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  • Vegan Cuisine

    Jean-Christian Jury

    Cooking and eating without using animal products is a trend that has been around for many years and has only continued to gain in popularity. 'Vegan Cuisine' is healthy and versatile with flavors and ingredients with worldwide appeal. It rivals the...

  • Vegan Yoga - o Asbtanga Yoga de Patanjali Sob...


    Este não é um livro apenas para praticantes de Yoga, é destinado a qualquer pessoa que deseja assumir um compromisso com a vida. Aqui você encontra uma pequena introdução com objetivo bastante prático abordando o tema do cuidado com os animais, comum...

  • Vegan Eats World - 300 International Recipes...

    Romero,Terry Hope

    What If the World Was Vegan?The true building blocks of cuisines across the planet are the spices, herbs, and grains—from basmati rice to buckwheat, coconut to caraway seeds. Apply those flavors to vegan staples such as seitan, or tofu and even...

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  • But I Could Never Go Vegan!

    Turner, Kristy

    Get ready for your taste buds to explode. Isa Chandra Moskowitz Can t imagine living without cheese? Convinced that dairy-free baked goods just don t cut it? Hate the taste of tofu and not a fan of boring salads? EXCUSES, BE GONE! Blogger-author...

  • Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen

    Hingle, Richa

    The ultimate plant-based Indian cookbook by the creator of From delicious dals to rich curries, flat breads, savory breakfasts, snacks, and much more, this book brings you Richa Hingle s collection of plant-based Indian recipes...

  • e-book

    1,000 Vegan Recipes

    Robertson, Robin

    Whether you'apos;re a new to  vegan cooking, a long-time vegan, or someone who is just trying to eat meatless meals a few times a week, this is the book for you. You will have a lifetime of recipes and inspiration. These delicious recipes for...

  • O Livro Das Receitas Vegan - Julho 2016

    Magda Roma; Venda, Mónica

    O Livro das Receitas Vegan, além de o ajudar a confecionar pratos saborosos isentos de produtos de origem animal, ensina-lhe tudo o que precisa de saber sobre alimentação natural e nutrição, de modo a que possa mudar os seus hábitos e adoptar uma...

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  • Vegan For Her

    Messina,Virginia; Fields,Jl

    Vegan for Her, a blueprint for optimal health and wellness at any age, will show you how to: lower your risk for breast cancer and heart disease; manage conditions like arthritis and migraines; diminish PMs and cramps; build strong bones for life;...

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  • Vegan Street Food

    Kearney , Jackie

    Jackie and her family ate their way around Asia, sampling street food and jotting menu ideas on the back of napkins. Inspired by the food cultures she embraced on her travels, Jackie has brought new life to healthy, meat- and dairy-free food,...

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  • Vegan - The Cookbook

    Jury, Jean-Christian

    With nearly 500 vegetable-driven recipes, Vegan: The Cookbook, inspired by cuisines around the work, brings vegan home cooking to new levels of deliciousness.Featuring dishes from countries ranging from Albania to Zambia, it showcases the culinary...

  • Vegan On the Cheap - Great Recipes And Simple...

    Robertson, Robin

    You don't have to blow your budget to eat great meatless and dairy-free meals every day. With Vegan on the Cheap, you can enjoy delicious vegan meals every day of the week. Veteran food writer and vegan authority Robin Robertson provides 150...

  • Vegan Family Meals

    Gentry, Ann

    Hollywood's go-to vegan chef, mom, and founder of Los Angeles' most popular and chic vegan restaurant Real Food Daily, Ann Gentry shares her secret recipes in Vegan Family Meals: Real Food for Everyone. As a mom herself, Ann knows how to feed a...

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  • The Vegan Cookbook - Over 80 Plant-Based...

    Bishop-weston,Tony; Bishop-weston,Yvonne

    The number of vegans is growing all the time as more and more non-vegans adopt a vegan diet for a healthier lifestyle. The Vegan Cookbook contains over 90 recipes for healthy and delicious meals without any meat, fish or animal produce. It also...

  • e-book

    Vegan Pizza - 50 Cheesy, Crispy, Healthy...

    Hasson, Julie

    “Vegans, rejoice—Julie Hasson has given pizza a plant-strong makeover. With a dazzling array of globally inspired toppings, pizza night will be healthier—and more fun—than ever before!”—Nava Atlas, author of Wild About Greens and Vegan Holiday...

  • The Complete Guide To Vegan Food...

    Steen,Celine; Newman, Joni Marie

    Veganize Any Recipe with Confidence! The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions is your secret weapon to turning any recipe imaginable into a deliciously “veganized” success—no guesswork or hard labor involved. And no more kitchen failures or...

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  • The New Vegan - Great Recipes, No-Nonsense...

    Carlin, Áine

    Going vegan can be a daunting prospect. Many familiar foods and products are out of bounds, and it can be hard to know how to enjoy a healthy, tasty diet. But help is at hand from top vegan author Áine Carlin, with an in-depth handbook for everything...

  • e-book

    Vegan Cookbooks - 70 Of The Best Ever...

    Michaels, Samantha

    There are lots of great vegetarian cookbooks, but this one is a little different, dare I say better? I am Samantha Michaels and I love to cook.

  • e-book

    Vegan Cooking For Dummies

    Jamieson, Alexandra

    An authoritative resource on making delicious, healthy vegan-friendly meals Veganism is a lifestyle abstaining from the consumption of meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, and all foods originating from animals. The perfect companion to Living Vegan...

  • e-book

    Aquafaba - Sweet and Savory Vegan Recipes...

    Zsu Dever

    The bean liquid we used to throw away turns out to be one of the most astonishing culinary discoveries of the decade. With its amazing egg-replacement abilities, miraculous "aquafaba" can be used as an egg-replacer to make everything from French...

  • Food52 Vegan - 60 Vegetable Driven Recipes...


    An essential collection of hassle-free, vibrant vegan recipes, from the author behind Food52's wildly popular The New Veganism and Vegan Lunch columns. Omnivore or vegan (or anywhere in between), we re all looking for memorable, flavorful dishes to...

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  • Veganomicon - The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

    Moskowitz,Isa Chandra; Romero,Terry Hope

    Who knew vegetables could taste so good? Moskowitz and Romero's newest delicious collection makes it easier than ever to live vegan. You'll find more than 250 recipes--plus menus and stunning color photos for dishes that will please every palate. All...

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  • Big Vegan


    Veganism has been steadily moving toward the mainstream as more and more people become aware of its many benefits. Even burger-loving omnivores are realizing that adding more plant-based foods to their diet is good for their health and the...

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  • Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75...

    Moskowitz,Isa Chandra; Quinn, Sarah; Romero,Terry Hope

    The hosts of the vegan cooking show The Post Punk Kitchen are back with a vengeance — and this time, dessert. A companion volume to Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World is a sweet and sassy guide to baking everyone’s favorite...

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  • Vegan Gourmet Recipes For Entertaining

    Bishop,Tony; Bishop,Yvonne

    Vegan Gourmet Recipes For Entertaining

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  • The Cheesy Vegan - More Than 125 Plant-based...


    Cheese: the one food that can make-or-break any aspiring vegan. The dairy delight has long been the barrier to a plant-based diet. While commercial dairy-free cheeses are improving, they still leave a lot to be desired flavor-wise. Enter vegan...

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  • e-book

    Vegan Cookbook for Beginners - The Essential...

    Rockridge Press

    Discover the incredible health benefits of going vegan with Vegan Cookbook for Beginners. Eating a vegan diet that is free of animal products requires creativity. Vegan Cookbook for Beginners will inspire you to create filling and flavorful...

  • Keep It Vegan - Over 100 Simple, Healthy &...

    Carlin, Áine

    Think you know vegan cooking? Lengthy, complicated recipe lists, expensive, hard-to-find ingredients, flavourless food? Think again!Let Áine Carlin, creator of popular vegan lifestyle blog Pea Soup Eats, enlighten you with her delicious recipes and...

  • Crossroads - Extraordinary Recipes From The...

    Tal Ronnen

    'A new kind of flavor-first vegan cooking. . . . Stunning.' 'Food & Wine' Reinventing plant-based eating is what Tal Ronnen is all about. At his Los Angeles restaurant, Crossroads, the menu is vegan, but there are no soybeans or bland seitan to be...

  • This Cheese Is Nuts! - Delicious Vegan Cheese...

    Piatt, Julie

    In their debut cookbook, The Plantpower Way, Julie Piatt and her ultra-endurance athlete husband, Rich Roll, inspired thousands to embrace a plant-fueled lifestyle, and through their advocacy efforts, podcasts, and talks, countless people are now...

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  • e-book

    Vegan Bowl Attack! - More than 100 One-Dish...


    Combine vegetables, protein, and whole grains in one dish to make a simple, complete, and nutritious meal with Vegan Bowl Attack!Bowl food. It's a hash tag. It's a buffet for one. It's a way of life.Simple and nourishing, vegan bowls are where it's...

  • e-book

    Vegan Desserts in Jars - Adorably Delicious...


    SWEET TREATS IN CHARMING JARSWith easy-to-follow recipes and gorgeous color photos, Vegan Desserts in Jars shows how to make tasty treats that are already in the perfect dish for serving, storing and sharing at parties. Portable, gift-able and...

  • e-book

    Vegan Food for the Rest of Us - Recipes Even...

    Hodgman, Ann

    Vegan cooking for regular people, by the author of the witty Beat This! Cookbook

  • e-book

    Vegan Under Pressure

    Jill Nussinow

    Vegan cooking made fast, fresh, and flavorful with the convenience of a pressure cooker, including all the essential info for using the appliance safely and effectively, and 175 recipes. 

  • e-book

    Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

    Mariana Correa

    Vegan Bodybuilding Diet is the best book for anyone who is looking to build more muscle, train harder and feel healthier.You will only achieve your goals if your body is healthy from the inside out. You will improve your performance through eating...

  • The Vegan Kitchen: a Practical Guide To Vegan...

    Bishop-weston,Tony; Bishop-weston,Yvonne

    The Vegan Kitchen: a Practical Guide To Vegan Food And Cooking With Over 40 Tempting Recipes

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  • e-book

    Vegan Basketball Nutrition

    Mariana Correa

    Vegan Basketball Nutrition Diet is the best book for any basketball player looking to improve their performance with the correct nourishment. Are you looking to:- Run FASTER- Jump HIGHER- Play AMAZINGIn order to achieve your dream game your body...

  • Gluten-free Vegan Comfort Food

    O'Brien,Susan; Ferroni,Lara

    With at least 30 percent of Americans suffering from gluten sensitivity and the huge interest in vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, the demand for hearty recipes that are free from wheat, gluten, meat, and dairy products has never been greater. Susan...

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  • e-book

    The Vegan Scoop

    Torro, Wheeler del

    The Vegan Scoop brings the pleasures of the ice cream parlor into your home with 150 recipes for delicious frozen desserts that are so rich and creamy, they'apos;re better than the 'quot;real'quot; thing-and contain one-third the calories! Developed...

  • e-book

    The Vegan Athlete - Maximizing Your Health...

    Stewart, Brett; Greene, Ben

    BE YOUR BESTYou can be vegan and still perform at the top of your ability—run your fastest, lift your max, cross the finish line first. Combining dietary know-how with exercise physiology and a full workout program, this book details everything the...

  • e-book

    Vegan Cookbooks - 70 Of The Best Ever Healthy...

    Michaels, Samantha

    The platitude of eating like a King for breakfast could not more pertinent especially when it comes to a vegetarian diet. This is the most important meal of the day and to achieve a balanced diet, a vegetarian will need a wide variety of food that...

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  • e-book

    Vegan Holiday Treats

    Lizz Clements

    The holiday season is all about food! For those living the vegan lifestyle, Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts can sometimes be intimidating, even disappointing, especially when the meal is over and it's time for dessert. But Vegan Holiday Treats is...

  • e-book

    Your Guide to Vegan Cooking - Start Your...

    K Robinson

    There should be absolutely no doubt about vegan eating life-style, as it can be of excellent benefit for anyone who wants to change their diet. If you are looking to change or improve your health, then this is the e book for you. This e book will...

  • e-book

    Vegan Beans from Around the World

    Kelsey Kinser

    BEAN-TASTICALLY VEGAN! Hearty, protein-rich and delicious, beans are the perfect base for countless delectable dishes. Bringing them all together in a single volume, Vegan Beans from Around the World covers every taste sensation, including:•Boston...

  • e-book

    Vegan Vitality - Your Complete Guide to an...

    Karina Inkster

    A guide to veganism for active lifestyles—with one hundred delicious recipes.The culture of food in North America is changing—and fast. More than eight million North Americans choose to exclude meat from their diets, and an additional twenty-five...

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