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  • The New York Times: The Complete Civil War

    Holzer, Harold; Symonds,Craig L.

    This book allows you to experience the history, the politics and the individual events of the American Civil War as never seen before, through the original daily reportage of The New York Times, America's leading newspaper of public record. One of...

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  • e-book

    Dogs of War - Reissued

    Sherman, David; Cooper, Brenda

    Animals have fought for us for centuries, not because of the ideals of service to King and Country, but out of unwavering loyalty and devotion to their human Masters.The future, it would seem, is no better than the past, as some animals become...

  • War Dog

    Venter,Al J.; Forsyth,Frederick (frw)

    War Dog

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  • e-book

    War Dog - Fighting Other People'apos;s Wars...

    Venter, Al

    Mercenaries have been with us since the dawn of civilization, yet in the modern world they are little understood. While many of today’s freelance fighters provide support for larger military establishments, others wage war where the great powers...

  • e-book

    Caesar the War Dog 5 - Operation Black Shark

    Dando-Collins, Stephen

    Caesar the War Dog'apos;s most exciting and suspenseful adventure yet! When Sergeant Ben Fulton'apos;s family joins him on a cruise ship holiday, Ben, Josh, Maddie and Nan travel in luxury among the islands of the Caribbean while Caesar is in...

  • e-book

    Caesar the War Dog


    This hero has four paws and a wagging tail! Based on the true stories of heroic military and service dogs who save countless lives.At the kennels, Caesar the chocolate labrador doesn'apos;t look special. But Corporal Ben Fulton sees something...

  • e-book

    Caesar the War Dog 4 - Operation Green Parrot


    Explosive detection dog Caesar is in Texas with his handler, Ben, to train the local police. When a bomb detonates nearby and Caesar sniffs out a second bomb at the scene, he attracts the wrong kind of attention.Mexican crime lord Carlos Marron,...

  • e-book

    Caesar the War Dog 2 - Operation Blue Dragon


    Our canine hero is back on duty and back in Afghanistan for his most daring mission yet . . . When injured war hero Charlie finally returns to SAS service, he no longer needs Caesar'apos;s help as a care dog. Caesar can go back to what he does best -...

  • e-book

    Caesar the War Dog 3 - Operation Pink...

    Dando-Collins, Stephen

    This dog never forgets a friend.When their friend Lucky is kidnapped by elephant poachers in Tanzania, the Global Rapid Reaction Responders team is called in to find him. Caesar the super-sniffing war dog is sent with Ben and Charlie on the...

  • e-book

    Dog Boats at War

    Leonard C Reynolds

    The incredible story of these ingenious boats that played havoc with enemy shipping during the Second World War

  • Dogs Of World War II - Dash (Dogs Of World...

    Larson, Kirby

    Although Mitsi Kashino and her family are swept up in the wave of anti-Japanese sentiment following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mitsi never expects to lose her home -- or her beloved dog, Dash. But, as World War II rages and people of Japanese...

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  • Dogs Of World War II - Duke (Dogs Of World...

    Larson, Kirby

    With World War II raging and his father fighting overseas in Europe, eleven-year-old Hobie Hanson is determined to do his part to help his family and his country, even if it means giving up his beloved German shepherd, Duke. Hoping to help end the...

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  • Prisoners Of War - Dog Tags Vol.3

    London, C Alexander; London,Alexander C

    Man's best friend goes to war. Two enemy soldiers. One uneasy alliance. Miguel is a medic in the US Army. Stationed in a remote Belgian forest during World War II, he's expecting a quiet tour of duty. But the Nazis have other ideas. They launch a...

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  • Dogs Of War


    Sheila Keenan's captivating stories paired with Nathan Fox's stunning art bring the heroic military actions of man's best friend to life! Some war heroes heard wind whistling over a hidden trip wire.Some war heroes sniffed out a sniper 1,000 yards...

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  • Dogs of War


    An action-packed anthology of military science fiction tales features ten classic stories of men at arms by Harry Harrison, Joe Haldeman, Gene Wolfe, Keith Laumer, Richard C. Matheson, David Drake, and others. Original.

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  • Dogs Of War

    Keenan,Sheila; Kennan,Sheila

    Sheila Keenan's captivating stories, paired with Nathan Fox's stunning art, bring the heroic military actions of man's best friend to life! Some war heroes heard the wind whistling over a hidden trip wire.Some war heroes sniffed out a sniper 1,000...

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  • e-book

    Why Would A Dog Need A Parachute? Questions...

    Jo Foster

    Why did the Second World War start? Who had the best weapons? Why were there no bananas? What was Shanks'apos;s pony? Why was food rationed? Could you still buy sweets? Why were spies important? Why should you keep 'apos;mum'apos;? Why did it go on...

  • X Vol. 2- The Dogs Of War


    When X attacks the notoriously corrupt narcotics squad known as 'The Dogs of War,' the manipulative Lt. Setter fights back by pitting him against the last few honest cops in Arcadia... and X's battle escalates into a war for the soul of the city!...

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  • e-book

    Canine Commandos - The Heroism, Devotion, and...


    DOGS IN WARFrom World War I battlefields to present-day Afghanistan, dogs have been the loyal companions and trusted compatriots of soldiers worldwide. Now the exciting, heartwarming and heroic stories of history’s most famous combat dogs are...

  • e-book

    From Baghdad with Love: A Marine, the War,...

    Roth, Melinda; Kopelman, Jay

    When Marines enter an abandoned house in Fallujah, Iraq, and hear a suspicious noise, they clench their weapons, edge around the corner, and prepare to open fire. What they find during the U.S.–led attack on the “most dangerous city on Earth” in late...

  • The Dogs of War

    Forsyth, Frederick

    A British mining magnate hires a mercenary to carry out his plan to overthrow a West African dictator

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  • War Dogs


    When Iranian terrorists capture the prototypes for an M4X1 Franks Combat System and the project leader, who is the only one that can activate the tanks, CIA officer Luke Dodd and a team of Green Berets must infiltrate the Iranians' stronghold before...

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