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  • Leonardo Da Vinci




    A biografia definitiva do mestre Leonardo da Vinci, assinada pelo autor dos best-sellers Steve Jobs: A biografia e Einstein: sua vida, seu universoCom base em milhares de páginas dos impressionantes cadernos que Leonardo manteve ao longo de boa parte...

  • Walter Pater Er, Vol. 5 - A Critical (Classic...

    Thomas, Edward

    Excerpt from Walter Pater Er, Vol. 5: A Critical There were times when it seemed to Dorian Gray that the whole of history was merely the record of his own life, not as he had lived it in act and circumstance, but as his imagination had created it for...

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  • Steve Jobs - A Biografia




    O livro, baseado em mais de quarenta entrevistas com Jobs ao longo de dois anos - e entrevistas com mais de cem familiares, amigos, colegas, adversários e concorrentes -, narra a vida atribulada do empresário extremamente inventivo e de personalidade...

  • Walter Camp's Book Of College Sports (Classic...


    Excerpt from Walter Camp's Book of College Sports Who misses or who wins the prize, Go lose or conquer as you can; But if you fail or if you rise Be each, pray God, a gentleman! About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • e-book

    Walter Rathenau - His Life and Work

    Count Kessler

    This early work on Walter Rathenau is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It details the life and work of the German industrialist and politician Walter Rathenau. This fascinating work is thoroughly recommended for inclusion on the...

  • e-book

    Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy


    'Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy' is an outstanding biography, published in 1910; it makes Scott's character crystal-clear. Lang has analyzed Scott's work minutely. Moreover, he has thrashed out his literary success and life from cradle to...

  • e-book

    Walter Pater - an Imaginative Sense of Fact:...


    First Published in 1981. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Walter& Me - Standing in the Shadow of...

    Brown,Paul T.; Brown,Paul T.; Payton,Eddie; Craig Wiley

    Widely regarded as one of the best football players to ever tie on a pair of cleats, Walter Payton led a fascinating and ultimately tragic life. Told in the voices of those who knew him best, this biography of the Chicago Bears legendary running back...

  • e-book

    Walter Sherwood's Probation

    Alger,Jr., Horatio; 1stWorld Library

    'Here's a letter for you, Doctor Mack,' said the housekeeper, as she entered the plain room used as a library and sitting-room by her employer, Doctor Ezekiel Mack. 'It's from Walter, I surmise.' This was a favorite word with Miss Nancy Sprague, who,...

  • e-book

    Walter White - The Dilemma of Black Identity...


    The day Walter White was buried in 1955 the New York Times called him "the nearest approach to a national leader of American Negroes since Booker T. Washington." For more than two decades, White, as secretary of the NAACP, was perhaps the nation's...

  • e-book

    Walter Camp The Father Of American Football

    Harford Powel

    Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and...

  • e-book


    Raphael E. Serebreny

    A computer program turns killer. A computer scientist develops a security tool called Walter (Warfare Algorithm Logical Token Encoder & Reprogramming Unit) that can find and follow a targeted person anywhere in the world, indoors or out, where there...

  • e-book

    Walter"quot;Red"quot; Barber - Fairness

    Knapp, Fritz

    As part of the acclaimed Sports Virtues series,Walter 'apos;Red'apos; Barber: Fairness discusses the struggles and triumphs of Red Barber'apos;s life. As with each story in the Sports Virtues series, this book assigns a virtue to a celebrated...

  • e-book


    Ashley Sievwright

    Walter Kovak - insurance worker, early forties, unhappily married, no children, memorably invisible - is the sole survivor of a devastating suburban train crash. But Walter has no memory of the tragedy. One year on he starts to receive mysterious...

  • Walter James Dodd - A Biographical Sketch...

    Macy, John Albert

    Excerpt from Walter James Dodd: A Biographical Sketch Dodd was born in London, April 22, 1 869, the youngest child and only son in a large family. His father was an artisan, a worker in metal roofing. He died when Walter was eight years old; so that...

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  • Sir Walter Ralegh - The Stanhope Essay, 1897...


    Excerpt from Sir Walter Ralegh: The Stanhope Essay, 1897 There are certain characters apparent on the page of history which at a first glance seem to be treated with scant justice or with an extravagant kindliness. We find them dismissed with a curt...

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  • Sir Walter Scott (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Sir Walter Scott To portray the characteristics of Walter Scott, one of the greatest writers and noblest characters which Europe has produced, is a difficult but fascinating study. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • Sir Walter Scott (Classic Reprint)

    Lang, Andrew

    Excerpt from Sir Walter Scott He exclaims, in lines addressed to Erskine, conscious of his fault, but impenitent. His fame must suffer in some degree from his own wilfulness, or, rather, from the incurable defect of a genius which was. About the...

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  • Walter Colyton, Vol. 3 Of 3 - A Tale Of 1688...


    Excerpt from Walter Colyton, Vol. 3 of 3: A Tale of 1688 Very true, very true! Said his spouse shaking her head, and sighing, and repeating the words, until as they suggested a new idea, she exclaimed But how do we know that all this horrible story...

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  • Walter Colyton, Vol. 1 Of 3 - A Tale Of 1688...

    Smith, Horace

    Excerpt from Walter Colyton, Vol. 1 of 3: A Tale of 1688 Remember, O my friends! The laws, the rights, The generous plan of power delivered down, From age to age, by your renown'd forefathers 0 let it never perish in your hands. About the Publisher...

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  • Walter Sherwood's Probation - Or Cool Head...

    Alger, Horatio

    Excerpt from Walter Sherwood's Probation: Or Cool Head and Warm Heart Here's a letter for you, Doctor Mack, said the housekeeper, as she entered the plain room used as a library and sitting-room by her em ployer, Doctor Ezekiel Mack. It's from Walter...

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  • Walter Evelyn, Vol. 3 Of 3 - Or, The Long...

    Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from Walter Evelyn, Vol. 3 of 3: Or, the Long Minority Sation. In England we are accustomed every hour in the day to hear subjects of world-wide importance discussed by the most acute and practical intellects that free institutions can form;...

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  • Walter Wick's Optical Tricks

    Wick, Walter

    You may have seen drawings of impossible objects, but have you ever seen them photographed? Wick's book of optical illusions leaves readers of all ages wondering just how the I Spy photographer does it! This book combines fascinating optical...

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  • Walter Was Worried

    Seeger,Laura Vaccaro

    Children's faces, depicted with letters of the alphabet, react to the onset of a storm and its aftermath in this picture book, accompanied by simple alliterative text.

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  • Walter Greenway, Spy - And Others, Sometime...

    Holmes, Robert

    Excerpt from Walter Greenway, Spy: And Others, Sometime Criminal In 'my Police Court Friends with the Colours I have told something of those who may be styled the pick of my flocks. I turn now to deal with my black sheep. I do not mind confessing that...

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  • Walter Greenway Spy And Hero - His Life Story...

    Holmes, Robert

    Excerpt from Walter Greenway Spy and Hero: His Life Story This is a book for which to thank God, Who has put into the human heart so much that. Is tender and true.-life and Work. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Walter Evelyn, Or The Long Minority, Vol. 1...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from Walter Evelyn, or the Long Minority, Vol. 1 of 3 I saw a troop Of lords and ladies gay As I lay a thynkyne, a thynkyne, a thynkyne, As I lay a thynkyne they went upon their way. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • Walter's Welcome - The Intimate Story Of A...

    Echenberg, Eva Neisser; Rasminsky, Judy Sklar

    Walter's Welcome is the story of Walter Neisser and the more than fifty members of his family he helped to escape Nazi Germany. The story is told through the letters of the Neisser family, which have been meticulously translated and arranged by...

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  • Walter Benjamin Et Paris

    Wismann H

    Walter Benjamin Et Paris

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  • e-book

    Walter Koenig'apos;s Things to Come

    Walter Koenig

    The spilling of blood. The death source and the life source. The end of humanity and its beginning.

  • e-book

    Walter Hill'apos;s Triggerman #1

    Walter Hill

    Locked up for a life of murder, Roy Nash never thought he'apos;d walk the mean streets of Chicago again... let alone rescue his beloved, Lena. But when the city'apos;s Mafia elite spring the notorious gun-for-hire to handle one last assignment, Roy...

  • e-book

    Walter Hill'apos;s Triggerman #3

    Walter Hill

    After a brief brush with Johnny Law, Roy Nash'apos;s cross-country bounty hunt takes a surprising turn when he'apos;s confronted by his former love, Lena Dorsey!

  • e-book

    Walter Koenig'apos;s Things to Come

    Walter Koenig

    Check out this new series from Star Trek'apos;s Walter Koenig. Two hundred years after the apocalypse the human race, buried in the bowels of the earth, is a few tortured breaths from extinction. It offers up one last gift to the poisoned surface and...

  • e-book

    Walter Koenig'apos;s Things to Come

    Walter Koenig

    Two hundred years after the apocalypse the human race, buried in the bowels of the earth, is a few tortured breaths from extinction. It offers up one last gift to the poisoned surface and the mutant life forms that survive there; a new species. Up...

  • e-book

    Walter Koenig'apos;s Things to Come

    Walter Koenig

    Human killing human. Vampire killing vampire.Disorder into derangement. Anarchy into chaos.

  • e-book

    Walter Koenig'apos;s Things to Come Vol.1 #2

    Walter Koenig

    From the unnatural conception of a child comes the birth of an unnatural race. Is this an act of deliverance or the final denouncement of humanity? Is it God'apos;s hand at work here or the Devil'apos;s teeth?

  • e-book

    Walter Koenig'apos;s Raver

    Walter Koenig

    Don'apos;t yell at Norman Walters. He doesn'apos;t deal well with conflict. A psychotic breakdown follows during which his mind invents bizarre nightmare worlds with real villains and real victims. Evil abounds and requires vanquishing. Toward that...

  • e-book

    Walter Hill'apos;s Triggerman #2

    Walter Hill

    Fresh out of the slammer and tasked with tracking down a missing half-mil, Roy Nash'apos;s latest assignment takes him to the City of Angels where a trip to a backalley speakeasy might spell more trouble than it'apos;s worth.

  • e-book

    Walter Koenig'apos;s Things to Come; Trade...

    Walter Koenig

    Introducing the brand new graphic novel from one of the stars from the original Star Trek, Walter Koenig. Two species, one trying to cheat death, the other to become its master and, in between, a little child shall bleed them. This special edition...

  • Walter Isaacson: The Genius Biographies -...


    The Genius Biographies boxed set from New York Times bestselling author Walter Isaacson featuring his definitive biographies: Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin. 'If anybody in America understands genius, it's Walter Isaacson.' --Salon...

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  • e-book

    Walter Benjamin, Religion and Aesthetics -...

    Plate,S. Brent

    Walter Benjamin, Religion, and Aesthetics is an innovative and creative attempt to unsettle and reconceive the key concepts of religious studies through a reading with, and against, Walter Benjamin. Constructing what he calls an 'quot;allegorical...

  • Letters Of Sir Walter Scott - Addressed To...


    Excerpt from Letters of Sir Walter Scott: Addressed to the Rev. R. Polwhele; D. Gilbert, Francis Douce Tho' now a thicket dark and wild, Where rise my statelier sycamores, Its spirit to my soul restores And midst the ivied boughs, I break, And listen...

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  • Reminiscences Of Sir Walter Scott (Classic...


    Excerpt from Reminiscences of Sir Walter Scott It did not occur to me till very lately, that this incident is referred to by Sir Walter Scott in his auto biography. He, however, makes the scene not Arthur Seat, but the crags at Smailholm; and, of...

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  • The Poetical Works Of Sir Walter Scott, Vol....

    Scott, Walter

    Excerpt from The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Vol. 3: Containing, Rokeby, And, the Lord of the Isles; With the Original Notes of the Author, Unabridged The time occupied by the action is a space of five days, three of which are supposed to...

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