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  • Arakawa Under The Bridge - Vol.13


    As margens do Arakawa continuam como sempre, emanando seus raios de loucura... Ao menos, é o que todos pensavam quando, de repente, o kappa de plantão resolve deixar o cargo de prefeito para outro! Ric é escolhido como substituto e, agora, terá que...

  • DVD Under The Dome - A Série Completa - 12...



    Um misterioso e perigoso campo de força bloqueia Chester's Mill, uma pequena cidade dos Estados Unidos, deixando todos os moradores presos no local. Enquanto tentam desvendar o mistério, eles descobrem cada vez mais informações sobre as vidas dos...

  • Arakawa Under The Bridge Vol.12


    Sabe aquele momento em que seu coração é roubado pela mudança das estações...? Às vezes, isso acontece até mesmo no meio da bagunça diária das margens do Arakawa... No inverno, apertamos os olhos ao nos depararmos com o brilho reluzente da paisagem...

  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea


    A gorgeous edition of Jules Verne’s landmark of science fiction and wonder, featuring full-color art by Milo Winter. When Professor Pierre Aronnax and harpoonist Ned Land join an expedition to hunt a fierce 'whale' that has been sinking ships, they...

  • Under The Hood - A 4D Book

    Dahl, Michael

    After a long school day, a young girl falls asleep on her bus, only to be awakened by a monstrous creature. The beast claws at the bus's hood! It rips apart the engine! Can the girl stop the creature before this bus ride becomes a nightmare?...

  • e-book

    Under the Rosebush

    R. Soares

    Ana and Maria Solário discover the hard way that all the choices come with consequences, many of them not so pleasant. At the same time that drug trafficking shows itself to be the solution to its problems, he hide a list of victims in the garden...

  • DVD Under The Dome - 3ª Temporada - 4 Discos



    Na Terceira Temporada de Under the Dome, a linha que separa amigos de inimigos continua a se desfazer. Após uma experiência que mudou sua vida nos túneis subterrâneos da cidade, o povo de Chester’s Mill vai tentar seguir em frente. Mas a chegada de...

  • e-book

    Under the Roofs of Paris

    Henry Miller

    In 1941, Henry Miller, the author of Tropic of Cancer, was commissioned by a Los Angeles bookseller to write an erotic novel for a dollar a page. Under the Roofs of Paris (originally published as Opus Pistorum) is that book. Here one finds Miller’s...

  • e-book

    Under the Knife


    Alexander Otto has it all - eminence as a surgeon, admiring colleagues, a loving family. Yet from the opening lines of this modern tragedy, he is a man on the run. What secrets lie beneath the successful veneer of Alexander Otto's life? Edwina Frye...

  • e-book

    Under the Red Robe

    Weyman, Stanley John
    (3373769) present you this new edition. There were a score round us when the fool, little knowing the man with whom he had to deal, and as little how to lose like a gentleman, flung the words in my teeth. He thought, I'll be sworn, that I should...

  • e-book

    Under the Table and Into His Heart

    Raine O'apos;Tierney

    At the Under the Table host club, Valentine'apos;s Day means one thing: cash. Neglected housewives, newly ex-girlfriends, and lovelorn thirtysomethings pay for the attention of handsome men. Shy bartender Jem has always wanted to be a host, and when...

  • e-book

    Under the Lights - A Daylight Falls Novel

    Dahlia Adler

    Young actor Josh Chester has never been sure that acting is for him--he'apos;s mostly interested in the parties and the hot Hollywood girls that come with the job. But he ends up taking a job on the hit TV series Daylight Falls, opposite Vanessa Park...

  • e-book

    Under The Lilacs

    Alcott, Louisa May; Alcott,Louisa, May; 1stWorld Library

    From the gate to the porch went a wide walk, paved with smooth slabs of dark stone, and bordered with the tall bushes which met overhead, making a green roof. All sorts of neglected flowers and wild weeds grew between their stems, covering the walls...

  • e-book

    Under The Skin


    With an introduction by David MitchellIsserley spends most of her time driving. But why is she so interested in picking up hitchhikers? And why are they always male, well-built and alone?An utterly unpredictable and macabre mystery, Under the Skin is...

  • e-book

    Under the Black Ensign - A Pirate Adventure...

    Hubbard,L. Ron

    Long before Captain Jack Sparrow raised hell with the Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Bristol sailed to hell and back Under the Black Ensign. He’s felt the lash on his back. He’s been accused of murder. And he’s been left to die on a deserted island....

  • e-book

    Under the Cajun Moon

    Clark,Mindy Starns

    What Secrets Can Be Found by the Light of the Cajun Moon?New Orleans may be the 'quot;Big Easy,'quot; but nothing about it was ever easy for international business etiquette expert Chloe Ledet. She moved away years ago, leaving her parents and their...

  • e-book

    Under the Sun

    O,Thiam Chin

    From the author of Never Been Better and Free-Falling Man comes a new collection of flash fiction that brings to life a world of secrets, joy, grief and longing that lie beneath the ordinary and mundane. Under the Sun offers unflinching snapshots of...

  • e-book

    Under The Mistletoe


    A contemporary erotic romance novella with Christmas themes.

  • e-book

    Under the Desert Sky: Gay Erotic Fiction

    Bracken,Michael; Kensington,Zee; Raine,Tabitha

    A collection of six gay erotic stories with mixed themes including alfresco, contemporary, historical (1920s), group sex, sex on holiday and cross-dressing. 

  • e-book

    Under the Skin

    Blake,James Carlos

    James Rudolph Youngblood, aka Jimmy the Kid, is an enforcer, a 'ghost rider' for the Maceo brothers, Rosario and Sam, rulers of 'the Free State of Galveston,' who are prospering through illicit pleasures in the midst of the Great Depression. Raised...

  • e-book

    Under The Hood


    When Scott Devin buys a struggling car dealership in semi-rural Western Australia, the last person he expects to see in charge is a stilletto-wearing, mini-skirted foreperson. Exactly the distraction a struggling, male-dominated workshop doesn’t...

  • e-book

    Under the Blue Flag


    An American district attorney, restless with the predictable path of his life, applies on a whim for a UN international prosecutor position in Kosovo. Accepted against the odds, he is thrown head-first into the post-conflict chaos of Pristina and...

  • e-book

    Under the Pyramids (Fantasy and Horror...

    Lovecraft, H. P.; Lovecraft,H. P.

    This early work by H. P. Lovecraft was originally published in 1924. Born in 1890 in Rhode Island, USA, Lovecraft began writing at a very young age, quickly developing a deep and abiding interest in science. In 1913, Lovecraft joined the UAPA (United...

  • e-book

    Under the Greenwood Tree - Or the Mellstock...

    Thomas Hardy

    Known for such novels as Tess of the d'Urbervilles and Far from the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy delves deeper into the genre of historical romance in this stirring portrait of the various entanglements and amorous intrigues that arise among a group...

  • e-book

    Under the Deodars

    (3164129) present you this new edition. This is the history of a failure; but the woman who failed said that it might be an instructive tale to put into print for the benefit of the younger generation. The younger generation does not want...

  • e-book

    Under the Moonlit Sky

    Gill,Nav K.

    It's the spring of 1984 and life is getting exciting for young and beautiful Esha. However, one day changes everything, and she must fulfill her father's last wish, taking her to a place she never dreamed of visiting: India, where she also becomes a...

  • e-book

    Under the Visible Life


    Two women and a friendship that will change everything. Vividly rendered and sweeping in scope, Under the Visible Life is a stunning meditation on how hope can remain alive in the darkest of times, if we have someone to share our burdens...

  • e-book

    Under the Never Sky

    Rossi, Veronica

    Fighting to survive in a ravaged world, a Dweller and a Savage form an unlikely alliance in New York Times bestselling author Veronica Rossi's 'unforgettable dystopian masterpiece' ( from her home, the enclosed city of Reverie,...

  • e-book

    Under the Moons of Mars

    Burroughs,Edgar Rice

    A story of another world, curiously captivating in its romantic qualities and in the originality of its conception. The spirit of adventure carried beyond earth, into the realms of space. This is the seminal novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs, famous...

  • e-book

    Under the Sunset


    A collection of gothic stories from Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula featuring: Under the Sunset, The Rose Prince, The Invisible Giant, The Shadow Builder, How 7 Went Mad, Lies and Lilies, The Castle of the King, The Wondrous Child.

  • e-book

    Under the Greenwood Tree, or, the Mellstock...

    Thomas Hardy

    This story of the Mellstock Quire and its old established west-gallery musicians, with some supplementary descriptions of similar officials in Two on a Tower, A Few Crusted Characters, and other places, is intended to be a fairly true picture, at...

  • e-book

    Under the Lilacs

    Alcott, Louisa May; Alcott,Louisa May

    First published in 1878, Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott is an exciting work of juvenile literature. The story revolves around a young boy and his dog, and accounts for their growing up and maturing. The problems faced by the characters and the...

  • e-book

    Under the Redwoods

    Bret Harte

    As night crept up from the valley that stormy afternoon, Sawyer's Ledge was at first quite blotted out by wind and rain, but presently reappeared in little nebulous star-like points along the mountain side, as the straggling cabins of the settlement...

  • e-book

    Under the White Roses - A Pair of Historical...


    Oregon Trail Journey After The Civil War, is the story of a southern woman and her older brother, striking out for the West to escape the hardships of the South after the Civil War. She didn't want to leave her home but not wanting to be left...

  • e-book

    Under the Black Ensign - A Pirate Adventure...

    Hubbard,L. Ron

    Long before Captain Jack Sparrow raised hell with the Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Bristol sailed to hell and back Under the Black Ensign. He’s felt the lash on his back. He’s been accused of murder. And he’s been left to die on a deserted island....

  • e-book

    Under the Rushes

    Amy Lane

    Ten years after Dorjan trusted a boy'apos;s word over his superior officer'apos;s, he and his best friend, Areau, are still living the aftermath-and trying to stop the man responsible. Locked in a careful dance to bring down a corrupt government,...

  • e-book

    Under the Skylights

    Fuller,Henry Blake

    With the publication of his first book, This Weary World, Abner Joyce immediately took a place in literature. Or rather, he made it; the book was not like other books, and readers felt the field of fiction to be the richer by one very vital and...

  • e-book


    Thomas Hardy

    Under the Greenwood Tree or The Mellstock Quire: A Rural Painting of the Dutch School' is a novel by Thomas Hardy, first published anonymously in 1872. It was Hardy's second published novel, the last to be printed without his name, and the first of...

  • e-book

    Under the Werewolf'apos;s Tree

    Marcus,A.J.; Ricci,Caitlin

    Gideon has a long seated hatred and mistrust of vampires, with good reason. Vampires murdered his parents when he was a child and he’s had no reason to forgive them for what they did. But Darryl isn’t like the vampires he’s encountered in the past....

  • e-book

    Under the Andes

    Stout, Rex; Rex Stout

    In the tradition of Jules Verne'apos;s classic A Journey to the Center of the Earth comes Rex Stout'apos;s Under the Andes, an early science fiction novel that recounts the exploits of a pair of dashing brothers who stumble across a portal that leads...

  • e-book

    Under the Northern Lights


    Leah Barringer returns home only to be kidnapped by Chase Kincaid. Will she be found before it's too late?

  • e-book

    Under the Wire


    The Bad Boys of the Alliance—a top-secret military security agency—are back for more in HelenKay Dimon’s sexy, action-packed seriesOnly one thing could pull Reid Armstrong away from a vacation he’s earned with every muscle in his finely honed...

  • e-book

    Under the Same Blue Sky

    Pamela Schoenewaldt

    From the USA Today bestselling author of When We Were Strangers and Swimming in the Moon comes a lush, exquisitely drawn novel set against the turmoil of the Great War, as a young German-American woman explores the secrets of her past.A shopkeeper’s...

  • e-book

    Under the Weeping Willow Tree - Four...


    The Overweight Bride & Her Thin Husband: A Mail Order Bride Romance - A woman who finds that her mother's overfeeding causes her weight gain, literally flees to a less than appetizing offer from a farmer in Fresno. The Organ Playing Mail Order Bride...

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