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  • O Mba da Vida Real

    Welch,Jack; Welch,Suzy



    Afinal, por que algumas organizações prosperam enquanto outras não conseguem sequer manter os resultados? Como evitar ser passado para trás pela concorrência e como agir se isso acontecer? O que um líder precisa fazer para extrair paixão e alto...

  • Love & Luck

    Welch,Jenna Evans

    From the author of the New York Times bestselling Love & Gelato comes a heartwarming tale of love, adventure, and the true meaning behind the word family. Addie hopes that the road trip of a lifetime through the rolling hills of Ireland will not only...

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    audio livro

    Welch Medical Library Podcasts

    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
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    audio livro

    Welch College


    A four-year Christian college in Nashville, Tennessee, offering 40 programs of study.

    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Jack Welch on Leadership


    'quot;If leadership is an art, then surely Jack Welch has proved himself a master painter.'quot;--BusinessWeek on Jack WelchJack Welch on Leadership distills the bestselling Jack Welch and the GE Way into 23 of Welch'apos;s leadership secrets and...

  • e-book

    The Welch Way - 24 Lessons from the...

    Krames,Jeffrey A.

    Unlock the Welch in YouThe Welch Way is the first book written specifically to help employees infuse their careers with the actions and success strategies of business icon Jack Welch. This accessible, fast-paced book draws on Welch'apos;s career to...

  • e-book

    Jack Welch and The 4 E'apos;s of Leadership

    Krames, Jeffrey A.

    Proven leadership lessons from the author of the international bestseller The Welch WayTechniques Jack Welch used to create great leaders and drive unprecedented financial performanceJack Welch and GE used the celebrated 4e model to measure...

  • e-book

    Jack Welch& The G.E. Way - Management...


    Behind the scenes with the legendary CEO Jack Welch'apos;s innovative leadership strategies revived a lagging GE, transforming it into a powerhouse with a staggering $300 billion-plus market capitalization. In writing Jack Welch and the GE Way,...

  • e-book

    Dragon Rampant - The Royal Welch Fusiliers at...


    'I never saw any regiment in such order,' said Wellington before the Battle of Waterloo, 'it was the most complete and handsome military body I ever looked at.' The object of the Duke's admiration was the 23rd Regiment of Foot - the famous Royal...

  • e-book

    The Jack Welch Lexicon of Leadership


    A comprehensive guide to the strategies and initiatives of legendary CEO Jack WelchIn his two decades as CEO, Jack Welch'apos;s principles, strategies, and tenets transformed GE into one of history'apos;s most dynamic and valuable corporations. As a...

  • e-book

    Political Power - Jack Welch


    One of the most powerful an influential men is covered in this new biography comic book. See how his empire started from the beginning.

  • e-book

    The GE Way Fieldbook - Jack Welch'apos;s...


    'quot;If management is an art, then surely Jack Welch has proved himself a master painter.'quot;- BusinessWeek Boardroom legend Jack Welch is widely regarded as one of the most effective CEOs in business history. Welch'apos;s groundbreaking...

  • e-book

    29 Leadership Secrets From Jack Welch


    The first concise book of essential Welch-isms, abridged from the bestselling Get Better or Get BeatenJack Welch built a career out of fighting waste. 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch follows in Welch'apos;s footsteps, boiling the legendary...

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    audio livro

    Pastor Scott Welch


    Pastor Scott Welch

    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    That Astonishing Infantry'apos; - The History...

    Riley,Jonathan; Michael Glover

    The Royal Welch Fusiliers were present at all Marlborough's great victories; they were one of the six Minden regiments; they fought throughout the Peninsula and were present at Wellington's final glorious victory at Waterloo. In The Great War their...

  • e-book

    e-Study Guide for Economics: Theory and...

    Reviews, Cram101

    Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

  • e-book

    The Third Reich


    This work re-appraises one of the most closely studied issues in European history-the appeal of the Nazi party and analyses the reasons behind the remarkable and sustained success of National Socialism in Germany. David Welch challenges previously...

  • e-book

    Modern European History, 1871-2000


    Brings together a unique collection of documents covering the period from 1871-2000. The collection is organized by topic, and a clear historical context and chronological chart provide background for each section. This second edition brings the book...

  • e-book

    Poland under Communism


    This is the first English-language history of Poland from the Second World War until the fall of Communism. Using a wide range of Polish archives and unpublished sources in Moscow and Washington, Tony Kemp-Welch integrates the Cold War history of...

  • e-book

    Understanding American Government

    Welch,Susan; Welch,Susan; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Understanding American Government. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you...

  • e-book

    Family Life Now

    Welch,Kelly; Reviews, Cram101; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Family Life Now. In this book, you will learn topics such as Family Communication, Conflict, and Forgiveness, Gender in Today`s Society, Intimacy: Developing and Experiencing Affectionate Bonds, and Love and Loving...

  • e-book

    Economics, Theory and Practice

    Welch,Patrick; Reviews, Cram101; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Economics, Theory and Practice. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you...

  • e-book

    Handbook of the Economics of Education

    Welch,F.; Hanushek,Eric A

    The Handbooks in Economics series continues to provide the various branches of economics with handbooks which are definitive reference sources, suitable for use by professional researchers, advanced graduate students, or by those seeking a teaching...

  • e-book

    Understanding American Government - Political...

    Welch,Susan; Reviews, Cram101; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Understanding American Government. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you...

  • e-book

    Modern European History 1871-2000 - A...


    Modern European History brings together a unique selection of documents covering the period from 1871 to 2000. The collection is organised by topic, and a clear historical context and chronological chart provide background for each section. This...

  • e-book

    Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived - Virtual JFK

    Welch,David A.; Lang,janet M.; Blight,James G.

    Tackling head-on the most controversial and debated "what if" in U.S. foreign policy, this provocative work explores what President John F. Kennedy would have done in Vietnam had he not been assassinated in 1963. Drawing on a wealth of recently...

  • e-book

    Washed by Blood

    Brian Welch

    An Out-of-Control Rock Star. An Inescapable Addiction to Drugs. A Miraculous Redemption through Jesus Christ.You think you've heard this story before but you haven't. Washed by Blood is a look at the dramatic saving power of Jesus Christ unlike any...

  • e-book

    Fun with Numbers for Toddlers - Learning to...

    Alistair Welch

    Fun with Numbers for Toddlers. Let's Get Counting focuses on a different number, giving children a variety of ways to count and visualize that number of objects.

  • e-book


    Welch,Suzy; Welch,Jack

    Jack Welch knows how to win. During his forty-year career at General Electric, he led the company to year-after-year success around the globe, in multiple markets, against brutal competition. His honest, be-the-best style of management became the...

  • e-book

    Save Me from Myself

    Brian Welch

    The amazing true story of an out-of-control rock star, his devastating addiction to drugs, and his miraculous redemption through Jesus Christ.In February 2005, more than ten thousand people in Bakersfield, California, watched as Brian 'Head'...

  • e-book

    The Last Road North - A Guide to the...

    Robert Orrison; Dan Welch

    "“I thought my men were invincible,” admitted Robert E. Lee.A string of battlefield victories through 1862 had culminated in the spring of 1863 with Lee’s greatest victory yet: the battle of Chancellorsville. Propelled by the momentum of that supreme...

  • e-book

    The Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of Southern...

    Welch,Martin; Harrington,Sue

    The Tribal Hidage, attributed to the 7th century, records the named groups and polities of early Anglo-Saxon England and the taxation tribute due from their lands and surpluses. Whilst providing some indication of relative wealth and its distribution...

  • e-book

    Winning: The Answers

    Welch,Suzy; Welch,Jack

    In Winning, their 2005 international bestseller, Jack and Suzy Welch created a rare document, both a philosophical treatise on fundamental business practices and a gritty how-to manual, all of it delivered with Jack's trademark candor and can-do...

  • e-book

    The Miracle Landing - And Other Supernatural...

    Welch, Larry

    Ready, Set, Take Off!Make sure your tray table is secure and your seat is in its upright position as you get ready to encounter God’s supernatural power!Written by a professional pilot and airline captain, The Miracle Landing launches you into a...

  • e-book

    The Real-Life MBA

    Welch,Suzy; Welch,Jack

    The business titans and #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors of Winning return with a modern, essential guide for everyone in business today—and tomorrow—that explores the most pressing challenges related to creating winning...

  • e-book

    How to be a Mindful Christian

    Welch, Sally

    This introduction offers an explanation of contemporary mindfulness and a guide to mindfulness as a way of Christian living. Over forty days examples of mindfulness in the Bible are examined and practical exercises suggested for incorporating...

  • e-book

    Walking the Labyrinth - A Spiritual and...


    A labyrinth is a pattern consisting of a single circuitous path that winds into the centre, with no possibility of getting lost, as in a maze, and no dead ends. It is one of the most ancient tools for spiritual growth and development, dating back to...

  • e-book

    A Labyrinth Prayer Handbook - Creative...


    An imaginative resource for all who use the labyrinth in their worship and spiritual practice. It includes ideas for using labyrinths in different settings, such as with children, those with learning difficulties, the elderly, in hospices, as part of...

  • e-book

    Saying Yes to God As a Family - 30 Lessons...

    Welch, Kristen

    Do you want to spend time with your kids in the Bible, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you wonder how to even keep your kids around the table in the first place?Kristen Welch, author of the popular We Are THAT Family blog, has been there. And...

  • e-book

    Yankee Doodle

    Welch, Loretta

    The Charles River divides Boston and Cambridge, and the Red Line ties the ?cities together, traveling through an expanse of class and cultures along its route?. ?When an unlikely combination of riders share an afternoon train, they are surprised ?to...

  • e-book


    Brian Welch

    This 40-Day devotional from Brian “Head” Welch, former lead guitarist of Korn and the New York Times bestselling author of Save Me From Myself, is an intimate tour through the Bible passages that have meant the most to him on his trying journey from...

  • e-book



    At once tragic and up-lifting, Heartsong tells the story of an Oglala Sioux who travels the extraordinary geographical and cultural distance from tribal life in South Dakota to surviving by his wits on the streets of Marseilles.Marooned after a...

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    audio livro

    Career Opportunities with Douglas E. Welch


    Helping to build the career you deserve! A twice-weekly podcast focusing on the unique challenges of a building a 21st Century career. Join author Douglas E. Welch for this audio version of his weekly print column, now in its 9th year. A member of...

    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    The Goodbyes

    Leslie Welch

    The Goodbyes is a moving and realistic account of the strength of an unbreakable bond, the anguish of unrequited feelings, and the wisdom attained through the highs and lows of triumph and tragedy. Told through the unique prose of debut author Leslie...

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