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  • Watershed

    Everett,Percival L.; Alexie,Sherman


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  • Watershed Health Monitoring

    Walters,Mike; Palmer,R. Mark; Motkaluk,Susan; Jones, Chris

    Watershed Health Monitoring

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  • e-book

    Watershed - Spiritual Growth through Times of...

    Ford, Michael

    This book helps to steer us through the watershed moment in our lives. Written for spiritual seekers of any age, Ford draws on his extensive experience of interviewing people at the turning point of their lives, from the Hollywood actress who becomes...

  • audio livro



    Watershed is a podcast exploring Florida in flux. We feature character-driven, sound-rich stories from across the Sunshine State about Floridian culture and our changing environment. Learn more at

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  • e-book



    This is the story of a secret war. A war within-a-war, fought by antagonists who used spies, traitors, assassins, and political intrigue as weapons in what they considered a crusade for the soul of Europe. One faction fought to defend personal...

  • The Watershed Project Management Guide

    Davenport,Thomas E.

    The Watershed Project Management Guide

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  • e-book

    Integrated Watershed Management in Rainfed...

    Rockstrom,Johan; Suhas P. Wani; Kanwar Lal Sahrawat

    This book provides a comprehensive presentation of the realization of improved rainfed agriculture yield in semi-arid and dry land areas. The incentive of watershed programs is to increase the return on investment with over 20% for 65% of the...

  • e-book

    The Watershed Moment Non Certified - The Zen...

    Anthony R Carson

    The watershed Moment Non Certified is a book on Artificial Intelligence development. It delves into electronic sensory design and robotics combined with cognizant engine development. In the pages of this book, I teach you how to build your very own...

  • e-book

    The Watershed


    Can we have our clean water and use it too? A family and a nation struggle toward prosperity and sustainability.

  • e-book

    GIS for Water Resource and Watershed...


    The use of GIS, and its application for solving environmental problems is growing rapidly. This powerful set of tools can be used to great effect in hydrological modeling, environment and habitat assessments, ecosystem studies, monitoring of wetlands...

  • e-book

    Integrated Assessment of Scale Impacts of...

    Geoffrey J. Syme; V. Ratna Reddy

    Integrated Assessment of Scale Impacts of Watershed Interventions is the outcome of a multi-disciplinary research team of social scientists, hydrologists (groundwater and surface water), modellers; and bio-physical scientists who have worked together...

  • e-book

    The Energy Reader

    Butler,Tom; Wuerthner,George

    The Energy Reader takes an unflinching look at the environmental devastation created by our thirst for energy—including supposedly “clean” renewable sources. From oil spills, nuclear accidents, and mountaintop-removal coal mining to oversized wind...

  • Calibration Of Watershed Models Vol. 6


    Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Water Science and Application Series, Volume 6.During the past four decades, computer-based mathematical models of watershed hydrology have been widely used for a variety of applications...

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  • Wet-Weather Flow in the Urban Watershed

    Field,Richard; Sullivan,Daniel

    Wet-Weather Flow in the Urban Watershed

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  • Fishes and Forestry - Worldwide Watershed...

    Hartman,G. F.; Northcote,T. G.

    Fishes and Forestry - Worldwide Watershed Interactions and Management

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  • e-book

    The CAFO Reader - The Tragedy of Industrial...


    The CAFO Reader is possibly the most powerful indictment of factory farming ever compiled, with essays from 30 of the world'apos;s leading experts. It also offers a vision for a food system that leaves behind the horrific 20th century model of...

  • e-book

    Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to the Next...

    Pollan,Michael; Imhoff, Daniel; Kirschenmann,Fred

    Our Chance to Right the Food System:Every five to seven years, Congress passes a little understood legislation called the Farm Bill. To a large extent, the Farm Bill writes the rules and sets the playing field for America’s contemporary food system,...

  • e-book

    Ribbon of Wildness - Discovering the...


    The Watershed of Scotland is a line that separates east from west; that divides those river basin areas which drain towards the North Sea on the one hand, and those which flow west into the Atlantic Ocean on the other. It's a line that meanders from...

  • e-book

    Mountains to Metropolis - The Elbow River...

    Coleman, Diane

    Every watershed has a story: this is the Elbow's.The Elbow River watershed is a small yet significant watershed extending from the Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains to downtown Calgary. This geographical watershed is itself at a metaphorical...

  • e-book

    The Last of the Wild Rivers - The Past,...

    Wallace A Schaber

    For four hundred years, the journals of all the great explorers of Canada have mentioned the Deux Joachims portage and the wild Rivière du Moine as they made their way west to discover riches, routes, or souls to save. The Du Moine is the last of the...

  • Watershed


    Watershed é o nome do novo álbum de K.D. Lang. A cantora, que já foi vencedora do GRAMMY por quatro vezes, agora vem com este trabalho significante que representa um marco na carreira de 25 anos de Lang. Isto, porque pela primeira vez, a artista...

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  • Watershed: 18 Years of Underground


    Este DVD apresenta um documentário que narra toda a trajetória da banda. Contém entrevistas, apresentações na TV, trechos de shows, e muito mais. Fãs do Indigo Girls, este DVD é imperdível! 1- Program Start 2- Closer To Fine 3- Hammer And Nail4-...

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  • Watershed 10 Years of Underground Video - Dvd


    Faixas:1- Program Start2- Closer to Fine3- Hammer and Nail4- Finlandia5- Galileo6- Chickenman7- Joking8- Touch me Fall9- Least Complicated10- Power of Two11- Reunion12- End Credits

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  • Integrated Lake-Watershed Acidification

    Terry R. Broderick; Iiwas Project; Project Ilwas Project

    Integrated Lake-Watershed Acidification

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