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  • Walk On Earth A Stranger

    Carson, Rae

    A National Book Award Longlist Title.The first book in a new trilogy from acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Rae Carson. A young woman with the magical ability to sense the presence of gold must flee her home, taking her on a sweeping and...

  • Walk On Earth A Stranger

    Carson, Rae

    Lee can sense gold in the world around her. Veins deep in the earth. Small nuggets in a stream. Even gold dust caught underneath a fingernail. She has kept her family safe and able to buy provisions, even through the harshest winters. But what would...

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  • A Long Walk To Water - Based On A True Story

    Park, Linda Sue

    The New York Times bestseller A Long Walk to Water begins as two stories, told in alternating sections, about two eleven-year-olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985. The girl, Nya, is fetching water from a pond that is two hours’ walk from...

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  • A Walk on the Wild Side


    The first recipient of the National Book Award presents a haunting yet lyrical portrait of 1930s New Orleans, complete with the hustlers, bootleggers, and prostitutes that frequented Perdido Street in the French Quarter. Reprint.

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  • e-book

    Walk in this Light - Reflections on baptism...


    Richard Giles reflects with wisdom and humour on what it means to live out the vows made at baptism. Drawing on the words and the dramatic imagery of the baptism service - washing, clothing, being signed with the cross, anointing, being sent out into...

  • audio livro

    Walk on Earth a Stranger


    Gold is in my blood, in my breath, even in the flecks in my eyes.Lee Westfall has a strong, loving family. She has a home she loves and a loyal steed. She has a best friendwho might want to be something more. She also has a secret.Lee can sense gold...

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  • e-book

    Walk on Earth a Stranger


    A National Book Award Longlist TitleThe first book in a new trilogy from acclaimed New York Times–bestselling author Rae Carson. A young woman with the magical ability to sense the presence of gold must flee her home, taking her on a sweeping and...

  • e-book

    A Walk on the Wildside

    George, Jacqueline

    Four stories exploring some of the by-ways of romance and sex. Jacqueline brings some spicy tales of relationships that are not quite commonplace.

  • e-book

    Now I Walk on Death Row: A Wall Street...

    Willard,Dallas; Recinella,Dale S.

    A successful finance lawyer began to ask, "What does Jesus want me to do?", began to downsize, and became a chaplain to death row inmates.

  • e-book

    Death on the River Walk


    Pulitzer Prize-winning ex-reporter Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins no longer chases hot stories all over the world, but murderous mysteries seem to find her. This time, a frantic phone call from an old and dear friend on the other side of the world sends...

  • e-book

    Never Walk Away: Lessons on Integrity from a...

    Loritts Jr.,Crawford W.

    Each husband and father has the means to powerfully shape his family's future. By your example, you can instill in your children a standard for love that endures. Discover how you can exhibit faithfulness that will have a far-reaching impact on...

  • e-book

    A Walk On The Wild Side

    Nelson Algren

    Dove Findhorn is a naïve country boy who busts out of Hicksville, Texas in pursuit of a better life in New Orleans. Amongst the downtrodden prostitutes, bootleggers and hustlers of the old French Quarter, Dove finds only hopelessness, crime and...

  • A Walk On The Darkside


    A gruesome collection of stories delves into the mysterious creatures and dark forces that lurk in the shadows, featuring contributions from such noted horror authors as Don Tumasonis, Lee Thomas, Mark Samuels, and Joseph A. Ezzo. Original.

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  • A Walk In The Woods - Rediscovering America...

    Bryson, Bill

    Back in America after twenty years in Britain, Bill Bryson decided to reacquaint himself with his native country by walking the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. The AT offers an astonishing landscape of silent...

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  • e-book

    Willing to Walk on Water - Step Out in Faith...

    Gregory,A. J.; Caroline Barnett

    If you have ever heard yourself say,“Surely there is more to life than this,” rest assured, you are not alone. Getting caught up in the day-to-day routine, it can be easy to feel as though you have nothing more to give, and yet there is so much you...

  • e-book

    Words to Walk By - A Discipleship Guide...


    In a world that's too often divided by race and class, the Church ought to look a little bit different. Chris Rattay's book provides a resource for mentorship partners, small groups, and churches who are seeking common ground for understanding Jesus...

  • A Walk On The Wild Side

    Roberts, Chris

    A Walk On The Wild Side

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  • e-book

    Boug Boys - Walk on home

    Mike Black

    Synopsis:Schultz would have been happy spending the summer getting high, doing some brewin’, and watching his best friend Stamm sell drugs out of his parents’ garage. But he got bored watching Stamm slip depressingly into a mysterious addiction, so...

  • e-book

    Sharks That Walk On Land


    It is February 1779 Captain James Cook is on his last voyage to the Pacific. This is a fascinating fictionalised account of the sad events leading up to the demise of Captain James Cook. Although written as a novel the content has been thoroughly...

  • audio livro

    Walk in the Word on -...


    Walk in the Word...Igniting passion in the people of God through the proclamation of truth.

    R$ 24,90
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  • Dragon Walk - On Reef Recovery & Political...


    The three main hubs of aquarium trade devastation are Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hawaii. Each has its own sad story of political corruption and theft of natural resources to benefit a greedy, ruthless few. Yet, despite facing a litany of...

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  • A Walk On The Beach


    The third installment of the author's trilogy on midlife renewal describes her relationship with friend and confidante Joan Erikson, whose struggles with widowhood, her own impending death, and numerous written works about aging inspired Anderson to...

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  • audio livro

    You: On A Walk


    <b><big> The Essential Audio Companion to the #1 Bestseller You: On a Diet </big></b> <BR><BR> Get your diet up and walking with <i>You: On a Walk!</i> As millions of dieters have already discovered, the key to the weight-loss plan outlined in...

    R$ 24,90
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  • e-book

    Deep Like Me - (Or Another Failed Attempt to...


    Pastor Rick Bundschuh shares what he had discovered about shuffling after Jesus, and invites readers to wrestle, grieve, reevaluate, redirect, focus, contemplate, be still, and get real about living the life of a disciple.

  • e-book

    When God Tickles My Foot - Learning to walk...


    When we get to heaven, God will delight to show us off as trophies of his amazing grace and power. The fact that we are there at all will demonstrate how he has transformed us from sinful human beings into triumphant sons and daughters of the Living...

  • Take a Walk on the Dark Side

    Patterson,R. Gary

    An expanded version of the cult classic Hellhounds on Their Trail presents an intriguing compilation of facts, trivia, myths, hoaxes, prophecies, premonitions, urban legends, and strange coincidences about some of the world's most popular musical...

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  • I Wonder Why Venetians Walk On Water

    Steele, Philip

    An introduction to geography examines countries and people around the world and answers questions about climate, agriculture, flags, currency, as well as customs, clothes, festivals, and sporting events. Reprint.

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  • The Berenstain Bears Go On A Ghost Walk

    Berenstain, Jan; Berenstain,Stan

    Papa Bear is enthused about preparing for Bear Country School's Halloween Ghost Walk, but learns that 'one person's fun is another person's nightmare.'

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  • e-book

    Six Men on a Walk

    Pilcher,James; Jackson,Iain

    Follow the adventures of the Gravesend Malt Whisky club as fired only by excess alcohol and enthusiasm they decide to embark on the Caledonian Challenge; a 54 mile walk across Scotland to be completed non-stop within 24 hours. Starting with training...

  • e-book

    Winning - From Walk-On to Captain, in...


    Framed within the frenzy leading up to a Super Bowl, Gary Brackett flashes back to the defining moments and lessons in his journey leading to the threshold of a championship season. With his heart metaphorically on his jersey sleeve, Gary invites the...

  • e-book

    A Long Walk to Water - Based on a True Story

    Park,Linda Sue

    The New York Times bestseller A Long Walk to Water begins as two stories, told in alternating sections, about two eleven-year-olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985.

  • e-book

    The Glory Walk - Living on Purpose for the...

    Wilkes,James R.

    The Glory Walk is a brief work explaining to Christians what living for God's glory is all about. It is a summons to believers to live in the bigger picture of God's kingdom with God's purposes in view. We must face the reality that western culture...

  • Epic Lego Adventures With Bricks You Already...

    Dees, Sarah

    Have a Blast Building New LEGO(R) Creations That Crash, Crumble, Catch on Fire and Make You LaughGather up your LEGO(R) bricks and get ready for a wild and fun adventure! Sarah Dees went all out with this new collection of crazy-cool creations you...

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  • The Outer Beach - A Thousand-Mile Walk On...


    Those who have encountered Cape Cod--or merely dipped into an account of its rich history--know that it is a singular place. In The Outer Beach, beloved nature writer Robert Finch weaves together his collected writings from more than fifty years and...

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  • e-book

    On the High Wire - Education Professors Walk...

    Theoharis,George; Sharon Dotger

    The purpose of the work/life balance series is to highlight particular challenges that higher education faculty face as they participate in the demands of the academy and try to prevent those demands from invading their personal lives. On The High...

  • e-book

    The Great Walk of China - Travels on Foot...


    What kind of people would you meet if you decided to walk across the world's most populous country? The Great Walk of China is a journey into China's heartland, away from its surging coastal cities. Through surprisingly frank conversations with the...

  • e-book

    The People That Walk to Rome - On the Via...


    Walking from the Netherlands to the Vatican. It wasn't that hard actually. Every day a little bit. In the beginning I was sleeping outside in my tent somewhere in a forest or field. Later I got promoted to centuries-old Italian monasteries....

  • e-book

    A Leg to Stand On - An Amputee'apos;s Walk...

    Colleen Haggerty

    When Colleen Haggerty lost her leg in an accident during her senior year of high school, she could have retreated from life and let her disability become her defining quality-and no one would have blamed her for it. Instead, she went the opposite...

  • e-book

    Two-Lane Theology - seeking fresh faith on...


    "Two-Lane Theology" answers the question: If I took a slow drive across the US and looked for God along the way, what would I see? Don't pretend to be John Steinbeck "searching for America." Just be myself, meandering some days, stopping here and...

  • e-book

    Building the Bridge As You Walk On It - A...

    Quinn,Robert E.

    Building the Bridge As You Walk On It tells the personal stories of people who have embraced deep change and inspired author Robert Quinn to take his concept one step further and develop a new model of leadership—“the fundamental state of...

  • e-book

    Ellie'apos;s Long Walk - The True Story of...


    Adventure packed true story about a dog and her owner who overcome challenges and danger while hiking 2,000 miles. The dog is a former shelter dog and the owner is an experienced adventurer, author and dog lover.




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  • Walk On


    Walk On

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