Essential TV Director'apos;s Handbook is written by an ex-BBC trainer with a great deal of experience in the world of television. It describes step-by-step how to prepare and direct every familiar type of common programme format including...

  • e-book

    TV Transformations - Revealing the Makeover...


    The past decade has seen an explosion of lifestyle makeover TV shows. Audiences around the world are being urged to 'apos;renovate'apos; everything from their homes to their pets and children while lifestyle experts on TV now tell us what not to eat...

  • e-book

    Once Upon A Time - Behind the Magic -...

    Edwards, Neil

    Once Upon A Time is one of the most original and exciting shows on television, combining fairy tale magic with real world drama and appealing to audiences of all ages around the world.In this official companion to the hit show, you can go behind the...

  • e-book

    The Business of TV Production

    Collie, Craig

    Television is the dominant mass medium of the current era. Its lifeblood in whatever form it takes is content - the programs it broadcasts to the public. This book is an insider's view of the business of production of TV programs, for...

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #10

    Nicole Dawn Phillips

    As the FBI races to stop the Arsonist from igniting his most lethalattack yet, Red and Liz'apos;s pursuit takes them into the very belly ofthe secret Cabal organization. When the Arsonist'apos;s surprising finaltarget is revealed, Red, Liz, and the...

  • e-book

    Programming for TV, Radio& The Internet -...

    Perebinossoff, Philippe

    Where do program ideas come from? How are concepts developed into saleable productions? Who do you talk to about getting a show produced? How do you schedule shows on the lineup? What do you do if a series is in trouble? The answers to these...

  • e-book

    The Hollywood TV Producer - His Work and His...

    Muriel G. Cantor

    The Hollywood TV Producer, originally published in 1971, was the first serious examination of constraints, conflicts, and rewards in the daily lives of television producers. Using the social system of mass communications as her framework, Muriel G....

  • e-book

    Producing for TV and Video - A Real-World...

    Kellison, Cathrine

    Producing for TV and Video is a must-read for anyone interested in a career in TV production. This comprehensive book explains the role of the TV producer in detail, including in-depth descriptions of a producer's day-to-day duties and tasks and a...

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #7

    Nicole Dawn Phillips

    As The Arsonist continues his pyrotechnic campaign of destruction, Red and Liz find themselves in a deadly race against time to stop him before he can destroy evidence crucial to proving Liz'apos;s innocence.

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #3


    The brand-new original official comic series to the critically acclaimed NBC crime drama THE BLACKLIST, starring James Spader.As Liz struggles to deal with catastrophic events, the noose tightens on terrorist-for-hire Kiklinski, as his mysterious...

  • e-book

    TV Cops - The Contemporary American...

    Nichols-Pethick, Jonathan

    The police drama has been one of the longest running and most popular genres in American television. In TV Cops, Jonathan Nichols-Pethick argues that, perhaps more than any other genre, the police series in all its manifestations-from Hill Street...

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #5

    Nicole Dawn Phillips

    The wager between Red and The Gambler is now in its end game, leaving Red hunted by an army of murderous criminals, local law enforcement officers and an assassin with a 100% success rate called John X. Can Liz and Dembe get to Red before John X...

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #8

    Nicole Dawn Phillips

    As the FBI continues its manhunt for wanted fugitive (and former agent) Elizabeth Keen, Red helps Liz overcome her incapacitating fear of fire in order to strike back against the Arsonist -- even if it risks leading the FBI right to her doorstep.

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #6

    Nicole Dawn Phillips

    Start of a brand new story arc.When a terrible explosion and fire rips through an Italian high security prison and a small rural town in America is incinerated in an horrific chemical plant accident, Raymond 'apos;Red'apos; Reddington, the Concierge...

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #9


    As the FBI and the Cabal both close in on their location, Red and Liz take refuge in a mysterious, off-the-grid town designed for criminals on the run. While planning their final move against the Arsonist, Liz discovers the town holds many secrets...

  • e-book

    The Blacklist #2

    Nicole Phillips

    The brand-new original official comic series to the critically acclaimed NBC crime drama THE BLACKLIST, starring James Spader.As Kiklinski escalates his one-man terrorist war against the FBI, Liz and Ressler race to save FBI Assistant Director...

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