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16 produtos
  • e-book

    Who Owns the Media? - Competition and...

    Compaine,Benjamin M.; Gomery,Douglas

    This thorough update to Benjamin Compaine'apos;s original 1979 benchmark and 1982 revisit of media ownership tackles the question of media ownership, providing a detailed examination of the current state of the media industry. Retaining the wealth of...

  • Who Owns History?


    Presents a series of nine previously published essays by the noted historian in which he reflects on how history is used and understood, the cultural and historical determinants of what a historian chooses to study, and other topics.

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  • e-book

    Who Owns the World - The Hidden Facts Behind...

    Cahill, Kevin

    Who Owns the World is the first ever compilation of landowners and landownership structures in every single one of the world'apos;s 197 states and 66 territories. It covers the history of landownership as far as written history will allow and shows...

  • e-book

    Who Owns You? - Science, Innovation, and the...

    Koepsell, David

    The 2nd Edition of Who Owns You, David Koepsell’s widely acclaimed exploration of the philosophical and legal problems of patenting human genes, is updated to reflect the most recent changes to the cultural and legal climate relating to the practice...

  • e-book

    Who Owns You? - Science, Innovation, and the...


    The 2nd Edition of Who Owns You, David Koepsell’s widely acclaimed exploration of the philosophical and legal problems of patenting human genes, is updated to reflect the most recent changes to the cultural and legal climate relating to the practice...

  • Who Owns History?


    Considers the author's ideas about the past and the future as compared to the works of Richard Hofstadter, and addresses such topics as globalization, the Soviet Union collapse, South African apartheid, slavery, the Civil War in America, and...

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  • Who Owns The Dead? - The Science And Politics...

    Aronson,Jay D

    After September 11, with New Yorkers reeling from the World Trade Center attack, Chief Medical Examiner Charles Hirsch proclaimed that his staff would do more than confirm the identity of the individuals who were killed. They would attempt to...

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  • e-book

    Who Owns the Press? - Investigating Public...

    Pardue,Mary Jane Jane

    Explaining why newspapers are failing and how they can survive, this unique account examines the operations of eight locally owned newspapers and attempts to determine whether their different business methods might put them at an advantage. Offering...

  • e-book

    Who Owns Jung?


    This book has a similar, though not identical, format to Who Owns Psychoanalysis? in being divided into sections as follows: academic, clinical, history, philosophy, science. Who Owns Jung aims to be a celebration of the diversity and...

  • e-book

    Who Owns Football? - Models of Football...


    The commercialization of sport since the 1990s has had a number of consequences. The market forces that have defined commercialization, notably pay-per-view television, whilst initially welcomed as important new sources of revenue, have also had the...

  • e-book

    Who Owns Psychoanalysis?


    So who does own psychoanalysis? Equally pertinent, what is psychoanalysis? Even before the death of Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis was splintering into different groups, each convinced of their superiority to the other. There was little co-operation...

  • e-book

    Who Owns the Environment?

    Meiners, Roger E.

    The past several decades have witnessed a growing recognition that environmental concerns are essentially property rights issues. Despite agreement that an absence of well-defined and consistently enforced property rights results in the exploitation...

  • e-book

    Who Owns Kelly Paddik?


    After attempting suicide, Kelly Paddik is sent to a 'secure facility.' As she tries to find a way out she has to come to terms with her memories of abuse.

  • e-book

    Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students...


    Learn how to harness students' natural curiosity to develop self-directed learners. Discover how technology allows students to take ownership of their learning, create and share learning tools, and participate in work that is meaningful to them and...

  • e-book

    Who Owns This Dead Baby?

    Mark Herridge

    This collection of sermons and messages is a result of many years of study and preaching through the power of the Holy Ghost. Pastor, Evangelist and Revivalist Mark E. Herridge, Sr. pastored in Schwab City, Texas for twenty-six years. God has called...

  • e-book

    The Landgrabbers - The New Fight Over Who...


    What do City speculators, Gulf oil sheikhs, Chinese entrepreneurs, big-name financiers like George Soros and industry titans like Richard Branson buy when they go shopping? Land. Parcels the size of Wales are being snapped up across the plains of...

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