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  • A Cabana - Capa Filme

    Young,William P.

    A qualidade de A Cabana é inquestionável! O livro é best-seller mundial, vendeu mais de 4 milhões de exemplares no Brasil, foi traduzido para 39 idiomas e, para completar a jornada de sucesso, ainda ganhou uma versão para as telonas de cinema.Essa...

  • A Travessia

    Young,William P.

    William P. Young é autor do best-seller A cabana, que junto com A travessia, já vendeu 5 milhões de exemplares no Brasil.Um derrame cerebral deixa Anthony Spencer, um multimilionário egocêntrico, em coma. Quando “acorda”, ele se vê em um mundo...

  • Eva

    Young, William P.

    William P. Young já vendeu mais de 25 milhões de livros no mundo.O que realmente aconteceu no Jardim do Éden?Num suspense emocionante, William P. Young, autor de A cabana (4,5 milhões de exemplares vendidos no Brasil) faz em seu novo livro uma...

  • William Blake Stained Glass Colouring Book

    Blake, William

    One of England's great poets and painters, William Blake (1757-1827) produced powerful, expressive works of art. For this unique stained glass colouring book, Marty Noble has adapted details from sixteen of the artist's finest paintings; among them...

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  • William Morris Stained Glass Coloring Book


    William Morris Stained Glass Coloring Book

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  • e-book

    The William P. McGivern Fantasy MEGAPACK ™ -...

    McGivern,William P.

    William P. McGivern, a popular and prolific fantasy and science fiction writer in the 1940s and 1950s (under his own name as well as the pseudonyms Gerald Vance and P.F. Costello), later achieved fame as a noir and hardboiled mystery author of such...

  • As Mentiras Que Nos Contaram Sobre Deus

    Young,William P.

    William P. Young já vendeu 4,5 milhões de livros no Brasil. Depois do sucesso de A cabana, A travessia e Eva, que já venderam mais de 22 milhões de exemplares, William P. Young apresenta um livro que nos estimula a repensar algumas das suposições da...

  • e-book

    William Morris - Romantic to Revolutionary

    Thompson, E. P.

    This biographical study is a window into 19th-century British society and the life of William Morris—the great craftsman, architect, designer, poet, and writer—who remains a monumental and influential figure to this day. This account chronicles how...

  • e-book

    A travessia

    William P. Young

    DA LISTA DE MAIS VENDIDOS DA REVISTA VEJA.William P. Young já vendeu 5 milhões de livros no BrasilUm derrame cerebral deixa Anthony Spencer, um multimilionário egocêntrico, em coma. Quando “acorda”, ele se vê em um mundo surreal habitado por um...

  • e-book

    The First William P. McGivern Science Fiction...

    McGivern,William P.; Gerald Vance

    William P. McGivern, a popular and prolific science fiction writer in the 1940s and 1950s (under his own name as well as the pseudonyms Gerald Vance and P.F. Costello), later achieved fame as a noir and hardboiled mystery author of such classics...

  • e-book

    William Morris - Romantic to Revolutionary

    Thompson, E. P.; Linebaugh, Peter

    This biographical study is a window into 19th-century British society and the life of William Morris-the great craftsman, architect, designer, poet, and writer-who remains a monumental and influential figure to this day. This account chronicles how...

  • A Cabana - Reflexões Para Cada Dia do Ano

    Young, William P.

    'Eu não conheço você. Não sei o que se passa na sua vida. Você pode estar se sentindo sozinho ou desesperado, ou até eufórico por causa de um sucesso. Simplesmente não sei.O que sei é que estes trechos foram retirados de uma história verdadeiramente...

  • e-book

    The N. P. R. A.

    William Malic

    Human engineering prompted Will to apply for a position at the N.P.R.A where he first refrained from paying too much attention to Sarah. She sent off a warning alarm in Will's skull.A robotic manikin, blue-eyed, blond, and buxom convinced him the...

  • e-book

    Florida Founder William P. DuVal - Frontier...

    Denham,James M.

    The biography of a well-connected, but nearly forgotten American antebellum politician

  • e-book

    A Cabana

    William P. Young

    188 SEMANAS NA LISTA DE MAIS VENDIDOS DA VEJA150 SEMANAS NA LISTA DE MAIS VENDIDOS DO THE NEW YORK TIMESEsta edição especial inclui um texto inédito do autor, relembrando os 10 anos de sucesso que marcaram a trajetória do livro e contando detalhes da...

  • audio livro

    William Tell Told Again by WODEHOUSE, P. G.


    This is the classic story of William Tell - Swiss patriot and great apple-shooter - as seen through the eyes of English humorist P.G. Wodehouse. No Swiss were (permanently) injured in the telling of this story; however, results differed for Austrian...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • William McKinley, 1897-1901

    Phillips,Kevin P.; Schlesinger,Arthur Meier

    An account of the political career and legacy of president William McKinley notes the United States's diplomatic and military debut as a world power during his administration, his presidency during a major realignment of the U.S. party system, and...

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  • Shrek!

    Steig, William

    Shrek wasn't always a movie star ... Discover the ugly truth about everyone's favourite ogre.There's no doubt about it - Shrek is ugly. Really ugly. He scares the socks off anyone unlucky enough to encounter him. Even the flowers and trees lean away...

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  • Me

    Saroyan, William

    Once upon a time there was only one word me.If you wanted to say here I am, you said me.It was the only word anyone ever heard!But only people said me. Dogs said bark, bark, take me to the park; cats said purr, purr, I am the Queen be kind to her;...

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  • Little House

    Anderson, William

    In her bestselling and beloved Little House series, Laura Ingalls Wilder described in loving detail the many places where she lived while growing up on the American frontier. Now everyone can come home to Little House in The Little House Guidebook,...

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  • Calla Editions

    Timlin, William

    A raison d'etre of Calla Editions is to make long-forgotten masterworks available to contemporary bibliophiles, and this book fulfills that aim like few others can. The Ship That Sailed to Mars has a legendary reputation, and the original edition is...

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  • Romeu I Julieta

    Shakespeare, William

    Romeu i Julieta és una de les obres més famoses de la literatura universal. És també una tragèdia d’amor juvenil. apassionat i sense límits.*CR*El seu autor. William Shakespeare. ens presenta dues famílies —els Montesc i els Capulet— que són...

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  • Romeo Y Julieta

    Shakespeare, William

    A pesar del odio que separa a sus dos familias los Capuleto y los Montesco. Romeo y Julieta se aman. logran reunirse y contraer matrimonio; sin embargo. la fatalidad los arrastra a la muerte.

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  • Nothing Left To Ooze

    Kloepfer, John

    The living dead are back and they mean business in Nothing Left to Ooze, book five of John Kloepfer's sidesplitting Zombie Chasers tween series, with illustrations by David DeGrand. After the original antidote wears off and millions of Americans...

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  • Mrs. Lilly Is Silly!

    Gutman, Dan

    It’s Career Day at Ella Mentry School! Mrs. Lilly is a reporter for the local paper. She’s going to come help the kids make their own newspaper, all about the school. What will happen when A.J. and the gang become investigative reporters? Who’s going...

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  • Zombies Of The Caribbean

    Kloepfer, John

    The Zombie Chasers take to the high seas in the sixth installment of John Kloepfer's hysterical Zombie Chasers tween series, illustrated by David DeGrand. With all the middle school shenanigans, fast-paced adventure, and hilarious black-and-white...

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  • Miss Mary Is Scary!

    Gutman, Dan

    Something weird is going on! Mr. Granite has been assigned a student teacher, and A.J. and the gang think she might be a vampire. Miss Mary lives in a cave and sleeps hanging upside down from the ceiling. Her boyfriend, Zack, looks like a zombie and...

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  • Mr. Harrison Is Embarrassin'!

    Gutman, Dan

    Mr. Harrison, the tech guy at Ella Mentry School, can fix anything: computers, phones, pencil sharpeners. He can also build anything, like a solar-powered umbrella. What a nerd! But when the power goes out in the school, everyone is yelling and...

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  • Illustrated Stories From Shakespeare

    Shakespeare, William

    This is a wonderful collection of six retellings of William Shakespeare's best-loved plays - a perfect mix of comedy, tragedy, magic and romance, retold for younger readers. It is full of colourful illustrations from the Usborne Young Reading...

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  • Mr. Jack Is A Maniac!

    Gutman, Dan

    For A.J. and the gang at Ella Mentry School, weirdness and fun are all part of the routine. In this tenth book in the outrageously funny My Weirder School series, Principal Klutz thinks the kids at Ella Mentry School need to learn some self-defense...

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  • Rookie Toddler - Hide-And-Peek

    Winburn, William B

    - Each board book has a side die-cut that allows little hands to easily hold the book- Bright blue and yellow branding on the front and spine clearly identifies the Rookie Toddler board book line; each level of Rookie books will each carry its own...

    sob encomenda
  • Mr. Granite Is From Another Planet!

    Gutman, Dan

    It's the start of a new school year, and A.J.'s third-grade teacher, Mr. Granite, is out of this world! He's a supergenius who talks weird, acts weird, and looks weird. He knows everything. Is he a computer posing as a person, or does he come from...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    De volta à cabana

    William P. Young; C. Baxter Kruger

    Ainda criança, William P. Young, autor de A cabana, conheceu o abandono, a dor e o abuso. Buscou na religião um porto seguro, mas nunca se sentiu totalmente protegido.Assim como Mack, personagem principal de seu romance, ele estava perdido,...

  • The Man In The Moon

    Joyce, William

    Up there in the sky.Don’t you see him?No, not the moon.The Man in the Moon.He wasn’t always a man.Nor was he always on the moon.He was once a child.Like you.Until a battle,a shooting star,and a lost balloonsent him on a quest.Meet the very first...

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  • The Mischievians

    Joyce, William

    Dr. Zooper answers questions about life's ordinary puzzles, such as why homework disappears or how a song gets stuck in one's head, by identifying and describing different kinds of Mischievians.

    sob encomenda
  • Little Fir Tree

    Wise Brown, Margaret

    Luminous paintings by award-winning artist LaMarche give new life to this classic Christmas story about a little fir tree by the beloved Margaret Wise Brown. Full color.

    sob encomenda
  • Berenstain Bears Go Green

    Berenstain, Jan; Berenstain, Mike

    While on a fishing trip at the creek, the Bear family discovers that the town dump is overflowing! Can the Berenstain Bears find a pollution solution before their beloved Bear Country is filled with garbage? Original.

    sob encomenda
  • Fancy Nancy - Aspiring Artist

    O'Connor, Jane

    It's spring vacation, and Nancy is feeling glum because her best friend, Bree, is out of town. Luckily, it's Nancy's mom to the rescue! When she brings home a brand-new set of glitter markers, Nancy puts her trademark flair to tres creative use and...

    sob encomenda
  • Fancy Nancy Storybook Treasury

    O'Connor, Jane

    This beautiful hardcover treasury edition includes six Fancy Nancy beginning reader classics by the New York Times bestselling team Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser. From class trips to book reports, Nancy always knows just the right way to...

    sob encomenda
  • Berenstain Bears' Easter Parade

    Berenstain, Mike

    When fresh spring flowers put forth their buds, it's time to get out your Easter duds.

    sob encomenda
  • Fancy Nancy - Puppy Party

    O'Connor, Jane

    In Fancy Nancy: Puppy Party, it’s Frenchy’s birthday, and Nancy Clancy wants to give her pooch the most stupendous, glamorous, fabulous birthday party ever, from cake to balloons to party hats. She invites all of Frenchy’s doggie friends to the...

    sob encomenda
  • A Day With Wilbur Robinson

    Joyce, William

    Filled with exciting adventures and daring escapades, youngsters are introduced to such colorful Robinson family members as Uncle Art, who has a flying saucer; Young Wilbur, who has a robot; and the butler, who is an octopus.

    sob encomenda
  • Berenstain Bears Visit The Firehouse

    Berenstain, Mike

    Ding, ding, ding! With an alarm bell, a sliding pole, and three big trucks, the firehouse is an exciting place to visit. Come along as the Berenstain Bears meet everyday heroes firefighters! Young readers will love learning all about what it takes to...

    sob encomenda
  • Ms. Sue Has No Clue!

    Gutman, Dan

    In this ninth book in the My Weirder School series, it's time for the annual Ella Mentry School fund-raiser, and guess who's in charge? Alexia's mom, Ms. Sue! She has the teachers selling everything from summer sausages and cheesy popcorn to dead...

    sob encomenda
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