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  • e-book

    When Calls the Heart


    A lovely schoolteacher faces the frontier with the firm resolve to never marry a rowdy adventurer of the West. Canadian West book 1.

  • Sing When You're Winning


    O maior artista pop britânico da atualidade, com 20 discos de platina no Reino Unido e mais de 1,7 milhão de cópias vendidas em apenas 3 semanas! Destaque para a faixa 'Rock DJ', sucesso nas rádios brasileiras.

  • e-book

    When Calls the Heart - Hallmark Channel...


    Janette Oke's beloved story of a young teacher moving west has captured the hearts of millions.

  • When Montezuma Met Cortes - The True Story Of...

    Restall, Matthew

    A dramatic rethinking of the encounter between Montezuma and Hernando Cortes that completely overturns what we know about the Spanish conquest of the AmericasOn November 8, 1519, the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes first met Montezuma, the Aztec...

  • When We Dead Awaken - A Dramatic Epilogue In...

    Ibsen, Henrik

    Excerpt from When We Dead Awaken: A Dramatic Epilogue in Three Acts Yes, you, who have been SO much, much farther away than I. Are you entirely happy, now that you are at home again? About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands...

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  • When I'm Sixty-Four - The Plot Against...


    A crisis is looming for baby boomers and anyone else who hopes to retire in the coming years. In When I'm Sixty-Four, Teresa Ghilarducci, the nation's leading authority on the economics of retirement, explains how to confront this crisis head-on,...

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  • When The World Stopped To Listen - Van...

    Isacoff, Stuart

    From the acclaimed author of A Natural History of the Piano, the captivating story of the 1958 international piano competition in Moscow, where, at the height of Cold War tensions, an American musician showed the potential of art to change the world....

  • When We Were Friends


    Lainey Carson and Sydney Beaumont were the closest of friends--until they reached high school and Sydney's burgeoning popularity made it easy for her to leave the contemplative, ungainly Lainey behind. Eighteen years later, Lainey, who lives at home...

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  • e-book

    When Hope Springs New


    Janette Oke's beloved story of a young teacher moving west concludes with a poignant and touching tale. Canadian West book 4.

  • e-book

    When Breaks the Dawn


    Janette Oke's beloved story of a young teacher moving west finds the newly married Elizabeth carving out a new life. Canadian West book 2.

  • e-book

    When Comes the Spring


    Janette Oke's beloved story of a young teacher moving west continues as she searches for love. Canadian West book 2.

  • e-book

    When It Rains


    The heart-wrenching but triumphant story of rebuilding a life and a family.'apos;My body, suddenly, carries two stories of loss ... One is easy for people to recognise. My mother died of cancer. I watched her age twenty-five years in eight weeks ......

  • e-book

    When The Veil Is Thin - Sometimes Wet Dreams...


    Angelica Preston is in for the ride of her life. With the help of a little magic, she meets the man of her dreams - literally. Antonio is the main character in her latest romance novel, but she makes passionate love to him in her dreams. He tells her...

  • e-book

    When The Veil Is Thin - Sometimes Wet Dreams...


    Angelica Preston is in for the ride of her life. With the help of a little magic, she meets the man of her dreams - literally. Antonio is the main character in her latest romance novel, but she makes passionate love to him in her dreams. He tells her...

  • When In French - Love In A Second Language

    Collins, Lauren

    A language barrier is no match for love. Lauren Collins discovered this firsthand when, in her early thirties, she moved to London and fell for a Frenchman named Olivier--a surprising turn of events for someone who didn't have a passport until she...

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  • When The Needle Dropped - A DJ's Journey


    The first major book about the biggest trend in music--Grammy Award-nominated DJ, record executive, and musical tastemaker A-Trak charts the cultural history of the DJ phenomenon and the incandescent rise of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) through his...

  • When I First Met You, Blue Kangaroo!

    Chichester Clark, Emma

    How the friendship of a lifetime began! The ninth title in this hugely popular series featuring Lily and her loveable soft toy.When Lily gets a new baby brother, she soon discovers that it's not easy learning new things and helping to look after...

  • When I Grow Up

    Minchin, Tim

    When I grow up, I will be tall enough to reach the branches that I need to reach to climb the trees you get to climb when you're grown up. A group of children imagines all of the things that they will be able to do once they grow up, and they plan...

  • When Police Kill

    Zimring, Franklin E

    Deaths of civilians at the hands of on-duty police are in the national spotlight as never before. How many killings by police occur annually? What circumstances provoke police to shoot to kill? Who dies? The lack of answers to these basic questions...

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  • e-book

    When Love Calls - A Novel

    Seilstad, Lorna

    It is 1908 and Hannah Gregory has her hands full providing for her two younger sisters. When romance calls, will she choose to answer?

  • e-book

    When a Scot Ties the Knot

    Dare, Tessa

    On the cusp of her first London season, Miss Madeline Gracechurch was shy, pretty, and talented with a drawing pencil, but hopelessly awkward with gentlemen. She was certain to be a dismal failure on the London marriage mart. So Maddie did what...

  • e-book

    When I Fell From the Sky - The True Story of...

    Juliane Koepcke

    On Christmas Eve 1971, the packed LANSA flight 508 from Lima to Pucallpa was struck by lightning and went down in dense jungle hundreds of miles from civilization. Of its 93 passengers, only one survived. Juliane Koepcke, the seventeen-year-old child...

  • e-book

    When The Sleeper Wakes

    Wells,H., G.; 1stWorld Library

    One afternoon, at low water, Mr. Isbister, a young artist lodging at Boscastle, walked from that place to the picturesque cove of Pentargen, desiring to examine the caves there. Halfway down the precipitous path to the Pentargen beach he came...

  • e-book

    When Strangers Marry

    Kleypas, Lisa

    Lysette buried her face against Max's throat. 'But he's going to take me away. Don't let him, don't -- ''You're not going anywhere,' Max interrupted. 'Calm yourself, Lysette. It's not good for you to become excited.' His possessiveness made her...

  • e-book

    When the Heart Waits

    Sue Monk Kidd

    The bestselling author's inspiring autobiographical account of personal pain, spiritual awakening, and divine grace.'Inspiring. Sue Monk Kidd is a direct literary descendant of Carson McCullers.'—Baltimore Sun'Grounded in personal experience and...

  • e-book

    When We Were Strangers

    Pamela Schoenewaldt

    “The people as real as your own family, and the tale realistic enough to be any American’s.”—Nancy E. Turner, author of These is My Words A moving, powerful, and evocative debut novel, When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt heralds the arrival...

  • e-book

    When It's Right

    Jennifer Ryan

    Everything's bigger in Big Sky country, including the hearts of the Montana Men Wide open sky, rolling green hills . . . Gillian Tucker could get used to life in the country—one far from the violence she left behind in San Francisco. Warily accepting...

  • e-book

    When Ziggy Played Guitar - David Bowie, The...

    Jones, Dylan

    And then there was David Bowie, the uber-freak with the mismatched pupils, the low-tech space face from the planet Sparkle. This was Bowie'apos;s third appearance on TOTP but this was the one that properly resonated with its audience, the one that...

  • e-book

    When the Duke Was Wicked

    Heath, Lorraine

    They are England's most eligible bachelors, with the most scandalous reputations. But for the right woman, even an unrepentant rogue may mend his ways . . .Lady Grace Mabry's ample inheritance has made it impossible for her to tell whether a suitor...

  • e-book

    When I Fell From the Sky

    Juliane Koepcke

    She was 17-years-old on a Christmas Eve flight 40 years ago to join her father for Christmas when the unimaginable happened. The Lockheed L-188A Electra, on the way from Lima to Pucallpa, flew directly into a thunderstorm. A strike of lightning left...

  • e-book

    When Angels Fly - A Novel of Romance and...

    Kim Sirrah

    Synopsis: When Angels Fly tells of love and loss at a hospital in Spokane, Washington. After the death of her mother in 1988, Hailee Bradford Richards grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, raised by her father, John Bradford, and a Shoshone Indian woman...

  • When Free Exercise And Nonestablishment...


    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution begins: 'Congress shall make no law reflecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.' Taken as a whole, this statement has the aim of separating church and state,...

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  • e-book

    When Christmas Bells Ring

    Flynn, Katie

    The new Christmas bestseller from Katie Flynn; the UK'apos;s bestselling saga authorLiverpool 1938It'apos;s Christmas in the Courts, and single mother Rosheen Clarke and her mischievous twin daughters April and May have no idea of the cataclysmic...

  • e-book

    When God Breathed - Looking for the Logos:...

    Judith M. Miles

    This memoir, with a few identifying details changed, tells the story of gifted couple David and Miriam Moreland, who try, however imperfectly, to obey God's Word as they pursue their careers in public mental health and English literature.   After...

  • e-book

    When Memory Fails

    D.W. Marchwell

    Sequel to Falling It'apos;s been two years since Hank Ballam and Scott Alan fell in love, moved in together, and started building their life. Hank has kept his promise to his boss-and Scott'apos;s brother-Brian, proving he can be both his...

  • e-book

    When Elves Attack


    “The undisputed king of the comic crime novel.”—Providence JournalNobody does Florida weirdness quite like Tim Dorsey! Case in point: When Elves Attack, the New York Times bestselling author’s twisted Christmas present to his legion of adoring fans...

  • e-book

    When Amy Shaved and Other Stories

    Knight, Scarlett; Clark,Leigh

    This sexy collection from House of Erotica brings together four spicy stories of sex and hot passion by four of House of Erotica's top-selling authors!Don't miss out on this exclusive anthology of sexy short tales. The stories include When Amy Shaved...

  • e-book

    When Patty Went to College

    Jean Webster

    When Patty Went to College is a humorous novel about life in an all-girls'apos; college at the turn of the century. Patty is a happy, fun-loving prankster who defends the weak and uses her clever brain only when it suits her. The end of the novel...

  • e-book

    When I Was a Little Girl - A Pair of Sweet...

    Vanessa Carvo

    The Young & Rich Widow Who Loses Her Fortune - An upper crust young Boston widow is so used to her high society lifestyle that when her fortune changes she holds onto her life as it was, for as long as possible, before taking a surprising offer to...

  • e-book

    When the Nurse Becomes a Patient - A Story in...

    Davis, Cortney

    In the summer of 2013, Cortney Davis, a nurse practitioner and author who often writes about her interactions with patients, underwent routine one-day surgery. A surgical mishap led to a series of life-altering and life-threatening complications,...

  • e-book

    When We Kiss


    USA Today bestselling author Darcy Burke returns with the fifth sexy and emotional novel in her Archer family saga…Denver real estate mogul Liam Archer has always been a thrill-seeker, and the loss of his identical twin brother has only intensified...

  • e-book

    When Push Comes to Shov


    'A thoroughly enjoyable read' Sir Gerry Robinson 'A great story well told' Paul McGinley, European Ryder Cup Captain Paul Shovlin credits his pastoral upbringing in rural Donegal for much of what he has achieved in life. His dedicated and loving...

  • e-book

    When Blackbirds Sing - Text Classics

    Boyd, Martin

    The last novel in Martin Boyd's celebrated Langton Quartet, which includes The Cardboard Crown, A Difficult Young Man and Outbreak of Love.At the outbreak of World War I, Dominic Langton leaves his wife on a remote sheep farm in New South Wales to...

  • e-book

    When It's Perfect

    Ashworth, Adele

    When the mesmerizing Marcus Longfellow, theEarl of Renn, comes striding into Miss Mary Marsh's life,her world is set spinning. The ladies of London's ton clamor for the lacy confections Mary creates, but the earl is seeking something more from her....

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