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  • I Am Malala - The Girl Who Stood Up For...

    Yousafzai , Malala

    When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. On Tuesday, October 9, 2012, when she was fifteen, she almost paid the ultimate price....

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  • Abraham Mateo - Who I Am


    Artista espanhol, de apenas 16 anos, Abraham Mateo está conquistando o mundo pop, não apenas no seu país de origem, Espanha, como em toda América Latina. Who I Am, álbum exclusivo para o Brasil com 4 músicas extras do primeiro álbum AM, que foram...

  • I Am Malala - The Girl Who Stood Up For...

    Lamb,Christina; Yousafzai , Malala

    In 2009 Malala Yousafzai began writing a blog on BBC Urdu about life in the Swat Valley as the Taliban gained control, at times banning girls from attending school. When her identity was discovered, Malala began to appear in both Pakistani and...

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  • Who Am I? - An Animal Guessing Game

    Jenkins, Steve

    I have two big yellow eyes, soft, silky feathers, eight sharp claws, and an unlucky mouse in my pointy black beak. Who am I? Who Am I? gives reader clues so they can guess which animal will be revealed in a beautiful, full-spread illustration when...

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  • e-book

    Who Am I? - Identity in Christ

    Jerry Bridges

    Best-selling author Jerry Brides (The Pursuit of Holiness, The Discipline of Grace, The Bookends of the Christian Life, and many other books) asks perhaps the most fundamental question of existence: “Who am I?” He then turns to Scripture to unpack...

  • e-book

    Who Am I Astrologically

    Dr S.P. Bhagat

    Know your sun sign astrologically . This book brings out what your birth sign reveals. Very easy language and friendly explanation with examples of famous personalities. A must book for every new and old psychic or astrologer. a pet book for...

  • e-book

    Who Am I? I Am His

    Martyne Anne Volcy; Fabienne Marie Volcy

    Many times on the journey of life, one doesn't stop to find love, let alone stop to find who they really are or why there were birthed. We hope that you would take this journey with us as we share our own personal stories, journal entries,...

  • e-book

    Who Am I? - Dynamic Declarations of Who You...


    Understand your God-given names and walk boldly in the roles that He has assigned for you.

  • e-book

    Who I Am in Christ - A Devotional

    Anderson,Neil T.

    God remains steadfast in His desire to bless us, even when we are tempted to doubt His love. This bestselling devotional offers thirty-six readings and prayers based on scriptural passages that assure us of God's love and our security and freedom in...

  • e-book

    Who Am I?

    Steve Onicas Gaddis

    Steve Onicas Gaddis was number 10 of 12 children born to his mother, Mattie. He was placed into foster care at an early age, along with three other siblings. Conditions in his first foster home were appalling. Most can only imagine living with...

  • e-book

    Who Am I?

    Dooley,Lena Nelson

    Leiann Hambrick was settled into a comfortable life as a Texas school teacher...but then her mother dies and her world is turned upside down. A letter Leiann receives causes her to question her very identity. What will she learn when she goes to...

  • e-book

    Who Am I? - A Solitary Search for Truth

    Thomas Carcaterra

    Told by an old man nearing the end of his existence, Who Am I?, by author Thomas Carcaterra, offers a revelatory reflection on life and love. In re-examining his own life, his successes and failures, and triumphs and defeats, Carcaterra ultimately...

  • e-book

    Who Am I? - An Autobiography of Emotion, Mind...

    Tuan, Yi-Fu

    Who Am I? is the bittersweet memoir of a Chinese American who came to this country as a twenty-year-old graduate student and stayed to become one of America?s most innovative intellectuals, whose work has explored the aesthetic and moral dimensions...

  • e-book

    Who I Am in Christ


    The 'quot;Who I Am in Christ'quot; chart and pamphlet reminds us what God has done through His Son, Jesus. We are 'quot;forgiven,'quot; 'quot;beloved,'quot; 'quot;new creatures,'quot; and more. Each name has a Bible reference. Be reminded and...

  • e-book

    Who I Am In Christ - 101 Daily Declarations...

    Cleveland O. McLeish

    The major issue affecting Christians today is an identity crisis. We don’t know who we are. There is a disconnect between the Word of God, and the Sons and Daughters of God walking this earth today. Our ignorance leads to oppression, torment,...

  • Who Am I? Snowy Animals

    DK Publishing

    Chunky peep hole book full of snowy animals, perfect for inquisitive toddlersWho Am I? Snowy Animals is full of bright, bold pictures of cute snowy animals that will keep your toddler engaged over and over again. Your child will love discovering who...

  • e-book

    Who I Am

    Pete Townshend

    From the voice of a generation: The most highly anticipated autobiography of the year, and the story of a man who... is a Londoner and a Mod.... wanted The Who to be called The Hair.... loved The Everly Brothers, but not that 'drawling dope'...

  • e-book

    Who I Am

    Pete Townshend

    From the voice of a generation: The most highly anticipated autobiography of the year, and the story of a man who... is a Londoner and a Mod.... wanted The Who to be called The Hair.... loved The Everly Brothers, but not that "drawling dope"...

  • e-book

    Who I Am

    Rampling, Charlotte

    The autobiography of acclaimed actor, model and chanteuse Charlotte Rampling

  • Who Am I? Puppies And Kittens

    DK Publishing

    Chunky peep hole book full of puppies and kittens, perfect for inquisitive toddlersWho Am I? Puppies and Kittens is full of bright, bold pictures of cute puppies and kittens that will keep your toddler engaged over and over again. Your child will...

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  • e-book

    Doctor Who - I Am a Dalek


    Equipped with space suits, golf clubs and a flag, the Doctor and Rose are planning to live it up, Apollo mission-style, on the Moon. But the TARDIS has other plans, landing them instead in a village on the south coast of England; a picture-postcard...

  • e-book

    Who Do I Think I Am? - Exploring personal...

    David Claydon

    Am I important ?How do I know who I am?Does my view of myself impact my spiritual health?Does it affect my relationship with my Creator?Does it determine how others relate to me? Will it determine how I live?

  • e-book

    Who Am I, Really?

    Cliff Said

    Life is not easy; it is not without pitfalls, pain and sorrow. It is, however, full of joy, happiness, and incredible love. We are called to embrace it all and to not let life itself become a terminal disease. In order to safeguard against this, I...

  • e-book

    Who Am I Now That I Am Alone? a Journey Back...

    James L. Ramsey

    The 'Who Am I Now That I Am Alone?' program began after my divorce. I gathered others who had experienced divorce into a group to explore our situation and how we could move forward with our lives. This group became one of the first in the country to...

  • e-book

    Who Do People Say I Am - An Intimate...

    Danny Clifford

    It is every journalist's dream to land the assignment of interviewing an extremely famous (or infamous), influential celebrity or politician — especially if there has been controversy generated by the person's actions.The BBC reporter David Frost...

  • e-book

    Becoming Who I Am - The Life and Times of...

    Geoff J Needham

    Have you ever wondered why you're here? Have you ever wanted to know more about the world, its origins, its people? Have you ever questioned if life is really what it seems? Geoff Needham was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1947. He never attained...

  • Who Am I

    Wilder,Alice; Pontillo,Jenine

    Young readers can find their favorite Blue's Clues' characters by feeling the six different textures provided in this colorful touch-and-feel book for preschoolers.

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  • e-book

    Who Am I? The Story of the Artist

    Bocchino, Serena

    WHO AM I? The Story of the Artist is written in prose, with a young artist telling her story, revealing how she feels about making things as her ideas develop. The basic elements of drawing and painting are discussed but most importantly the essence...

  • e-book

    Who Am I?


    Who Am I?' is a fun reading experience for the child of elementary reading skills and comprehension or as a shared activity between parent and child to provide a foundation in reading skills, adeptness islogical thought processes, and the art of...

  • Who Am I Without Him?

    Flake,Sharon G.

    A collection of short stories about teenage girls and the issues they must deal with in their relationships with boys.

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  • Who Am I Without Him?

    Flake,Sharon G.

    While Erika comes to realize that she only likes white boys, 'The Ugly One' has to come to terms with her own self-worth, in a collection of short stories about girls dealing with their identities, their relationships, and their place in the world,...

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  • Believe 365-Day Devotional - What I Believe....


    Go from knowing the story of the Bible to living it. The Believe 365-Day Devotional is the perfect way to explore what you believe, how to live out those beliefs, and who you can become when you are deeply rooted in Christ. God invites us to be...

  • e-book

    I Am Who I Am - Unraveling the Mystery of God


    The mystery of God has fascinated people of all generations. Based on what has been revealed, people have tried to define, describe, and depict him in the way they deemed fit. But he has proved himself to be bigger than all human classifications. He...

  • Who Am I, God?


    A collection of inspirational prayers, meditations, and reflections examines the problems, special joys, and challenges of contemporary womanhood as it looks at the roles of women in society, the workplace, and friendships and family relationships....

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  • e-book

    Who Am I? II - Test Your Biography IQ

    Goldman,David; Biography Magazine

    Although 38 of my works survive today, I left no letters, and there is little known about my personal life. Many of my plays were staged at the courts of King James I and Elizabeth I, and are still performed today, almost 400 years after my death....

  • e-book

    I AM changes who i am - Who Jesus Is Changes...


    Exploring the seven "I AM" statements and the seven miracles recorded in the Gospel of John, this book gives believers a framework for living God's will.

  • e-book

    I Am the Lord Who Heals You


    This is a collection of sermons which explores Christian understandings of healing, wholeness, and restoration. Among the contributors are Walter Brueggemann, Barbara Brown Taylor, Maxie Dunnam, Barbara Lundblad, William Sloane Coffin, and Reginald...

  • e-book

    I Am - Encounter the One Who Gives You...

    Matt Fry

    Understand that your past does not define who you are, that your fears and insecurities can be replaced with the truth of God's Word, and that when you truly encounter God, you will discover who you are.

  • e-book

    I Am in Here: The Journey of a Child with...

    Bonker,Elizabeth M.; Breen,Virginia G.

    The inspiring personal journey of a mother and her non-verbal daughter with autism who found a creative way to break through the silence and offer the world an inside look at the mind of an autistic child.

  • e-book

    Who I Am - Understanding the Creative Power...

    Dianne Rosena Jones

    This dissertation seeks to awaken all to the truth, the truth of “who we are.”  With this truth comes the eradication of illusions and the activation of endless possibilities.  The truth is, we are not separate from God; in fact, God’s creative power...

  • e-book

    Remind Me Who I Am, Again


    'A skilful, moving, even humorous book. It is more than an elegy for a lost mother or the charting of one human being's decline ... It is an investigation of memory, which concludes that 'Memory, I have come to understand, is everything, it's life...

  • Pete Townshend - Who I Am


    He is one of the greatest musical talents Britain has ever produced. But even as the principle songwriter and lead guitarist for The Who, it would be unjust to define Pete Townshend’s life simply through his achievements with bandmates Daltrey, Moon...

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  • e-book

    Ordinary Christology - Who Do You Say I Am?...

    Christie, Ann

    Ordinary Christology is defined as the account of who Jesus was/is and what he did/does that is given by Christian believers who have received no formal theological education. In this fascinating study Ann Christie analyses, and offers a theological...

  • I Am Malala - The Girl Who Stood Up For...

    Lamb, Christina; Yousafzai , Malala

    When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. On Tuesday 9 October 2012, she almost paid the ultimate price. Shot in the head at point blank...

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