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27 produtos
  • Animation



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  • Watercolor



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  • Soft Pastel Project Book

    Goldman, Ken; Grame,Marilyn; Schneider,Meg

    Possessing qualities of both drawing and painting, soft pastel is a fascinating and versatile art medium. This Walter Foster and Reeves project book for beginners is the ideal introduction to soft pastel, teaching aspiring artists the techniques and...

  • Acrylics

    Johnson,R. Bradford

    Acrylic paints are beloved by beginning painters and seasoned professionals alike, because this lightweight, versatile, fast-drying, water-based medium is well suited for a wide variety of applications. Acrylics will teach you everything you need to...

  • Chinese Brush Painting


    Chinese Brush Painting

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  • Watercolor Pencil

    Averill,Pat; Yaun,Debra Kauffman; Newton,Barbara Benedetti

    Watercolor Pencil

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  • Painting Landscapes In Oil

    Schneider,William; Hampton,Anita; Short,Kevin; Obermeyer,Michael

    Painting Landscapes In Oil

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  • Drawing Dogs


    Drawing Dogs

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  • The Art of Cartooning

    Foster,Walter T.

    Offers the beginning cartoonist the basics needed to create characters for comic strips or animation

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  • The Art of Drawing 2

    Powell,William F.

    Helpful information on sketching, value, setting up composition, perspective, and much more. Inspiring subjects to re-create, from a tropical seascape to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Tips on developing a portrait using the correct proportions of...

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  • Dogs & Puppies - Drawing Made Easy


    This newest addition to the Drawing Made Easy series pairs our best-selling medium with the wildly popular subject of dogs and puppies. Unlike similar on the market, this book doesn't simply provide a collection of dogs for artists to re-create...

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  • The Art of Drawing Faces & Features

    Yaun,Debra Kauffman

    Detailed, step-by-step instructions for drawing faces in a range of ages and ethnicities. Tips on drawing from photographs and adding a background to a portrait. In-depth information on tolls and materials, drawing and shading techniques, and the...

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  • Horses Oil Learn To Paint Step By Step


    Horses Oil Learn To Paint Step By Step

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  • Oil Faces & Features Learn To Paint Step By...


    Oil Faces & Features Learn To Paint Step By Step

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  • The Art of Drawing Dragons , Mythological...


    The ever-increasing popularity of mythological and fantasy creatures in film, graphic novels, and television creates high demand for instruction books on drawing these fantastic beats. In this newest addition to our Collector's series, aspiring,...

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  • How to Draw Princesses

    Foster, Walter

    Explains how to draw seven Disney princesses, including Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Tinker Bell.

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  • How to Draw Disney's Lilo and Stitch


    How to Draw Disney's Lilo and Stitch

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  • Disney's How to Draw the Little Mermaid

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Disney's How to Draw the Little Mermaid

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  • Learn To Draw Your Favorite Disney Pixar...

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Learn To Draw Your Favorite Disney Pixar Characters

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  • Pet Crafts - Everything You Need To Become...


    Perfect for pet lovers of all ages, this book offers crafty inspiration for kids who want to create stuff for their favorite furry friends. Doggie fashions, cat couture, and gerbil goodies are all covered! The creative, easy-to-craft projects include...

  • How To Draw Nick Jr's Dora The Explorer

    Foster,Walter; Spina,Russell

    How To Draw Nick Jr's Dora The Explorer

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  • All About Drawing Sea Creat


    This introductory drawing book makes the art of drawing easy––especially for children who love to doodle. Clear, easy-to-follow examples use basic shapes and colors to teach children how to draw step by step. In this title, young readers can learn...

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  • Colored Pencil Step By Step

    Averill,Pat; Yaun,Debra Kauffman; Hickmon,Sylvester

    Colored Pencil Step by Step, from the acclaimed Walter Foster Artist’s Library Series, is filled with information that will help artists of all levels learn all about drawing with colored pencil. This colorful, comprehensive guidebook explores...

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  • Getting Started in Watercolor


    Getting Started in Watercolor

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  • Steps To Success In Watercolor


    It may seem impossible to be able to ensure the success of a watercolor painting before the paintbrush hits paper, but the newest addition to our Artist's Library series proves that it can be done. Accomplished watercolorist Brenda Swenson breaks...

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  • All About Drawing Horses & Pets


    Ideal for children who love to doodle, this introductory drawing guide makes the art of drawing easy. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions use basic shapes and colors to teach children how to draw step by step. In this book, young readers will learn...

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  • Oil - Land And Sea


    Oil - Land And Sea

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