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  • The Walking Dead Vol. 02

    Adlard,Charlie; Robert Kirkman



    'Quantas horas existem em um dia quando você não passa metade dele assistindo à televisão? Quando foi a última vez que um de nós trabalhou DE VERDADE pra conseguir algo que queria? Quanto tempo faz desde que um de nós realmente PRECISOU de algo que...

  • The Walking Dead Vol. 1

    Moore,Tony; Robert Kirkman



    Quantas horas existem em um dia quando você não passa metade dele assistindo à televisão? Quando foi a última vez que um de nós trabalhou DE VERDADE para conseguir algo que queria? Quanto tempo faz desde que um de nós realmente PRECISOU de algo que...

  • The Walking Dead Vol. 19

    Adlard,Charlie; Robert Kirkman

    'A tragédia se abateu sobre o grupo de Rick Grimes, que finalmente havia conseguido se estabelecer em Alexandria, uma comunidade que lhes dava abrigo, alimento e outros recursos tão necessários em um mundo devastado por um apocalipse zumbi.Agora, um...

  • The Walking Dead Vol. 21: Guerra Total -...

    Adlard,Charlie; Robert Kirkman

    'O maior confronto da saga The Walking Dead continua! Com Alexandria destruída, será que Rick conseguirá unir as outras comunidades para enfrentar o exército de Negan?Este volume de 144 páginas reúne as edições 121 a 126 de The Walking Dead.'

  • The Walking Dead - Vol. 20 - Guerra Total -...

    Kirkman,Robert; Adlard,Charlie

    Um ponto decisivo na trama de The Walking Dead começa aqui! É chegado o momento de deflagrar uma guerra total entre os sobreviventes; Negan contra Rick, envolvendo todas as comunidades de seu entorno, num confronto definitivo entre as duas facções!...

  • The Walking Dead Vol. 03

    Kirkman,Robert; Adlard,Charlie

    The Walking Dead Vol. 03

  • The Walking Dead - A Ascensão do Governador




    A franquia de zumbis mais celebrada da década acaba de conquistar um novo universo. Inspirado na série de quadrinhos best-seller do New York Times — publicada desde 2003 e vencedora do Eisner Award —, que originou o bem-sucedido seriado de TV...

  • The Walking Dead - A Queda do Governador - ...

    Bonansinga,Jay; Kirkman,Robert



    Terceiro volume da série que já vendeu mais de 320 mil exemplares no Brasil Após conquistar milhões de fãs ao redor do mundo, a franquia de zumbis mais celebrada da década está de volta. O terceiro livro, The Walking Dead: A queda do Governador –...

  • Os Mortos-vivos - Aqui Permanecemos - Vol. 9


    Depois de escapar do ataque à prisão pelo exército de Woodbury, Rick e Carl correm em busca de um abrigo nas proximidades. Nesse meio-tempo, a saúde e a sanidade de Rick dão sinais de fraqueza, enquanto Carl começa a demonstrar sua independência....

  • The Walking Dead - Invasão - Vol. 6

    Bonansinga,Jay; Kirkman,Robert



    O sexto volume da série que é sucesso na TV, nos livros e nas HQs Das cinzas de uma devastada Woodbury, dois grupos de sobreviventes surgem, cada um com os próprios interesses em vista. No subterrâneo, nos labirintos de túneis antigos, Lilly Caul e...

  • Mandrake - o Barão Kord - A Ilha Dos...

    Falk,Lee; Davis,Phil

    Mandrake enfrenta o Barão KordMandrake, Narda e Lothar enfrentam o diabólico Barão Kord, um tirano que mantém um exército de mortos-vivos em sua ilha particular: os Kordies. Somente Mandrake poderá pôr fim a essa dominação, mas ele mesmo corre o...

  • Walking The Talk - Revised Edition


    The culture of an organisation can mean the difference between success and failure. Leaders cast long shadows, and if you want to change the culture you have to walk the talk. This book shows you how.Walking the Talk covers everything from measuring...

  • Walking Dead, Volume 1: Days Gone Bye


    Police officer Rick Grimes and a few human survivors battle hordes of decomposing zombies.

  • e-book

    Walking in Valleys of Darkness - A...

    Holtz,O.S.B. Albert

    How do we deal with and attempt to understand God's presence and overarching love for us when life goes wrong, when we encounter difficulties and tragedies?This noted Benedictine monk and priest shares his personal journeys through troubled times,...

  • e-book

    Walking By the Spirit - Step By Step Through...

    Fuller,Daniel P.

    Walking by the Spirit unpacks the message of Paul's letter to the churches of Galatia for the minds and hearts of today's readers. Daniel Fuller, retired Professor of Hermeneutics at Fuller Seminary, sorts through Paul's terminology and arguments to...

  • e-book

    Walking Home - From Eden to Emmaus


    An ideal book for reading groups during Lent. The spiritual life is oftentimes about putting one foot in front of another, always on the way, never home, until crossing another new threshold. However, the point of all our walking-whether tedious or...

  • e-book

    Walking With the Enemy - A Testimony


    This true story is about the author’s involvement with a Bible study group that turned out to be a cult remarkably similar to the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas, led by David Koresh. As of 28 February 1993, Read had been with them for some three...

  • e-book

    Walking In the Dark - Step By Step Through...

    Fuller,Daniel P.

    In 'Walking In the Dark' Daniel Fuller guides us step by step while he examines and expounds the text and the message of the biblical book of Job. As Professor of Hermeneutics at Fuller Seminary, Dr. Fuller wrestled with this text for many years in...

  • e-book

    Walking with God

    Andrew Murray

    l believer is to be carried out, waiting and working for God must have much greater prominence given to it as the true glory of our Christian calling..................

  • e-book

    Walking With Cheetahs

    Brawner,Deacon Bill

    Brief overview of a 2017 CRS clergy delegation to Zambia to observe family-building programs operated by Catholic Relief Services

  • e-book

    Walking Faithfully with God: 1 & 2 Kings & 2...

    Arthur,Kay; Bird,Brad

    More than 880,000 books from Kay Arthur’s life–changing New Inductive Study Series have been sold! This exciting series brings readers face–to–face with the truth of God’s precepts, promises, and purposes—in just minutes a day. The books of Kings...

  • e-book

    Walking the Way of Sorrows - Stations of the...

    Whitley,Katerina Katsarka

    On Good Friday and throughout Lent, Christian congregations around the world walk the Stations of the Cross in commemoration of Jesus' walk to Calvary. This book is a fresh resource for those wanting to explore the meaning of the Stations more...

  • e-book

    Walking On Thorns - Discovering The Meaning...

    Miller,Jeanne G

    Life is hard but it is also beautiful. Often those two ideas are intimately connected. Our inevitable stresses and struggles give cause for fear, misery and despondency but they also give us the opportunity for resilience, hope and triumph. The...

  • e-book

    Walking in Power, Love, and Discipline: 1 & 2...

    Arthur,Kay; Lacy,Pete De; Vereen,Bob

    By solidifying readers’ conviction of the Bible’s truth, this study helps build solid, personal relationships with God. Today’s believers will be strengthened by crucial Paul’s instructions in the areas of deeds, morality, leadership, and attitude.

  • e-book

    Walking in Their Sandals - A Guide to...

    Markus Cromhout

    This volume invites readers to walk in Israelite sandals, that is, to take a journey of the imagination, and to immerse themselves in the identity, values, and institutions of first-century CE Israelites with the help of contemporary...

  • e-book

    Walking as Mature Christians

    Callahan,Robert B. Sr.

    The Apostle Paul realized that he was an infant in the faith after his encounter with the Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus. He experienced what was required to become a member of Christ's body and to walk as a mature Christian. Therefore, he wanted...

  • e-book

    Walking with Jesus - Daily Inspiration from...


    In his accessible style, Greg Laurie takes readers through 90 days of walking with Jesus through stories and images of Jesus found in the Gospel of John.

  • e-book

    Walking in the Light - Step by Step Through 1...

    Fuller,Daniel P.

    Walking in the Light provides the serious Bible student with a detailed exegesis of the message of 1 John and with a deliberate examination of how interpretational decisions are made. Daniel Fuller, Professor of Hermeneutics at Fuller Seminary,...

  • e-book

    Walking Down the Path of Life - My Spiritual...

    Helen V. Dugan

    God gave me a wake up call that changed my life forever. I've been given the privilege to share with you a wonderful testimony given to me back in November of 1997 by the Holy Spirit. Through this experience I have chosen to surrender my life and...

  • e-book

    Walking On Water: Sermons On The Miracles Of...

    Gilliom, James

    Connecting the biblical text with contemporary ethos, 'Walking on Water' contains fourteen sermons based on the miracles of Jesus.

  • e-book

    Walking Bible Study - The Path of Love


    The book is bound in a way that makes it suitable for use at church services and at the grave side.

  • e-book

    Walking the Bible

    Feiler,Bruce; Feiler, Bruce

    Both a heart-racing adventure and an uplifting quest, Walking the Bible describes one man's epic odyssey—by foot, jeep, rowboat, and camel—through the greatest stories ever told. From crossing the Red Sea to climbing Mount Sinai to touching the...

  • e-book

    Walking Home with Baba - The Heart of...

    Rohini Ralby

    Rohini Ralby spent eight years as head of security, appointments secretary, and personal assistant to Swami Muktananda, and in their many hours alone together, this world-renowned guru taught her, one on one, the essence of spiritual practice. In...

  • e-book

    Walking Together - A Congregational...

    Wyman Lewis Richardson

    Walking Together: A Congregational Reflection on Biblical Church Discipline is a study of the biblical concept of church discipline. It seeks to show that church discipline, rightly understood, is a ministry of mercy and grace that will bless...

  • e-book

    Walking with God in Every Season:...

    Arthur,Kay; Lacy,Pete De

    Kay Arthur, whose books in the New Inductive Study Series have sold more than 1.4 million copies, joins Pete De Lacy in this look at three short, not-to-be-missed gems of the Old Testament: Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Lamentations. By learning...

  • e-book

    Walking Alongside - A Theology for...

    Bill Andersen

    Integrating counseling--theory and practice--with the biblical revelation has now been attempted many times and with considerable success. However, in Walking Alongside, Bill Andersen has attacked the connection from a different angle. His starting...

  • e-book

    Walking In the Spirit - The Fruit of the...

    Sharrock,Russell J.

    I wrote on the Fruit of the Spirit in that it is not some all-fit mold, nor is it psychologically manufactured, it is not a behavioural issue. There are no laws that we are required to live by to please God, we cannot keep them as perfectly as would...

  • e-book

    Walking the Bridgeless Canyon - Repairing the...

    Kathy Baldock

    In 2001, Kathy Baldock, a straight conservative evangelical Christian, met Netto Montoya, a lesbian Native American, on a local hiking trail near her home in the Sierra Nevada. Their developing friendship challenged Baldock’s cultural and religious...

  • e-book

    Walking the Path - The Cree to the Celtic

    Laboucane, Shirley

    Many people believe you have to be a pagan to appreciate and perform ritual, which is untrue. For thousands of years people have been drawn together to dance, make music, pray and feast, these activities are all the parts of ceremony. The ceremonies...

  • e-book

    Walking Bible Study - The Path of Peace


    It'apos;s easy to get lost in the busyness of every day. But taking a walk and discovering God'apos;s presence along the way will bring you back to where you need to be.The Walking Bible Study, a series of short readings and meditations,

  • e-book

    Walking Bible Study - The Path of Justice


    It's easy to get lost in the busyness of every day. But taking a walk and discovering God's presence along the way will bring you back to where you need to be.The Walking Bible Study, a series of short readings and meditations, is your field guide to...

  • e-book

    Walking Through Fire - Iraqis'apos; Struggle...

    Peggy Faw Gish

    Through Iraqis' eyes--through their stories--this book tells the truth about what war and the U.S. government's antiterrorism policies have really meant for them. Iraqis recount the abuses they experienced in the U.S. and new Iraqi detention systems,...

  • e-book

    Walking Wisely - An Expository Commentary...

    Callahan,Robert B. Sr.

    The Apostle Paul leaves no stone, teaching, or truth untouched as he continues developing a pathway for each of us built upon the foundation of the Triune God. He has carefully and prayer-fully utilized the words in this magnificent letter to clearly...

  • e-book

    Walking in Love - Moral Progress and...

    Sampley,J. Paul

    J. Paul Sampley explores how Paul instructed the followers who trekked behind him in “the upward call of God in Christ Jesus,” (Phil. 3:14). Sampley writes particularly for readers today who seek insight into the spiritual and moral life but are...

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