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67 produtos
  • Landscape Graphics

    Reid,Grant W.

    Landscape Graphics

  • Dynamic Figure Drawing

    Hogarth, Burne

    Dynamic Figure Drawing

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  • Drawing Dynamic Hands


    More than three hundred illustrations present a system for visualizing and drawing hands in virtually every conceivable position and gesture, proceeding from basic forms and structures to subtleties of attitude and action

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  • The Time Chamber

    Song ,Daria

    The Time Chamber

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  • The Time Garden - A Magical Journey And...

    Song ,Daria

    The Time Garden - A Magical Journey And Coloring Book

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  • Facial Expressions

    Simon, Mark

    Facial Expressions

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  • Manga Mania


    Explains how to draw manga style comics, discussing the difference between manga and Western styles, how to string a panel together, and how to draw characters, genres, robots, and poses.

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  • Hollywood Portraits

    Hicks, Roger; Nisperos,Christopher; Kobal Collection (COR)

    Hollywood Portraits

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  • Freaks!


    Presents a how-to drawing guide that offers in-depth instructions for creating unique and bizarre anthropomorphic fantasy creatures.

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  • Dynamic Wrinkles And Drapery


    Dynamic Wrinkles And Drapery

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  • Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy


    The sequel to Drawing Cutting Edge Comics shows would-be artists how to draw the exaggerated musculature of figures in action poses, in an instructional manual that covers all aspects of extreme anatomy, the various muscle groups, the various extreme...

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  • Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography


    A renowned photographer and lecturer shows readers the tricks and techniques of outdoor photographer covers the basics of visual design, composition, mood, and color. Original.

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  • Writing With Pictures


    Writing With Pictures

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  • Learning to See Creatively

    Peterson,Bryan F.

    Learning to See Creatively

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  • Beach Cottages

    Bahamón, Alejandro

    The fascinating and natural conditions of the coast, which are difficult to tackle, are the framework for these twenty-five projects acattered around the world. The owners use the cottages as second homes.

  • Store Windows

    Pegler, Martin M.

    Store Windows Nº. 12 presents new and innovative promotional, seasonal and advertising ideas for all seasons and occasions, and any type of sale.

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  • Cats In Paris - A Magical Coloring Book

    Jang, Won-Sun

    Cats In Paris - A Magical Coloring Book

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  • Understanding Exposure - How To Shoot Great...


    Amphoto's 1 bestselling title of all time, now updated to reflect the quickly changing world of digital photography. Understanding Exposure has demystified the often-complex concepts of exposure for hundreds of thousands of amateur photographers. Now...

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  • Beadalicious


    Filled with two hundred color and black-and-white illustrations and photos, an innovative compilation of entertaining and ingenious projects takes the craft of beading to a new level as it presents twenty-five stylish designs for earrings, necklaces,...

  • John Shaw's Closeups in Nature


    Offers advice on lenses, films, tripods, filters, and focusing rails, discusses electronic flash, teleconverters, and diopters, and shows examples of closeup photography

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  • The A-Z of Creative Photography


    A guide to over fifty photography techniques, including cross-processing, panning, backlighting, close-ups, and framing a scene

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  • The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan


    Shows professional photographers how to build a business poised for growth. This book helps readers devise an overall business strategy to support their creative vision, with crucial techniques for running a creative business.

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  • Basic Design: Layout

    Ambrose, Gavin; Harris, Paul

    Basic Design: Layout

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  • Rooms In Bloom


    Written for people who are interested in home decorating and crafts, this guide to incorporating florals into interior design covers a wide variety of styles and presents dozens of ideas for easy-to-complete projects.

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  • Beautiful Gifts


    Beautiful Gifts

  • The Portrait Photographer's Lighting Style...

    Travers,Peter; Cheadle,James

    The Portrait Photographer's Lighting Style Guide

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  • Wedding Flowers Made Simple

    Roberts, Stephen

    Helps readers choose flowers for wedding parties, ceremonies, and receptions; suggests seasonal floral themes; and demonstrates the assembly of bouquets, arrangements, and corsages.

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  • The Complete Guide to Night & Low-Light...


    The Complete Guide to Night & Low-Light Photography

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  • How To Draw Comic Book Heroes And Villains

    Hart,Christopher W. L.

    Explains how to create original comic book characters, draw fight scenes, design special powers, and invent imaginary creatures, and includes a section about the comic book business

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  • Stage Makeup


    Stage Makeup

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  • Paper In Three Dimensions


    From textured handmade paper to elegant pop-ups, 'Paper in Three Dimensions' brings paper crafting to new levels. Author Diane Maurer-Mathison uses the 3-D concept as a springboard to creativity, so her readers can do the same. The hottest...

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  • Collage, Assemblage, And Altered Art


    Collage, Assemblage, And Altered Art

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  • Manga Mania Shoujo


    The secrets and techniques of shoujo manga, the popular style of Japanese animation that is based on stories related to peer pressure, friendship, and romance, are revealed in a guide that includes information on the unique stylistic characteristics...

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  • Designer Style Jewelry


    Explains how to make elegant and quality designer-style jewelry with a variety of easy-to-use jewelry-making and crafts supplies--wire, beads, polymer clay, leather, resin, laminate, and shrink plastic--with detailed instructions for a variety of...

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  • American Houses Today

    Guyon,Scott L.

    American Houses Today

  • Drawing Dynamic Comics

    Smith, Andy

    Provides instructions on how to draw facial expressions, anatomy, backgrounds, and characters commonly found in comic books and strips.

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  • This Business Of Artist Management

    Hetherington,H. Lee; Frascogna,Xavier M.

    This Business Of Artist Management

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  • Restaurants That Work

    Dorf,Martin E.

    Restaurants That Work

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  • Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Road

    Fassett, Kaffe

    Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Road

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  • Uncontrollable Beauty

    Shapiro,David; Beckley,Bill

    Uncontrollable Beauty

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  • The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits

    Whitburn, Joel

    Features information on all the pop singles and artists who have hit the Billboard charts since 1955.

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  • Kids Draw Manga Shoujo


    Provides basic shapes and other techniques of cartooning, followed by illustrated, step-by-step instructions for drawing Manga Shoujo characters.

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  • Nudes



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  • Understanding Exposure


    Provides detailed lessons on the elements of exposure and how each relates to depth of field, freezing and blurring action, and shooting in low light, demonstrating a diversity of creative choices in exposing a picture. Original.

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